Stella Dimoko The Abducted Lagos School Children Are Still Missing 2 Months After


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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Abducted Lagos School Children Are Still Missing 2 Months After

It is two months now since kidnappers abducted six children from the Igbonla Model College in Epe area of Lagos State in a pre-dawn raid.

 The raid which occurred on Thursday May 24th 2017 bore the marks of a new level of sophistication and audacity in the tactics of kidnapping in Nigeria. First of all the kidnappers wrote to the school earlier of their intention to carry out the raid.

 Then a combined team of police and soldiers were mobilised to the school that repelled the assailants when the latter eventually came. However after the encounter between the security operatives and the assailants, which entailed a gun battle, the security team left the school and the kidnappers took their time to raid it again and take away their captives.

The assailants had accessed the then unguarded school through an adjoining creek, cut a hole in the school fence and broke down the boys’ dormitory doors to pick up ten students initially. On leaving the school premises the assailants stopped somewhere to profile the students’ backgrounds in order to ascertain their individual family backgrounds, before releasing four and going away with six. 

The missing six students are Peter Jonah, Isaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbamu, Pelum Philips and Faruoq Yusuf. The assailants had made early contact with the parents of the abducted children asking for a total sum of N1 billion for their release. There are reports that some of the parents had obliged the kidnappers with various sums of money which remain a far cry from the initial demand. Meanwhile the Police claim they have arrested at least three of the suspects while the search for the rest of the dangerous gang continues.

If the Igbonla Model College kidnap case enjoys rave public attention, such is deserved as the circumstances raise many questions. Beyond the fact that it portrayed a new face of kidnapping in Nigeria, it also indicts the security agencies in their approach to the growing scourge of heinous crimes in the country. 

The fact that the assailants had earlier written a threat letter to the school and actually attacked as threatened, should have availed the security operatives the necessary advance preparations to handle the crisis better. More so is the fact that the engagement between the security agents and the assailants involved a gun battle. That development should have engendered a more robust all-out response from the authorities to get on top of the job. 

Their failure to act accordingly was accentuated by their hasty retreat from the targeted school premises soon after the encounter with the assailants, and the ease with which the assailants eventually raided the now unguarded school and picked up the defenceless students like sitting ducks.

However, all is not lost even as the Police have raised the hope of resolving the crisis and securing the safety of the kidnapped children. A breakthrough by the Police in this matter will not only help assuage the dilemma of the parents but all Nigerians who are now ill at ease with the growing audacity, frequency, sophistication and often mind boggling demands of the kidnappers. 

Currently in the news is the case of one ‘Evans’ who had turned out to the poster boy of kidnappers in Nigeria given the superlative dimension to which he took the crime. The Igbonla affair only shows that even as despicable as the Evans exploits are, there are other kidnappers like him or are even more sophisticated than him out there.

 And until they are taken off the streets of this country, there cannot be respite from the agonies of their activities. That is what Nigerians expect of the Police.

Editorial from Dailytrust.

*This is so scary and despicable!!!...I hope the Children are still in good health...God please disgrace those kidnappers out where their hiding places....GOD PLEASE!


  1. Kidnap stories just make me so sad....imagine the trauma those kids have been made to go through all for no reason at all....if it were USA by now those kids would have been found bcos the US don't joke with the safety of it's citizens at all



    2. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere AKA Mrs Always RIGHT14 July 2017 at 22:16

      Which america are you talking about @isaacson, you better sit down and watch crime and investigation channel on dstv and stop being deceived. America has the worst kind of criminals in the world.

  2. May God protect those kids and secure their safe release. Amen. I can't even imagine what their parents will be going through. It's heartbreakingšŸ˜¢

  3. Father Lord, keep these children safe. Lord, protect and bring them back to their parents.
    I can imagine what their parents are going through.

  4. This is really sad. Wonder how their parents will be feeling. I pray they are found.

  5. Oh Father, the One who sees in he secret, the One who has never lost a battle, the Mighty man of valour oh arise and set these boys free. We release confusion into their camp, we send hailstones and all kinds of spiritual machinery to scatter the wickedness that is being carried out through the kidnappers. Set these kidnappers against themselves let there be no unity amongst them. It is enough our Father. Let these boys be set free in Jesus name and expose these kidnappers. Thank You mighty one for hearing and answering in Jesus name. Amen.

    And Lord we know You have heard us concerning our friend and Sister Peju who is being held by the kidnappers even though a ransom has being paid. Show mercy Lord. Surround these ones with Your peace in Jesus name. Amen

  6. O God!!! O dont even want to imagine what their parents are going through. God pls arise and intervene. St Anthony Of Padua, finder of lost things, intercede for them. Our mother of perpetual help, pls come to their rescue. Amen

  7. And some animals will still chant free Evans, may you all be punished.

  8. Wicked leaders. Yet their children are all in the abroad enjoying themselves.

  9. God please intervene on behalf of those kids, may there be confusion in the midst of those kidnappers so that the children will be free.

  10. the high and mighty technology they use in catching evans nko, is only in Nigeria anything with kids arent taken serious, kidnap one child in the western world and see if all the inteliigent officers wont get you, they are there celebrating evans when kids are still not yet found.

  11. Oh my God! This is so sad, God please guide and protect the children and expose the kidnappers for those kids to return to their parents šŸ˜© i so pity the parents of these kids

  12. anonymous gangster14 July 2017 at 11:46

    Conscious conscience journalism. Keep doing Stella, not too late to catch up.

  13. This was an interesting tactic used. I wonder if any parent stopped their child from attending the school after learning about the letter, or was everyone lulled into the illusion of safety after the staged attack with police. Were parents even told that the school had received a letter from the kidnappers? The whole thing sounds like a movie plot. The defiance in the kidnappers and the level of plan and execution is scary. The whole elaborate charade and mockery of security forces is like a game to them, an evil game.

  14. So much guts.... Stupid idiotic kidnappers! By the time they are caught eventually now they will be asking for 2nd chance.

    O Lord bring this children home safely... Amen

  15. I hope the children are not dead

  16. So sad.I pray the perpetrators of this dastardly act are brought to shame and some lunatics were preaching leave Evans alone. God ll punish evil doers.


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