Stella Dimoko The Economist Magazine Calls Jonathan ‘An Ineffectual Buffoon And That Buhari Is Making A Bad Situation Worse


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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Economist Magazine Calls Jonathan ‘An Ineffectual Buffoon And That Buhari Is Making A Bad Situation Worse

The enormously influential weekly magazine, The Economist, headquartered in the United Kingdom, described the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan as an “ineffectual buffoon” during this week’s print article titled Crude Tactics.

                    Muhammadu Buhari and President Goodluck Jonathan

The publication of this article comes during Mr. Jonathan’s global tour. Earlier this week he spoke in Geneva, Switzerland to members of the press club. Last week Mr. Jonathan visited the United States where he met with supporters and attend the Presidential Precinct which was held in Virginia.

According to The Economist, the Buhari “government has cracked down on corruption, which had flourished under the previous president, Goodluck Jonathan, an ineffectual buffoon who let politicians and their cronies fill their pockets with impunity.”

The remainder of the article focuses on the struggles of the Nigerian economy, which they argue stems mainly from the drop in price of oil and ineffective monetary policies. The article noted that economic growth in Nigeria for 2015 was about 3 percent, half that of 2014, and that the stock market has also halved in value since 2014.

The Economist noted that President Buhari’s challenges, which include security concerns from Boko Haram, mirror the same he inherited when he removed the former government in the 1908s in a coup. “The problems are almost identical,” the magazine wrote.

The article concluded by saying that the economic crunch Nigeria is currently feeling “is one that Nigeria has been through before—under the then youthful Mr. Buhari. Then, as now, he refused to let the market set the value of the currency. Instead he shut out imports, causing the legal import trade to fall by almost 50% and killing much of Nigeria’s nascent industry in the process.”

“Today, as in the 1980s, the president is making a bad situation worse,” according to the Economist.


  1. They want to sell their magazines. How many people buy Economist except few companies like mine. Yeye dey smell

  2. OK. It's official. Our president is clueless

  3. On that of buhari making a bad situation worse, I concur! Four years will pass and all he will achieve is witch hunting. I still believe some things ibu wrote the other day.

  4. Replies
    1. This is rubbish but I can't really blame them, our own people call him worse.

      Presently some people are calling PMB duara dullard, tomorrow the economist might name him worst.

    2. Lafresh go back and read the article

      Then you would know he didn't spare the both of them

  5. 1908?
    All this over opinionated whitefolks need to learn to shut up and stop ridiculing African leaders.
    Calling the former president of a nation a Buffoon? What impetus?

  6. Useless magazine...
    They are right about Buhari though...

  7. Buhari is just a confused man. I haven't seen the change he promised.

  8. Who cares what the economist thinks of our presidents both past and present? What matters is what we think! And no one has the right to call Jonathan names. Only Nigerians. So they can go jump into river Thames

  9. How dare they?
    Irrespective of what has happened or how they feel, they have no right at all to say that about the President of a sovereign nation. It's totally unprofessional, and shouldn't be expected from a popular news agency like them.
    What utter rubbish!

  10. Lol calling Jonathan an ineffectual buffoon is a shame to buffoons. He is much more and an utuoke drunkard too

    1. Idioti!! sure you are referring to your father...

    2.'s your father! Idiot!

    3. @Mystique my sentiment exactly. Its rather unfortunate that they are so comfortable making unprofessional remarks about other countries.sadly most of us are agreeing with them.

  11. They are only confirming what we knew, calling him a Buffoon is an insult to Buffoons sef

  12. Blogger Loveme Jeje you clearly are mixing up "The Economist" with some other magazine called "Economist". To ask who buys The Economist shows you clearly do not know what magazine they are talking about. For your information it is a highly respected and regarded magazine worldwide. It might not amount to much in your opinion but then again it is not meant for people like you so no biggie. I mean what business does a goat have with butter?


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