Stella Dimoko Buhari's Aide Femi Adesina Says No Law Says FEC Meeting Must Be Weekly


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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Buhari's Aide Femi Adesina Says No Law Says FEC Meeting Must Be Weekly

Femi Adesina, special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, says there is no Nigerian law that requires the federal executive council (FEC) meeting to hold every week.

Adesina said this in defence of the president’s cancellation of the weekly meeting which holds in Abuja.

During a Channels TV programme on Wednesday, Adesina said the president’s decision should not be a cause for concern.

“There is no law that says the federal executive council meeting should hold every week. There is no law that says it must be weekly. Under a past administration, it used to hold once every two weeks,” he said.

“So, there is no law that says it should hold every Wednesday. It depends on what you have on the agenda to discuss. The president is the chairman of that meeting. So, he has the discretion to hold or not to hold (the meeting).

“The fact that FEC did not hold in one week does not mean anything significant because the president has the discretion to hold or not to hold FEC (meetings).”

Edited from The Cable


iam Owen said...

This people always have a lie to tell.... a president that have been away for months... would he not want to be brief by his cabinet... instead he cancel... another sign that he is too weak to leave his bed in d morning... the way this govt tells lies even the devil 😈 would be shocked...

Anonymous said...

Well, for the 1st time i have to agree with him on this because i know a state that holds its executive council meeting once a month.. What are you discussing weekly when there are lots to do and deliver to the electorates.. Though many will attribute it to the weakness of the president who is still having his bed rest, but at same time, he has a discretion to hold or not to hold.. Goodmorning Nigeria..


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

the weekly meeting has not been productive. So if you like make it once a month. APC government you are nothing at all.

I pray people get sense to vote people with integrity

Anonymous said...

Whether the meetings have been productive or not is not the issue here( even though it should be) the issue is that this is a guy that has been missing in action for over a 100 days. He should b eager to be briefed by every member of his cabinet(not just d VP), so he can b updated and get up and work.
I wonder what it would take for "Mr integrity" to live up to that when its obvious he is not fit and he's putting himself before the country. In my opinion he was never fit and whatever d sins of Gej was, he put d country first.

Rappakatakata said...

This Femi man will end up worse than previous occupants of this office.

The Observer said...

Clearly there is no agenda to discuss. Smh for this administration. God ooo, na your hand we dey

Dust Emy said...

Don't worry the truth will bounce up

Anonymous said...

Ann 08:46
Ur one of those enemy of progress we have in Nigeria. It's very clear that you are very idle and have no sense of responsibility cos if you do, then you will know the importance of a weekly meeting it keeps everyone to speed on what is happening in an establishment. In some establishment it is done every morning by all HOD's. Now ask you self that lazy state governor that does his every month, what is the economic ,social and security situation? I can bet you the monthly he has is to talk about how much milk the federal government has put in his feeding bottle.sonhe can loot.

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