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Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Nigerian Towns Renamed By The British ...

The British renamed some towns in Nigeria...You didnt know? I am surprised!
Did you know that Owerri used to be Owe Ere?

Names of Some Towns Renamed by British

1: Owerri - Original Name: Owe Ere
2: Orlụ - Original name: Ọlụ
3: Awkuzu - Original Name: Ọkụ Ụzọ Achagbunam
4: Okigwe - Original name: Oka Igwe
5: Enugu - Original name: Enu Ugwu: It is a mountain town
6: Okpaala - Original Name: Ọkpụ Ala Ngwa
7: Port Harcourt- Original name: Igwe Ọcha
8: Opobo - Original name: Igwe Nga
9: Bonny - Original Name: Ubani
10: Oyigbo- Original name: Obi Igbo
11:Abakiliki- Original Name :Abakeleke
12: Mbaise - Original Name: Agbaaja, Ahiara, Ekwerazụ, Oke Ovoro and Ezinihite They are Five independent villages but the white man forced to answer Mbaise as one village , The Mbaise people have a different culture that they believe in.

13: Asaba - Original Name: Ahaba
14: Onitsha - Original Name: Onicha
15: Ibusa - Original Name: Igbo Ụzọ
16: Ogwashi Original name: Ọgwa Ahi. They are from Nri
17:Awka - Orinal name Oka
18: Awkunanaw - Original name Okunnano,
19 Amawbia- Original name Amaobia,
20: Umuahia- Original name Ọma ahịa


  1. Dr E.B Things7 May 2024 at 13:35

    TLDR: English colonizers didnt like long names and there Anglicanized the spellings.

  2. Nice compliations

    4: Okigwe - Original name: Oka Igwe...This is still same and there is really no changes....

    In Igbo language, when you have two root words to form one word - the first that ends with a vowel and the 2nd word begins with a vowel...You cannot the two vowel letters side by side...One has to ''Swallow'' the other vowel letter...

    Here the I in Igwe will swallow the letter A in Oka...So the correct pronunciation is Okigwe.

  3. True.I think it is Olilo Udaume.I don't know if there are exceptions

  4. After making them sound western, Still they didn't add them to the English dictionary.

  5. Only Igbo or South East territories?

  6. Gwosh (spring water) renamed Jos by the British colonialists.

  7. Most of the names seemed to be changed according to how the white men then could pronounce the names.


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