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Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Another Beautiful day!!!!

Mama Nnuku sent a shocking memo,I will post it inside tomorrows in house news..still reading it...NA WAH OOOOOOH.


Yesterday wias her Birthday but not one person wished her happy Birthday inside in house news because of the Sexy Daddy call out Brouhaha......
Baby Genesis covers in house news so beautifully and would make a good Model....
Happy Belated Birthday to you darling..your mum will read out the wishes for you...Kiss you from Tante Stella!!!



Hello stella and lovely bv’s, felt like gracing the face of ihn with my handsome son, this is my third son, A big shout out to all mothers out thereπŸ™Œ i know we over qualified πŸ˜€I have been a member of this blog for years. Thank you stella, may God bless your good work.

Lovely!!!..Third son?Wow,Maam you look great!!!





Male graphics designer and Large Format Machine operator needed urgently. Abuja residents only. Interested candidates should forward their CV to



Please we are in need of a make up artist that resides in Owerri for a wedding on 30th Dec 2017 at Owerri.
Kindly note that we have a tight budget. The person can contact me on 09062275396.



Hi Stella... It's my birthday!!!!

I'm grateful to God for His protection from conception to this very moment.

He has shown me His faithfulness...even in my faithlessness....I remain grateful forever.

I want you and fellow bvs to help make my day a memorable one...

God bless you Stella...Through you, i have been blessed... will send my testimony to you someday soon.


Happy Birthday Brenda darling....



I am in dire and urgent of a decent ROOM AND PARLOUR SELF CON. apartment in any of these areas in lagos ;Akoka or Alago meji or sabo or palmgrove onipanu area or surulere or ebute meta.....would appreciate direct contact with the landlord as I am on a very strict budget... Kindly contact me on 08103712715 or



Hi Madam Stella,

 I've been a BV for over 4 years, its being great to be part of this great family, thanks for this great platform. Goodnews, I got my US visa last week and bought my ticket today. I'm actually embarking on a journey to birth my first child and its my first time of traveling to the US too. 

This trip cost alot and am seeking for help from any BV that stay in Houston, Texas to please with the love of God accommodate me for 8 weeks of my stay for free or at least reduced price. I will definitely love a free place to stay if I get one, if not I don't mind to pay but at a reasonable price. I'm to arrive Friday next week December 1st, 2017 and leave January 28th, 2018. 

I work here in Nigeria so am definitely coming back and am a very good girl, my host wont regret accomodating me as I will comply to all rules. I'm 27 years, married, working, yoruba and a graduate. Please contact me on whatsapp if you can accommodate me or know any great person who can help +2348062132514 . 
Thank you so much and God bless you.

I am sure US beevees will contact you....They all seem nice but would depend on if anyone has to help you out!
If not try hotels nor cheap apartment na ..............................................................................................................................................................


Dear Stella,

I hope this makes today's IHN. I am a silent BV and I open Your blog at least 20 times a day. Am that much of a huge fan. I want to say that God bless you and you should keep up with the good works. A friend of mine got a job through Your Blog in a Law Firm in Abuja and I wanted to appreciate and give thanks to You for your Platform.

God bless you so much

And my greetings to all the popular BV's:
Fab Mum, Chikito the professional fire for fire , queen and boss, bloglord, doppelganger, ibukunokuwa, ola wealth, iphie dearie and the rest that are too many to mention. God bless u.

Best Regards,
Silent / Anonymous BV



Blog PA you were blessed today with some amount from someone who says they are your friend and know you but do not want to give you the money directly so that you do not refuse....She loves you and wants all the best for you.
I am posting this so that she will know that you got the money.....I will send it to you soon,



Dear Stella,

Please am in need of very affordable wedding vendors for my traditional marriage taking place in January at Lagos. Please affordable caterers, MCs, photographers, bands,decorators and bakers should contact me on 08169654443 via whatsapp. Thank you and I love your blog.



 There is a saloon space for Stylists, who will pay owner of the shop on a weekly or monthly basis, or as agreed. 

 LOCATION: Festac town in Lagos 

 CONTACT NO:08038323963.

This is a great idea,if you are a new hairstylist or even make up artist,you don't have to pay for plenty just pay for space monthly which is good.


What is wrong is wrong and this kind of evil and theft should not be supported.
I leave you to your conscience but you didnt break me and I will continue to be myself irrespective of whether I am a mugu or not.
God bless you Albert sexy daddy.




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FluffyCake 07056157039 said...

Everybody will tell you and judge you but you know what before taking those judgements serious, think that who are they ?
Why should you let yourself allowed to be judged by someone whom you don't care at all..
Just smile at them and just do whatsoever you were doing..
Their judgment doesn't matter over your decision..

- Girach Uvais

SWEETIE said...

Welcome ihn

Elastic said...

Sexy Daddy, reading through people's comments, the way you took advantage of their kindness and generosity is overwhelmingly disappointing. Especially the extent you went by using Stella's name in your swindling adventure, you get heart oo! And your son? OMG! You really need to come back here and apologize in order to revert the curse you placed on your innocent cute son. That was extreme bro!!

I keep telling folks, believe anything or anyone you see on social media at your own detriment, just like my south African girlfriend will always tell me, "Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see".


Firstlady blessing said...

Instead of apologizing, he is busy denying, how can so many people with evidence of their own be lying against one person.
Anyone that believes him is O.Y.O.

Chike TEFLON said...

Onye ije ayola...
Si ni mu Nnooo...

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi said...

Who else is experiencing this ish on Safari browser!? If u are trying to view 200 comments and above it would tell a problem occurred and when u scroll u start seeing blank pages!!? O sumi o

Now eating my okra soup with Fish leg πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜°πŸ˜’ Oloshi Omo!

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

FluffyCake 07056157039 said...

Happy birthday, baby Genesis. God bless you,LLNP.


Baby GenesisπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—

Faith and son😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Happy birthday Brenda.

Warm Regards Silent/Anon Bv.πŸ‘

Sexy Daddy's chat, SMH.

In other news, I just love what Davido's 'Fire-Fire' is doing to me right now. "Fire" is actually cooling my tired, stressed self real good.
Lovely song, lovely tune, lovely beat. Calm and soothing.😍

Infact don't know what this song and Cardi B' s is doing to me.

Hey guys.πŸ‘‹

KIDJO (It's A New Dawn) said...

Happy birthday lil lady.God bless you and keep you

Anonymous said...

It's official. Sexy daddy you need help.
This has even taught me a lesson.
Those things we do in secret, if we do not genuinely repent of them and stop, we should only anticipate public disgrace. God have mercy.

Em jay said...

I am here for the memes😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Mistress of Spices said...

Happy Birthday baby Genesis😍

Gold Taken said...

Awwww! I did yesterday Gen but it wiped out and Aunty didn't feel like re-typing.

Happy birthday, Cutie. You are blessed, favour is your shield and may you grow in abundance of Grace. As your name goes, at an early age, you will give your heart to Jesus. Your parents will never lack what they would need to train you. Simply put, Genesis, you are greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved.

Cinnamon Apple said...

Happy Birthday baby Genesis, grow in grace. Happy Birthday Brenda, enjoy your day. Mummy faith you and son look awesome, kiss your lil son for me

SUGAR. said...

I'm tired please.

It's ok to run but know that God will surely punish you.

Just look at the nonsense!.

Fab Mum said...

While we were busy discussing sexy daddy, Julie Ibrahim seems to have gotten married. And oh, jaccurrb is now a starπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

HI anonymous, greetings to you too. Thank God for your friend.

What are we mad about today?? Or are we still on the yesterdsy grind? πŸ˜‚


Elegance fabrics
Gossip fabrics


Cute hajia Omo Mummy said...

Happy birthday Genny baby.. God bless you dear...

Anonymous said...

Good day great people of sdkb.
Please,pleas and please, I'm in need of serious help.

Had my last child 2yrs ago and my tummy is so big(abi long).
I can't even dress sexy again without being noticed.
If I put on tight trousers or high waist, my tummy gets divided.
Please, what do I take to get rid of this big yummy?
I don't mind even if it's pills.
And these stretch marks won't just let me be great.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Please, save a sister!

amanda favour said...

Sexy daddy tufiakwa gi!
Inyuru nsi Na ulo uka
Happy belated birthday to you baby genesis,you shall grow to make your parents proud...Amen

Senator EsE EsSAy said...

Happy birthday cuties. Y'all are blessed. Congrats to our PA beloved...May God remember me too (amen). Lol@ignoring the messanger and take the message. Stella we all gotta move on cos life continues. There's shouldn't be any form of favourism or comparism

Anonymous said...

PH BVS . I know what the appalling things I have read since yesterday in the group, chats from sexy daddy lying and all....why una no send all naww... only me and P. Anyway, he doesn't get to win. Evil can not win!!!

Queen Lizzy said...

I think I have to change my name to 'Mummy in Israel Queen Lizzy's as person don use pastor title chop people finish... Now, how long will it take him to embezzle the money he got through dubious means? That kain money no dey last for hand na... It is well!!!!!

FluffyCake 07056157039 said...

Happy birthday, Brenda! LLNP

Lady Bug said...

This should no t be condone,this Albert sexy daddy guy should be arrested and money refunded!

This has so pass blog gossip,gosh!😎

St.FranKooL.... said...

#The awkward moment when you hear what your voice really sounds like 😁

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I cannot fit laugh at sexy daddy meme. Choi!!!!!! but how did you fall for his tricks poster? if you are regular here you should know how the blog works. na WA!!! Stella please arrest this guy. you see the bad name he brought for you . this guy is the 😈 himself. and he will come here hailing Stella. tufiakwa!!!!!!

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi said...

First of all u can't even write well! Am angry! That Bv needs flogging! Are u that gullible? Be like u get plenty money troway? Sexy Daddy count urself lucky, if u were based in Gidi I wld have used Soldiers to arrest u and beat u, no be mouth this is fact! U are evil! 😑😑 anyways God don save u, dem for use ur leg as tooth pick

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

Miss Ess said...

Wet Wednesday. Happy birthday Brenda. Sexy daddy, you tried but have failed. God will judge you with this scam you used Stella's name and business to play. It is well.

♌LEO PERIDOT. said...

Beautiful baby, happy birthday darling. Forgive us for overlooking your cute face yesterday. The drama was a long time coming and it came with a bang!
Beautiful woman and son!

Adele love said...

Happy birthday baby girl more years! Its quite sad how people become greedy because they think those giving them have so much! Oga it is well with you and your house hold. May God take out the spirit of greed in your life!

Edyby said...

Hmmmmmmm, God is not a man, SD fear God.

Lady Bug said...

Upon everything wey happen,na this 2 line statement you fit yarn 😎

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Good Afternoon people
Baby Genesis happy belated birthday

So the rest of this week is going to be about Sexy Daddy

@Blog PA Beloved I read your comments yesterday and I have just one question for you

If I decide to do a Christmas giveaway on the blog will you accept my offer or reject it because of my name "LOVE Eating Pussy"

Names like BV Pastor Sexy Daddy came to the blog and because of the religious name he was able to defraud plenty Bv's here but my name "Love Eating Pussy" is a personal problem for your homophobic self.

LMAO at the myopic self

Anyway I have one question to ask

Where are sexy daddies friends
CHIKE, ELASTIC and Rowland dominic why have you people suddenly decides to go quiet on the blog since yesterday.

Lady Bug please help me fish them out 😁😁😁😁😁


Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Happy birthday Baby Genesis and happy birthday Brenda. No one will take una shine on this blog. Sorry about not wishing Baby Genesis a sweet word yesterday. Today God has done it for him. Genesis I am wishing you all of God's blessings and abundance Amen. You will never bring shame to your parents and you will excel in your endeavours AMEN.

Hmmmmmm sexy daddy matter is still reigning. Sexy daddy i pray God gives you the heart to repent and pray for forgiveness. You went too far with this. You took everyone's calmness and love for stupidity. YOU WENT TOO FAR.

Those being scammed may God console you all Amen. PASTOR SEXY DADDY FEAR GOD SMALL NOT BIG. YOU HEAR.

I just dey pity your wife, i hope she will not run away from you or leave you at the end of the day. Madam sexy daddy take care of your husband and help him in prayers too. I know how both of you will be feeling with all these. Dont lose hope on God. Keep praying for your husband. IT IS WELL

Lady Bug said...

It seems it's only you o,mine is working perfectly 😎

Em jay said...

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Me self Wan eat rice with elephant lap.

Anonymous said...

Are you that aloof to things happening around you that you give only quotes?
Your kind of life is sweet oh! Hmmm


I do not wish to be referred to as Pastors Daughter again. I am still thinking of a suitable name for me and when I come up with one y’all will know. Pastor sexxy daddy aka sperm donor aka fido dido aka evans Jn lmao is the reason I want to change my name. he makes the word Pastor sound somehow in my ears.
Now to the main gist. Is it true sexxy daddy has been sleeping with popular bvs here? So you guys do not only give him money but dash him free ponyor too? Somebody call an ambulance I want to faint.
This gist is sweeting me ojare, I swear If I were sexy daddy ehn I will come and do a spill it all up then ask for forgiveness. damn!!! That will have been lit yea? This is by far the sweetest sdk drama in 2017.
Tho the only person I feel for is SDK. But the truth is if he comes back and apologies sdk will forgive him and try to make us forgive him too by fire by force. Its her way of doing things. Please allow us enjoy this drama for a while before you make us become saints like you.
More spilling please. Sexy daddy please come and tell us how much you got in total and who you slept with please thats the part am interested in knowing. Hahahahahahahahahahahh I hope he doesn’t commit suicide sha. This is an insane bad drama and too bad for his family reputation. Does he even have one?
What is his wife on in this? Are they partners? Is he married to white berry?
Too many question mhen.
Isssh let me go and take a proper look at his fucking face again.

Lady Bug said...

You love that song with watery lyrics?😎

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Bloggie you mean you like that fia song. I dont like the song may be i be old school ooo. I like correct gbam gbam music.

let me continue with tiwa and whizkidd and Olamide.

Lady Bug said...

Pick a struggle 😎

same girl said...

I wished Genesis a Beautiful birthday yesterday oh..... however, thank yiu baby girl for our blog today again. We love you. Hooe you enjoyed your day baby

Sweet Mother said...

See Sexy Daddy prophesying🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣.

Eleganza said...

dats y i don't talk wen people are calling him out, why won't him leave d blog wen he don chop belle full. God will sure judge you useless sexy moron!

charitybino said...

Happy Birthday Baby Genesis

SONYES SIGNATURE . For ur cakes in pH and its environs 07035545342 said...

Happy birthday cutie

Stella maris Baby said...

Happy birthday @ little Genesis.

Happy birthday @ Brenda.
God bless your new age.

Kele Bobo said...

I can't send my hard earned 15k and I will be here ranting for God to judge him.his judgment must first start from the PH cell first Biko.he must account for every Kobo collected inside that cell.just negodu!!!!!

Stella maris Baby said...

Welcome @ Sexy daddy.
It is well.

Sweet Mother said...

Stella I hate suspense oh. You'd have just waited for tomorrow and bring the Nnuku gist. No need to hint us.
The funny thing is that you're the queen of exaggeration so it might not be as shocking as we expect.

Lady Bug said...

Can you imagine?,but I still maintain some people are so gullible!

From those chats,that lady was too naive,haba!😎

President D'Royalty (Stella's Original Blog Bff) said...


Sexy daddy turned to Prophet because of #15k
Madam, don't forget January 15th ooooo

And don't forget to name your business Gossip Fabrics..


Stella pls be bringing them one by one on each day like this.
On a serious note, PH bvs should join hands and arrest him. They should present all his chats as evidence.

Nadine said...

It's a sexy daddy week!

I hope less people from this blog will be sexy daddied from now on because we all gonna learn some sexy daddy schemes from these chats and memes.

And to you all sexy daddies, use all the time and effort you invest in sexy daddying others and do something better with it, in other to avoid such call outs. You end up destroying yourself.

Cisca Chesca said...

Baby Genesis happy belated birthday dear.
Happy birthday Brenda!
Mother and Son looking gorgeous.

Haaa.... Sexy Daddy, what audacity? See your mouth like Stella does anything you tell her. Mtchewwwwww

God have mercy on you.

Afi "Ignore the messenger and take the message". Radarada!!!

Omeh said...

Hahahahaha. INSIDER SEXY DADY. So upon how 'smart' you claim you are,you littered the internet with your details and still went ahead to defraud people? You are obviously dumber than you look. I have nothing to say to you,anonymous toh bad has said all. If I was part of those you defrauded,I can assure you that you will cough out to the last dime. Asswipe!

Stella maris Baby said...

Welcome @ Sexy daddy.
It is well.

@ Sexy daddy, your village people trace you to SDK blog

Anonymous said...

Choi!!!! let me laugh again to that meme up there. sorry, but I can't fall for something like this. did he use jazz on you?? sexy daddy God will surely pay you in your own coin for trying to bring someone's hustle down with your stupidity and greed. I'm still saying it, Stella you should arrest him. imagine the height!!!!

Em jay said...

Scamming daddy.
Lying daddy.
Thiefing daddy.
Add a yours...

*I am so angry for fighting for you.

Anonymous said...

U guys asking why those people duped by sexy daddy didn't speak up have soon forgotten how Stella sends people's comments to her pot of comments. I'm sure many of them sent Stella mail but she ignored bcos Sexy Daddy was her personal person..
I remember d day I wrote something about him in d comment section and Stella refused to enable it.. How can one speak up on dis blog when Stella dont give us chance to do so.. If u attack anyone in her good book,she will call u out and start defending d person.. Dis is why so many kept quiet..
D reason why she mustered up courage to call Sexy daddy out is bcos she is now involved in his scam and also bcos he refused to explain his side of d story/apologise.. If not for these, Stella would've told them to forget about d issue and move on(threatening not to enable any comments concerning d issue).. Daz how she behaves that annoys d hell out of some of us..
Stella if u continue defending people like dis here,somethung like dis will continue happening.

Chike Teflon,ur own nyash opening is coming.. Mark my word..

Stella if u like post,if u no like,send it to ur pot of comments. U don't allow people to speak their minds here datz why many stopped commenting.. Keep chasing us away with ur biased actions.

***Chy Ozo***

miss Aboki the great said...

Athiest what you said to mama nnuku this morning was harsh. You dont even know what happen so why jump to conclusion? Not fair at all. As for being ugly, she didnt create herself. She has no control over her looks. Be reasonable sometimes.

This na normal 419 format nau. I wonder why people fell mugu. And why were they quiet all along. Him use jazz hold una? Chai!

HBD baby Genesis. May you grow in the fear of God. Amen

Cynthia Iyede said...

Cute baby Genesis, yellow really looks good on you. God bless you dear and no one will steal your shine in Jesus name. Muah!

When did Sexy Daddy join this blog that he is claiming "insider"? Nothing wey person no go see for here....
He even acted like a fake pastor using sweet words to gbab money from his congregants. Oga!

same girl said...

I can't get over this, taking advantage of someone that opened up to you that it wasn't a good time for her financially? This is wicked.... very wicked!!! Can't sexy daddy be apprehended? Can't he be made to return these monies? It's totally unfair....

Seems it's a season of in house drama. We await tomorrow's

Em jay said...

Beloved we gonna share the money baibai.

Sweet Mother said...

BV going to Houston. Just get an extra $2000 to take care of your feeding, transportation and accommodation. if you can pay your ticket and hospital bills why do you want to go inconvinience yourself and your host?
If the whole process is above your budget please remain in Nigeria to avoid stories that touch.

Omeh said...

Hahahahahaha. Pele. SD has definitely pissed you off.Ole!

Nadine said...

I agree, Stella don't just let this slide. It would have been better if he was remorseful about his actions, but he's not.

Anonymous said...

Me I don't blame Sexy Daddy.

I blame the person who was duly
informed several times and kept using the information to blow nose.

I blame the married women he was asking for sex who kept silent.

I blame the single women he picked from Singles& Mingles who he asked for sexts and other things who kept silent.

I blame the people who faced his 'rude' 'crass' behaviour on whatsapp group and kept silent.

I blame the ones who were constantly paying his rent, hospital bills, miscarriage bills, toys for son, foodstuff,money for business and kept silent.

Sheep mentality, nigger mentality, always afraid to stand up for what is right until someone has stolen pubic hair from your legs. Even then they'll be whining like constipated goats, picking their noses and asking God to handle their crisis.
Why exactly do you think you were giving brains yeah? Rhetorical question. I know you lot don't know.

Waiting for the next big scam yo.

The presence of a head does not in any way signify evidence of commonsense. Robert Mugabe

Lipstick said...

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you don start. All food advertisement going forward have been banned.

Mz Poundz said...

Happy birthday baby're beautiful. You'll excel in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.
Following all the drama...goodness prevails.
unsexy daddy, you're a shame!! who cares if u don't visit SDK again. Who u epp?

DoppelgΓ€nger said...

Cute baby Genesis.
Happy birthday Brenda.
Faith and her son are cute.
Anonymous BV, thank God for your friend and well done to you for coming back to appreciate on behalf of your friend. There's a yoruba adage that says "anyone who says thanks for yesterday's grace would get another one" something like that. I see you too.
Arrrrrghhhh I really dislike it when I'm out of Lagos and my network is crappy. Is it only Lagos that has good network service? I can't even open one page within a minute, it takes over 2hours.
BlogLord, the title of the song is actually FIA I don't know why he named it that instead of just FIRE.

Lady Bug said...

He can never progress with it,he will continue to feed on crumbs from people.😎

IsaacBABA (N1300 for 2GB, N1800 for 08066929956 for more info) said...

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you.

Kele Bobo said...

Happy birthday baby Genesis.God bless and keep you in the hallow of his hand.Amen

Justyswt said...

I wish that baby Happy yday. But I didnt see that comment. Anyway baby genesis, happy birthday. May u be a blessing to ur family.

Mother and son, u guys rocks.

Happy birthday Brenda. Enjoy ur day.

Sexy daddy, I am so shocked I can't believe this. Na wa o. Some people will just come and scam people. May God help us.

Stella, just continue to be u. God will always vindicate u.

SANDY YO said...

Whaaaaaaaat!!!πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† Sexy daddy, You have really got guts and mind ooo.
May God forgive you. I dont even expect you to comman defend cos you obviously got nothing to defend. Wanted to keep totally mum but seeing this chat up here made me cringe. Such a pathological liar. Gosh!!!
Kindly do yourself good by writing a sorry memo and send in to Sdk to post in Ihn for your victims before finally going into just reading mode, it will really go a long way and help you further. Its a very unfortunate something and ayam sure your wife is also an accomplice and a partaker in all of these shenanigans. Height of poverty I guess. Its well!
I am just surprised and confused that not even one of you could get through to Sdk that is very accessible fa to tell her whats up all d while.
I loved his blog personality here but mehn just shook atm. Jeeeeez!

Lady STAINLESS said...

I've gat nothing to say again concerning sexy daddy issue.

Happy birthday... Little Angel Genesis.

Cute Faith and son... young mummy.

Happy birthday Brenda.

Nadine said...

"I will send my domestic staff to help you"😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Anonymous said...

I and hubby have been married for 7 years now..our sex life is great.. But not too great when I just had a baby.. Our last child is 3 and we had a little break in transmission when she was born, due to severe tear.. But I'm way better now and our sex game is on fire.. Like four times a week, when I'm strong or twice a week when I'm too stressed.. Two days ago, we had another hot round.. And he almost passed out set.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€..The problem is, just this morning, I was having break fast while he went to have his bath cos he had to go to work.. Then I remembered I had some clothes that I needed to dry outside, as I walked close to the bathroom, I saw him resting on the door ina very awkward way.. The bathroom door is almost see through.. I noticed he was wanking away.. I opened the door and he quickly bent down like he was fetching water from the tap.. I asked what he was doing, he said I'm fetching water for later.. He backed me and was blocking me somehow, but I saw the soap leather on his manhood..

I was shocked and couldn't even ask him.. I just walked out of the bathroom and since then, I've not been myself.. I'm shocked cos I don't starve him of sex.. Why would he do that.. I don't know how to ask him or if I'm over reacting..

Please I need help on how to go about this..

SUGAR. said...

Beloved please apologize and let the issue of wrong reciepent end. Or better still split the cash between them. I Know ​LEP just want to prove a point and make you see things from other people's perspective. Please be more open minded. I wonder how you finished Uni without befriending one gay, one effeminate guy (like the one that knows all beauty products and apply makeup perfectly), one lesbian, a tomboy, Chainsmoker, cultistπŸ˜‹ and fellowship papa. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ --- please don't tell me Unizik is that boring.

LEP please forgive and let it go. Mbok.

Andromeda O said...

This bit, 'Stella does anything I tell her...' got meπŸ˜‚What tires me is how people prophelie after swindling someone.
You still have guts to call God's Name. Na wa!
I've always been indifferent about the Sexy Daddy dude or whatever,
To those he took advantage of, my heart goes out to you.
Be smarter next time.

Nadine said...

I am here to troll...

Anonymous said...

Sooooooo much screen shot messages were sent, Stella just put up a few, Albert you need help! in fact, you must be arrested!

Lipstick said...

Happy Birthday Baby Genesis.

I hate being sick 😒😒😒 though the sickness no dey reach my mouth.

Leftie said...

Me! I even tried using different networks still the same thing. I just concluded the fault is from my you use any other browser apart from safari? Let me download it too


sweety who uses a safari browser in this age and time? lol your voice is still tingling me aswear. very sweet nice baritone something.

*hangs leg on the wall*

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this lady bug. he should be arrested. at least he is not anonymous. my God!!! The guy is so wicked.

Anonymous said...

We all did send to Stella, guess this is the few she could put up.

SUGAR. said...

Happy belated birthday baby Genesis.

Beautiful BV faith...awww your son is so cute!.

Happy birthday Brenda.

Ruby Likes girls said...

HBD baby Genesis.
May you live long and make your parents proud.
So I finally got an ID and I am glad I can comment as who I am. If LEP was accepted here, I figured I would be too..

Shout out to lady bug, blackberry, queen and boss, chikito, and Kevin Mr bwess.

Why hasnt sexy papa been arrested yet?

Sharon Aminu said...

Its so unfortunate
Maybe someone would have change your life here,out of greed,u miss out
I just feel so sorry for stella
She felt u should be responsible, u are a parent for God sake,everybody expect that from u.


So I was just chilling with my zobo reading SP now that I almost forgot about IHN.
Happy belated birthday baby Genesis, may God bless & protect you always.
Happy birthday bv Brenda, may God bless your new age.
Faith & son looking so lovely.
Sexy Daddy, may God & your conscience judge you.
Good day people.

I am king EZE said...

In a perfect world, there would be no con artists. No liars. No thieves. And no one would have to feel the anger and sadness that comes with getting taken advantage of. Of course, the world is not perfect and people are mistreated and duped everyday. Fair? No. Reality? Yes.
But sexy daddy mehnn.....this is a real blower.
The very adult thing to do is to tell your side of the story here and try to exonerate yourself. scratch that... APOLOGIZE to these people and move on from here if you still want to.
And to all the 'i know he has always been like this'gang ,please stop! It is exasperating.....
To all the victims here Nobody wants to be made a fool by a friend, loved one, acquaintance, or stranger...Every time the scene goes through your head you might feel Awful, foolish, embarrassed, shamed, angry, and victimized.If you have been wronged, holding on to it doesn’t make it right; let it go please. For the sake of that innocent boy.

Beloved said...

Chike, Please let me borrow space before comment will skyrocket again 🀷🀷

Am I dreaming?? πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† I am in fact speechless right now 😷
God bless you MY DARLING ANONYMOUS ANGEL. Wow I really really appreciate.😘😘😘😘
God will continue to bless you for me more. You will never know lack! Amen !!!
Before you open your mouth to ask, you will receive! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Bvs please help me to appreciate and thank my angel Ooooooo.

And you too Boss @SDK I really appreciate. Thanks so much for everything.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


GOONs Mi said...

Happy birthday baby genesis.

KAYAN MATA AND BURAN TASHI EMPIRE ** WhatsApp 08032648192 said...

God bless everyone.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm not fat ooh. Just big/long tummy.


I guess you started taking cold liquids immediately after delivery.
Ist rule after delivery, avoid cold stuff for the first 6weeks. Take hot stuff to shrink the tummy
Anyway, that stage is past now.

So! What you can you do going forward?.
Exercises. Sit up. If its difficult, buy a tummy trimmer kit to aid you.
Register @ the gym if you can for added motivation


if you are one cut out for surgery, and you have the money, go suck out the fats/lipo

Default Smile said...

SD apologise and move on. Most importantly change your ways.

Happy birthday to the cutie up there.

If you are a fraudster here....change o because you will be caught eventually.

Anonymous said...

Ihn welcome o...yard people how go dey go.
sexy daddy ur matter dey for God worry He will soon open ur chapter but no blame ur village people o.All ur amu nekele gi friends don renounce u o.

Lady Bug said...

I just replied her on what she loved about the watery song😎

Gold Taken said...

Thousands have lost people(s) meant to help/elevate them due to avarice, greed and lack of self control. I am disappointed. What a shame!
You had the effrontery of attaching "Pastor" to your blog name to be a nuisance? And then rope your innocent son into your mess? It's a pity. Apologise to those you hurt to be on a clean sheet.

Chikito The Professional Fire for Fire a.k.a Ugegbe Chike Teflon said...

Una morning oh. If i gbagaun, Sleep still dey my eye.

S/O to the 'concerned crew' 😎 Don't worry. I said it here severally that I control how I communicate with people by not enabling my email on my profile. I kuku know how many perceive me here, so I don't want that drama. The drama in my daily activity, trust me it would carry me through 9 lives.

Just to add to what @bee10 said yesterday, @sexy daddy asked me for assistance on his CV, through Stella and Chike. He and another BV. Remember when I was begging that they should stop bugging Chike's mail? Trust me they were ALOT. I replied and sent them a guideline to follow and send me details. I intended working on the CV for them, but i didn't have time. So I sent both them a CV I worked on for another BV (removing that person's name etc) and told them to use it as a guideline to modify theirs. That they should send it to me for final tweaking, software bla bla. They replied in appreciation, but I didnt hear from either of them again. SD later sent appreciation message through Chike, that he had gotten acceptance letter after an interview with his new CV and he was resuming. That was just last week Sunday. How is the mouthwatering nature of the job my headache?

Its unnecessary trying to use this issue to drag me in your petty messes. It's obvious that I dont like some of you and you dont like me too. I don't even try to hump on issues concerning you cos its irrelevant. But when you people see chikito, you line up looking for steam. At least i try to help people here in ways I can, and I'm unapologetic about that. And i will always do so if I have the opportunity. I'm not trying to be anyone's angel abeg cos if fight start na me go still dey front put fire.

We are all very disappointed at him and more even reading those meme's. Sad world.

BetterThings said...

typed plenty things on this sexy dadddy bruhaha yesterday and the thing just disappeared. All I can say is that every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner of the house.


Chike something serious is going on here so kindly write in English today for the sake of us that are not/don't understand igbo. THANK YOU

Abigail Joseph said...

Wooow this is so shocking, unbelievable.How can a humanbeing decide to be like sexy daddy...

Sexy daddy or whatever you are called God will punish you and your cohorts, how can you do this to people who meant well for you? How did you sleep at night? You took advantage of innocent people.Guy you are the loser. Shame, shame shame ...shame. pastor SD you need Jesus.

I am healed in Jesus name. Amen


Today you no chop suya?πŸ˜‚

Chikito The Professional Fire for Fire a.k.a Ugegbe Chike Teflon said...

The one shouting ChikiChi please leave Chike out of this. If he is a scam let's wait until he scams me, so you can laugh. Perfect icing on the cake abi? But please please leave my chike out of this and mind your business. Don't create enemies over one bad egg.

@Trinity thanks for remembering that comment. The day I posted and you replied we were accused of personalizing the BVs death issue and making it about ourselves. Remember? πŸ˜‚ Well, at least it now makes sense.

For those who assisted him, don't feel bad oh? Don't even feel like you fell mugu. Please leave yeye talk cos you will get your reward and he will get his. But i think all help should be mentioned to Stella before or after. So that when something comes across as 'off' it will be evident. At least that's what i try to do. As a tip: creditting accounts out of goodwill, should be done as blog ID not bank transfer. If it takes you 10 years to make it to the bank or find a messenger, let them wait. Don't put yourselves in a vulnerable position.

Lastly, hmmm! All those scamming/plotting underground maps using Stellas name and goodwill, this is a lesson. Stop already! 9 days for the thief and 1 day for the owner. I won't say more.

Anonymous said...

Little Genesis happy birthday to u my long and be mind bvs d matter wey dey ground hot no be small in fact e go last till end of December. Even one hot gist wey one anon download for sp yesterday just quench cos of SD matter.Abeg anon with Mrs A gist jst hold on make we treat this one wella u hear.

ThatYorubaChic#wifenotcook said...

Baby genesis, God bless your new age

Albert why? This is just too much

Lady Bug said...

I tell you, I don't know why the victims are taking this issue lightly😎

Anonymous said...

Eating beans with grasshopper teeth




Ikwakwakwakwa sexy sexy D.even the "sexy "is irritating me now

Anonymous said...

athest is mouthed sha, i used to think he was just smart and gentle, i saw him today

Lady Bug said...

Not his fault now,since Stella made a call out for him based on some childish reason 😎

DON™ said...

No sorry for Stella and those that were duped, you all deserved it.
You too like praise singers, calling you to high heaven.
I knew the guy is a fraud, not add to know for people thats with their grain intact. I just hope you guys learn a lesson.
Those that don't sing prais are haters and enemy of the blog.

The General's Wife said...

LMAO @ go and sow a very big seed🀣🀣🀣

But seriously,Why Sexy Papi?
Why did you do this?

Love.Eating.Pussy said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm SD u no try at all..especially how u join Stella name for ur fraud.I pity ur wonder she is always sad.I'm sure she dey receive beating from u too.
Oya o make all d pH bvs he scam speak out o...Ed and co o..unless na Una be d bvs wey e gbenshed.

Fab Mum said...

Oh well, shey there is a Pastor title attached to his name 😯😫

Sweet Mother said...

🀣🀣🀣🀣idi very wicked bloglord. Gossip fabrics🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

DON™ said...

No pity for all of them that got duped, they all deserved it.
Hope you all learn now.

Anonymous said...

Let Stella keep hoarding my comments. So long you read it, in content.

Know what your P.A is doing. Put your eyes to the ground.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Yours is fifty times bitten, a million times shy.

Don't mess up your brand with your own eyes.

Because of his name indeed. Power intoxicated eziokwu.
Mere blog P.A?


Nna kedu ebe ijelu Taadinu?ijelu itu vote?agbapugo sexy daddy oke oyigi afo,kedu ihe inwere igwa ya?

Anonymous said...

as for you, ur matter de fire!!

DON™ said...

They are all cowards. I know from the beginning that he got nothing upstairs, just looking for ways to penetrate the gullibles

Nadine said...

LMAO @ aka Evans jn....

Fab Mum said...

That is what shocks me the most. His picture, that of his wife and kids are all over the net. His shop address is here. Everything about him is here and he still went on with his scheming ways?? What was he thinking? That when things hit the roof, no one will come to his address? Or he intended moving to another choice property?? This is really sad. If I say I'm not pained and disappointed, then I'll be lying.

Cynhams Cakes, Abuja. said...

Little darling happy birthday to you baby. Grow and shine dearie.

***some people have mind oooo. The nerve!!!

Chikito The Professional Fire for Fire a.k.a Ugegbe Chike Teflon said...

Ohhh.... Ego of IHN I intended hailing you oh until I scrolled to see the drama. Sorry nne, you're gorgeous 😍😍 Fine skin 😁😁 Egovin 😁😁 Hope you're not toke-rizing us as per filters bikonu? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Baby Genesis happy birthday πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

Stella I think you should have left yesterdays drama as a stand alone IHN. Please if mama nnuku's memo is really hot depopulate IHN tommorow so we can trash it well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ see yesterday fine gehs up and drama below

My chest... 😣😣

Elias Miracle said...

happy birthday Great Genesis

Anonymous said...

If you believe sexy daddy slept with any bv, then u can believe anything, all na wash so as to feel like Gee, Fuck it! who go open leg for that crayfish looking mud head! tufiakwa

Sally jayd said...

Lol @ Gossip fabric. Albert is a shameless man.

Happy belated birthday Baby Genesis and Brenda.

Faith and son looking gorgeous.

Cynthia Iyede said...

Hehehehe Galant Fabrics...Orishirishi

The General's Wife said...

Chyko Nwoke Ike!
Onye Ije Nno!
Ncha melu!

BELOVED my Beloveth!
Happy for u chick!
And may God keep blessing your Angel AnonπŸ™πŸ½

Cynthia Iyede said...


HighlyFavoured said...

Sexy daddy, der is no peace for d wicked ooo. How much more one DAT adds fraud, cheating and self defence to it?
You are digging your grave. Believe me.
You may think you have gotten away with it, but check your life 5 years from now.
...This December, u would have been so blessed probably beyond all you've stolen so far, but a fraud would always shoot himself in the leg.

PS: A lot of genuine needs/request were refused/not granted, bcos they didn't have sugar coated tongue like yours.
Many more, will be refused because of you, too many curses on your head already.
I pray you make amend and restitution, before it's forever too late for u.

BetterThings said...

Happy birthday baby Genesis. I wish you every good thing in life. I use you as a point of contact to my womb. By this time next year, my own child will be celebrated in this blog IJN... Amen

miss Aboki the great said...

Chy Ozo you are right. Sexy daddy posted a demeaning comment about Islam sometime last week and I was ready to give it to him fire for fire(I am a Christian from a Muslim background) that comment disappeared before my very eyes. Inshort e do me like film trick. If it was a not so popular or favourite BV that posted such she would have left the comments for BVs to bash the person.
Some of Sexy daddy's victims are new here so they believe anything he tells them. Even the way Stella "fights" for him is enough to convince them.

Look at the issue of Beloved disqualifying people's gist, does it even make sense? She was counting votes before the whole PA thing and she did it very well. But now that she was officially made a PA story has changed.

A lot of people come to this blog, Study Stella's nature and slide into her inbox to familiarize with her in order to gain favours. I am very sure those are the ones that snitch on others.

Stella we love you, keep being you but pls avoid making certain people feel special. It gets into their head.

Lady Bug said...

They are up thereπŸ‘†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž

Oh Lamee said...

Happy birthday to you will fulfill purpose and destiny in life in Jesus Mighty Name. Happy birthday to you Faith. Faith n son muah...aint surprised with sexy daddy's ish....some humans r like that....let God judge him Stella!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you and thank you.
Stella is in the habit of being one sided. I can't fathom why.
Stella, you do good no doubt. Well done for that.
But the truth has got to be spoken.
Try to be liberal. It would help...tremendously.

As if you spoke the words out of my mouth. Chike may be next.
Watch out for bvs Stella pets and turns deaf ears whenever an issue concerning them crops up.

Just watch.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please can anyone recommend a good speech therapist for my toddler in abuja.please reply if you know who is into it

DON™ said...

I knew the guy was a scam, always have a story to warm up their heart while on the look out for a big prey.

Anonymous said...

Sexy daddy just knew his way to Stella's mumu button. Reason he had the nerves to say that.
Lady bug bugged him and he reported. Stella confronted lady bug. Imagine?
Some anons talked about his gbagauns... Maybe he reported. Stella confronted bvs. He knew how his way with her indeed.

There are some bvs that are being brought to Stella's notice. Typical of her. Because they are her faves, she is ignoring.
I laugh.
When kasala burst?

Love.Eating.Pussy said...

Stella and PH Bv's please get him arrested.
Part of the reason we have so many 419's is because alot of them get away with it.

Don't let him get away with it, let him get arrested.
He's a fraud and he should be punished


Kelvin Dat Edo Boi said...

Leftie on my other phone it's google chrome, that one ehn I jus wana cry, I have no other😰

SteffysoFyn Baybay that's what it is 😘

Ladybug, are for real?
Omeh yes am totally pissed of! Can't deal!

Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

Anonymous said...

Please can any one recommend a good speech therapist for my toddler in abuja. If you know something about this please reply me.this isba mum in pain

Anonymous said...

Isoryt,lets justyou wait, for January 15th. The prophet has prophecied

Kamikaze said...

Sex scandals are so titillating.
Why is it so easy to accept as truth Sexy Daddy's story that he slept with a BV when we now know how well he lies? We have seen evidence he is a good liar and yet do not doubt the fake sex gist?Is that how scarce men are in PH?

I just can't stop laughing.

SUGAR. said...

Oh Sharon darling.thisyour comment just tori Tori my bori. How you doing ma'am😘😘😘😘

Anonymous toh bad. I saw your comment on sp dragging TGW... What for? 8# it a crime to be warm and accomodating?

Lipstick said...

Dont even bother yourself explaining. Some people are just happy to see others on the side they think are loosing. I am surprised no one has come out to claim that you also helped him con his victims as well.

Anyways welcome back.

Omeh said...

My dear I taya o. By the time I am through with him,that his crooked mouth will know wassup

Omeh said...

Lmao. Gossip fabrics!!!! Like wtf!!!

The General's Wife said...


Mark today’s date cracked me up🀣🀣🀣

Poor woman!
I am especially pissed he scammed her knowing she didn’t have much. Like how can someone be that cruel? Taking from someone who told u she just started small.

Things like this makes it very hard to get close to people. To get to know people. Or to even get ordinarily acquainted. Sometimes you toughen up and then stuff like this happens and you are glad u don’t let your guard down. And won’t.

And then he had the temerity to swear on his son??😱
Like how did it get this bad Sexy Papi?

Disappointed much!

DON™ said...

Get the fool arrested and locked up in a jail cell to reset his brain. Stop calling God to judge him after all he's not anonymous so that can serve as a deterrent to others like him.
I'm still saying it, no pity for all of you that got scammed including Stella herself.
You all go to freezing mode once someone is singing your praises upandan.

Omeh said...

Hahahahaha. My dear na serious 'choice properties' o. He's obviously not smart,its even written all over his face

Rappakatakata said...

There's no key to happiness the door is always open.
Happy birthday to all the fine faces I see up there. May the years ahead bring y'all prosperity and peace.


Sweet mother,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you go fear business meme suggestions na. I tire abegπŸ˜‚

NadineπŸ˜‚. Sexy Daddy no go kill person. Lmao @ domestic staffπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@Ladybug, she was too trusting. Someone like me with trust issues, e for hard.

Oh well, e don happen be say e don happen.
Sexy daddy, it will do you good to come apologise to everyone before you set yourself on exile Abi banishment. Even though a lot of people will not flinch with your apologies, but it will be a step in the right direction. Otherwise it will be like a case of a thief who got caught but escaped and went into hiding. Anywhere people see you, na to shout " see the thief, I don catch am"

Again, please ask God to forgive you if you swore with the life of your son. Don't bring curses to an innocent infant that may affect him in future.

I used to feel like i am too rigid, and unfriendly when I ignore some mails I get; but with all of these, you just made me more wary of relating with people outside the blog. Many of the hailings and all i do, ends here. I can't shout biko. Na wa.

Lady Port (The Portress) said...

Mosquitoes spend their first ten days in the water.

Yori Yori Princess Loveme Jeje said...

Chai na wa. That is how whiteberry disappeared and never came back even when she/he was forgiven. so sexy daddy too will disappear and not come back.

James disappeared. So many disappeared.

Sexy daddy please go for deliverance ooo because the swear and curse they have placed on you is just too much. Please i take God beg you go for your church deliverance.

Omeh said...

Lol I'm sure the watering job part was to put you at ease with him before he strikes. Nawa

Anonymous said...

You all don't be surprised when Stella silently settles with sexy daddy and then calls all of us gala sellers for carrying the matter on our heads, telling us to mind our biz.
Nah her way be dat.

Bubul said...

Ama Stella does anything I ask her to.Bomboclat thief.monkey looking for banaba

Anonymous said...

Stella, the SD shock didn't allow you comments very well, few people wish baby Genesis a happy birthday yesterday. I don't believe he slept with any babe on this blog, he ysed that as a strategy to dupe people. I wonder the audacity he has to be calling Stella's name in his transactions. He needs to be apprehended.

Praise said...

I am here for the yansh opening comments.
Mr Fido dido will be reading comments while smashing correct Oha soup with cow leg. It is well

Anonymous said...

What are you even saying? He said you gave him a mouth watering job, people were congratulating and thanking you, you played along, and now you are talking gibberish. Go sit do, why didn't you explain this earlier. Omg I'm disappointed in you.

Ralu M said...

Where do I send my applause to? πŸ‘
He did them local mmm. A big portion of the blame rests with people who foolishly gave him their hard earned money without shinning their eyes. In this year and age person will dupe one under guise of...Stella is my personal person, I have her in my handbag bla bla bla?
How on earth did he dupe all of you and nor even one person spoke up or complained or commented? The silence enabled the idiot to get away with the nonsense scam he was doing. If una like don't sniff him out and choke all that he fraudulently took from una. Imagine the isi opiro mango anemic hungry looking vagabond that pulled the wool over una eyes.


Oh really? Thought it was fire.
I don't even know the lyrics, I just like the sensation/mood that comes with the tune. It has a very cool tempo.😎

Lol @ the network. It's everywhere jare. Pele

Promising star said...

Na wa o


Go and get bigger clothes to fit ur new size

CHI EXOTIC said...

Nah I don't think he should be arrested
He's still our blog brother you know?
Let him just go with his fraudulent ways
God will use other means to punish him.



Anonymous said...

LEP you are sexy daddy in the making. Bvs please be ware. This is how Albert sexy daddy started
Come to daddy
Choice properties
Christmas giveaways
You can name the rest
This one started withcheap popularity too. Let una eyes clear.
Who dash you give away. When you are busy crying over 10k you didn't even win. Tufialkawa

Cynthia Iyede said...

To be honest Chikito you're really a nice person and that's the truth. Just saying...

CHI EXOTIC said...

Sexy daddy has finished us.

Anonymous said...

LADYBUG the lady trolling u under TGW's comment on SP this morning has replied u.Please check so u can give us your robust reply here.

Chameleon said...

chairman watappen to your English, did SD dupe you of it?


Oya let me sing for you and ladybug

🎢one man's meat is another man's poison ooo...Monkey no fine but I'm mama like am ehhhh....🎢

Anonymous said...

Today I am consuming fried rice and antelope wings. Shioooor Aturu!

Choice properties my ass.
Grasshopper begger
Hungry scaly parasite
Family of beggarly entrepreneurs
Trust at your own risk

Lady Bug said...

No need for any useless sorry memo,this is no longer a civil case but a criminal case,he must be duly arrested and prosecuted!😎

Lady Bug said...

I never expected anything from anybody here, every mallam to his kettle 😎

CHI EXOTIC said...

Sexy daddy slept with who? If I hear!
Who would open her legs for that gremlin?

Lady Bug said...

There's no side of his story to tell😎


TheLagosShopper(Goods and services 4rm the popular Lagos markets to anywhere in naija?07030493148) said...

God bless you baby Genesis,may your years be long!

Lady Bug said...

There's nothing like moving on here,out yourself in the shoes of those he defrauded,he should be arrested!😎

The General's Wife said...

Oriegwu my dear!

I thought so too but then,I figured that many of them thought it was a one-off. And prolly chided him and moved on(that’s about those he allegedly asked sex from)

Allegedly cos I mean that ish must be the sickest thing I heard in recent times. And I mean if he lied about many things,a part of me strongly believes he lied about the sex thing.
He needed money hungrily and yet he went loud-mouthy on his so-called pay master/Sugar mommy,knowing it could jeopardise his trade??!
Nah! I don’t believe it!

And those he deleted off whatsapp group may have not come forward because I mean,it’s no biggie really Bn deleted off the group and I mean coming to the blog to complain would seem like taking things a “bit far”

The decent thing to do now is to aplologise to eveyone. Esp those he defrauded.Ask for forgiveness from then and try to change his ways.

Let him at least try to make amends.

clement mojisola said...

HAppy birthday baby.God bless your new age darling. Gods blessings on you

Lady Bug said...

Chikito don't mind them,I saw that one jumping on every comment involving 'mouth watering job',I just dey laugh,your name dey always pepper am for body😁😁😁😁😁😁😎


A big sexy seed oh! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kai I weak for Sexy daddy.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Loll @ Chy Ozo, Chike's is coming very very soon. Lolll.
There are some others but I won't bother with names as Stella will continue using people's comments to make moi moi.
Let whatever will happen, happen.

DON™ said...

Go and hustle and stop looking for freebies.

Lady Bug said...

Old saying,that was the same thing said during whiteberry saga,forget that thing,some pathetic mugu go still fall for another scammer!😎

Senator EsE EsSAy said...

I got no idea,pick one for me if you don't mind. Lol

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know why I had this image of a short fat duck prattling. It is well.

Omote said...

May God deliver Sexy Daddy.

Anonymous said...

w, lovely Mama @ faith..

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