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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative


Hi Stella
I am a lady in my late twenties and I am a civil servant. There are many staff in my office. Later some started travelling abroad for greener pastures. In the office there to get a seat was a thug of war
The seat became vacant. I am sitting beside a married guy at work and we usually gist so there is no dull moment whenever we are less busy.

I love where i am sitting because it has a socket for charging and it is close to the window side. That seat was my permanent seat even before some seats became vacant.
There is this friend of mine in the office called Sade, she will come and charge in my seat and gist with me and my seat partner.
I later noticed that Sade started sitting down in my seat under the guise of charging her phone and gisting with my seat partner. They are both married.

I will leave her to charge her phone. There are many sockets in the office. whenever I asked Sade to stand up from my seat she would ask if there were no vacant seats in the office. 
I am really angry. Should I look for another permanent seat in the office or I should confront Sade to stop sitting on my initial permanent seat? Because I felt she should look for a vacant seat in the office rather than snatching my seat or am I overreacting? When I confronted her she said anybody can sit where they like. What should I do?

*So she is not sitting there because of the charger but probably because she likes the man she is always gisting with?Is it OK to just chance someone like that out of a sitting place?Na wah oh...
Is it not in all these Ministries that they put juju on seats? If its not too much trouble, then get another confortable sitting space and leave that one for her...She is not really your friend, she is a colleague..Know where to draw the line....
Get another space and just ignore her....


  1. Friend and colleague have different meanings. The fact you work together does not make her your friend. So, when you have all your stuff on your table, and she tells you to look for another seat, do you move your things?? It's your seat. Tell her to look for another seat and socket.

  2. Why give up your seat for Sade?
    Confront her and let her know you don’t like the way she’s gradually taking over your space.
    If after the confrontation she starts giving you attitude, make sure you give her same energy. Learn to be bold and express yourself.
    People are wicked you know, cos she might decide to go “juju” on you. Make sure there’s anointing oil in your bag, anoint your chair everyday!!


    1. What kind of an arrogant human with such a distasteful manners in a working place. There should be a code of conduct i guess.I don't know why I find such mannerless humans irritating.
      Imagine fighting for a seat in a working place, what rubbish???
      How old is she??

    2. The way i will chase Sade out of that chair eehn, people will think there's more to it. Nonsense
      Poster no gree for anybody!

    3. I hate office work with the silly jealousy and problems of colleagues.
      It is unavoidable!
      I think a public yard best describes office work

    4. Don't let her put juju on your seat because of the confrontation lol, if I were you, instead of making a fuse out of it, I'll cultivate the habit of always going to work early just to secure the space. Don't o that for up to 3months. Don't be open with her in the three months that you will secured the space. Gradually disconnect from her but don't confront her verbally so she won't understand the reason for your sudden change in behavior towards her because, some can go any length to harm a person that they are dragging something with.

  3. Just rub bloodlike stuff on the chair put one black feather on top shade go run.

  4. Don't bottle things up. Let her know how you feel with her taking over your seat in guise of charging. Describe your feelings politely. Though, I'm suspecting she is not the kind to be reasonable to other's feeling according to your chronicle. But that shouldn't stopped you from expressing your feelings. If she react badly to your expression. Just leave her to it. Get another comfortable seat somewhere else.

    I doubt she is there for charging alone though.

  5. Seriously she's not your friend but just a colleague . Get another seat as Stella said for peace sake.
    Seriously there are other things to bother yourself with other than "office seat"

  6. In my next world (if there is) , I will like to play life cos it's like been descent doesn't pay sometimes to some people. I mistakenly married a very wicked man, a woman beater and a drunkard. He doesn't have respect for me at all, simply cos I'm an orphan, nowhere to run to.Na money be my challenge oo. If I have money, omoh, I will japa from his house. Oh God, please send me a helper.

    1. Cos you are an orphan doesn't mean that you shouldn't empower yourself, if you have a job or doing business do you think that your husband will treat you badly?

      Wake up from that your slogan I am an orphan, i don't have money and face reality. Some have parents but don't have money or where to go to. Look for any possible means to be loyal to your husband so that he can establish you or send you to learn a good hand work. Remember something made you to accept him from daybone, he wasn't like this from day else you would have not married him. Rebuild your home just for your own benefit, act like a fool till you get what you want from him.

    2. May your helper locate you fast fast Anon, please try to avoid the beating for the mean time, na small thing dey kpai some people these days

  7. Don't give up your space! Because from there, see finish will enter. Be bold and confront her. Don't be a weakling otherwise the bullying will continue.

  8. This is such an annoying position to be in. If you fight for your seat, people will say you and Sade are fighting for a man.

    If I were you, I’d just take my chair and move y things to another side with socket. When she comes next time, let her sit there and talk to her boy friend.

    Sometimes we choose our battles wisely. We don’t need to prove a point every time.

    Touch choice but just let it be. Make sure you carry your chair and come very early to pray over the new desk you choose.

  9. Sometimes we need to look at the deeper meaning of things. You may not realize it but your friends may be gbenshing heavily and she’s marking her territory. Find another seat and next time she comes around jokingly tell her that you’ve left that chair so she can be closer to her office husband. Make sure people are around when you tell her the joke. If she fights and throws tantrums act shocked and say it’s all jokes and you’re surprised that she’s taking it that way. Wear an innocent face throughout. Stupid woman.

  10. Hahaha a married woman don snatch your office boyfriend abi husband talk true which one be gisting partner ashawo dey una eye

  11. Sade is obvious a takeover type of person. Please be careful of her and do not share your personal business with her. Do not fuss about the seat, you own nothing there anyways. Focus on trying to move up, since opportunities for advancement will come up with so many ppl going away. Sit elsewhere and do your work well.

  12. Just look for another sit. And reduce your closeness with that married colleague.

  13. Lagos Mainland Girl27 April 2024 at 17:36

    In my place of work, anybody can sit anywhere no permanent sit.
    But, why must a sit bring an issue? That's the part I do not understand? Maybe you both like this married colleague.

  14. No need to confront gwe over a seat cos your kind of office juju is too much, don't allow seat to cause more problem than it should. Get another seat in a good location, just pretend you are not watching her and move on. She is married but want to cheat with another married man, that your married male colleague is an ashawo for allowing a married woman to be listing and seat close to him.

  15. Poster,make it a point of duty to come to work before her and seat on the seat. Let me see if she will ask you to stand up when you are already seated. I kam a civil servant too and I am always the first to get to work in my office,though we all have our assigned desk nd nobody can come and drag seat with anybody. But coming to work earlier than Aunty Sade will solve your problem. Do it for like a month and thank me later.

    1. You mirrored my thoughts. I am also a civil servant & we all have our assigned desks

  16. I am the poster. Sade is married and she is a mother of twin boys. My seat partner too is also married. In office people like to sit in twos rather than sitting alone so as not to be bored. When I confronted her as regards seats. She asked if there no vacant seat in the office and I feel she should be the one to look for seat not me.

    1. Is Sade your senior in the office?

    2. Leave her to it. She knows what she is doing.

      Get another seat somewhere else.

    3. Dear poster leave the sit for her, since there's another vacant sit, get another comfortable seat somewhere else. Bikonu ๐Ÿ™

  17. I am the poster, Sade is married. My seat partner is also married They are not dating but she enjoys gisting with my seat partner and gossiping about other staff. When I confronted to leave my seat. She asked if there are no vacant seat in the office that she can seat wherever she likes.

  18. Poster.

    If I'm the one, I'll just quietly find another Soave now, after all there are vacant seats.

    The seat won't be the reason someone should be talking to you about. I personally avoid every form of confrontation.

    I'm speaking based on who I am. But, you know yourself. I'm sure you are not confrontational or else you would have done that before now.

    Leave the seat for her.


  19. The girl is just clearly looking for trouble.. avoid her and look for another seat. Na she go tire

  20. Leave the seat for her, look for another corner and make it your safe haven, soon you will get another gist partner.
    This is her first time of doing this, play the fool for now.

  21. This one is hard
    I don’t like trouble but I’ve been on my current seat for about 6 years. I don’t think I want to move
    I won’t agree. I will bring more things from my house like picture bowls decoration and put there

    1. If you are the poster, what you plan to do is very UNwise (pardon my naijaness) in today's world.

  22. Chika (hello iya boys)27 April 2024 at 22:32

    You dragging that seat with her
    Your Married colleague will be Feeling like
    You and Sade like Him ooo
    Abeg leave Sade for the seat
    Look for Another precious and stress free seat to sit down ooo Bikonu

    After all none of you will carry the seat to your house

    Avoid her Biko before it Escalate to something else๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  23. There are vacant seats/desks. There are charging points. But no gisting partner but plenty of time for nothing during work hours.

    So, you want to fight a married woman who has taking over the desk/seat nearest to your married gisting partner.

    Oh girl, think about your life and how to use the spare time to better it .
    The gisting partner no even send you. Otherwise, he as a married man, knows how to and should have send the married woman a way since. Married man playing with married woman as gisting partner. And you dey vex. Yimmu.

    1. Exactly what I thought, do you guys have laptops? Start working on a certification, spend your spare time wisely by studying, don't disclose what you are doing to anybody, just open your laptop and study during your free time at work. Stay away from both the Sade and her boyfriend, none of them are worth the trouble.

  24. My dear avoid that seat. Try they use your free time to read. Your life will greatly improve

  25. Use your less busy time to empower yourself and grow! Gisting gisting when you can be doing other things. Start reading like someone mentioned, even check out other job opportunities; Abi don’t you want to make more money??? Imagine 6 years in that same position with no advancement. Come on lady! Stop this petty nonsense.

    I’d advise to speak your mind thoroughly and if you need to move if she continues to give you wahala, then move. Dude is not even trying to fight for you to sit next to him. At least he knows you’ve been in that seat for years. Focus on yourself biko and find another gisting partner or empower yourself to succeed! na wa for office wahala.

    If you now move o and she wants to claim your new seat because she’s interested in your new gisting partner, then show her shege.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  26. Poster do you have a laptop or office computer register for online courses on Alison or Udemy, use that spare time and better your life.
    Learn video editing, enter TikTok check some personal change pages, comedy, things that interests you by the time you ll use your spare time to do all these believe me seat or no seat won't be your problem, save and buy power bank
    I can't imagine you want to give your self work by thinking of her attitude ignore her and better iir life , if your office is giving free wifi why not do all these
    Life is too sweet to be worried over a
    her looking for your trouble.
    By the time she ll see you less busy concerned with better things she ll face front


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