Stella Dimoko CHIVIDO2024 - VDM Versus Actress Iyabo Ojo Versus Her Boyfriend Paulo Versus Her Daughter Priscilla....


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Thursday, June 27, 2024

CHIVIDO2024 - VDM Versus Actress Iyabo Ojo Versus Her Boyfriend Paulo Versus Her Daughter Priscilla....

What do you think about the Online altercation/ Ish invoilving social media loud mouth The very darkman, actress Iyabo Ojo , her love Paulo and her daughter Priscilla? You must have seen the annoying exchange between all the parties mentioned.......

The ish revolves around who was invited or not invited to Singer Davidos wedding....The very darkman claims actress Iyabo Ojo gatecrashed into the event and this led to a series of Online altercations between all the parties mentioned....Paulo has warned the VDM to be careful of his utterances and Iyabos daughter is dragging him for being an ex convict.......One wonders why it must always be this messy with these people.
Some Celebs have lended their voices to the issue by warning the VDM to be careful of his uterrances and to use his new found fame wisely.......
Note that the VDM and Iyabo Ojo have been at war for ages, with the VDM alleging a lot of horrible thing concerning the actress and her daughter and says he will not stop unless she apologises to him...He also claims she is behind that Instagram Blog that runs people down and blackmails for money and turns around to do giveaway with the proceeds of blackmail.....

What i think of their drama? I think nohing but remember that the tortoise said it will not stop unless it has been disgraced...LOL


  1. Replies
    1. Hmm what nau 😂

      If you no get any contribution then hush it

    2. 10.54 na you know wetin Apple collect from your hand! No be she dey responsible for your frustrations na.

  2. Yeah. I called it. There was no way that event was going to go down without drama the moment I saw VDM sniffing and shuffling around in Lagos.

    They couldn't even find the decency to honour the couple, cede the public space to them for some few days.

  3. She didn't gate crash the wedding. And even if anyone did, it is not his place to talk. He was a guest, like every other person. He should learn when to shush it.

    1. I don't blame him
      I blame the person that allowed him inside the main event and the person that gave him invite for the after-party. From this thing that he did, no celebrity is supposed to invite him to their parties anymore but Nigerians love drama , positive or negative. They will keep inviting him so he can make a mockery of the event after a few days with his callouts.

  4. Vdm and chochocho
    To think he was the one given 5pm invite. Why shift people's attention from the beautiful wedding to this fight. Such a killjoy,if you respected David you will respect his guests.

    Iyabo and priscy were properly invited,bought asoebi.And cabana chief priest warned him not to call anyone out.

    1. Imagine!
      So they warned him but he went ahead to call wedding guests out. Such a razz thing. I wonder who invites such to events.

  5. The very darkman must surely love prison very well because those he is dragging are capable of sending him there for a long time

  6. That irritant does not know when to stop, i hope it doesn't get into more trouble soon.

    Don't know about blackmailing people and doing giveaway with the proceeds of the blackmail sha but gistlover like every other gossip blog has their bad and good sides and have stepped on many toes in the course of doing their "job"
    He/she has fought for justice and won on different occasions.
    The page involved in the blackmail was found to be a fake page and the person behind the page was arrested. I have a love/hate relationship BTW but truth must be told.

    1. Shebi i said he's a trouble maker and you asked me what has what i said got to do with what he posted 😂 nwanu see it now

    2. Your comment and my question was based on that photo he posted. We all know he is a trouble maker but how did him posting Chioma's oicture translate to trouble making?

  7. Stella, who be the tortise? 🤣

  8. Ok, let me share my opinion on this today.

    I think most Nigerians have serious issues with real people, I don't know if it's because most are involved in dishonest, immortal and illegal way of life, or the fact that they benefit from it, or that are considering that way of life soon they hope to benefit from it, cos wetin be Very Dark Man offence to be hated so much..

    Is he perfect? No..
    Does he make some mistakes? Yes

    But is he right most of the time? Yes..

    Let's leave every other thing about him and face the part that's causing the recent issues..

    Okay, in seeking justice for mohbad, he voiced his opinion that no stone should be left unturned and DNA test should be done on his kid to asserting that the death is not connected to something from that angle..

    First the child is a new born
    2ndly, the circumstances surrounding the death is suspicious
    3rdly, Nigerian women are 002 in the whole world in paternity fraud
    Lastly, it's due diligence..

    But trust Nigerians to bring in sentiment because of what I outlined in my 2nd paragraph..

    I followed and monitored the whole thing closely and the first time gistlover dragged him for talking about DNA, he responded politely trying to explain how they shouldn't be enemies but work together in seeking justice for Moh,. But gistlover handlers, whoever they are went on dragging and insulting him, then went on to release his nudes all in an attempt to shame, blackmail, discredit and bully him out of the social media space, what's his offense? That he said DNA test should be done o.. then iyabo, "who is friends with gistlover" or maybe one of their handlers, came out out on video insulting his mother, just as they insult my mother here too,. He then returned the energy, and now they're the victim, now he is tagged someone who doesn't respect elders, elders that doesn't respect themselves? Elders isonu..

    Paulo fall his hands big time,. The best he could have done as obviously, he cannot control his woman, was to not involve himself in this whole thing.

    If his woman respects him, she wouldn't be courting trouble everywhere, he as a man is even supposed to caution her, but him leave the woman to be running her mouth up and down, and now that she's getting same energy, he is coming to embarrass himself..

    This woman would finish the respect and pedigree he has built all his life if he continues S!mping..

    VDM has never involved him in his spat with iyabo, and that's because of respect, instead of him to respect himself he decided to come and rubbish his image on top woman wey him no fit coordinate matter..

    Then Obi Cubana and all those doing high service too instead of telling Oga Paulo the truth. Shame on them

    1. You're like him so why won't you support him. Until they arrest you join

    2. Like I replied you on sp, he came for Iyabo and Tonto first and Iyabo replied by directing the insults at his mum bcos she said she wont exchange banter with him as they are not mates.

      Also, Iyabo has been very loud on social media for as long as I can remember, Paul saw that and went for her so I dont understand why you are calling him a simp for not being able to "control" her. If you will sit back and watch people disrespect your woman then you have a big problem. Obi Cubana are not doing "high" service but calling out bullshit like any sensible person would.

      BTW, VDM has never replied anyone politely and taunting other guests at an event he was invited to is very disrespectful to the host.

    3. I hope you reserve the same energy if someone insults your Man/Woman or whatever is your love interest.

    4. Dante, you are right on this.

      When iyabo and the other equally cantankerous lady were fighting online, Paul got involved and made a post.

      I saw his post to vdm and his subsequent one asking some celebs to choose between him and vdm. I found that action very disappointing.

      These are the humans that will ensure you never eat another meal so long as they know people in charge of the markets and kitchen.

      What's the difference between him and those that allegedly hurt Mohbad.

      He can stand up for his girlfriend without getting into this mud fight with someone almost half his age that clearly has nothing to lose.

    5. So insulting people is now been real..

    6. Likke I replied you in SP


      She (they) came for him first before he replied..
      She (they) came with the talk about how he is causing confusion and messing up the justice for mohbad because he spoke about DNA..

      He responded and then she came for his mother then he came for she and her daughter..

      This whole issue is because of DNA..

      Dear Kings.. you better make sure you do DNA test,. Seeing the length they can go just because someone spoke if it should be a serious concern to you..

      I cannot be with a woman that doesn't respect herself in public not someone I cannot caution.. if she decides to embarrass herself on her own without listening to me, I won't get involved in nonsense.. I'm NOT a s!mp

    7. Or whatever is your love interest 🤣🤣🤣 anon igbuoomooo🤣🤣

    8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9. Thank you Dante. God bless you for your unbiased views here.

    10. Thank you Dante... I was about to write that Iyabo started it but I saw you have answered. Nigerians and asslicking are like 5&6.

  9. If vdm man is intelligent he should have known there's time for everything. Even if he has scores to settle with Iyabo Ojo it shouldn't be on Davido's wedding event bcos there's no how they will drag this issue and leave David out of the equation. He should have respected the couple and chose another day to fight his assumed enemies.But as you all know the guy is senseless and always chasing unnecessary clout. I don't blame him rather I blame some of our narcissistic Nigerian men that always support any idiot provided he's out to defame women they're o k with him. They should continue pushing him to his dome this time around they will lock him up and throw the keys into river Niger bcos he's good for nothing nuisance on social media.

    1. Nigerians should stop supporting the locking up of people over civil matters.

      Some months ago, a sad news was reported here about police officers on this blog. A BV commented about what the police did to her brother and caused his passing. She also expressed lack of empathy for the policemen. It is on the day some people stop at the gate of a person's home that is when the person knows the difference between guests and visitors.

    2. 14:10,

      I get really weak when I read some comments. The content of these comments demonstrates the mindset of the average Nigerian.

      If given the opportunity, a lot of Nigerians will have people locked up just because they eye-balled them.

      We throw stones at politicians or wealthy people using their status to oppress, but lots of us will do same judging by stuff I read here


    3. I'm beginning to hate his noise making

      Mao Akuh

  10. I read one of his post where he accused Tonto of being gi***ver, now it's iyabo? That is my problem with talkatives, them too talk abeg

    All of them should getat biko

    1. Gifty, he didn't say iyabo. He has always maintained its Tonto.

    2. He said they are three or two laddies. Tonto, Iyabo and who

  11. Who come be d tortoise?

    What makes a person an ex-convict - detention pending trial or conviction by a judgment of court?

    Make all of dem rest.
    If woman don enta party and celebrant no drive am comot E means say d woman attend d party.
    D person wey complain attend and enta d party?
    Young man talk. Mama reply. Mama pikin reply. Papa go reply too?
    Abeg. Silence is golden sometimes.
    Who no fit keep kwayet suppose go court.
    Naija get law wey lawyers dey call Law of Defamation to teach pipu how to talk for public space or stop dem from misyarning in public/private space.
    Oya na, make I stop before dem use me do current example under dat Law.
    Hehehehehehe (Lafta copied from...)

  12. Vdm is among the gang of men that play for their fellow men league and one of their major characteristics that gives them away no matter how they try to hide it is their unexplainable deep rooted hatred for women. They so hate women bcos they feel what most ladies are getting for free they had to work their behind off to get a pinch of it. We've seen this THEORY play out 99% of the time. Extreme hatred for women is usually due to jealousy.

    1. Have you not read here from wives who were shocked that their loving husbands fall in the category of men you are shaming.
      Shame on the basis of conduct complained of.
      This type of digression is what is giving him the gate pass to respond outside the issues.
      And who appears more pained now?

    2. No we have not seen women complain about their loving husband's playing for the other team. The complaints we see from such women is that their husband's starve them of sex and affection

    3. Hatred for women? Must we make it gender based? Tueh. Remember iyabo started it first and no matter her give away, the street remembers who she really is ... We know her and her escapades. Thank God for VDM. If you insult my mama when I no insult you.. that fight no go finish o.

  13. This Dark man talks too much abeg

  14. Oga Paulo should have done better, he is someone people respect, even me, up until he fall his hands yesterday, going ahead to try to cancel VDM, so if he doesn't like someone, his friends must not like the person too? Ontop woman wey no dey respect or regard am matter..

    He had 3 options:
    1. Caution his woman cos what she was doing was staining him, maybe he doesn't know, but if you involve yourself with amotekun, you become amotekun by association (I didn't call anyone amotekun o)
    2. He could have contacted VDM privately and try to resolve the issue behind the scenes
    3. He could have stayed on his lane and not involve himself in such matters..

    But he left all these options to joining as a party to the action, insulting VDM and not saying anything about his woman that doesn't respect her old age.

    Then Obi cubana and Sabinus..
    I don't know if it's high service for Oga Paulo, as him don talk say make people choose between him, or maybe he sent you guys to try to cancel VDM because people love you guys,. or VDM or Una just won try intimidate the boy,. But make Una better respect Una self and stay out.. I'm more disappointed in Obi Cubana, I expected more intelligence from him, so you'll allow a woman who refuses to coordinate herself and instead bring trouble home after insulting someone to come and mess things up and cause 'war'?

    Na this kind thing dey cause war for school back in the days, between useless men that don't know themselves and can't caution their women.. your babe go go slap person because she dey date strong man, person go slap am back, you go come carry your foolish self go involve, come begin keeping unaselves and count scores on top nonsense issue..

    Una no dey shame,.

    You better don't drag this issue more than it's already gone, na only begining you know, nobody knons the end of an issue,. Don't be too dependent on your money o.. I know why I'm saying this now cos I know how these men think when their ego is bruised,.

    Make Una better calm down, this matter no concern Una..

    If you want to help, then invite all parties and settle it amicable.

    Blessings 🙏

    1. You are as senseless as the very dark idiot, all these nonsense and senseless epistle you are writing no one is reading it.

    2. Please, I want to ask, what is "High service"?

    3. I have daughters and pray to God that they meet the right men. i can't imagine my daughter in her 20's dating a misogynistic human like you.
      You clearly lack respect for people, especially women, see how you kept saying Paulo should 'control' his woman, like she is dog that should be put on a leash, are you married, are you a father? How would you want your daughter to be treated by her man, if or when you have one
      Not everything in life is about 'street'
      You attend a high society wedding and suddenly turn attention on yourself, what is your business with the class of invites issued to other guests?, Is it your party or your money?
      There is a lot more to decency.

    4. Dante,

      You nailed it

      Asking them to cancel another because you can. That totally summed it up for me. I am disappointed in Paul.

      Not once did SDK ask us to cancel the other woman or go to her blog to drop rude words. When SDK had the brouhaha with the comedian or even the actress turn politician did she ask that we go help her run them down? No. She fought her battles.

      At the moment,vdm's approach and method is brash but most bloggers have been overly forthright in the beginning of their careers and truth is that for most people, certain things will change with experience, age and/maturity.

      While the vdm guy's approach is loud, he will simmer down at some point but most importantly, I like that he is doing some very good things especially in poor communities.

      I am not a fan of noisy personalities eg vdm, but Mr Paul should please check it.

    5. King Dante,

      I will tell you the truth. I can't stand seeing my woman being disrespected by a man and I kept silent. I will only be mute if it's a fellow woman.

      Same way I believe my woman won't let a woman disrespect me unless it's a man and she knows both of us can dig it out.

      The only place I will fault Paulo was dragging other people into the issue. But standing up for his partner wasn't a bad one and shouldn't be seen as one. That's why he's the man. Even in marriage, couples take oath to defend and protect each other interest and happiness.

      A man who can't protect his woman from public ridicule and disrespect isn't worthy to be her man. Same way anyone can protect their mother and sisters from trolls and bullying.

      © TEEJAY

    6. Which one be 'high' service again?
      You get 'h' factor or you simply don't know the correct word is eye service and not 'high' service?
      You have repeated it at least twice now.

    7. High service ikwakwakwa 😂 lawyer coatima🤣🤣 I can imagine how you speak in court.

    8. Abeg o..
      I'm having a busy day, I don't have time for all these ,.

      Go and drop your own opinion and stop thinking you can bully me into thinking like a like you..


      Na only you I go reply, base on who you be..

      See ehn, you better choose the kind of woman you role with carefully, so your woman go go find trouble, them come check am, then you go run go there go fight Lol..

      Small boys go too finish you my man..

      Den go clear your doubt,. No go dey over assume brother mii..

      It's just like behind my back and my babe dey chop guy maga, come go him house to go still collect more funds or whatever, that one come sexually harass am, so you expect me to go fight the guy as a big fool that I am?

      If your girl has any regards or respect for you, she wouldn't go about displaying amotekun behaviour..

      You better no go let useless babe kee you before your time my Gee.


      This is different if your babe respects and carry herself well, then one fool decides to insult her, that's a different scenario,. That's the one that you can stand up for her..

      She's walking on the road minding her business, then one fool just comes and slap her butt.. that the time you can get involved..

      Know your priorities bro

    9. Dante boldness without discretion is stupidity, you and VDM have no comprehension of this

    10. King Dante,

      let's stick to the context of the recent brouhaha that got Paulo involved. Like I said down there, I don't know what might have transpired in the past between them. So I'm sticking on this recent actions.

      To you, what VDM did, was it right to you? Why accused people of not being invited when actually they were. If he's a man of honour, when Iyabo sowed evidence of her invitation, he would have apologized for the false narrative but of course his kind wouldn't do that cos he feed on his ego.

      That young man is a gaslighter. He'll set people up for drag and form victim. The same man that accused the police authority of sleeping with Bob. That was what got him in detention by the IGP. Is this a man you would want me to defend?

      Before calling people out, get your facts and receipts handy. If it's a sane clime, this man will pay millions for defamation of characters when he can't prove beyond reasonable doubt.

      My learned brother, you should know false accusations is a huge crime before the law that's capable of a fine or imprisonment.

      He's very wrong on this one. I wouldn't advise anyone I know to associate with him. A man who don't know when and where to draw the curtain.

      I rest my case.

      © TEEJAY

    11. Dante @10:42
      Your option 3 has always been the standard code for MEN.
      Wife or woman lover dey fight naked for street, husband or man lover go enter house wear boxing shorts come out to join the fight too?
      Even when some men want to fight for their women, they do it above the level of the offending man, not below him.

      "High service" is a higher form of "eye service". Lol.
      Communication is the key. Communication not always by the words used. That is how the phrase "man or woman of timber and calibre" entered Naija lingo. it is not in any English Language Dictionary.

      Well said @12:11
      Even Stella sef don mellow. We knew her grove back on print.
      Recently when the Joke-star's estranged wife called for time on publication of their matrimonial ish. Stella stopped.

      Whoever is offended by the young man's statement should go to court.

      As an aside, a then renowned and reputable Nigerian Professor of Virology had it rough at the hands of the press in those days. He did not get the press men arrested. He took his cases to court. He won the most if not all. In one case, he was not satisfied with the amount of damages in his favour. He appealed. The Court of Appeal increased the amount awarded to him, which is rarely done. He passed in 2019. Today, people whose history cannot be safely investigated beyond the day before yesterday are quick to seek arrest on comments they provoked.

    12. Just look at "grown men" writing essays as comment under a fight between two people on SM. They are leaving long advice feeling like they are wise and sensible.
      Nobody in their right sense who is actually busy will read your nonsense @ Dante.
      Go and make money, you are every where on this blog.

    13. Ezege, you and Aboki are being so emotional, I don't what you join issues with the both of you for my personal reasons, especially Aboki that came throwing insults at me like an amotekun..

      See ehn, that I try not to join issues with some of you has nothing to do with fear, or say you be lion wey sabi shout,. It's just how when I see someone as a 'friend' I overlook their misbehaviour for awhile hoping they'll behave themselves and there won't be a need for any issue, unless they keep pushing and get what's coming, cos I don't know how I can make my comment that doesn't concern Aboki, not insulting her in anyway and she'll just come and be insulting me like I'm the boyfriend that stole her virginity and ran away..

      Make Una dey arrange unaselves.. if you dey your period, face the man wey dey nack you with the attitude and don't bring bullsh!t my way..

      That being said..

      You cannot judge a matter correctly if you begin from the centre, I have told you my thoughts on this,. When people gang up to lock you up after they insulted you and you respond in equal measures, maybe then, you can apologise for mocking them.. everything is fair in love and war.. it's war, leave them to fight ..

      And please, let's leave all these learned brother or lawyer ish abeg,. I don't carry all those things around, I'm Dante, I'm here and drop comment in this capacity,. Every other thing concerning my personal life is not for the blog unless I personally involve it.


  15. This Very Loud Mouth of man is an irritant. Jeez! 🤦

    You that was invited to the event use that as a collateral in the bank for loan or frame the invitation as an achievement and hang it on your wall. Always displaying gutter behaviour 🙄

  16. Since when did been invited to the wedding become a trophy? Abi na ticket to heaven?

    Well, you're very immature hence I didn't expect any sensible talk from you.


  17. This vdm guy just yarning dust

  18. It shall be well with all of them. They will be alright

  19. In all this I feel bad for Paulo cos he has been dragged into a very degrading drama. He has a name that's respected now this.

    As for VDM the guy is shameless. A wedding that's still the most talked about you were fortunate to be invited and the way to thank Davido is to talk down on his guest. He should be cancelled abeg. He talks too much. Activist indeed.

    1. Rhapsody,

      That's the point, No one dragged him. He dragged himself into a conversation with an upcoming.

      You can stand up for your woman in different ways. Prior to his relationship with Iyabo Ojo, Paul was a publicly respected man(I don't know people's thoughts about him in private).

      He shouldn't have addressed vdm.

      There's a proverb that states thus "when you want to talk to a deaf man, you say it in the presence of someone close to him".

      Paul should have just sent another smalley to vdm.

  20. By the way,.

    You can only call someone an Ex-Convict after the court has pronounced him guilty and he went to jail as a penalty for the said crime/ offence..

    Say police arrest you and you were granted bail doesn't make you a convict, convicted criminal or an ex con

  21. He was even the one given the 5pm invite and amongst all the guest he was the only one eating like a glutton.

    1. Twitter people said he collected 4portions and didn't wear aso ebi 😅😅😅😅😅

      He got it wrong this time.

  22. All he had to report on was his experience at the event and the fashions. Maybe he is trying to be a drama blogger/vlogger but they don’t have longevity. They do well for a season and eventually they have to exit the space. I have seen blogs that were fire in their heyday where are they today? The offended parties also need to know when to ignore. Quietly logging trolling events without retaliation builds a stronger legal case in the long run. If he is the only one constantly talking then the public will notice. There is power in silence.

  23. Why is he dragging Iyabo again? I want to believe they are even in terms of the wahala they had. Why this unnecessary show of shame? For the sake of Davido, he shouldn't be doing this honestly. You can't be bringing drags to the person that invited you to come celebrate with him na. Na wa!

  24. TASTE BLISS CAKES AND PASTRIES27 June 2024 at 11:34

    If I talk now some people will ask if the insult on him is not too much, I'm still waiting for him to call Obi Cubana out.

  25. Verydaftman na mumu now.
    Always capping rubbish.
    I love how iyabo ojo and her daughter took him to the cleaners, and to think he was the one that got the 5pm invitation and iyabo and her daughter got the 10am invite.
    A ni ewure lo bi verydaft man se.
    Were ponbele seeking attention that has back fired at him.
    This one really sweet me😂😂

  26. After all the warning they gave VDM, he is still doing chochocho😏

  27. Las las all of una go settle.
    Una go dey alright soon.

    1. This guy has not learnt his Lesson
      Ok nahhhh

      Hello iya boys

  28. My issh with this guy is that he talks too much,like I always say,maybe that's how they make their money,but this guy's own too much.

  29. On this particular issue, VDM is at fault. I don't know about their previous matter and I don't care to know. On this particular one, he goofed big time. Whoever that's sponsoring him or egging him shouldn't set him up for destruction.

    © TEEJAY

    1. Na tunde ednut.
      And since yesterday tunde left him high and dry.He hasn't posted him as usual.

    2. Thanks for being honest and truthful. Let others be defending crass behavior. So disrespectful to the host to attack his guests in this manner. Despicable

    3. Unfortunately, Tunde Ednut is a man with zero integrity and only goes with the highest bidder(money/fame/both).

      He isn't one to rely on.

    4. Some trees (issues) far reaching have tap roots. Until the root is pulled up, the plant (issue) regrows whenever cut down.

  30. It's like dis VDM has strong backbone in d country now...cos I wasn't expecting any drama from him so soon..

    Someone dat was just released from detention not up to a month has started causing another wahala dat might take him back there.. Customer dada

  31. 😂😂😂 Stella this your proverb carry heavy weight o.

    All I know is that VDM or whatever talks too much and his Cho cho Cho will be his downfall.
    He didn't even allow Chioma and Davido to remove their wedding clothes before he starts causing trouble/shifting attention to himself. If not for Osimehn that he helped carry his bag into the wedding hall, who invited him.

    Paulo did right by speaking for his woman,that's how it should be. As a man you don't sit down and watch disrespectful person insults your woman and you keep mute because you don't want to fall hand.

    They need to teach that guy a lesson that he won't forget in a hurry. Enough is enough.

  32. This place is hot today gbas gbos serious, let all the celebs and bloggers receive Jesus as thier Lord and saviour and thier will be peace on earth. As per Chividos wedding God will help them keep the home sacred

  33. I knew it that that tortoise will surely go back to that hell. He never learnt.

  34. The guy has become a menace. So full of himself. He really doesn't know when to stop

  35. @Teejay
    Exactly, I don’t care to know the genesis of his issue with Iyabo. You attended somebody’s wedding and you’re causing so much negative energy because of what? No respect at all for the celebrants that invited you to their big day. Who does that? Haba !!! What is wrong is wrong.

    For those that are supporting VDM on this, it’s not surprising cos birds of the same feathers flock together. You obviously are the same. Crass, uncouth and disrespectful. Please keep up the same energy if someone does this to people that came to honor you at your wedding. Ndi iberibe that support rubbish.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. In all of this, I blame Tunde Ednut for promoting VDM..the guy has become an irritant

  37. BLAME TUNDE EDNUT FOR PROMOTING THIS VIRUS OF A MAN...but yesterday same time threw him under the bus as he saw that the guy had stepped on too many toes


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