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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Hair Lounge -How To Go Natural Without The Big Chop.

Kudos to every lady who took the big chop plunge just to go natural.

 Not everyone is bold enough to rock a low cut just to start over and it is not always necessary unless you want to make an hair statement. I'm considering this for next year because I love how fitting low cut is on me.

Dear sisters, did you know that you can transition from relaxed hair to natural hair within a year? Yes, you can!

Below are the important things you need to know and do to get it right no matter how relaxed or long your hair is;

1. Discard Relaxers and Chemicals: Sorry but I have to state the obvious. You'd have to do away with relaxers else there's no need to bother about transitioning. Your hair has to go through the break up stage and for those who have been through a real life relationship break up, you must know how that feels like. You'd hate your hair and your hair would hate you too during this period until it finally sticks to one texture. Hair would be torn between two phases (relaxed and natural new growth) but do not panic, the end result is always amazing.


2. Avoid heat: Natural hair dislikes heat, avoid it as much as possible. Stay away from dryers, straighteners, oh and fire(for those hairstyles that require some kind of fire to smoothen hair in braids).
There are some thermal protective dryers and irons. You can get it's temperature as high as 450 degrees but c'mon even water doesn't need to get that hot to boil. The thermal protector has a barrier between your hair strand and the heat emitting from the iron.
Instagram sellers swear this iron is between N8, 000 and N9, 000 but I got it for N3, 500 and my colleague even said I was cheated Honestly, I recommend leaving hair to dry on it's own without the aid of a dryer and for styling you can get flexi-rods or curling rods for that extra va-va-voom look.

3. Moisturize: Yes, did you think I wouldn't mention that? You hair needs moisture whether relaxed or natural. It needs it to survive and grow else you'd end up with brittle hair and lots of breakage. Get good leave in conditioner like Cantu or any other type of your choice. Leave in conditioners are great after wash to leave hair moisturized.

4. Maintain a clean scalp
: Transitioning requires you to keep a clean scalp to enable new hair growth, you'd have to get your scalp clean as often as 2days or daily depending on how greasy your hair gets. To avoid stripping your hair of oils when you clean, you can limit your use of shampoos and stick to conditioners to get your scalp clean except for crucial wash days when you know your hair is very dirty. You can also just wash with Luke warm water, please do not use HOT water to wash your hair. Days I have my natural hair out, I wash daily with my black soap or only water to remove excess oil and dirt. I strongly recommend just water. Infact, water is a great moisturizer.

5. Get the best Comb: Most days I have to wash my hair before I can put a comb through but I always and only use my wide-toothed comb. My comb is quite bigger than the one in the image I found online but I'm sure you get the point. Also, comb from your ends and work your way up. Do not dig comb directly into your hair especially when it's wet. Wet hair breaks easily, start from the bottom then work your way in.

6. Protective styling: I talked about it here It helps you transition easily when your ends are tucked in. Protective styling would help you achieve this easily.

7. Trim: Just like natural hair
, relaxed hair is susceptible to split ends. Most Nigerian women will know what I mean when I use the term "my hair is due". People who are not on natural hair can totally relate to this but sisters know that if you're transitioning, your hair looking due is normal. You're required to trim your hair at least once every 2/3 months anywhere from a 1/2 inch to an inch at a time (go to a professional not Iya Sikira) This is very important to avoid getting hair breakage to travel from the ends of hair to the root.

My sister and friend transitioned between late last year and this year, trust me their hair is as natural as natural can be. You won't even know they transitioned.


Miss Ess said...

Nice one doppelganger. My hair is as aggressive as the Nigerian that it is. I wanted to go all natural but after 3 months of no relaxer, anytime I want to comb it i cry my eyes out. I thought i should lock it to dreads first and see what happens from there but my real spirit is telling me to jejely relax it back.

Greatlady. said...

Nice one Doppel bestie. Currently on low cut, not ready to grow back.

Shange pishure nah😗

Yemi7up said...

I left my hair for six months without Relaxer after which I had the big chop in 2014 December and since then wow I have been enjoying my low cut and fortunately I have fine hair texture ,beautiful and curly that make so many argued with me that I am using a form of texturizer . I am not sure I will ever use relaxer again.

Anonymous said...

Doppel, how can you be this beautiful ke, haha this is the first time I will fall for a black beauty, Infact you fine pass all the yellow sisters I've been dating, Chai

Chidinma Grace said...

Natural hair is for people with soft hair. Even with years of relaxing my hair, I still cry whenever I am combing it even after I just retouched it.

Doppelgänger said...

Hair can and should be soft whether you're on natural or relaxed hair. You should try deep conditioning or hot oil treatment.

Doppelgänger said...

I'd assume you don't deep condition your hair. My hair used to break combs when I didn't know how to care for it. Try this, apply honey on your hair then cover it up for about 2 hours before washing your hair. I bet you'd see a difference.

Rubynnia said...

Chidinma Grace,

God bless you God bless you God bless you
God bless you God bless you God bless you
God bless you God bless you God bless you
God bless you God bless you God bless you
God bless you God bless you God bless you

God bless you for this remark. This is one thing Naturalistas don't know.

Natural hair is lovely for those with soft and manageable hair but for someone like me with tough hair, it's a chore.

All these moisture, seal with coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter ETC, do not werk for me.

Anytime I see all these natural hair maintenance tips, I just laugh inside of me.

Don't use sulphate/sulfate shampoo - it will dry out your hair.
Don't use towel - it will pull your hair

Yinmu to all these tips.

I use dey them wella and my hair is great!

Anonymous said...

Please Dop. how often should the hair be steamed? Natural/ relaxed.

Anonymous said...

Hi doppelganger. Please where can I get this in lagos

Blackberry said...

Hahahaha rubynnia ooooooo

Blackberry said...

It's been 8months without relaxer, I'm transitioning, I had to use creme of nature ginger blonde dye 3days ago, I didn't dye d roots, just from middle to tip, GOD! Be like I carry sun for head, I had to weave it cos d stares I got ehn...hopefully it won't damage my natural strands.

Hannah2 said...

Pls where can i gey Rassoul clay to use for natural hair in Abuja

Iphie dearie said...

Rubbynia and Chidinma.. If I can do it.. I think you people can.
My hair texture is what you refer to as 'okwute' but honestly I'm sitting in a saloon right now admiring how healthy it is.. The right treatment will do you good.
I'm in shock sef😳😳😳 Na my hair be this?

Note: Always braid your hair while wet. It helps a great deal.

Iphie dearie said...

Oh dear. I had to go for the big chop when I couldnt stand the different textures.
I had very long relaxed hair but unfortunately the two textures were not easy to manage.
I didn't want a short hair but I had to go for the kill when the relaxed part started tangling terribly whenever wet.

I look at my length now and I'm super elated.
Let me quickly bookmark this page for those combs and brushes.
Thank you Doppelgänger ♥️♥️♥️

Doppelgänger said...

Get what? If you mean the straightening iron, Trade fair is where I got mine.

Doppelgänger said...

LOL at carry sun for head, you get stares because it's nice. Moisturize often so it doesn't break.

Doppelgänger said...

I totally understand why you had to cut your hair, I couldn't deal too because I'm not that patient so I opted for the big chop but the end result is always great. I am praying the urge of cutting my hair again next year away.

Anonymous said...

I want to transit o... Starting naturals, cos my edges Don break... But I need a good natural hair salon..pls who has an idea anywhere around bolade area or Maryland

Blackberry said...

Ok! Thanks.

Doppelgänger said...

Once a week at most, if you can help it.

Anonymous said...

I am transiting 8months now, but I want to relax, pregnancy is not allowing me care for the hair. Maybe will try after delivery

Doppelgänger said...

O'naturals around Ogudu/Ojota but to be honest, it's best to know how to care for your hair yourself so you can guide the stylist. Most of them are still clueless and cost a lot in the name of natural hair salon.

Most precious stone said...

Dopple pls i had the big cut few months ago, but the*strongness* of the hair is making me think of relaxing, apart from the honey you talked about up what else can i use to make it soft so i can easily comb when i lose braids

Anonymous said...

Those on locks are they not 'team natural'?
I ask because there's nothing as natural as rocking your locks. Can people on locks also get tips on maintenance?

Doppelgänger said...

You can Mix shea butter and raw eggs as well just before you wash. Use your fingers to detangle hair not a comb. If you can, do this once every week. You should see results. Also, wet your hair after you take down your braids, detangle with fingers before you use a comb.

Doppelgänger said...

Nothing as natural as rocking locs? Hmmm. Anyway, I can't talk about something I haven't tried and tested. If there's anyone with tips for those on locs, please send to Stella. I'd like to learn too.

wendylicious virus said...

Pregnancy help me with me transitioning, I don't think I will relax my hair every again.

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