Stella Dimoko Drama As Ex Husband Petitions Judge Who Impregnated His Ex Wife 3 Months After Dissolving The Union....


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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Drama As Ex Husband Petitions Judge Who Impregnated His Ex Wife 3 Months After Dissolving The Union....

Na wah!!!!..This one pass Telemundo!

The details of a scandal, which led to the suspension of a Lagos State Customary Court Judge, Mr. Razak Adeyeri, have come out, as the parties in the issue -  the divorced couple and the judge explained what happened in one of the most controversial cases in Lagos customary courts in recent times.


Ayeni had alleged that the judge, Ishola Adeyeri, hurriedly dissolved his marriage and later married his wife, Doyin, when they started having marital problems and approached his court to resolve the issue.

Adeyeri and Doyin got married at the Orile Agege registry in Lagos on December 31, 2015.Ayeni, who runs an education advisory company in Egbeda, Lagos, had initially called for help to get custody of his two children, whom he said were taken away from him and made to live in the house of the judge.

He said, “When I married my wife, I invested N5m in her school business. But the success of the business caused problem. I could not control her again.
“She had to move out of the house and rented an apartment in our area. After 10 months, I took her to court, thinking I would be able to resolve the matter through an alternative dispute resolution.

But the judge, Dr. Ishola Adeyeri, hurriedly dissolved my marriage and impregnated her three months after the dissolution of my marriage.
“What really pained me was that the ruling was obnoxious. He denied me access to my children. He ordered that I could only see the children on the school premises once in a week. He took over the business I started with the woman.

He still wanted to send me to jail. He had been using the police to harass me. He brought the police to my house and I was detained at Abbattoir Police Division.”

Saturday PUNCH learnt that Ayeni was later arrested in February and charged to court for alleged assault and planning to kill Adeyeri.
He said he spent two days behind bars at the Kirikiri Prison after he was remanded. He was again charged for assault in another court, which he said was unjust.The day after he was released, he said the police again came for him and he had to flee his home because he feared for his life.

“He used his office to destroy my marriage.
He dissolved my marriage in February 2015 and my ex-wife gave birth to his child in March 2016. That shows he impregnated my wife just three months after he dissolved our marriage,” Ayeni had said.
But he has finally got custody of his children.
After several phone calls to get Adeyeri’s comment on the issue, he later sent a text saying, “I am sorry, I am not obliged to talk to the press.”

When Saturday PUNCH reached out to Doyin, who is the founder of Greatest Kiddies Foundation, a private school in Egbeda, Lagos, her own version of the story was completely different from her ex-husband’s.

She alleged that Ayeni did not get the custody of his children legally but that he invaded her school and took the children forcibly.

Reacting to Ayeni’s allegations, the woman said that there was no truth in the claims that her ex-husband invested N5m in her school business.
She said, “We got married about seven years ago, but my school has been in existence for 12 years. He did not invest a dime in my business.
“He lied by saying I took his children to another man. He was the one who threw me out of his house with the children, saying they were bastards.
We started having problems when I had a miscarriage and he beat me afterwards. He said I had used the unborn child for rituals. He also took me to court and asked for divorce.”

But when asked if it was the same judge, who ordered their marriage dissolution that she remarried, she said, “Don’t I have the right to remarry whoever I like after he divorced me? If I was impregnated by the judge, was it when I was still in his house? We had separated since 2013.
We were formally divorced February 2015. I remarried in December 2015. I have freedom to marry whoever I chose to marry.

“He has continued to threaten my life.

People in the neighbourhood can testify to this. I am away from the school now because on March 1, he came to beat me up in the school. I landed in the hospital. I was forced to labour on March 8.
The very day he wanted to send me out of his house, he beat me. I have never had rest of mind since 2013.What else does he really want from me? After all, he said he was not interested in the relationship again. Since he came to forcibly take the children from the school, I have not set my eyes on my children.”

But the Lagos Judicial Commission seems to have a different opinion on the issue as Saturday PUNCH gathered that Adeyeri was recently suspended after a complaint was lodged against him.
The commission was said to have summoned him and Ayeni, before deciding that the judge had taken an action that amounted to misconduct. There are unconfirmed reports that he has been finally sacked.

The spokesperson for the commission, Mr. Moses Akinniyi, told Punch that he was not in a position to either confirm or deny the dismissal of the judge.
He, however, said that the case was indeed brought before the commission.

Na waaaaaaah!!!!


  1. Does it mean that this old judge has no wife before??? The thing wey kpekus and blokos dey cause eehhh...

    1. Lol wetin dey even inspire una comments sef?chai!

  2. Na real wa o
    Did the romance start in the court room

    1. She said she left the man since 2013 so she might have been dating him since... u cant maltteat a woman and expect her to die there na

    2. You have asked a good question, did the affair start in court or the man took the case to his rival court unknowingly, o ga.

    3. Yea nau.... He said *in Yoruba accent*
      "Ello dia latest divorcee hin town. Can hI ave your number? I'm singu you know" 😉

  3. Stupid man you dont want a woman again but u expect her to die single....u took the case to court for a divorce why is it paining you that another man impregnated her? Stupid idiot

    1. Don't mind the useless man. That's how men behave. They think that the worst thing they can do to a woman is divorce her and throw her out of the house. The world is changing. If you throw out your woman,another man will willingly take her in wholesale. The ex-husband is now crying wolf because things turned out better for the ex-wife and not negatively as he thought. Let him continue wailing. Gradually it's becoming both men and women's world. Nonsense.

    2. Dts how my boyfriend pushed me out of his life and then everyday he will be texting me to look after my new boyfriend very well all in a bid to know if I hv moved on or not.

    3. It cannot be a coincident that all three of you anonymous are similarly dumb.. unless it is the same person that made all 3 comments just to buttress your dumb point.. Some of you read but can't comprehend.. While some of you read with a "made-up" mindset of saltiness and bitterness which makes the original topic of the story elude you

  4. I think the judge played a fast one on Mr husband as he was busy filing lawsuits... yinmu#

  5. Drama, drama, drama

  6. If he was not planning to divorce the wife, why take her to court after being separated for so long? I think he's just pained that the wife was able to move on.

    1. Yep. That's my exact thought. He ain't seem nothing yet.

  7. I feel for him mehn, poverty na bastard.

  8. Dey re everywhere!!! Dey mk u go out,so dey cn tk ur place. Tis well.

  9. Hmmmmm, the mata wey I see so e heavy for mouth *Omawumi's voice#

  10. Serves the man right. I guess he didn't expect that things would turn out well for her. Shame

  11. The woman remarried, what is the ex husbands problem?

  12. Hmmmmm I reserve my comments.
    *likelihood of bias
    *conflict of interests

  13. The "O" people and divorce and gbenshing anyhow. and marrying anyhow and impregnating anyhow
    Na waa ooooo

  14. You can only take a poor mans wife but not his children..hahhahahha*olowo gba aya ole

  15. Hahhaa and people will send their children to the skul managed by this lady.

    1. what has her private life got to do with her what crime has she committed?

    2. Hahahaha! You insult person outside, them say your soup no go sweet be that. See judgement!

  16. PD Young Billionaire27 March 2016 at 01:21

    It was so wrong for the judge to be involved with the man's wife.Very unprofessional.

  17. D judge is a corrupt judge ,, he cannot be a beneficiary of his judgement , he should be removed . Unbelievable . How can u be a beneficiary of ur judgement , it's against d law .

  18. He is pained that the wife is not suffering like he thought she would, see bad belle. Why won't the judge marry her? She's a single lady as at time of remarriage, he had gone to forcefully collect the children he chased out of his house with their mother thinking they will be needing him desperately but alas the table turned and he's crying wolf. Pls ladies equip yourselves for the rainy days which may come and prove naysayers wrong by not suffering as they supposed you would. Anumanu somebody it's now you know you wanted the court to settle you two not dissolve the marriage, she's moved on you too do the same or you want your five million naira back, can you pay for all the abuses she endured under you or you think she cannot sue for that? God forgive there.

  19. This is way beyond Telemundo oo
    It's more like thosee twisted brazilian soaps


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