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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

 Blog's comment section gists you probably were too busy to notice.....

On Monday spontaneous post, BV Helen gisted BVs about her landlord that wants to "run them street", he said they're to pay 15k maintenance fee because they're under 33kv. Helen don ask everyone she knows whether Dem follow dey maintain but they said no. BVs told her they've not heard such fee say make she no gree for her landlord.

On Monday in house news, Stella noticed the peace, love and light in the comments section, she said she loves it because it's very relaxing. She also told BVs not to refer to others as "mumu", "idiot" etc because she would delete it and if she mistakenly posts it, and the cursee replies the curser with heavier insults and cusses, she would post.
Stella also asked of veteran BV, XP. She asked if she is fully recovered (a BV mentioned that she was sick) Stella asked if it's the sickness that's making us not to see her brake light abi boya she took sometime off. Whichever the case maybe, Stella called on her blog spies and amebo to tell her that she wishes her quick recovery and misses her and that she has plenty love(likeness) for her.
Stella also said she misses old BV, Droyalty. She said she has BV Nmasinschi's number but she hasn't called and also revealed that life happened to alot of old BVs while some relocated.

Serial boo, Daniel from Stella's Single and Mingle was called out on Monday in house news. After BV Marie and some other BVs told BVs to be weary of one Engr Dan because he's a rapist, druggist etc. An Anon saw the comments and sent Stella a mail, she said she participated in the February S&M and Daniel contacted him. The Anon described Daniel as tall, stammer, dark, from PH city and lives in Ajah. The Anon said she met the Daniel physically twice but she noticed something was off about him so, she disengaged. Stella has called upon Daniel to defend himself else, she'd post his pictures all over the internet.

On Tuesday Spontaneous post, in response to BV Games Mistress copied joke, BV Osundi narrated how armed robbers came to their compound years ago and after robbing, they gave her a bag to hold as they packed their loot. As a diligent servant, Osundi pointed out to them some of the things that mistakenly fell.

On Tuesday in house news, Stella announced to BVs that by ending of the month, there would be giveaway for 10 most positive minded BVs. She said no be she go choose them, but BVs so use their hand select the good eggs. She also noted that BVs King Jerry and Lily angel would be included for the rib cracking comments they post.
Also, Stella also told the BV that insults her whenever she posts about Nigeria's president, she asked her/him if he goes to other platforms to insult them there too because she(Stella) dey among VIP bloggers/journalists that's why presidency included her email address amongst those they send articles to. She said that it's a great honour for her and to the Anon calling her ebina blogger, she accepts the title wholeheartedly. She also told the BV to send his account make she wire her some of the alleged "prayers" she was paid.

Serial boo, Daniel was again called out on Tuesday in house news. Stella appealed to BV Marie and other BVs to pls send her Daniel's pictures so that she would compare with the one she has. His phone number was also requested by Stella. Again, she gave Daniel the opportunity to send her a mail to defend himself before she go help him plaster his pictures all over the internet.
E be like say BV big boss Dante OG triple triple go soon walk down the aisle with his virtuous woman because according to his narration on Tuesday in house news, his grandma no give him breathing space, she told the DNA activist to bring his MRS right. Dante hinted that this year, we go follow him chop wedding rice.

BV Marie corrected the narrative that serial lover, Dan touched her baby sis. She said he DIDN'T r#pe her but spiked her drink and stole from her. She also said she had tried sending Stella his pictures since April 18th but she keeps getting the "undelivered report".
BVs have gone to their kneels to appeal to Stella to do a stand alone post for the Anon that rants about her neighbours so that she go talk wetin dey her mind.
BVs bin think BV Candy was joking or saying one of those things when she enquired about tigernut chaff swallow. To the surprise of BVs on Wednesday spontaneous post, she said she tried it and e bad gan.

On Wednesday spontaneous post, BV Marie announced to BVs that she had seen the picture of Dan, alleged S&M serial boo and he is different from the Dan that spiked her baby sister's drink and stole from her. She also apologized for mistaken identity. She said with the help of the police, they'll continue tracking Dan and hand must touch him.
On Wednesday in house news, Gladys Lasila covered the face of IHN, WCW edition. OMG, at age 55, Gladys is breathtakingly beautiful and her body is absolutely bodying. If you wan describe beautiful, just say Gladys Lasila. Stella crushed on her, said many nice nice things and advised women not to give up on themselves.
Stella alerted BVs that the picture of Daniel(serial boo) from Stella's Single & Mingle and the Dan that spiked Marie's sister's drink are two different people. Notwithstanding, she advised BVs to be careful of every Daniel that contacts them. She said said she would post Dan the druggist and thief on Friday in house news, his identity and all so as to help in fast tracking his arrest.

On Thursday spontaneous post, Stella and BV Ali B woke up and started arguing about Love in marriage. Whether love is enough to sustain a marriage abi e no enough, their argument long and was very insightful. Hurry, read up, you fit learn one or two from there.

On Thursday spontaneous post, BV Dante complained bitterly about the some much presence of agberos in Lagos State. He said he was in Lagos and agberos wan use hailing wound him. On sighting him, they told everyone to clear road for baba agbalagba, some even used their clothes to clean idan's shoes. After so much following and calling him all sorts of names wey no be him own, he eventually succumbed and "showed them love"
On Thursday in house news, Stella thanked BVs for their nice words to Gladys. She then went on to reveal that Gladys money be like sand, e dey very long, e no dey finish and it's partly one of the reason she set no be small.

She said she noticed that there's been so many new IDs on the blog, she welcomed them and admonished them to be peaceful and less dramatic.
She then said she was confused on whether to gift 10 people 10each or to gift 20 people 5k each to cook a pot of lizard fish(Titus) for the weekend. But she wouldn't be the one to select the recipients, a BV would be designated to do that.

BVs have been in total celebration as Zeeone now has a title, they can now zoom fast like a lightening without having to read Nikirati, Jalal and Roshini against their wish.
Contrary to his believe that boys eats more than girls, BV Ali B's daughter don show him that girls sef Sabi devour food. On Friday spontaneous post, he was praying fervently that God should make his daughter "belleful" after eating little food. Giannina baby, more power to your elbow, more food to your tummy baby.
Miracle no dey tire Jesus! On Friday spontaneous post, BV Deheroine narrated how she got a laptop (she needed badly) as a birthday gift from a family friend that just got back from abroad. Belated happy birthday, Deheroine.
A very angered Anon revealed that she had been cussing her husband. She found out that her LOML cheated on her, after pretending to be the manual for best husband 001. Anon is broken and sad.
On Friday spontaneous post, Stella appointed BV Ali B to choose recipients for 10k lizard fish giveaway. She told him to remember it's theme "positive vibes" so, the BVs chosen must be BVs that have brought positivity to the blog. Stella mandated that there should be no new, emergency or benefits IDs amongst the recipients. Also, Ali B would explain to BVs why he chose each BV.
Stella noted that Spontaneously, she'd choose BVs to compile names for giveaway recipients.

Daniel, the druggist and thief that spiked Marie's sister after deceiving her that she wanted to patronize her business had his picture plastered on Friday in house news. Marie's sister narrated how he lured her in the guise of buying luxurious fabrics, spiked her drink and stole from her. Pls, go to that post to see if you recognize Dan d scammer so that he'd apprehended.
Stella decided to set havard question for BVs. They all brought out their mathematical skills, the comment section come be like lecture theatre.

Please i dont know the answer to that harvard quiz at all..LOL
The internet rat and his rude and arrogant self crawled into Friday in house news, it queried Stella on why she hadn't brought down the disclaimer on top e head after it had deleted everything it wrote about Stella. Stella told it that she doesn't care if it deletes whatever it wrote or not. Matter of fact, it could rewrite them again but the disclaimer would be on the internet for life. BVs came out enmasse to shush it away.

It posted a lot that i deleted, it insulted you all and said it was happy that it was not broke...LMAO

Till I come your way next week, stay save.

Its me


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  1. Nice compilation!!!!!

    Boring Sunday at my end.

    Did some laundry, bathroom and house cleaning. Got so tired. I need adequate rest at the moment.

    My neighbor's wife oppressing and suffocating me at the same time. How will she open her window making chicken stew? Who does that? See as the aroma is 'killing' me here. Just today I say make I no cook and rest, she and her husband want to intimidate and oppress me. Wey my wallet sef? I don vex. Na turkey stew I go coordinate with mangala fish.

    The husband just dey move around for the compound happily and smiling. EwΓ²Γ² nwoke Γ©be'mπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Make I just sleep small first wake up. Na for night I go retaliate. Na turkey I go fry with better groundnut oil. Abeg make una no vex. Between power oil and King's oil which one go bring better aroma spread across the whole length and breadth of my compound.

    I want do them back this night .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Even my landlady go feel am.

    Help a brother πŸ™.

    © TEEJAY

    1. 🀣🀣🀣Ezege don vex on top food wey person de cook inside her kitchen. I prefer power oil though.

    2. TJ, your post reminds of my grandma’s Sunday dinners, you could smell her food from miles away. She was an excellent cook, just amazing and her meals were to die for.

      Enjoy you aromas🀣

  2. Well summarized, Onyin. I wish you more sales and more money in your bank account.

  3. Nice compilation, the one that got me the Internet rat. But that boy should rest

    1. I had a very good laugh at that internet rat, the boy should rest and allow Daniel to trend a bit since both of you have refused to change your bad behavior..

      Licious babe

  4. More sales I wish you Onyin

    Thanks for the perfume giveaway to bvs SDK. I came late to the party

  5. Nice summary for the week. Well-done Onyin! More sales to you.

    You used the right pronoun 'IT' to describe the mongrel. Insults no dey kill...E dey bounce off like tortoise shell.

    Beautiful week ahead

  6. Thank you very much for the write up
    Happy Sunday to everyone

  7. Eiii...Stella I need perfume o
    (dancing Tshwala Bam) in my head

    Happy Sunday Lovers πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
    Today is a lovely day
    Went to church for the first time in over 6 weeks now...isn't God wonderful

    GoldenTulip ✍️πŸ•Š️

  8. It's your business name for me...
    It's Unique!
    Well done πŸ‘

  9. Chai! I came late to this post.
    Anyway, nothing spoil. We keep hope alive.

  10. Well done OyinπŸ‘

  11. Nice one πŸ‘ more sales for you in Jesus Name πŸ™

  12. Nice summary and I like the it that was used for the internet rat that don't have manners and respect.

  13. Bv Onyingate how do I contact you?

    1. Her number is on her flyer up there.

    2. Hi Anon, you can contact her on the phone number on the perfumes posted.

  14. I missed a few

  15. Always on point OnyinπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    More sales,more patronage,more customers in Jesus name.

  16. Who deyyyyy!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒMy name appeared inside Gist Boulevard, I'm just feeling like....
    Onyin I don laugh tire πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she say na it, but truly na it e be.

    Thanks for the beautiful recap πŸ‘

    1. Make I follow you dance πŸ’ƒπŸ»

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you SMB πŸ’•

  17. Thank you very muchfir the review.

  18. Nice compilation, OnyinπŸ‘

    Let me give my own analysis to the Harvard question πŸ˜€

    The couple: 1 man + 1 wife = 2 people.
    Their Children = 7 people
    The(Each) family: 2parents + 7 children= 9people

    9people in each family × 7 families = 63 people.


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