Stella Dimoko Nneze Richards Foundation Takes Relief Materials And Food To IDP Camps


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Friday, 11 August 2017

Nneze Richards Foundation Takes Relief Materials And Food To IDP Camps

Abuja based Nneze Richards Foundation is non-profit organization founded by Nneze Richards, a former beauty Queen and a Chartered Accountant.

 The foundation over the weekend has donated relief materials and food stuffs to an IDP camp in Durumi Abuja, ‎including Orphanage home and people with disability

The ex- beauty queen who led her team spoke to journalists after the visit that the foundation is focused on lending a helping hand to humanity especially the children in rural areas with education,
Empowerment for rural women through skill acquisition as well as ‎providing free medical services for internally displaced people (IDP)‎.

She stressed that her ‎NGO works to promote and encourage people and organizations to lend helping hand to downtrodden regardless of your tribe, status and religion. She is expected to visit other camps and also storm villages to increase awareness of educating the girl child.



I usually ask myself, all these foods stuff being shared in portions, when they are consumed or finished, what next?
Why not erect structures, save up more money from the foundation and renovate schools, equip hospitals, empower the women to skill acquisition and so many more.

This is very temporary and more of a showoff

Esther Okoro said...

Good of her

God Bless Everyone.

Miss Ess said...

Good to know

Miss Ess said...

Good to know

Simple said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

All I see is indomie and biscuits. Why the broadcast Nneze Chinonso Agu. Popular Abj slay Queen/runs geh. Na today?? Could barely recognise her self. Too much bleaching. It's a pity cuz u used to have a beautiful chocolate skin.

Isolde Fontaine said...

Hope they get into the mouth of the IDPs and not diverted elsewhere

IJAY said...

Nice one, God bless the foundation

Anonymous said...

Which Queen dis one dey claim... Nneze was dethroned as Miss Independent Nigeria because she was sleeping around with every Tom, Dick and Harry.She went as far as visiting Femi Adesina without a Chapperon and also Tonto Dikeh's ex hubby, all in a bid to get money. After several warning from the organizers she was dethroned and she handed over the crown. Which Queen is she claiming again. No let the organisers catch you ooo. Pls debunk if na lie. Internet doesnt lie and keeps accurate record

Monkey Face said...

So you know her too?
I was going to keep kwaet o
Until I read your comment

Ikpu ministry is moving
Stella Forgot to add she was dethroned as queen

Anonymous said...

The entire relief no reach 200k, but d broadcast na 2m, all na wash to collect money from donor agencies and support groups,in the form of alhaji bringi bringi

Anonymous said...

Weldone Nneze.. God bless you. Oh people of the world... With negativity all the time. MamaAda

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