Stella Dimoko Senior Lawyer, Mike Ozekhome Defines Aisha Buhari’s Animals’ Comment


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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Senior Lawyer, Mike Ozekhome Defines Aisha Buhari’s Animals’ Comment

Human rights lawyer, Chief Mike Ozekhome, has given his own interpretations to the Facebook conversation between Sen. Shehu Sani and Wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari.

The senior lawyer said the outburst by Aisha showed that she was fed up with the antics of a powerful clique that had succeeded in hijacking her husband and the Presidency.

Recall that Mrs. Buhari had while responding to Senator Sani’s Facebook post on Monday, said the hyenas and the jackals would hide their faces in shame as the lion king would soon return and chase them out of the kingdom.

In his reaction, Ozekhome told reporters that “What she meant by that metaphor is that a lot of meddlesome interlopers are surrounding her husband in the form of a powerful cabal.

“In any kingdom, there can be only one king or oba or emir.

“She is saying that in the fullness of time, the head of the kingdom would return to take charge and the interlopers would be scattered.”


Anonymous said...

Mike well defined

Pipi Lee said...


***Shiny Boss*** said...

Who asked him?

Sharumi said...


Miss Ess said...

They know what she meant but see just busy finding fault where tbere was none.

Anonymous said...

This international thieffective thief lawyer, they will soon kidnap you again. Ole!

lami said...

Well said, Nigerians fond of interpreting things based on sentiment

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