Stella Dimoko Labour Union Ongoing Protest Photos...


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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Labour Union Ongoing Protest Photos...

Sowore of Sahara Reporters and Charly boy are amongst those clamouring for a better Nigeria



Cookie said...

No placard??? Mscheeeeeeeew

Anonymous said...

See Charly boy's face, dude is not smiling.
Weldone people, God bless Nigeria.
Things will get better.

Pervert said...

Does it mean that uncle charly bog has small preek. That print I'm seeing is small o o, abi it's one of those small preeks that when they get erect they will be like snake.

Bee10 said...

Oga Charley always ready

Miss Ess said...

God bless Nigeria

JAMES ADE said...

The police be like "Charlie bobo OyA wo Togo, mi o Wo Togo jhor. Charlie boi no send buhari. Buhari take Ur change, give us our nigeriašŸ˜€

MISS TRUTH said...

Yes APC collect your change and bring back Nigeria. #enoughisenough

Timaro said...

Food e no dey
Brother eh water no dey
And our country no good o
Everyday for thief
One day for owner e
Poor man wey thief maggi
Omo, dem go show im face
for crime fighter [crime fighter]
Rich man wey thief money
Omo, we no dey see their face
for crime fighter
Tell me something now rudeboy

Rich man go dey halla prayer [modupe]
Poor man go dey shout [anwuola m ee]
Rich man go dey halla prayer [modupe]
Poor man go dey shout [anwuola m ee]
Make una lead us well
No let this nation to fall inside well

Mr. President [Lead us well]
If you be governor [Govern us well]
If you be senator [Senate am well]
If you be police [Police well well, no dey take bribe]
Oya lead us well [Nne me eh, Govern us well]
If you be senator [Senate am well]
If you be police [Police well well, no dey take bribe]

Fuel e no dey
Brother eh transportation no dey
And our road e no good o
What about the NEPA people o
we no get light
Everybody just dey halla
fuel no dey, na how we wan survive
Many youth ready for work
but as work no dey
na how dey wan survive
We be giant of Africa
but to get visa enter Ghana
na WAEC [oh my God]
Policeman go see white
e go tell you say
I say that thing na red
Tell me something my people
Make una lead us well,
no let this nation to fall inside well

Alhaji wey pull Khaki
say the name of him party
People Destroying People
Na the name of the party
election for my country
na paddy paddy
wayo wayo
arrange no ni
People wey vote them in
still dey live in pain
This na disgrace
I am so ashamed
We don collect shop permit
Collect trading permit
trading permit
You still dey burn shop
You wan tell me say
you no know when them pay
Why you dey make us
dey live in pain
Make una lead us well
no let this nation to fall inside well

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Na 10 naira change dem add oo and that one self no fit buy pure water.

APC make una take una change and bring back our corruption. At least we can eat 4 square meal per day but una come make am 010 for people.

Imagine people eating eba in the afternoon without meat and not eating again till the next day. Shame on APC.. bring back our pure water for N5.00

Anonymous said...

Enter your comment...Nigeria my country, what a shame! Let d world hear n laff @ us maybe it,ll mk tins better.E cannot b well with Buari at all.


They should just take us back to where they met us

*Larry was here*

calabar chick said...

Good one!

Biojay said...

Collect your change, we don't want your type of change anymore president BUHARI, the hardship is too choking.

I don't understand which kind leg this Buhari get sef. People are saying we should leave him to work that he still have 2yrs+, so we should close our mouth and not push him to bring out policies that will be beneficial to Nigerians?

His policies are too stringent and choking, most companies are folding because they don't have raw materials to use which have been banned from been imported.

Is it not better for us to import needed materials than for companies to be folding and sacking here and there?

Even in the UK ordinary banana are being imported and NIGERIA has not even gotten to that stage. Their clothes are being produced and sown in countries like China, Guatemala, Phillipines etc to get cheap labour.

There is no vibrant opposition because most of them have joined the ruling party.

We the masses are on our own, so we need to speak out.

For the next election we should even vote for neutral person that does not belong to any popular party.

People should stop saying they don't vote, if you don't vote, it means you want power to continue in the hands of all these jegudu jera.

ukwu dimond said...

Is alright

Chinny Baby said...


Timaro said...

U mean say the only thing you saw here was prick matter?
Mkpo ase aba o

Quick Weight loss with Green World Slimming Capsules Abuja. 08037495373. said...

Placards should have been carried too. I no fit shout for this change o...

Anonymous said...

APC and Buharamri Lies. Sister and lies Femi goatshina lies,Crowned by General lies Muhammadu.....oghanigwe!!!!!.

Fan Emmanuel said...

And I saw that too! Kikikiki.. I hope it's better than that oo

femmy lawrence said...

Charleyboy is so concern about the situation of things in d country. Thank you area fada , God bless u

Yemi7up said...

Thanks Timaro for this, I pray we sing a new song one day. This evergreen song, kudos to Africa China.

Mao Akuh said...

Wey Labour hypocritoo people dey?
May God strengthen Charley boy....Amen Nwoke oma
Police fr bring Egbegbe to join with handcuff.

Mao Akuh said...

We do not want Igbo presidency only give us BIAFRA.

Yvonne said...

You're crazy I swear!

nnuku Sexy pant-like boxers. 08170506432 Order now said...

Surulere eko ni.

LEE70 said...

#IstandWithNigeria always!!! God save us from all these evil, wicked and corrupt politicians!!!!

lami said...

Aluta continua, it's high time.

Fierce of SDK blog said...

We are tired of this change.

Tayan Taylor said...

Lol,thanks for posting the lyrics,I always sing my differently

Tayan Taylor said...

The country must change, the look on Buhari face thou


Thanks dear. I literally sang on my desk. Thanks

IJAY said...

@Timaro thank you very much for reminding me of that song, na now the song get meaning pass na wa na real wah

Candid! said...

Rotfloool, starry Larry ur comment cracked me up big time!
May God bless charly boy

sexy Daddy said...

Nigeria must get better

Jasmine said...

U are really a pervert.

Anonymous said...

I no like as charly boy dry display Hin blokos jare.

SANDY NEKY said...

Lool @your last paragraph! Ok oo!

Mhzzbee int'l ( Mum Isabel) said...

Thank you for protesting on our behalf. It is well

De Unbreakable said...

SMH for you

De Unbreakable said...

Smh for you

popeyes said...

Another fat belly flop....

Stella Chioma said...

Hmmm, I love me some area daddy,, so sexxyyy!

Anonymous said...

Nobody who celebrated Ibori's release has a moral right to protest here.

Anonymous said...

A good starting point should be the home of y'all Reps, each constituency has two or more Houses Representatives and State senators that are elated to represent its constituents. All these gragragra on the street wouldn't solve shits. Your problems are y'all Representatives not the President

chioma okeke said...

Nice one Timaro! You just take my memory back. African Shina, pls where are you?

Anonymous said...

And who's that reggae man "guess he's Sowore" wearing brown suede knee boots in that hot weather?
Even me wey dey 2degree weather sef no wear knee length boot.
Na wah for Nigerians, e be like say the man don tey for abroad so tey na only boots him dey wear.
Suffer suffer for head

Anonymous said...

That was the second thing I noticed oooooo.

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