Stella Dimoko Actress Yetunde Bakare Asks Mental Health Question


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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Actress Yetunde Bakare Asks Mental Health Question



  1. Go ask Google nah, aunty 😏.

    While you're it, please help me ask why is it that when a man cheat, it's because they are polygamous in nature but when a woman cheats, it is because she is being greedy and wicked. Why is what is good for the goose not good for the gander? Is it that social life is gender specific?
    Mtsheeeeeew 😶

    1. Sister who hurt you now ? Cheer up today's it's men's day sha.
      Leave this gender war pls.

    2. Gender war??? I asked an harmless question. Since we are all curious, can't I be???

      Anon, I know who you are though. Your new found fame will be your greatest undoing. It's already destroying you. Dunce!!!

  2. Not true ma, I know many women that have been bashed cuz they left their marriage, even the ones that the men left on their own accord, somehow the women got blamed for the men leaving

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Question man planned to ask today.

    In a post yesterday on this blog, a daughter narrated the pains her mother went through caring for her challenged father. Truthfully, that mother's pain and travails were palpable.

    A Woman has narrated here how she left her husband when he went broke and she felt it was better she fended for herself and children alone, but she returned when she heard the man had been nursed back by another woman. By the way, she made sure the man did not marry that woman.

    Men have been known to nurse terminally ill wives or stayed with them through diverse challenges.

    So, the question - Does the "leave the marriage" advice applies to:
    men in hard marriages;
    men married to women with trailers of pre-marital challenges and health issues unknown to the men before marriage;
    men married to women having serious family challenges that affect anybody (employers, friends, spouses, etc.) close to them;
    men married to women whose attitude and behaviour make the men to question the men's own sanity (mental health status);
    men married to women who despite being told and calmly demonstrated to why something should not be done, go ahead to do exactly that thing immediately after though the women cannot and do not have any capacity to undo or remedy the havoc they caused by their blatant disobedience of or disregard for advice given by their husbands; or
    men whose business and all melted from the day after marriage?

  5. Nice one dear. Good pointer . Awon feminist over to you. For we guys we go explain tired evidence no dey

  6. 🤷🤷🤷

    Hello iya boys

  7. SDK Blog women left the group.😁😁😁

    1. What were you expecting?

      Bitter gwegs.

  8. I have been saying it here. They always encourage women who leaves their marriages but let a man leave his, he will be hated for it, shamed and ridiculed. Except if the man is related to them.

    When a man complains about the challenges he faces at home, he will be told to enter house, and manage his home, forgetting a man can only manage a home when a woman wants to. A woman complains, she will be given advice on how to abandoned the man and make herself happy.

    When a man divorce, a lot of people will want to see him fail, but when a woman does the same she will get supporters and even people that will help her just to spite the man.


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