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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sunday In House Gists - Comment Section Gists Boulevard

This is a round up of comments inside the Spontaneous posts and the in house news over the week.....

On Sunday spontaneous post, Sports enthusiast and new student, Galactico posted his sports update as usual, he ended it with prayers for TTC couples. Our alleged Nengi twinny, Shootergyal, just like some bvs, keeps believing that Galactico is that cursed internet rat, she came under him and told him that his last line will not save him when the time comes.
Oga Galactico vex, he told Shootergyal that he is warning her for the first and last time, that he will soon take legal action against her for cyberbullying and cyberstalking and that she will soon run kitikata to provide proof of her accusations or go and frolick with Bob inside that place.
Stella stepped in and told all of us that Galactico is a respektabu married man and father who is active in the SDK WhatsApp group, she told him to get a blog id and he did, but did not inform her of his blog name until recently.
Surprisingly, Shootergyal apologized.
Oga Galactico, we are sorry sir. No vex.


On Monday spontaneous post, Our blog Mr Fine boy and Paris boo, Bv Triple C came with a memo to his anony'mouse trolls. He wondered what he collected from them to warrant the constant attacks on him, especially the last week Saturday's own. He said his trolls started work full-time on him since the day he declared his love for Bv Paris and that he suspects Bv Chichi. He said this is because Bv Chichi hates Igbo men and always posts about them.
Lastly, he sent love to the trolls and told them to let love and peace reign.
Stella and his Iyawo, Bv Paris advised him to buy pomo skin and wear and pay no heed to them. Stella told him that Chichi may actually like him.
Bv Chichi replied. She said she is not a mumu, that she always says her mind with her blog ID.
Other bvs also came out to talk. Some said Triple C should respect himself in the comment section and no one will attack him. Others said female bvs who wanted him for themselves are behind the attacks, so he should ignore them.
Oga Chilaka, buy pomo skin, you are not new to the antics of our blog mouses.
One Anonymous came with another Asabawood inspired real life story. He said his first car was giving him problems similar to that of Blog Aproko, Pinky's Halloween motorcycle. He would wake up in the morning and car engine and bonnet would be very hot like they just finished driving it from a three days journey. He changed the engine, no difference.
Later, he was told in a church that it was evil spirits driving it. One day, he woke up and saw a dead cat stuck in the space around the wheels at the driver's seat. Car problems disappeared.
Na the cat been dey drive the car, God arrested it. Halleluyah o!
On Monday IHN, Stella talked about cucumber stew that she saw online and begged any bv that has tried it to bring update.
She also said that she heard that our ogbonge blog was mentioned on Arise TV morning show by Dr Rueben Abati, Ayo and Rufai. She thanked them for the mention.
She then asked the anony'mouse who keeps crying that the blog is boring whether they mentioned its own name too. Lol
She told it to keep coming here with its sleeping mat. Choi!
Blog aproko, Pinky shared a story of a barawo who specialized in stealing meat from an eatery. The young man would enter inside the eatery, take one chicken and go out without paying. As God wanted our Aproko guru to see the gist and bring to us, he was caught on the day and time that he visited the eatery. Oga Pinky even offered to pay for the chickens he had eaten but dem no gree, dem say him case don reach government side.

Names of bvs for the first batch of the 10k for for 50 bvs giveaway was posted , they are: Ali B, Cynthia, Paprika, Essa Atelier, Mide, Dizzy, Chocolate city, Waju, Galactico, Lily angel, Iya Kosi, Iya Nimi, St. Phoenix, Zaram, Lady zee, Hello Iya boys, Black slimzy, Golden tulip, Esther okoro, Morayo.
Stella said there is a bv on the above list that was nasty to her inbox, she warned the bv seriously to mind who she go dey misyarn to next time. She did not to reveal the onu razor's blog ID.
She also asked bvs to point out any name on the list that had received giveaway recently.

Stella asked bvs if she should do a scary post considering the Halloween stories that we have been reading recently. She said of she gets enough votes for it, she will do the post on a Saturday and asked bvs to get their scary stories ready. Some bvs in the comments were in support of the post.
Note: the scary post has been done, it is on Saturday in house gist Saturday in house gist June 15,2024.
Concerning the giveaway list above, bvs shouted that some names on the list had received giveaway some days back, the most mentioned name was bv Chika aka hello iya boys.


On Tuesday spontaneous post, There was a mild drama between blog hunter, bv Game mistress and anonymouses. I don't know if you will understand because na jelosimi I been attend but make I try.
Game mistress asked Bv Starr to give her the link of where she gets her bale of Okirika. An anony'mouse came under her and claimed bv Starr saw the question when GM asked the first day but pretended not to see it because she (Starr) doesn't sell Okirika but only commented about it so she can get giveaway. Another Anon came and told Game mistress that he/she can supply her bales of UK used clothes. Anony'mouse came again and told the supplier that bv Game mistress does not sell any Okirika because she asked the same Okirika bale questions during giveaway last year and got responses. The mouse said the comment was a ploy to get business giveaway.
Na sidon look I dey like this.
On Tuesday IHN, Stella told bvs that they should relax and stop fighting WrestleMania in the comment section, giveaway will go round. She also reposted 19 names from the 10k beneficiaries from the previous day, bv Chika aka hello iya boys was missing from the list.
Bv Iya Nimi gave tips on hoe to get rid of thrist and headache...she said one sunny day, she was in the market, sun don flog her head sotey she con begin see stars, she had headache and almost kpai, na so she see water melon seller, she quickly call am, take one eat, eat another and and another one. Na so spirit of death and headache fly away, she regained her strength. Watermelon saved her life.
You can try it too any day you are stressed and have headache and you want to kpai.

On Wednesday Spontaneous post comment section, Stella announced that only 17 people sent in their account details for the 10k giveaway instead of 19 and they would be credited that morning.
One anony'mouse came under her and threatened that if New cat, bv Galactico who was also on the list gets alert, it will fly down as a bird to Germany and deal with Stella. It then added at the bottom of the comment that it was a joke.
Stella replied the mouse and told it that the day it turns to a bird and come to her for bad, it will be its last fly and it will be disgraced, it will turn to human being and lost its way in the Sahara desert. She also returned any evil wish towards her in multiple folds to the anony'mouse. She warned the mouse not to crack witches jokes with her again. Then she added at the bottom that she was joking too. LMAO!
Some anony'mouses descended on our blog Comedian Bv King Jerry because of the gbagauns in his comment. One even told him that his jokes are as dry as the wilderness and that he is the same as the black names that laugh under him anytime he posts them.
Hmmmm, Bvs, make una dey fear God o. It is not easy to crack jokes, if e no make una open teeth, then jumpam pass.

On Wednesday IHN, Stella laughed and danced into the post, she said God put confusion in the midst of her enemies, the ex bvs(now anony'mouses) that dragged her on Instagram that year. She said they have started fighting themsleves and are even inside one post pulling their paents..
Some bvs told us to check out the UK school post of that same Wednesday for more details.
Na like this God go dey scatter our enemies, Amen. check the link here

Bv Sandra said her tailor left her sewing job and turned to spiritual adviser, she advised Sandra to start going for spiritual "asking" as a single lady and also concerning marriage.
Bvs advised Sandra to avoid the tailor before she rub juju for her cloth.
One Anon asked Sandra why she rejected Bv Black Slimzy's marriage proposal, that if she had "gree" for Black slimzy, no one would be advising her to start doing tojubole because of marriage.
Oh Chimooo!
Former Blog Angry bird, Bv Eka joy came on the post to mock the president's fall as he was climbing the podium to give the Democracy day speech. Many bvs condemned her action but some joined her to laugh including the one and only self acclaimed blog dog, Bv Dog*mighty aka DOGedity.
*Lips sealed*
One concerned Anonymous (not mouse) came on the comment section to warn Bv Excess code aka Baba Chucky. 
Apparently, since Baba Chucky posted Chucky and his brother on IHN and was gifted some money for their shoes, he had been jumping all over the comment section like an angry grasscutter, insulting bvs without provocation. He insulted two bvs in less than 24hrs. He told Bv Iya Nimi on Tuesday's celeb Instagram pictures post that beans and red oil have affected her brain, because of her view on singer Tems. The next day on Tuesday SP, he told Bv Teejay that he was a keypad king and that he doesn't get tired, because of a harmless write-up.
After the Anon called him out, he came and apologized to both bvs but warned bvs to leave 'his' Tems alone.
Baba Chucky insulted a bv because of singer Tems that doesn't know whether he exists, abi Baba Chuck is her new manager ni?
Baba Chucky, respect yasef here o. Behave maturely like a father, you are not on Instagram. 
Baba chucky hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

An anony"mouse who has been dragging bv Mariam's dross since she got 50k giveaway came to drag her again because she(Mariam) said she was considering doing microblading (drawing of eyebrows) earlier on SP. Anon said bv Mariam is not broke but pretending to be broke because of giveaway.
One other mouse came and said Bv Mariam dey find another husband
Bv Mariam replied that she is not hungry and that the anon should leave her wrapper alone.
Anony'mouse, warn yasef.
Alleged blog Nengi's twinny Shootergyal commented that she would suggest Stella scraps the remaining giveaway and give the remaining money to blog aproko, bv Pinky because he deserves it.
As expected, anons descended on her. They told her to empty her own account for him.
One Anon asked whether her account was hacked because she didn't like Pinky before now.
Let's wait and see whether our our alleged blog Nengi Pengy will bless our Aproko master.


On Thursday spontaneous post, Blog comedian, Bv King Jerry landed with heavy curses for the anons on his case. He said peace of mind will be far from them any day they come under him again.
Bvs like Fidel, Fatee and co told him that he should not waste his energy on curses because they will not stop, that he should ignore them instead.
King Jerry came back and said in that case, he will only read quietly henceforth, he doesn't have power to withstand trolls..
Bv Medussa berated him for not having pomo skin and for deciding to japa because of anony'mouses. She told him that before before inside this our blog, the mouses were very deadly, they were wild mouses and they even used their blog IDs to attack, she told him that he should be a man and stand strong because now, na gentle domestic mouses we get for our blog.
King Jerry, sebi na king you be, why you wan run for mouses? ordinary house mouses, siblings to rats, eku, eke, ekute ile lasan lasan.
On Thursday IHN, Stella posted 13 names for another batch of 10k giveaway beneficiaries. They were: Simply Divine(Kiritika), Lagos mainland girl, Acenene, AmyViv, Dimplez, King Jerry, Triple C, Paris, Foodie, Mrs Sharon, Pretty patience, Obianuju Augustina and Gloglo.
Congratulations to them as they have since received alerts
Blog Aproko, bv Pinky shared a story of how a mother was writing assignments for her badly raised son in the university(National open university of Nigeria). This one weak me but dem don kuku talk am say that school na advanced secondary school.
In another gist on the post, a 15yr old girl said she was in love with a married man in his 50s, she then wrote a love letter to him. Na wah o.


On Friday spontaneous post comment section, Stella issued a warning to the internet rat, she told it to stop commenting on the blog because its comments piss her off.
On Friday IHN, Stella said the previous giveaway list had been exhausted and that she will pick the rest from the comment section. She said bv Gloglo was dropped from the list because she had gotten 50k giveaway not long ago.
She also said she mayl employ one more staff soon and that the person will enjoy giveaways, apart from the normal salary.
Blog Aproko, Bv Pinky's column was a sad one. According to his story, a woman whose kids and her neighbour's child attend the same school normally takes them all to school in her car. She rendered this same help on this evil day, got to the front of the school, parked the car and her own children alighted, unknown to her that the neighbour's child was asleep in the car, they locked the doors and entered the school compound. The woman attended a meeting in the school and the neighbour's child suffocated to death before she came out.
May his soul rest in peace.
An Anonymous(not mouse) called out the internet rat, the anon told it to stop coming to our blog since the blog owner does not want to see it due to its iberiberism. It was also revealed that he comments as anony'mouse and then signs out with 'M' at the bottom.
So bvs, watch out for its anony'mouse comments.
Rat did this blog steal your kidney? must you come here? thunder fire you.

On Saturday Spontaneous post, Blog chef, Bv Candy who had been missing for some days due to ill-health and recently reappeared said she has sore throat due to drug reaction. Bvs came out in their numbers to give her remedies. Check out the post for the plenty solutions. You sef go gree say we get plenty doctors for here, herbal doctors and Medical doctors.
Candy we wish you total recovery. Biko when the sore throat disappears, come and tell us which of the plenty remedies worked.
An Anonymous came and shouted for help. (E no talk whether him be man abi woman). The anon talk say him friend been come sleep for him bed, after that, na so so strange things dey happen for him life. No sales for one month now, if him sleep facing down, him go meet himself facing up. To wake up and pray for midnight became impossible. Evil spirits con dey use this anon play draft on top him bed.
Bv Biz, came with a permanent solution. She told the Anon that the friend get badluck and has infected the Anon with the badluck when he or she slept on the Anon's bed. Biz told the Anon to stop sharing personal stuff with anyone.
She told the anon to buy those tied salt, two pieces. Then on Tuesday morning before him talk to anyone make him take one of the salt, loose am, pour am inside him baffing water and read Psalm 144 inside the water, then use am baff without using soap or sponge. She told the anon to repeat the same on Thursday. She now issued this warning say the Anon must remember to loose(untie) the salt and not tear the nylon.
If any of you is experiencing same, you can try this.
Anon, pls come and give us feedback after doing the above.

Bv Brownsugar brought a shocking story. She said a customer of hers met her husband stark naked with his two sisters, gisting away. She said the man did not wear anything o, his gbola was dangling between his thighs like school bell. The woman vex, cancel the surprise birthday party wey she been wan do for the man because she has been warning him for years to stop that habit of going naked in front of his sisters but the man said that was how they were raised..
Bvs told Brownsugar not to beg the wife, she should allow her to scatter everything and let the family know that enough is enough. That nonsense must stop immediately.
I dey vex as I dey type like this. What rubbish!
She posted an updated later in the day that the wife cancelled the surprise party.

So my people, till I see you again next time.

I remain yours in Amebo,
Aunty Oyokometer


  1. Aunty Oyoo well done. You finish work. There's nothing to add except that Stella thanked someone ( I think it's Gloglo) for sending her a mail that she received giveaway two weeks ago.

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    No mind the anonymouse,Dem no reach...
    Welldone ma.

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    Aunty oyokometer, you wan collect abi??? Who go pay for this drink wey I pour for ground? I don almost choke sef.

    I must say, you're really good. Such an interesting write-up. I enjoyed every bit of this.

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  7. #Aunty Oyokometer u have finished me. I love Tems like kilode #Innocent gal. I have written an article about herself to show u how I like her. One Iya like dat insulted unmarried youths because of Zlatan that has a baby mama that is not married ooo. I saw it somewhere sha. Iya no sue una like VDM.

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    You finish work o.

  12. WINNER, YES I AM!16 June 2024 at 15:46

    Happy Sunday all
    Happy father's day
    Happy celebration to muslims out there

    Thanks for the summary of all events that happened on SDK blog in the past week.

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    Hello iya boys

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    To those my anonymous friends, you guys can't even bully me here, my skin is too hard to penetrate.. well done bv Oyoko, you have made me see where they gossiped my name. Thanks alot.

    1. Autocorrect is dealing with me, i mean first grade thrift/ okirika

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