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Thursday, July 04, 2024

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...


I recently found out my husband of 7 years has a baby boy outside. From my findings, the baby is less than 4 years. I am still trying to conceive. I also found out he is building a house in our current location without informing me.
Please how do I handle this?.

How did you find out? you went snooping? This means while you are trying to conceive, your hubby went to settle himself with a child ? This is so wrong!
As it is now, you need to ask him, note that i did not say confrontation, i said ASK HIM in a subtle way and dont insult him cos you will be on your way out for baby mama if you insult...Find out why he has hurt you and being so secretive about building a house......


  1. Omg,this is so painful to read,your husband went to have a child outside wedlock while you're trying to conceive.😒😒😒. Also building a house without informing you. Babe he has moved on but Co habiting with you. You know the truth now,the decision to go on with the marriage is your choice. Whether asking or confrontation,the man' already made a bold statement.

    1. I feel he wants to leave her. His actions are just wicked.

    2. Me I don’t think you should ask because he will just tell you yes he does and what do you wanna do about it? He will simply move on with the woman and child. I think you should secretly start plotting how to get build something using his money and yours but ensuring you are able to get everything if he messes up further. Almost like an escape plan … only then can you give hints that you know about what he has been up too but you must continue to show him love and support regardless… Infact ask him to bring the child to visit anytime… keep smiling… trust me the guy will go on all fours begging you. This is because he will be giving the other woman updates and she will be angrily telling him to leave you but he won’t be able to because he is getting grief from her and peace from you regardless. He won’t see it coming when you pay him back…. That is if you choose to.

    3. Things are happening. Poster the earlier you know what's up the better. No need to prolong the inevitable. Except of course you don't mind being numbered.

    4. Poster i hope you have something doing? As it is,ur 🐎 band has checked out of that marriage. Don't be surprised one day you would go out and come back to meet empty house. So start detaching yourself emotionally. Goodluck.

    5. I'm sure the building is for his baby mama.
      Poster, now that you know the truth, I hope you know it's now a situation of all man for his)her head? Your husband has settled himself.
      Start the process of adoption or surrogacy/ivf if you can afford it, like start ASAP. That's human for you, people will let you down when you least expect it.

  2. Don't ask him anything keep monitoring him .
    And keep praying

    1. Praying? For what to happen exactly? The way you lot mock God unknownly is appalling!

    2. If you ask him, he will say OK since you know this is my plan, bla bla bla. Keep trying to conceive and pretend till he opens up by himself

  3. Chaai, this betrayal is loud o😰
    This is the reason i support snooping 💯, this horsebsnd is very heartless.
    Poster start arranging your plan B, these
    type of horseband you married can
    wake up and throw you out in the middle of the night.. please ensure you ask him about the child and the building in a peaceful way while you get ready for more shouckings!!
    May God settle you with children soon, Amen

  4. Poster if I’m you I won’t bother asking him unless I’m ready to leave the marriage immediately. You know why, the moment he find out that you know he will try gaslighting you and dare you to do your worse. Save enough and walk away or try another man while laughing at his face the same way he has been doing to you. Don’t be surprised the baby is not even his.

    Fan Emmanuel

    1. Life has proven me that everyone has a potential to hurt you except you!
      I feel sad what the world has become......
      Am so sorry dear no one is always prepared for what life throws at them!
      I don't even know what to advise you but please remember u came to this life alone and will still leave alone

  5. Wait
    Whose fault is it that there's no child yet in the union.

    Are you assuming you haven't gotten pregnant because of you?

    Are you sure he's not married to the other woman?
    From your findings, is there a possibility that she knows about you?

    Does his family know about the child?
    The house that you are in, is it rented or owned?

    Do you want to talk about it with him?
    How did you find out? I think this will determine how you will raise the talk with him.

    My person don't know how to be diplomatic with issues like this. Both of you should find time and sit across each other. Tell him to his face what you just said. And leave room for his response. Just let him talk.

    But note, that this will change the rhythm of things in your "union". All the best on this new phase you are entering.

    Have a comprehensive fertility test done for the both of you. To rule out the any doubt. To be certain who is behind the delayed conception.

    Also,to be sure the woman is not pushing a child that isn't his to him.

    For the house... it could be a spirit. You can't be too sure. And it could also be for the woman.

    Talk to and with your husband if that's what you want to do.

    OR press ignore as some would.



    1. Poster in whatever you do please DO NOT TRUST HIS FAMILY NO MATTER HOW NICE THEY SEEM TO BE.

      Fan Emmanuel

  6. This is painful. Have you both gone for tests to know why you haven’t been able to conceive?
    Confront him with proof.
    If you feel like insulting him, please do that. This betrayal is too much.

  7. Just pack your bags and leave inugo marriage otilor.

  8. I'm just wondering if the Bible didn't mention marriage there won't be all this wahala.

  9. This is bad ,I will advice just face your issue about getting a child because if you confront him now he has evidence that he may not be the reason why there is still no child from you that is if the child is really his

  10. Poster don't get yourself worked up that's humans for you. You just have to calm down and ask him pertinent questions that's if you feel like. But if not just leave things there wsy they are and start doing things about yourself only No ever bother yourself it's not worth it

  11. Please follow Stella's advice, else you will be on your way out for the baby Mama.
    Also advice him to do a DNA test, if is has been confirmed medically that you can't conceive.
    There are lot of desperate ladies over there waiting for desperate men to prey on.

  12. This is so sad and wrong on so many levels.

    Stop trying to conceive for now. You need to gather yourself and open your eyes and ears to the reality of your life. Perhaps everything was plain to see but with your focus on ttcing you missed it all. Like I always recommend to women in your situation, start stocking and piling something just in case. With a young son under his belt and secret house being built you cannot be caught up in emotions right now, stock and pile.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t ask him nothing, I would continue on as though I am none the wiser and let him play his full hand. Saying something could change how he moves, the only power you have is the secret knowledge that you know. Be patient and watchful, all while remaining prayerful and calling on God.

    Stock and pile a financial nest and wait patiently.

  13. No need to confront him. He’s securing himself with a backup plan and you should do the same. If I were you I will stop trying to conceive and start taxing him and saving money. This marriage unfortunately cannot be salvaged because there might be more serious things you haven’t even found out yet. Secure yourself financially (you too build secretly or start preparing to japa and leave him) pretend you don’t know anything and be extra loving and extra taxing.

  14. Don't ask him anything yet.. If u are contributing anything into the house then stop immediately...
    Start a plan B.. First is he a good husband? Is he worth fighting for? Is it in love with the baby mama?
    For him to be building without ur knowledge means he maybe trying to start up another life without u..
    Mind u, this is not a mistake and he's not sorry, this is a deliberate act, well organized, so get yourself together and start planning ur own life without him.. Not asking him is the only way to achieve anything now..

    1. First, I'm sorry about this cos i know betrayal hurts like mad.
      Try to be as calm as possible, speak to someone mature or that you trust just to help make the burden on your heart lighter, then you can decide what you want to do with a clear mind.
      Only you know what you want and the decision on what happens to the marriage rely on you first.
      I pray God help you to make the best decision in this trying time.

  15. Na waooo
    It is well with you poster
    May Almighty God come through for you
    Make you self go try your lock outside o..

    Hello iya boys

  16. If you’re not settled financially don’t ask him anything

  17. I am so so Sorry,This is 1 of the Highest Form of Betrayal. May God heal you

  18. I always like to preach that one should move quietly with any information they have.

    Now that you have found out, what do you want to do? I know that you must be very hurt but now is not the time to relax. If your plan is to leave, because this is a betrayal, get your finances in order. Get a lawyer if you wish and move in silence.

    If you want to remain, bring it up with bum quietly like Stella said and look for a way forward.

    But now that you know hubby dearest has a whole nother secret life, be wise and put yourself first. Do not be discarded.

  19. If na me I will steal his money and japa.

    1. Have a friend who tricked him with loving, carried her children and japaed from the cheating man.. he even paid for everything still feeling important to her. She never went back, has rebuilt her life with her children and blocked him from visiting big time. E not fit enter the japa country. So poster calm down and plan your escape route

  20. Tight hugs to you🤗🤗🤗🤗

  21. Corny man die corny man finish am
    See madam don’t ask him anything
    Use your head
    Tie your emotions keep one side
    Close your mouth
    Use this time to get whatsoeveryou want
    Don’t use anger to spoil your plan
    Get evidence
    Document it
    If you want to sue him,let it be solid evidence
    If you don’t want and still want to marry
    Make sure you are financially solid

  22. Nothing new. For my hustle I don see this things plenty.
    The most complex B

  23. Kai, see betrayal. Poster i know you're really hurt but in all you do ask God for wisdom...

  24. That man has removed you from his future o . May God help you IJMN.

  25. Pretend not to be aware of anything while you keep pushing hard to see that you conceive by God's grace someday because if he eventually gets to know that you have found out, he will come out clean and start maltreating you to your face until you get frustrated and leave with nothing.

    Or when you leave and marry someone else you might get pregnant is the cause of your problem is not a health challenge.

  26. This is just so so painful..I don't even know how to react. The betrayal is too much. I wish you could do a secret DNA for the child. It might not be his sef

  27. No matter how we see or present it , what your husband did is so wrong but tobhim is not wrong and he feels that he doesn't deserve to speak to you about anything.

    How sure are you that the baby is his? Have you carry out all the hormonal profile test to be sure you are okay? You should have a deep discussion with your man and confirm if what you heard is true. Just expect the worst from him when you have this discussion with him.


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