Stella Dimoko Ashawo's Want Govt To Legalise Their DAY JOBS


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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Ashawo's Want Govt To Legalise Their DAY JOBS

The Nigerian S$x Workers Association has called on the Federal Government to decriminalise prostitution, saying such would curb the spread of HIV.

The association added that HIV infection had continued to increase because the government treated prostitution as a crime.

It stated that law enforcement agents, especially the police, consequently harassed s§x workers and sometimes demand sex without using condoms.

The National Coordinator of the association, Amaka Enemo, said this in Abuja on Wednesday during an interview with journalists at the presentation of a report titled, ‘Understanding the High Risk of Urban Sexual Networks in Nigeria.’

Enemo was said to have played an active role in gathering information for the report, which was compiled by the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, the University of Manitoba, United States, and the World Bank.

She said, “Sex workers face violence, especially from their clients and law enforcement agents. Sex work is seen as a crime and the police raid streets and brothels to arrest sex workers. They collect money and if the girl cannot pay money, she will have to give sex to the policemen. If the law enforcer does not want to use condom, the sex worker has to agree and this is why HIV is on the increase.

“So, in this study, all the sex workers we interacted with said their biggest trouble was law enforcers.”

The 36-year-old said several studies had shown that countries where prostitution is not illegal had lower cases of sexually transmitted diseases, while Nigeria, where it is illegal, had one of the highest rates of HIV in the world.

She said sex work should be made legal, and government should not saddle sex workers with the responsibility of paying tax.

Enemo said, “When I visited Amsterdam (Holland), I was able to visit the red light district where sex workers work because prostitution is legal there. I have also visited New Zealand where they have decriminalised sex work.

“When you decriminalise it, there will be less exploitation of sex workers and the violence will reduce.”

Emeno said since HIV is a communicable disease and had no cure, sex workers should be given proper treatment and not victimised.

She said an infected sex worker could directly or indirectly infect as many as 100 people, adding that the government must not hound, but partner them.

Emeno added, “Decriminalise the work so that all of us will be healthy. It might interest you to know that Nigeria has the second highest risk of HIV worldwide and we are hoping to get to zero before 2030.

“How can it end when the drivers of the epidemic are being criminalised?”

In his remarks, the Director, Strategic Knowledge Management, NACA, Dr Kayode Ogungbemi, said sex workers must be taken seriously since married men also patronised them.

He said the message of use of protection must also be taken to mega stores and other places where sexual relationships began.

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MonkeynofineTAFIAmama �� �� said...


Bootylycious diva said...

omo see matters arising .

The General's Wife said...


It's the Energy god himself!

MonkeynofineTAFIAmama �� �� said...

They making sense though!

Olivia Silk said...

I hope they pay tax? Because it's very important that they do.

Alloy Chikezie said...

Not in a cultured country like Nigeria.

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amanda favour said...

What did I just read bikonu?

Rocky said...

I support this.

Stella Igbokei said...

My eye don see my ear this morning. Legalize ashewo work? Na Wa o

anonymous gangster said...

Hmmmmmmm. Many beevees will be silently praying this is done! We know you o.

Anonymous said...

I totally support their proposals. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Anonymous said...


Miss Ess said...

Really! Lol

Jeni_zee said...

Hahahhahahahahahahaha I inspire diddy

Anonymous said...

No be them toto? If them want to sell it who's business abeg legalize it.

Anonymous said...

And I am in full support. When I hear the stories of child rape on the increase everyday, I pray they legalize this ashewos a beg. Then all states should give death sentence for all rapists.

Anonymous said...

So the won make nigeria be like italy......bad tin

Cherry topaz said...

"I heard they played my song in equinox club. How many of you heard it"

Anonymous said...

Makes plenty sense

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