Stella Dimoko Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi Says She Won’t Respect Her Husband If He Is Not Smart


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Monday, 20 November 2017

Miss Nigeria, Chioma Obiadi Says She Won’t Respect Her Husband If He Is Not Smart

Speaking with Punch, Chioma Obiadi, the Anambra State-born beauty who won the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant in 2016, opened up about her journey to the throne, her plans for the future, marriage, and more. 

See the excerpts from the interesting interview.

Asked about falling in love, marriage and the man she may end up with

she candidly said: “I think love is giving, love is sacrifice and it is a decision. You cannot decide to fall in love, but you can decide to stay in love. My husband must be Godfearing and smart because if he is not smart, I may not be able to respect him.

Of course, the man must completely adore me too. I want to have two children, a girl and a boy.”

Asked if gender may affect her aspirations, she said:

“I want to be seen as a woman who believes nothing is too big to be achieved. Just as you can create hell in your mind, you can also create heaven in your mind. It is your choice.”

Asked how the crown affected her social life, she said: 

“I have learnt that life is not a bed of roses. You have to work for anything you want in life. Also, since I have a lot of people looking up to me as a beauty queen, my actions are no longer mine alone. Before I take any step, I need to consider and think of the impact it would create on people that look up to me as their role model. You need to be very careful as well with whatever you do so that it is not used against you or misinterpreted.”

She also talked about how her parents reacted to her winning the pageant

  According to her; parents are supportive, but my father was skeptical about me going into pageantry from the outset. He told me I had to get into the university before contesting in pageants. After getting into school and doing well, I spoke about it with my mum who later convinced him.”




Gorgeous Lilian said...

"My husband must be God fearing and smart because if he's not smart I MAY not be able to respect him". I think I agree with her.

But don't marry him if u know he's not smart to avoid being disrespectful to him.

All the best young lady.

The General's Wife said...

Lol @ the headline.

What an “un-smart” thing to say especially coming from a “smart” lady😂

Anonymous said...

It takes a smart person to know another smart person, but the snag is that u might be dumb n you might think you are smart,so how then can u figure who is smart or not?

Sally jayd said...

Small children talk, you will change your tone when you get married.

Anonymous said...

She sounds so into herself, so full of herself, read the first few lines and tuned off.
Your want a smart man, you want this, you want that and this is coming from a woman who has got lipstick smears on your front teeth??????

nnuku Sexy pant-like boxers. 08170506432 Order now said...

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Blackberry said...

Well, everybody respects n likes smart alecs.

Anonymous said...

How can a smart you marry a man that is bot smart?

Anonymous said...

Why do Nigerian beauty queens sound so basic?
Please don't do interviews.
Just carry crown and waka.
Once una speak it's like chewing beans with gravel.

Leema said...

I felt the same way too reading it. She sounds immature. Oblivious of realities of life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you oh

charitybino said...

Till then

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