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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Nollywood bans Actress Yvonne Nelson Over feud with Jackie Appiah.

For the past six years, the duo of Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson has been the major faces of the nascent Ghana movie industry, nay Nollywood. They have through their star power, looks and charms, elevated the evolving Ghallywood from a curiosity it once was considered to a top brand it currently enjoys. The two super stars have alternated between them hundreds of leading roles in many commercially viable and critically acclaimed movies. On screen, the two usually project a chemistry of amity and harmony, which in real live rings false. To assert that Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson were in competition over supremacy and primacy of importance is to state the obvious.

Despite the fa├žade of friendship they projected, the two stars had allowed the negative emotions of
jealousy; ego and pride to come between them. To Yvonne Nelson, as sources close to her told us, she was the better actress, the more beautiful and the fan’s favorite and she expected producers and directors to treat her accordingly. She made it known that she was to the Ghana movie industry what Genevieve Nnaji is to the larger Nollywood – a megastar whose words and expectations must be respected and met, no questions asked.

According to a leading figure in Ghana movie industry, Yvonne Nelson “is a diva of indescribable
proportions. She does what she wants and thought she was above and beyond reproach. She thought the adulations and her status as one of the major faces in the industry conferred upon her the capacity to foist her own rules on everybody. She won’t come to set on time, and when she appeared, she would expect to be catered to, and all her little whims and needs be met expeditiously. She expects all other stars to genuflect to her and do her biddings. To her, everyone should

be happy that she had lent her ‘majestic’ presence to the movie and should be treated as such. “For a long time” the source continued “we had indulged her whims – not because we wanted to, but simply because we had a production to finish and on schedule too, and we did not want to be

bogged down by her infantile posturing. But we knew that it won’t be long before we wielded the cudgel and chop her to bits.”

Jackie Appiah on the other hand, according to the same source, is a true professional – sweet, friendly and shone of all the trappings of stardom.

“Jackie, in spite of her bonafide stardom is the consummate professional. She is not in your-face, me, me, and me kind of a star. She believes that

she has been blessed to be given a chance to ply her craft to the admiration of her loyal and teeming fans. She has refused to be goaded into an open war of supremacy with Yvonne Nelson, and thinks that the industry is large enough to accommodate as many stars and mega stars as possible.

She has always accorded her props and respects to Yvonne Nelson, not minding the fact that in the real scheme of things, if the truth be told, she is by far a better actress than her. We had always hoped and prayed that Yvonne Nelson wouldn’t start any unnecessary brawl in the industry –
one that would affect the ring of harmony or controlled ego that we have so far been able to weave around our major stars. But that was exactly what happened.

According to facts made available to The Diasporan Star exclusively, Jackie Appiah had been granted a few concessions while onset of a movie production. It is not often that she had requested such concessions, and the director felt he should grant her wish, and he did. That’s where all hell broke loose. When Yvonne Nelson heard that Jackie had been granted some waivers, she flew into an uncontrollable rage and demanded similar treatment. “If you did that for Jackie, then I must be accorded similar treatment,” she had demanded. “At first we thought she was playing” our source had stated “but she was deadly serious. “If you don’t do the same, I promise you, I will not continue with this production” she had threatened. We still thought she was bluffing, but when she indeed walked out of the set, since we didn’t meet her demands, we knew it was time to cut her down to size.

I mean, come to think of it, we made Yvonne, we discovered her, we made her the star she thinks she is today, and the fact that she can ride roughshod over her benefactors was something we didn’t wish to countenance and we told her in no uncertain terms that there would be a huge price to pay if she walked out. She did, and we acted and our decision was swift and binding: Yvonne is to be banned for one year in Ghallywood

and in Nollywood as well. Any director or producer who features her in his or her movie would be blacklisted and any movie she does in Nollywood, would not be sold in Ghana. We want to bring sanity to the industry and to send a powerful message to others who may think that they can impose their will and rubbish the discipline and professionalism that we have worked hard to foster in the industry.”


Many in Nollywood and Ghallywood are wondering if Yvonne will survive a year ban, given the fact that though she has chalked up a number of credits in Nollywood, she is not in the same league as Genevieve, Omotola, Stella Damasus and Rita Dominic, RMD or Ramsey Nouah who had suffered similar fate about four years ago when they were banned for one year in Nollywood, due to excessive amount of fees they had demanded, and for making it impossible for new talents to come into the industry. In spite of the stardom the above stars enjoyed, when they came back to the industry, almost all had struggled to regain their aplomb and many Nollywood insiders are of the opinion that the one year ban, affected those stars adversely, even though ome are still thriving while others like RMD, has moved on to a career in public service. While the above stars were banned, new and fresh faces were discovered, prominent among them – Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike and even Yvonne Nelson herself among others who have

since become the leading lights in Nollywood. Many think with Yvonne Nelson out of the spotlight in one year, her spot will likely to be taken by other aspiring and pretty actresses, who have been waiting in the wings for moments like this. We shall see if that is the fate that will befall her, or if on the other hand, she will turn conventional wisdom on its head and come back stronger, and even more popular than ever. We wait to see how that will unfold!



A prominent Nollywood actress who bought a carefully woven lies peddled by a sick and emotionally troubled wannabe agent, was allegedly raped mercilessly by the ‘agent’ and his sick minion sometime last month in Accra, Ghana, sending in the process a big chill down the spine of most female top stars in Nollywood.

According to our very dependable source, the actress – a beloved Nollywood princess was contacted by the man who claimed to have deep industry contacts in Hollywood, and had pictures he allegedly had taken with some big actors, and actresses in Hollywood, to validate his claims. He told the

actress that he believed she was destined for bigger and better things and that he would help set up meetings and deals for her in Hollywood. “The actress was over the moon with excitement” our source continued “I mean who in Nollywood, wouldn’t mind being represented by a big agent with

industry-wide contacts in Hollywood? She quickly agreed to meet the ‘agent’ in his hotel suite in Accra.” “At their first meeting,” our source continued, “everything went spectacularly well. She was shown pictures the guy had taken with some top stars in Nollywood, and he proceeded to show her some paper work he wanted her to take home and study, with the view to representing her in Hollywood. They had some drinks and she came back all excited and telling all that cared to listen that she would soon be Hollywood bound. The ‘agent’ asked her to meet him the following day so they could sign the agreement and set the ball rolling.” “She was on time at their second meeting and in high expectations” our source went

on to add “and after some rounds of drinks, things went terribly awry.

Unknown to the starry-eyed actress, the man who claimed to be a ‘big Hollywood agent’ was nothing other than a con-man out to prey on the vulnerabilities and hopes of bigger stardom by some Nollywood actresses. He was said to have laced the drinks with date rape drugs, and soon, the actress became delirious and eventually passed out. The heartless goon was said to have violated her mercilessly and satisfied with his sick designs, left her in the room and took off. When she woke up, and finding herself naked and violated, she was said to have cried uncontrollably and feeling ashamed to inform the hotel and the police about the rape, and what that would do to her name and image in Nollywood, she chalked up the sad

experience as a teachable moment. She however, confided the ugly experience to some of close friends, who, in turn mentioned it to others, and now, it has become the least kept secret in Nollywood.”

The experience of the actress has sent deep chills in the industry, and actresses no longer deals with strangers directly. Most now insist on such ‘agents’ dealing directly with their managers first and if need arises for them to meet with them, it would be done in other people’s presence. Also, meetings at hotels, even though it may be unavoidable, are being frowned upon, by some actresses. Most will rather prefer a meeting in an office

setting. The sicko, who perpetrated the heinous crime, is said to have bailed out of town, but some Nollywood top guns are said to be on the look-out for him, and hope to apprehend him soon, and allow the law to take its course. Meanwhile, the actress has resumed her life, and according to close friends was lucky not to have been infected with an STD after the horrible rape based on the result of the medical test she ran.

African love Guru....Mad Funny!

Hi, my name is Jessica. My Nigerian boyfriend goes crazy when other men look at me. He said his ex-wife cheated on him but I do not understand why he flips each time a man looks at me. It is not my fault that I look good. Or is it?
Jessica, NY.


Oh, Jessica. His ex-wife cheated on him. Get that? It has become his big thing. Somewhere inside him, he feels incompetent and insecure. And the cheating incident has diminished him. And any sign of another cheating coming his way will make him squirm and fidget. In Nigeria where he comes from and where his head still is, it is the height of humiliation for a man’s wife to cheat on her husband. It is of course, okay for the husband to cheat on the wife. In fact, what you call cheating here is celebrated as a man’s display of prowess. So you lose out as soon as men began to look at you. You reminded him of a bad dream.
A Nigerian proverb says that if a man is stung by a bee, he begins to fear even the housefly. Reassure him that he is the best man for you, and no man is good enough for you, except him.


Hi, I have been dating this African guy for a year now. But he has never introduced me to his parents. Why is that? I kind of feel that things are going on well between us, but this troubles me a lot.
Betty in Dallas.


Oh, Betty Betty, are you fat? Ok, too harsh, too negative. Are you pretty? Are you thinking of marriage or suggesting that in subtle ways? Are you expensive to maintain? I ask because if you are pretty, you do not talk of marriage and you are not expensive to maintain, my African guy in Dallas will
go out with you until he is ready to get married. He won’t tell his parents because when it is all said and done, you are of no consequence. Sad, but true. He will tell his parents when he meets the kind of woman he wants to marry. In the part of Africa where your guy came from, dating is seen as “iti okolobia “– “youthful exuberance.” Marriage is a different ball game. African men must wipe their eyes clean before they go into marriage.

Dear Love Guru, I have been married to an Igbo man from Nigeria for five years. Recently, things between us have gone sour. There’s nothing I do that seems to satisfy him. He says that I am not doing enough to be Igbo. I don’t get it. He wasn’t into Igbo things before. Now I am confused. Please help.
Annabelle in Portland.


The man is tired. Your man, I mean. He will leave you. And soon too. Here is what happened here. He is getting older and is beginning to think like his father. He has rejected his assimilation. Nothing can save your marriage. Not even if you wake up tomorrow and begin to act and speak Igbo. Of
course, you can be submissive, lick his behind, but like an Igbo proverb says, you can cure a mad woman but you cannot stop the intermittent flapping of her eyelids.