Stella Dimoko Actress Dayo Amusa Sends Subtle Message To Friends With Entitlement Mentality


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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Actress Dayo Amusa Sends Subtle Message To Friends With Entitlement Mentality

 A friend in times of need is a friend indeed?...Read Dayo's post!


  1. Ndi entitlement mentality should come and read up.

  2. Exactly they should give funke akindeke a break abeg.they should all let her breathe

  3. Thank you for this write up D
    Everyone is fighting their own battles that you probably do not know about.

  4. That was what I was telling people here ,nobody owns you anything even your children while you own them everything.

  5. The entitlement mentality is really irksome. One of my cousin is keeping malice with me,because of phone.

  6. Very well said, Dayo. We all have our individual challenges. No one owes anyone anything.

  7. This made me laugh, like sick heads I'm yet to know, telling me what to do or who to allow in my space before they can talk to me ..... What nonsense.

    If I have never had friends before I will be like?? Imagine letting every rat and cockroach in your private life because you wanna mingle..

    Like One animal they worship like animal ID. I will rather go out there , get a sensible human to do business with than such animal that leads touts in the street.
    when they think where you live is where life ends.

  8. Well said. #LetFunkeAkindelebreath#

  9. Well said 👍
    Everyone has their issues.

  10. How sick heads i don't know, talk to or even have their contacts are claiming to be my friends because they see me around and we live in the same street.
    They have this same entilement mentality that I should be a friend in need, and all want me to take responsible for their family problems.. Many are mad indeed .

    Like they don't know what friendship means?
    Even those I have their numbers as friends don't have such mentality not to talk of all these mumu people I don't know that are claiming to be friends when they go go behind as an enemy.

    I don't know you , I don't talk to you or have any business with you, what now makes friends?

    I want to put their stupidity to an end, why I'm sending all these.
    Sometimes you break the silence and let them know.

  11. Nigerians and entitled mentality

  12. Funke is just like me , I found it hard to displayed my emotions to people unless those who are closer to me. Let's have compassion towards one another . Funke has through a lot , she didn't deserve those rude behavior from any of us.


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