Stella Dimoko RHOL Star Faith Morrey Talks About How Co Star Iyabo Ojo Made Her Life Miserable For 6 Months While Shooting


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Sunday, April 07, 2024

RHOL Star Faith Morrey Talks About How Co Star Iyabo Ojo Made Her Life Miserable For 6 Months While Shooting

Real Housewife of Lagos Star,Faith Morrey,during an interview on Arise News,recounted her extremely challenging working relationship with co star,Iyabo Ojo.
She disclosed that Iyabo Ojo tried to isolate her and tarnish her image on the show so that the show producers would kill her character.

In her words:
"We shot for over 10 hours and there was no way everything can fit in.when I was watching it,I was like why didn't you put this,why didn't you put that,am sure other people had the same but i guess they wanted to be able to take as much as they can,the questions that were been asked by the viewers and I was excited when all those questions were being addressed.

One of them was how I felt when Mrs Iyabo stepped on my dress,another was when she came to my face and what you guys did not see was that that lady made my life and my team miserable for six months.

She rallied around all the housewives to make sure they don't shoot with me.

Now in the real housewives of Lagos or any reality tv franchise,when no housewife refuse to shoot with you,they kill out your character.
So that one of the things...people got to see the flashbacks,when Tiana was trying to talk to me and I was very specific,am not apologizing for standing up for myself.Am only apologizing for going too far with the other housewives because I do understand how much money it involves to bring something like this together.

Now what you didn't see also was Miss Mariam slut-shaming me for one hour,she kept going,you are a slut,you are a slut.
Any Nigerian you tell that,you know they are shivering cos I know who I am so it was almost like I gave up after 30 minutes and I was like ;' girl,can you call the names so we can go please?'

So during the reunion,what you guys didn't see was she apologizing that she called three names,they were not names of men,they were names of places where girls go to look for white boyfriends and I was like have you seen me there there and she said no,I was just angry you called me a 'married whoreman,a public toilet'.
And for further records, I've been divorced for 8 years,single for 8 years,you don't know any record about me,you won't really know which I understand cos as a pretty girl,my stuff should be everywhere ,the reason the other housewives said it was cos I can't figure you out,and I told them on the show to go read a book,you wanna read me?read a book,you supposed to be smart right?

When asked for her opinions on why women slut-shame each other,she said;

"I feel like when people who are ordinary see extra ordinary people,the first thing they try to do is give an excuse why you are extraordinary.
Now when any one see a tall and pretty lady,there's more to us than just our physical appearance,you have achieved what you have achieved and what a woman would say is 'well,if you didn't know this person'.its a way of them patting themselves look like they are the victims.

Now,for the slut-shaming issue,am so proud of Caroline and Tiana,they were able to patch things up,which is like also same thing,people were telling her certain things that got her upset to go ahead and like shake the things up.

Now I said on the last day of the shooting,when chioma asked Mariam,can you apologize to faith the same way you apologized to me? and Mariam said No.
Now she came up with an excuse saying she was trying to defend me,but in the reunion,she was trying to defend Laura.
Now what you guys didn't see was I asked chioma you are very intelligent ,when I mean intelligence,it doesn't have to be book smart,it can be someone who's manipulative,someone who can cover e people into doing things they ain't supposed to do,she's very smart,she would do behind the scene,just like you saw on the show and the other ladies would be the ones to take the I asked them,I said Ok, without looking,what the color of the tv frame,it was white.

So I asked her when all those incidences happened in Epe,what you guys didn't see is that we are done watching the show...miss iyabo's movie,she asked me how was it and I said as a mum,I can relate because I can do anything for my child,we had like games,and in the middle of the games,she just hut like 'bam,''you are fake,you are too fake' and Mariam stood up and was like 'ah thank God 'and I said what is your problem? we were going at it for a little while and I was with my champagne,I was like I would let you be a fool,am not gonna go in the mud with you and she said 'I would Wozz you slap'

The reason why most if these casts were upset is because there were most things done by these ladies.

Now I applaud the producers if this show cos obviously they know why we are on tv is for us to launch our businesses,for us to see to these are our real lives and she's so good In producing that she wants to see the best in all of us so when people say the show is scripted,I say 'darling,you think the on scene footage is bad?.

On the issue of being called fake because she couldn't speak her native language,she said:

"You have to remember,this is 3 months on set,10 hours a day sometimes they have used for everything to use.your honorable 'lienus' have said I tried to attack her family because you know Nigerians rake family seriously.she has tried to use this 'fake' thinking I would come in to rent cars that are equal to what I own in the US,claim I bought home instead if renting home,so that was the whole what happens is that when you go behind and try to plot against someone,you never know how the person is gonna react,I think they were calculating on me being defensive,good in back and forth and they didn't know what to do with me when .

The only time I lost my cool people didn't get to see is when Iyabo said she would Wozz me slap and guess what?I stood up and went to her and told my private security ,please go back,I told her friend,miss chioma,please do not touch her cos I don't wanna hear tomorrow;'if not for this'.
So I said,' if dem born you well,you have father and mother,touch me,all you have to do is just a little and then you would see' and then she started speaking Yoruba and I said,less talking,more doing,and English please' she couldn't ,then she started going on. on Yoruba,and I said this party is boring anyway,I walked out with my champagne,that was two hours before the other ladies smiling and making side comments and for me, because I know who I am,I have big plans for myself and my future and people who are around me,I am a representative of my team,when I decided to do this show,I knew the platform I was getting into and the drama that would coming with it and so I said 'Faith,no matter what happens don't forget' at some point I told my manager I don't want any deal less than N10 million naira,I wanna be called in the midst of politicans,wives of who and who...imagine if I was on the show acting a fool, would anybody wanna work with me?


  1. She said,she was actually acting her script. 🙄🙄🙄

  2. It's her last statement for me.

    Iya Nimi.

  3. The day chioma and iyabo will fall out. It will be like Simon and Porsche guobardia of RHOA. Both fake pple deceiving themselves

    1. You are sooooo right

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you sabi howfar.

  4. Faith Rest!!!!

    1. Come force her to rest

    2. Iyabo would have gone ahead to slap Faith, her body guards would have pummelled her to a pulp and apologize later.

      From Itire Isolo to Lekki, is there anything else? She's going about stepping on toes and trails. Don't know why people who have lived or been nowhere are quick to envy.
      Iyabo should build a brand and stop misbehaving.

  5. Someone will read my comments and give it his own meaning.
    For him to think that what I mean by stepping on one's shoes is really means that when someone is wearing shoes ,and you step on his shoes.
    When their noise be like," I don't understand". Why they talk when nobody talks because they don't understand.

    1. Is all well so

    2. This Anon with her skoin skoin don come here? So spontaneous post no reach you to post your kolo comments again?
      Go and see a psychiatrist pls, just go. I wish I knew one of your friends or relatives, I would foot the bill and persuade them to take you there.

    3. I have the feeling that this anon skoin-skoin is just catching cruise with us here. You are trying to make this place fun, but this is rather a horrible way to catch cruise.

      However, if the reverse is the case, then you need psychological evaluation.

  6. Stepping on your dress should be a mistake madam Faith. Why bear that in your mind for this long? Nobody is above mistake naa? I don't know why little things gets to you people like this.

    1. You clearly didn’t watch the show. Please keep quiet

    2. It wasn’t a mistake please except you didn’t watch the show

    3. It wasn’t a mistake. Check the first episode. Iyabo was leaving and she sat at one end of the couch, she stood up, walked to where Faith sat and purposely stepped on it while saying she has always wanted to step on it with some other gibberish she said. Agadi n’agwofe. She needs to respect her age within that circle.

      If one is intelligent, the state/reference made by Oni of Ife is enough to start putting oneself in check. She probably saw it as a hype and compliment 😏. #bullylevels

    4. Did u watch the show? It wasn’t a mistake at all

    5. Oh it wasn’t a mistake . The snippets were on YouTube , she actually did it twice on purpose whilst trying to disguise it as a goof .

    6. Lol.
      Try learn how to dey ask questions before flying into conclusion. E no even jump like others

    7. You clearly did not watch the show. That particular scene was just horrible. It’s o did not do well at all. The whole show was about bullying faith.

    8. It wasn't a mistake. She intentionally stepped on her dress. Iyabo was clearly intimidated by Faith s presence right from the beginning.

  7. Faith please look for other things to say and leave Iyabo alone, enough of this dragging. Iyabo this Iyabo that, must you use her name to promote yourself. Tired of reading this always.

    1. She is not using Iyabo to promote herself. Faiths attitude and attributes are enough to promote her. Iyabo ought to be ashamed of herself for her action. Faith deserves an apology.

    2. 15:51,

      Please read carefully.

      Post show, they are sometimes mandated/asked to grant interviews;directly or indirectly. This is usually part of their contract to further promote not only themselves, but more importantly the show.

      During interviews, questions are asked. One can choose to answer it, or ask to skip.

      Faith clearly chose to answer and probably to correct a few misconceptions.

      The lady is working hard to build a name for herself. A clean one.

      No one has the right to take that away from anyone else.

      Iyabo Ojo isn't enough leverage for anyone worth their salt to get promotion on.

    3. Promotion on a Tiktok shouting lady for Faith? You might be dreaming you know🤔

      Faith, Chioma and Tania came to promote their brands and did it well.
      Lovely Laura has finally leant the ropes and was ready to grow but sadly many didn't turn up for the reunion to make amends.

      I knew Chioma wasn't coming.
      Too much bullshit stuck to the aerial ventilator.

  8. She isn't coherent. I didn’t make any sense of what she said.

    1. She made sooooo much sense, you just were not listening and reading to understand.

    2. For real.. the more I read, the less I understood..

    3. 16:30,

      Did you listen to her 'interview" on Arise TV?

      I did. Maybe you didn't, hence your confusion.

    4. Comment I was looking for... honestly she's so incoherent

    5. Jagajah grasping straws but it's ok. Not coherent

  9. This people can drive someone crazy with their attitude. Why is Iyabo behaving like this? Someone that's suppose to groom and coordinate others. Abeg ooh

    Licious babe


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