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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



My boyfriend called me and he heard from my voice that I am down, so he asked what the issue is. I told him I am dealing with painful cramps and waist pain(my period). What he said was "shebi it's just 2 days, you'll be fine".
I ended the call on him.
Some guys can be somehow, what happened to saying sorry ooo or have you taken any medication? Or at least saying something soothing to my ears.

It seems I don't know how to pick them.
Lord I pray my next has better sense than this one I have here And i pray for someone who knows how to pick his words and soothe me with them when the need arises. Amen

He said you will be fine and you ended the call on him? That is so nasty and if i know i would advice him to let you go...Do you know the next thing he would have said?Some people may not have the right words but their actions speak louder than words, some have the right words but their actions say something else....You over reacted please!



What does it mean in a dream that I and husband (been married for almost 10 years now) were wearing wedding clothes in a dream in preparation for our wedding and my husband was trying to get to church in a hurry before I woke up.

I dont know how to interprete dreams but i pray its a good one


  1. I hope you’re not comparing yourself or relationship to that of your friends and people around you. Because people differ some people don’t know how to use words but their actions are louder than words. And what happened to patterning your relationship to how you’d love for it to be ? Hanging up was very rude and disrespectful of you but he told you you’d be fine .

  2. Wearing wedding dress in the dream when you’re arleady married means death pray against it

    1. @ first poster don't mind anyone your mind is your highest access to humans!
      Never overlook red flags, what's d meaning of shebi is just two days? No empathy? That's how most people end up with cold spouses and turn around complaining!
      Don't leave him o! Just be hatching another plan because this one right here is not for keeps!
      This kind one u fit carry belle make he ask you whether na only you don carry belle before?

  3. Narrative two, make una go do tun mi gbe for una 10 years anniversary.

  4. Poster one is probably upset not just cause of what he said that day but other things he has said and then
    If not then I think you should call him and apologize for hanging up. But still tell him how you felt about what he said to you

  5. Narrative one: I'm sorry to tell you that you won't be getting another boyfriend so God won't be answering that prayer. Your present boyfriend is your husband.

    Narrative two: I'm sorry but your dream means your husband even though you've been married for so long is not your true husband. The reason he left in a hurry is because he'll marry before you when your people are no longer together. You'll still marry but it depends on how long after it took you to get to the Church during the wedding in your dream.

    Now to the first narrative, don't forget me when you finally marry your current boyfriend.

  6. Poster 1 I know we ladies like to hear sweet words but you have to take it easy . Some men are not romantic at all.

  7. Poster 1, for you to react this way it means it's something he has been doing. But even at that i feel you went too far. I mean there's something called COMMUNICATION, tell him what he does that pisses you off and how he should treat you, so that he can adjust.... My own thought tho

  8. Poster 1. Your boyfriend really didn't do wrong. Most men struggle with conveyance of emotional concerns that to them is little short of patronising. It is not that he doesn't care. Believe me, he cares.

    My wife had similar issues before our first child. Not once did I ever tell her sorry nor did I exhibit the typical display of concern most women would expect from a man. In the beginning, I'd just ask to know what the matter was but going forward, I began to anticipate it since it was monthly. I'd soothe her with something to eat, help her perform chores or generally just leave her alone. However, using words to show concern would be an issue.

    So don't look too much into it

  9. I think the guy was dismissive when he said, isn't not just 2 days. He should have shown more care. But has he always been like this or this is the first time? You know what you want in man, if you want a caring and romantic guy, this guy isn't the one

  10. Lady T /worth more than a thousand dollars23 June 2024 at 16:03

    Poster 2, pls pray about the dream and cancel evey negativity associated with the dream.

    Poster 1, you let the pains you were going through cloud your judgment. Like some people said, some men are not good with words. The truth is men have not been schooled to understand the physiology of women so most times they don't know how to react or treat women.
    Go back, tell him you were sorry to drop the phone on him like you did, and then explain to him, how you felt and what you expected. Even if you two don't get married, he would have learned something from you.
    The truth is, that time of the month is different for different people. Some end up in the hospital.

  11. Poster One, small thing like this and you don already dey find replacement boyfriend?
    Na wa for you oo

  12. Poster 1. Your guys response to you will suit someone like me because I do not see anything wrong with what he said.

    Normally, I don't like when a guy asks me "have you eaten?" Like each time you call you must ask if I've eaten. if I say no, I have not eaten, what will you do?

  13. Poster 2
    Your husband is wanting to turn a new leaf, make something up to you or want to tell you a hidden secret you ain't aware of.

    Hoping you find comfort in any of it.
    Best wishes.

  14. Poster one I can understand that moment you are pains but needed someone to just tell you sorry, give you some sweet words that will calm you down but since he is nit a female and doesn't understand what cramps is all about or how painful it could be for some. You should just over looked it and speak to him some other time when you are not in pains.

    Taking some decisions when you are in pains is not the right, always take your decisions when you are calm or in a good mood. You don't know how terrible the next person will be with his words. If you can reach out to the guy and tell him you are sorry how you hanged up on him thr other day, explain to him the reason and ask him to forgive you. You are not doing this cos you want to get back with him but to clear the air and have peace.

    You never mentioned to him that he should have a better way of talking to you especially when you are in pains.earn to always communicate how you want to be spoken to when you are experiencing cramps

  15. Poster 1, that guy doesn’t love you, I can bet its not the first time he is unsympathetic.Love comes with empathy, and empathy is kindness. You don’t need to understand when someone tells you they are in pains or not feeling okay , you only need to show empathy.”sorry babe you will feel okay, take a cup of tea or something “….. it doesn’t take much. Forget all those telling you you are overreacting, you are not. Make up your mind to Endure or move on now before it’s too late and you will keep making all this excuses bv’s are making on his behalf.

  16. Poster 1. It is my believe you a tata. On behalf of you boyfriend we are sorry. What drug did u take apply warm towel. You will fine brace up

  17. Poster 1, just don’t talk to him on your days of pain. There is nothing that says you must converse with a man if you are in pain. Men who act like the biggest babies at the slighted of pain have no understanding of what a period is like, so focus on you and forget about him that time if the month.

    Poster 2, your dream is strange and your husband rushing to get there is the main thing to be concerned about. Please tell him to use caution and do not do anything last minute where he has to be rushing to get to anywhere. Pray for insight and revelation.

  18. Well, truthfully I don't know why most commenters are making the poster seem like she is crazy for hanging up. I think some women will understand better that dysymennorhea(menstrual cramps) is not funny at all. Like someone rightly typed some persons land in the hospital. I think her boyfriend is insensitive and if they have been together for a while it is more annoying because he should know the deal by now and try to make her feel better during this time. If he doesn't have the right words then his actions should speak for him. By helping with medication, hot bottle for abdomen e.t.c or just try to be sensitive

    1. Thank you.
      Shebi it’s just 2 days means stop complaining and bear your usual burden for 2 days.
      What happened to sorry, you’ll be fine ?

  19. Baby girl I presume you crave attention and pampering from your man, but he is not that type for Now, but with patience and correction he will change just give it small tym

    1. Someof them never change.

      Poster if you want someone with empathy, you are right to break up with him. My husband can act like that sometimes and I h8 it so much. Na you know wetin u don see for the relationship to break up over a seemingly trivial issue

  20. Poster 1: don't you think you over reacted by dropping the phone on him
    Pele ooo you gonna be alright πŸ«‚πŸ«‚

    Poster 2: It is well with you oπŸ™πŸ™

    Hello iya boys

  21. Poster two pls pray against death pray for your marriage, pray with violence, pray also against suicide.
    Also pray against spirit spouse

  22. Poster 1, I'm sure you had your reasons, hence your reaction.
    It appears that he hasn't been kind with his WORDS towards you.
    You're wearing the shoes... so use your tongue and count your teeth.😎

  23. Poster one: please learn patience and tolerance. In marriage you will hear worse. Poster 2: all dreams don't need interpretation. Something that has happened in your life before, can reoccur in your dreams. That's how it works

  24. Stella has struck again with nonsense advice. OP you are not crazy for expecting TLC from your partner. Dump him and look for your spec.

  25. @Poster two, dreams are imaginations and never imply anything. Ignore all the dooms they are predicting. Joseph died long time ago. Non of them is Joseph. Kindly enjoy your marriage and ignore all of themπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


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