Stella Dimoko Seventy Seven Yr Old Bachelors To Sit For Sec School Exams For The 47th Time..!!!


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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Seventy Seven Yr Old Bachelors To Sit For Sec School Exams For The 47th Time..!!!

One learns from his failures and with determination, even the impossible is achievable. This has been the case for 77-year-old Shiv Charan Yadav who is trying his luck for the 47 th time to clear the secondary school examination. 

Yadav, who hails from Khohari village in Alwar has been writing the exam for the last 46 years, but till now has not succeeded.

Yadav says that he is not among those who will accept failure and has full confidence that this time he will clear the exam. Preparing for the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE), Yadav will be appearing for the exam on March 10. It is also known that he remained a bachelor to achieve the aim of his life — to clear his class X exams. 

Speaking to Time of India, Yadav said that he first appeared for the exam in 1968, but failed. He explains that each time he passes in one subject, but fails in another, like if he passes in Hindi, but fails in Mathematics. He hopes to clear all the papers this time to at a single go.

 It is also known that the last time he came close to clear all the papers was in 1995, when he passed in all the subjects but failed in maths. With confidence, he says that this time he has taken tuitions for the exams and will crack the exam, so that he can die in peace. 
We all wish him best of luck.


  1. Replies
    1. Lmao @ so he can die in peace. Truth is in the process of redoing the exams he must have acquired more knowledge than his teachers. Lol

  2. Oga school isn't for everybody go and learn a trade. Shurrrrrr

  3. Must he write this exam....he should focus his energy on something else.

    351 comment 2016

  4. Ur 3rd class brother. Lmao

  5. *dusts self*
    Hello everybody...
    It's me

    miss Aboki aka finest girl on SDK

  6. ehen the 399 jamb result is fake the actually score is 199


  7. Oge Chi Onye foro oburu ututu ya. You must pass this time around. They should just help him and pass. O iwu?

  8. Doggedness.

    I like that..he is no quitter.
    His tenacity is enduring.

    But 46 times? And to have remained single cos of that singular goal?

    He should be given a firm handshake and a pat on the back.

    Yes, I might be tempted to call him foolish, but a lot of wise people died without realising their dreams.
    I hope he nails it this time and leave the world a happy man.

  9. Stella, what's funny? Lmao. 77years? And still a bachelor? Lol

  10. Nna mehn!this one na second Abraham Lincoln, u go pop...I wish u exam success baba mi

  11. Lmfao.. Mental disorder. D man is not just normal. My prayer for him is to pass with flying colours did time around so DAT he can die in peace. I feel for him though. So he had to remain single in order to achieve did...smh

  12. What an honest man. If na Naija, we for don find way since.

  13. D exam body sef no try, dem 4 jes give am "A parallel" mak e 4 go nau
    Inbtw dis guy don write pass Ciroma Adekunle

  14. Lol,@ dying in peace, passimg the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education examination, was that the only thing he came to do in life?

  15. Preety 5C38A8375 March 2016 at 09:37

    Eh ya, he is so determined

  16. Stella why you dey laugh am na? He was born to write exam n . He gather mind sha.

  17. "He remained a bachelor to achieve the aim of his life"
    That man well so?

  18. Just love SDK blog for i find it more civilized and friendly than Lindaikejiblogs where fools and criminals they plenty who insult Hausa Fulani and muslims.

    1. Who asked you? Keep thy opinion to thyself! That is not the issue at hand!!!


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