Stella Dimoko NFF Set To Take Discplinary Action Against Footballer Osimhen For His Outburst On Finidi George


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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

NFF Set To Take Discplinary Action Against Footballer Osimhen For His Outburst On Finidi George

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is set to open disciplinary proceedings against footballer Victor Osimhen,the first choice striker of the Super Eagles for his verbal attack on Finidi George, the former coach of the senior national team of Nigeria.

Osimhen was reportedly upset over reports that Finidi George questioned his commitment to the team and in response he publicly criticized the coach for his comments about why he missed the team’s World Cup qualifiers games against South Africa and Benin Republic.

The NFF has communicated with Osimhen about his outburst and a board member of the NFF stated "Osimhen is a role model and the only way we can help the incoming coach stamp his authority is by using him to set an example. He crossed the line with his outburst even when Finidi called him to explain he still didn’t deem it fit to retract his statements. We won’t condone that and after the Salah break, we will sit on the issue. I can tell you he won’t be in the team until he says sorry for his actions".
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  1. Replies
    1. There has to be discipline amongst the Eagles. Sacred cow syndrome wan kee some of dem, na wa! They can believe it or not, but it is part of what is contributiing to their lacklustre performances.

    2. Nothing to see here.

      NFF and finidi trying to divert attention of Nigerians from the total shit show of qualifiers that might mean we don't qualify for the world cup the second time running.

      1. Osimhen didn't play the games , had concrete proof of legitimately been unavailable for selection and suddenly is the centre of the storm of finidi's failure. Una well so? do they think we are fools ?
      2. He had every right to be angry that his name has been thrown in the mud to justify finidi's failure.
      3. Finidi has not come out till date to deny that he didn't say what's reported he said. He knew he did and the trick heavily backfired. Calling osimhen personally for something you said publicly is a misnomer. Explain publicly the way you spoke publicly

      NFF should go relearn how to do damage control. Their lecturer on this course is probably a quack. The same energy they are bringing now to punish osimhen should be used to punish finidi for keeping a quality striker on the bench for "tactical reasons" when what's clear is he had a personal beef with some of these guys.
      NFF should use the same energy intended for osimhen and get us qualified for the world cup. We want to go to the world cup. Period . Punishing osimhen and not qualifying for the world cup is another reason these men should be sacked permanently from Nigerian football . Come to think of it, you want to punish osimhen by keeping him away from the games, when you actually need the best assets you have to go over the line in qualification

      O dape awon people yi ti ya were!

      Stop playing with our minds. The economy is bitting hard and Boys are hungry

  2. Nice one no matter what he was very rude to Finidi George.. they should just judge the matter fairly..

  3. Nice one 👍 next time he won't repeat such.

  4. Nice one. He had it coming. Victor thinking he's invincible.

  5. Nice move. What was he even thinking?

  6. Sdk kudos you are doing a great job for keeping us abreast with news.

  7. It is well.
    Victor, please learn from this.

  8. Nice one,his outburst was like too unprofessional. 🙄🙄🙄

  9. I remember when George Finidi burst into the Nigerian football scene.At that time,he played for Sharks of port Harcourt.It was the match between Nigeria and Burkina faso in 1991.We were leading 3-1 when he was introduced.He set up 3 more goes and scored the last.Nigeria ended up winning by 7 goals to 1.Victor Osimhen wasn't even born.I felt so sad when i watched the video of Osimhen,casting aspersions on the gentleman,old enough to be his father.In my opinion,victor should be banned from the national team for some time to serve as deterrent.

    1. Kikikikii when Eagles were 🦅🦅🦅


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