Stella Dimoko March 2013


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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Check Out #Tonto Dikeh Live On Stage....

Checkout Tonto Rehearsing for her performance Currently going on now at AY Live at Eko Hotel.

No be small thing oh.

She is billed to perform #jeje/Itzova/Crazically fit in 6mins.

Lets wait for the Aftermath of her performance...we go hear whether she killed it or not!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

This Jim Iyke Sef!

Okay I saw pictures of my 'former darling friend' Jim Iyke posed for his 'unscripted' Reality show and I laughed at them.....the guy too like posing abeg but we cant take away the fact that he looks good.

Jim like shakara sha......Jim you better not cuss me out on

This Reality show better be worth all the noise Jim....Lol

Jim Iyke (3)
Jim Iyke (1)

Tonto Dikeh Set To Perform At #AY Live Tomoro

Comedian Ayo Makun(AY) is billed to stage his yearly AY live on Sunday march 31,2012 at the eko hotel and this year's event will be one of the biggest ever staged....Tickets are almost sold out.

As part of the attractions this year,Actress tonto dikeh will be doing a 6mins stage performance of her singles #jeje/its ova/crazically fit....All in six minutes!

I am sure she will do well......Stage performances are the true test of Entertainers and i am sure Tonto will do well....All the best Tonto and please dont 'fall my hand' you hear.

After the show,After party continues at The Vertigo Lounge in Elegushi.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kwam1 Christens 38th Child In America.



King wasiu Ayinde Marshal A.k.a Kwam1 and his baby mama Titi Masha (ex mistress of gbenga islander who was kwam1's biggest spender.gbenga was advised by his friend kwam1 to dump titi and the rest is history)just Christened their daughter in a lavish ceremony in far away Chicago

The chicago party is the 3rd since the baby was born,Titi had the baby in February and on the eight day after she brought her baby to bed she celebrated in a big style and baby daddy Wasiu also had a lavish party in Ijebu.
The baby girl is Titis second child and King Wasiu's 38th child.

Another party is billed to hold when Titi returns to Lagos and She has chosen aso ebi for 25k...scramble for aso.ebi is presently on.

The beautiful baby was christened Fathia Whitney Anjolaoluwa on Saturday march 22,2013.


Beautiful Funke Kuti.

She used to look so Innocent but i guess she found her G-spot.
Her new look is so all woman,shes simply breath taking!
*clearing throat*...Na Indian hair funke carry so?LOL

BobManuel Udokwu With Branded Don Morris SUV

Actor BobManuel Udokwu,SSA Creative Media to Gov Peter Obi has just taken delivery of his new branded SUV...The inscription on the ride says it all.

A visit to this Actor at home earns you a carton of Don Morris Wine.

This is the latest branding style in town!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Too Much Love Is Killing This Actors Career!

This actors wife is a very domineering and jealous wife despite the fact that her
actor  husband loves and respects her a lot.
Because she loves him so much she no gree give her actor husband breathing space to pursue his career.
One will hardly find this actor amongst his peers at nollywood events except when she
allows him go on movie locations to shoot.
whenever this actor attends a wedding with his wife,he dares not take pictures with female fans because he wife will loose her cool publicly.

The actor only gets breathing space if his wife allows him collect scripts outside
Lagos and he goes and when he does he takes a portrait of his wife and kids which must
be displayed in whichever hotel room he stays.

Whenever he is on location in Lagos,his wife always barges in and out of location to
keep an eye on him and this attitude doesn't go down well with some producers which has
affected them giving him scripts.they say''who wants an actor whose wife follows him

This wife loves her actor hubby so much she prefers him to be with her 24/7.she has a
baby wear shop on Babs animashaun in surulere where she goes everyday and the actors
daily routine if he is not on location include dropping off the kids in sch in the
morning,coming back to take his wife to the shop,staying with her till its time to
pick up the kids,taking the kids home and going back to the shop to stay with madam
until she closes from the shop.loving wifey also tells her hubby not to worry and that they would manage proceeds from her shop if scripts don't come.

Some of his colleagues that live in the same neighbourhood with this actor and his wife
also have had their own experiences with the actors wife who never fails to accuse them each
time she sees them with their girlfriends and accuses them of introducing her hubby to

If the actor is visiting friends in the neighbourhood,she waits a while and barges into
their houses to see if she will catch them with ladies,therefore he cannot hang out with guys in

Most actors and industry eyes close to the actor know of his wife's domineering habit
and have stopped including his name in any activities because she always attends with

The actor was recently overheard complaining to a colleague that he is no longer
comfortable with the wife's domineering habit and was begging to be invited to event
before he becomes a forgotten name.

The actor and his wife have been married for 14yrs and courted for a few years before
they married:
they have kids and the actor gives everything to make his family

olofofos argue that if she knew he was acting and allowed it,why is she trying to use
her over protective and insecure love to bury her husbands career?especially now that
nollywood has learnt to walk without anyones help.

Please this gist is an open secret and many nollywood people will know who i am
referring to,please help me advise the wife to free the gives you the right
to be free and if you love someone you should also set them free to pursue their

Madam give your husband breathing space before you use your hand to destroy
your marriage and later cry wolf..
How can a grown man who has a career be sitting down everyday in a baby wear shop
counting diapers ?na wah!

The actor in question is 20-15-14-25 and his last name ends with the last letter in
the alphabetic table.

Please no hating on her,just give her some advice on how to handle her insecurities,I am sure she will read this!

Actor BobManuel Udokwu Becomes Ambassador...

Contract worth millions

Wide eyed soft spoken bobmanuel seems to be reaping the fruits of hard work.presently
Senior special adviser on creative media to Gov peter obi,the actor has just been
branded as an ambassador to the Don Morris brand of drinks.

The unveiling of the actor as the products brand held  on March 5,2013.
The actor is expected to promote the Don Morris brand of wines
And also have steady supply of the product at home for his guests.

The contract will also take the actor  to visit the Don Morris winery in South Africa
to observe first hand how the wines are made.
The N20m worth two year package comes with the latest
 KIA SUV Sportage branded exclusively for the actor.

At the unveiling ceremony the  NAFDAC DG Dr Paul Orhi was the special quest of honour.
Others that attended include Ejike Asiegbu,Oge Okoye, Jennifer Eliogu,Andy
Chukwu,Chidi Nwokeabia,Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi,Ejike Metusela, Chuka of Kasvid
Productions,Screen writer Tai Emeka Obasi. 

The brewers of Don Morris wines also came from South Africa.
The actor has taken delivery of all the contract terms and has smiled to the bank as you read this.

Congrats Bob!

''My Life Has Truly Been A Blessing..''.Ex Queen Regina Askia

The still very beautiful ex beauty queen gushed on her facebook page today.
Regina is now a reigstered Nurse and has been doing great things for her
community in America.
This is what her facebook post says and i find it very deep.
''I told someone I was " Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria" more than 20 yrs ago and they said ...Yes Regina, ....I showed photos of my VGC home and the small swimming pool I had up in the back for my 7 y/o ......they say you worked here ? I said no that's was my home and that was my driver, my daughters nanny and the other young woman in the pic was the maid......., they say alright Regina......when convo begins on my work on television back home....i get looks.
The medical term for people who talk about seemingly fantastic " Delusions of Grandeur". My story above is not typical for a majority of the African American females so I must be some kind of afflicted? ( Speaking of which am I an African American female or an African immigrant ....believe me the difference is like night and day....) When I talk excitedly about reopening my day care and all the other exciting opportunities i embrace ....I get comments like all this is so dizzying what is wrong with you....When I muse about getting that lifestyle back they say " Good luck with that and how about you just go

 I really love that I was able to experience life as a citizen of the compare and contrast and be in a position to chase my dreams on which ever side of the continent I wanted....France, England, Russia, Japan, Canada, ......still contemplating South America...terrified of the drug situation.......

 I have been so blessed and I'm so thankful. My joy in doing all the "dizzying " things I do is to create opportunities for others to take flight just like was created for me, to watch little miracles each day as bodies battered through years of poor choices slowly rebuild and recover (nursing), babies who could only babble grow and can spell,write their names and hold a conversation with you beyond "no".... Lol.
My life has truly been a joy to me and I pray in all my dizziness that it will be a blessing to countless others and i would have left this plane just a little bit better than I found please people accommodate me....thanks guys....''

Ene Lawani:Most Stylish Beauty Queen.

After Nike Oshinowo,Ex Miss Nigeria Ene Lawani has just got to be the next most stylist ex beauty queen.
Her outfits are always on point and her taste in quality attire is unmistakeable.

If you think she doesnt deserve the crown of most stylist ex beauty queen please state so and give your reasons

Now I am backing up my own with this recent spotting of her.

see the pic.

Checkout The Hottest Legs In Nollywood!

rita dominic dress sense

Abeg how many actresses can display such clean skin?abeg dont come here h
hating,this is my two cents opinion,you are entitled to yours,I am not
a Rita Dominic fan but abeg she is 'clean'.....If you disagree oh,send me your
pic and lets compare.

Actress Omotola Advises Kim Kardashian

Kim denied cussing out Nigeria yesterday on twitter and tweeted a response which
made many heave a sigh of relief

Nigeria's Alist Actress Omotola who is equally as sexy as Kim tweeted her piece of advise to the pregnant baby mama and i seem to agree with Omotola.....I do because Kims response came a little too late.

Omotola told her

The guy who caused all this stir about Kims tweet is Chidi (@chuckicheese),he created a photoshop'd picture and added BET to make it look Real.he has since 'confessed' on twitter but it seems Nigerians seemed to be looking for an opportunity to cuss Kim-K out......and they did!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kim Kardashian You Dey Cuss Nigeria?

Did she really say this or is someone trying to get her into our bad books for ever?If she didnt say this,it would be nice to get a response from her twitter handle at once!......ah ah!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Celeb Of The Week:Shem Obafaiye

 Mr Shem has made history for himself...albeit in a negative way.
His #My Oga at the top comment in response to a question in a recent interview went viral and he trended on twitter and all social network for days...he is still trending but the noise has gone down....gone down but enabling some people smile to the banks!

I need to get me a black #my oga at the top tee shirt....who knows how much they go for?

I am sure despite his instant Celebrity status,Mr Shem has learnt his lessons and will Educate himself some more on the basics of his job.

Footballer #Mikel Obi Is Not Putting A Ring On It

This is for those who have started scrambling for invite to another celeb wedding.sorry #Mikel Obi aint getting hooked......At least this will put a stop to the news that went viral today that Mikel is putting on ring on his supposed affair with #Sandra Okagbue
Mr Udoh tweeted this 6hours ago.

So.......who started this rumour?...........Anyways theres still hope,this rumour might spark off his proposing to Sandra and that would be great!

Nigeria's Squandered Opportunites.

This makes a very sad but interesting read...I hope as usual Reuben Abati will go on twiiter or issue  PRESIDENTIAL defence on behalf of his boss.

This is an #epic read and makes me so sad.

The writer Joel Brinkley is the Hearst professional in residence at Stanford University and a Pulitzer Prize-winning former correspondent for The New York Times.

Joe Fearlessly writes

''Just outside President Goodluck Jonathan's office sat 17 ambulances, just in case he or one of his aides fell ill. They were seldom if ever used.

No actual health-care facility nationwide had as many, and in fact a few still have none at all. But as soon as a Nigerian newspaper took a photo of the ambulances and published a story about them, they suddenly disappeared -- probably to an underground garage.

Jonathan is president of Nigeria, which should be among the world's most prosperous nations. After all, it produces an estimated 2.4 million barrels of oil each and every day. With oil now selling at $93.61 a barrel, that's $224 million in income daily. And yet many hospitals can't afford to buy an ambulance. The reason, in my view: Nigeria is the most corrupt nation on earth.
Sure, Transparency International lists almost three dozen states as more corrupt -- Chad, Haiti, Laos, Yemen, Cambodia and the like. But are any of those nations as wealthy as Nigeria -- taking in $81 billion annually, just from the sale of oil? No, not even one of them. So Nigeria steals and squanders more money than any other nation, making it the world's most corrupt, by that measure.
Nigerian journalist Musikilu Mojeed finds all this so discouraging.
"With its geopolitical power, economic resources and middle class," he laments, "no country (with the possible exception of Saudi Arabia and Egypt) has the power to change the course of black/African civilization like Nigeria." After all, Nigeria is Africa's most populous state -- and large, twice the size of California.So Nigerians are living an opportunity squandered -- particularly now. Egypt is in turmoil. In just the last few days, in fact, many Egyptians have been calling for a military coup -- anything to rid the state of its widely despised Muslim Brotherhood government. And a new report by the World Economic Forum ranked Egypt the least safe and secure tourist destination among 140 tourist nations evaluated.

Egypt has lost its place as the Arab/African worlds' leader, and Saudi Arabia never had it.
So for Nigeria, the time is ripe. But its leaders seem interested only in stealing the state's money to make themselves rich beyond imaging. Think about it: $81 billion a year just from the oil, while most every local government official still tells his people the nation just doesn't have enough money to fix the roads, schools or hospitals. (Roads are in such terrible shape that government officials generally travel any distance by helicopter.)

And Nigeria's people -- well, they are as mistreated as any on earth.
In only nine nations -- among them Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia -- do more mothers die during childbirth. And in only 10 states, including Chad, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, is the average life expectancy lower. Right now the average Nigerian's average life span ends at 52. That may be why the median age of Nigerians is just 18.
A few months ago, the Economist Intelligence Unit published an evaluation of the best places for babies to born in 2013, given their probable welfare as children and the chance for a safe, comfortable, prosperous life. Switzerland, Australia and Norway were the top three. The United States came in at 16th, largely because "babies will inherit the large debts of the boomer generation."
Dead last: Nigeria. "It is the worst place for a baby to enter the world in 2013," the report said.

Even with all that wealth, only just over half the population has access to clean drinking water, and one-third to a toilet, UNICEF says. Two-thirds live below the poverty line. Only one child in four who contracts pneumonia is given antibiotics, and only about half the population is literate.

The CIA also cites endemic "soil degradation; rapid deforestation; urban air and water pollution." All this in a county whose gross domestic product stands at $236 billion a year, in the same league as Denmark, Chile, Israel and the United Arab Emirates -- prosperous, successful states to be envied.
Goodluck Jonathan is certainly aware of all of this. After all, taking the oath of office, he swore to "devote myself to the service and well-being of the people of Nigeria. So help me God."
Well, just last week he demonstrated who he really is and what he stands for when he pardoned a former state governor who'd been convicted of embezzling state funds and laundering the money. That pardon triggered a broad, angry uproar.
Good luck, Mr. Jonathan. It's time you were impeached.



This press release is unedited.I no fit shout.Enjoy the song,forget the Grammar,aint no one's language!...Biggest Lol.

 ''Two week ago the lagos base rapper/singer drops one of his promo single tittle Money Makes The World ,Here is another fresh single from PAPITRULA and he calls this MY DREAM IS TO FLY , i wish he fly on till he kisses the sky. FOLLOW @papitrula''



Annie/Tuface Wedding Gift...Rented Car Or Gift?

There has been negative uproar to the supposed wedding gift that the beautiful couple received on their wedding day in Dubai last weekend.
Pictures of the car quickly circulated over the social media with the couples friends wishing them congrats and whispering that the car came from #David mark.

Why was the senate president's name mentioned of all the names in Nigeria?

Was that a wedding gift or a rented car?not that its anybody's business but since i am one of those who carried the 'car gift' story,i also need to put the story right.

If it wasn't David Mark ,then who was so nice  to give them that beautiful ride?

Nigerians are enraged because the senate president refused a bill to make students life easier but allegedly gave out such an expensive gift....Are they denying it to quench the anger or did the couples friends circulate a wrong name?

It is good that Senate President #David Mark has come out to deny giving this gift but there is no smoke without fire....Of cos he has a right to give out whatever he wants to whomever he wants,he is financially capable and it is no one's business.....

Like I asked why will anyone give out a car as wedding gift in another country`?Why not present the car to them privately?How will they drive it back?lol

Okay so David didn't give them the car,so who did?

     The Controversial Car gift.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Actor Osita Iheme:Small But Mighty.....

Well Hes one of my Favourite Actors and i always love news about him.

These pictures are from the Actor's Album.....and i love them.
See how small he is?#google his name and see how big it turns!



OMG!.. Actress Ngozi Nwosu Looks Great.

Just a week after her successful operation she has bounced back to her former self...well a little.

Yes,yes Ije-kpoms has been discharged from the hospital and has gotten her groover back!

Boyfriend Snatching In Nollywood:Oma Iyasara Vs Ese Broadricks.


Both claims to fame:Actresses in Nollywood

what you are about to read is not a movie script but can pass for one.
Actress Oma was spotted on march 1,2013 at the movie premiere of actress uche jombos #damage movie premiere at the ozone cinema in yaba.She was all garbed up,make up and all but she was crying out her eyes at a corner and the concerned olofofo who spotted her walked up to her to console her and find out why she was crying and blowing her nose.

 Oma cried but opened up to the olofofo who later repeated the conversation.This is what the olofofo squealed.

''Oma open big mouth and big eyes dey cry like who them thief her money,after she calmed down she said she had just had a quarrel with another actress who was her friend and when i ask am why she explained that actress ese broadricks is her very close friend and she used to confide in her about her Dubai based boyfriend named Peter.she said she was supposed to pick up ese and they would head down to the premiere of #damage movie together and when she got to ese's hotel room and before they left ese called someone and referred to the person as her baby,her sweetheart,her love,after her call,oma said she confronted ese on whom she had called and ese declined answering until oma told her she had called her boyfriend because she had heard his voice as they talked....she really cried,she cry so tey i begin beg am like say na me thief money from her hand''
Further digging reveals both Actresses are no longer on talking terms.

Shame on Oma and Ese if nah man dey cause una girls should better make up and kick his ass!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Annie Idibia's Wedding Dress....Was It Worth The Noise?

In the last few weeks,the media has been abuzz with details of this wedding and i am sure every woman looked forward to seeing the wedding dress.
This is it.

Annie cried when she first put on this dress....i said so before Bellanaija did  here.

This dress is lovely,I think she wore it well.what do you think?worth all the noise?
Thanks to Bellanaija for these pictures.

Love Tims I Do Weddings Annie Idibia - March 2013 - BellaNaija004

Love Tims I Do Weddings Annie Idibia - March 2013 - BellaNaija001

Annie/Tuface Idibia's Wedding Gift From Senate President!

Reports just coming in say Nigeria Senate President David Mark surprised Annie Macaulay-Idibia and her new hubby Tuface with a Bugatti(?) as wedding Present.....This car is estimated to cost millions.
I feel like saying our leaders in Nigeria are so senseless they have forgotten that we have poor people living in Nigeria but i am not hating,its Annie's wedding present.

So how she go carry the car go back?she will probably drive it

Congrats Annie!

NB---you can cuss me out all you want but if its not true,the senate President can issue a statement abi?

Annie/Tuface Wedding Pics Coming In...

 It is Sealed...They are now officially Mr and Mrs Innocent Idibia...Tuface and his Africanqueen!

The anticipation has made this wedding the most talked about this year.....wish them all the best as they finally settle down as a couple......I am sure Annie has seen enough storm during the courtship......person don see 99,wetin be 100?..abeg enjoy darling,

I am still looking to see a full picture of the wedding dress.,,,Despite stating they didnt want pictures taken by guests,trust naijas not to disappoint,pics have flooded everywhere..lets wait for their official pics then.


Chidi Mokeme

Rita Dominic and Susan Peters

2Face Annie Dubai BellaNaija 18

#Imtroducing the Major spomsor of Annie and Tuface' wedding currently going on in Dubia.

check out Mr Ayiri Emami

Is this scottish dressing abi na niger delta.I am sorry sha but his outfit looks horrible.