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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christy Essien-Igbokwe Sun Re Ooo....!

Nigerias lady of songs passed on today June 30,2011 after a brief illness.

Her last performance was the Nigerian idols where she joyfully performed one of her songs to the delight of the audience.

Enjoy one of her songs as you mourn her.

Rest in Peace ...Rest in the Lords bossom...we will defintely ''gbadura fun e''

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

AGN Boils Again:Monies Contributed For Family Of Late Ashley Nwosu Missing!

What happened to the N885,000 donated to ashley nwosus widow?

What happened to the N4million naira donated by the abia state governor?
(find out details of how the four million naira was shared amongst some group of actors in this week Encomium magazine)
      Actor Emeka Enyiocha has writtern a petition to actor segun arinze the President of
AGN indicting Emeka Rollas( National Secretary), Emeka ibe otherwise known as 'emeka Rising'( Lagos state AGN chairman) and Mr. Abubukar yakubu(PRO). on their collective and individual acts of misconduct over the funds contributed during the
burial ceremony of actor Ashley Nwosu.

The List of donors [although no exhaustive] are as follows:

MD- So Safe Bottle water, N100,000

Tonto Dike 100,000

Rita Dominic 20,000

Stephanie Okereke 20,000

Segun Arinze 100,000

Genevive Nnaji 500 Dollars.

Justus Esiri 5,000

Ini Edo 15,000.

Other donors are Bob Manauel Udoku, Obot Etuk, Chinedu Ikedieze, Jim
IYKE, Charles Inojie,et al.
The total money came to N885,000.
''On monday june 20,2011 '' the National Secretary, Mr. Emeka Rollas and the Lagos state chairman Emeka Ibe hurriedly went to Ashley's family and gave
them the $500 Genevive paid and another sum of N25,000.''
The question being asked now is where is the balance of over N755,000.?

One of the accused Abubakar Yakubu sent the following detailed report to clear his name .


June 16, 2011
The National President
Actors Guild of Nigeria
17 Ajao Road Surulere, Lagos

Dear Sir,



The committee was set up by the National President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Mr. Segun Arinze, with the sole objective of organizing a befitting burial for the Late Ashley Nwosu.


  1. Liaise with the family of the Late Ashley Nwosu with a view to participate in his burial activities
  2. Organize a befitting service of songs/candle light vigil in Lagos, his state chapter.
  3. Ensure late Ashley Nwosu’s family members attend the service of songs/candle light night
  4. Mobilize members to attend his burial ceremony en mass
  5. Work with state chapters concerned, i.e Lagos and Abia to ensure that Late Ashley be given a befitting burial.
  6. Reach out to members to contribute generously towards the burial ceremony


The committee was supposed to be funded by the National body of AGN, but since fund was not available in the National account, we were made to rely on funds from Lagos state chapter, which was empowered to levy its members towards the burial ceremonies.

The National President gave the committee the sum of =N=50,000 (Fifty thousand Naira) to kick start the burial plans.

The fifty thousand naira was handed over to the Chairman, Lagos state chapter of AGN since the chapter was saddled with running the expenses. The money was used as deposit for the T-shirts.

No other fund was given to the committee for the burial activities.


The committee met only once within the three weeks of its life span with the following persons in attendance, Messrs. Abubakar Yakubu, Chairman, Emeka Rising Ibeh, Chairman Lagos chapter and Emeka Enyiocha, members respectively. The only issue discussed at the meeting was the approval of the amount of money to be paid as burial levy.

  1. A List stars =N=5,000 and above
  2. Others =N=1,000 minimum

I also met with Mr. Frank Dallas once at a separate time, but never met with the Secretary, Donald Okoli. I only got a report from the Lagos state chapter Chairman, Mr Emeka Rising Ibeh that Mr Okoli was helping the state chapter to collect money from members. During my meeting with Mr. Dallas, he took permission to be excused from our regular meetings as he was in a mourning period for late Ashley Nwosu who was his uncle; but pledged his support whenever needed. I was consistently sending out text messages to members for us to meet, even when the President summoned the committee for a final briefing before the service of songs night, no one turned up except the Chairman and the Lagos chapter chairman.

I was in constant contact with the Lagos State Chairman, Mr Ibeh to get updates on things that the chapter was funding for the Candle light Night. I also spoke extensively on the phone with Emeka Enyiocha on Wednesday, 8th june 2011 when he demanded to know how much was realized and the amount budgeted for late Ashley’s family and widow. I told him that the committee had not received the financial report from Lagos Chapter authorized to collect the levy and the contributions. The discussion almost turned into an argument as I tried to make him understand the limitations of the powers of the committee in the disbursement of funds. I equally urged him to pay up his levy as the state chapter reported that he was yet to pay. We concluded that the committee would meet in Umuahia before the funeral ceremony.


The committee was not empowered by the National Executive Council to receive donations/levies from members and or the public towards the burial activities. Only Lagos State Chapter was authorized to receive levies and donations. In fact, there was no formal letter of appointment setting up the committee from the NEC up till date, but we functioned with the verbal pronouncement of the President in setting up the committee and with firm resolve to give late Ashley Nwosu a befitting burial. This abnormally was reported to the President and at some point I threatened to quit but he encouraged me to go on since the objective was to give late Ashley a well deserved burial.


To ensure a successful hosting of service of songs and candle light night, the committee wrote a passionate letter of invitation and plea for donations toward the event to all A-List stars. The letter was signed by the National President and Chairman Lagos state Chapter.

Also the committee wrote to the management of O’Jez Restaurant, National Stadium and requested to use their car park for the service of songs and with the help of the National President; the venue was given to us free of charge.

The committee received the following items for the service of songs night.

  1. Two Canopies for the Band - Courtesy Lagos state Chapter
  2. A large Banner of the deceased - Courtesy National President
  3. Live band and P.A.S - Courtesy National President
  4. Chairs - Courtesy O’Jez Restaurant
  5. Bottled and pure water - Courtesy So safe Water
  6. Meat pie - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  7. Candles - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  8. AGN Choir - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  9. T-Shirts - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  10. Program of Event - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  11. MC - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  12. Security - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  13. Pastor - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  14. Media coverage - Courtesy Lagos state chapter
  15. Video Coverage - Kiss Event/National President
The service of songs and candle light night was held on the 2nd of June 2011, from 5pm – 9pm and was well attended by who is who in the motion picture industry aka Nollywood. Also the deceased immediate family, brothers, sisters, uncles and members of his clan were in attendance.

After the event, I asked the Chairman, Lagos state chapter to give the committee the total expenses for the service of songs and candle light night for our record, but he requested that we wait till the end of the burial activities to enable him compiles a comprehensive account. The committee could not meet after the Service of songs night as I travelled to Port Harcourt, Abia and Imo states respectively on official assignment. I returned on the 7th June, 2011 only to embark on another official trip to Abuja on the 8th June, 2011 before going for the burial on 10th June 2011.


To ensure massive participation of members in the final burial ceremony, the committee in conjunction with the National secretariat mobilized all the Chapters in the Eastern zone including Bayelsa and Rivers state chapters to attend the burial ceremony massively with their members in Umuahia. Of particular interest was the Bayelsa State chapter that promised and attended, the burial ceremony with 30 members including a dance troupe


The National delegation was led by the National Secretary of AGN and included myself and some states chapter chairmen.We were picked up from Owerri airport by the Chairman of Abia State chapter and some of his Exco members on Friday 10/06/2011, at about 1.45pm. We drove to Umuahia town where we met a picked up Chidi Arouma before we headed to Late Ashley Nwosu’s Village.

We arrived at the Late Nwosu’s compound at about past 4pm and met with his siblings and other members of the family including wife and children.

While in the village, Igwe Ben came to meet us in the deceased compound and also joined us.

We were briefed of the burial plans by his elder brother who served as the head of the family. He informed us of the wake keep scheduled for 10pm -12midnight. He told us that (all night) wake keep was not allowed in Umuahia and its environs. He excused us from attending the Wake keep since we have travelled a long distance, showing pity to us, he advised that we should rest that night, we mounted our flex banner and inspected all facilities provided for the burial. The Head of the family also informed us that Mr. Ejike Asiegbu former President of AGN, had informed him of our coming.

We left the village at about 7 pm to secure hotel accommodation in a nearby town. As we are settling down in the hotel, the Bayelsan contingents arrived in their 30 setter bus. All efforts to get a discounted rate for them in the hotel proved abortive. They were led to another hotel where they got lower room rates by a Good Samaritan. The Abia Chairman and some of his Excos departed for Aba with their bus so there was no means of transportation for the committee members, National Excos and chairmen. I called Emeka Enyiocha severally that night but he never picked his call and did not return the call.

Saturday 11th June, we woke up at about 6.30am, when the Bayelsan contingents came to inform us that there were leaving for the Late Ashley’s village to commiserate with the family for one hour before departing for Yenegoa that morning, because of traffic jam in Port Harcourt. We advised them to use Owerri road, which is shorter and traffic free. We also pleaded with them to wait, so that we can all go in convoy. Breakfast was provided for them by the committee. Ms Obot Etuk also came to meet us at the hotel about 7am.

Due to some logistic problems and hitches, we left the hotel at about past 12noon and arrived at the burial venue at 1pm in a convoy that included AGN Abia, Imo and Bayelsa states Execos, members, camera crew, National Exco representatives, Obot Etuk, Ibinabo Fiberisinma who met us on the road and others.

We disembarked from the bus and walked into the field where the funeral service was going on; we noticed free chairs under a canopy, as the canopy reserved for artistes was fully occupied, we were stopped midway to the free canopy by the Fmr President of AGN, Mr. Ejike Asiegbu, who informed us that it was reserved for the State Governor and his entourage. He persuaded us to go and find somewhere else to sit as we were already late for the event and the funeral service was already going on he, concluded.

Members of our entourage pleaded with him to allow the Representative of the National President and the States chairmen to sit there, while others will go and find where to sit or stand.

Messrs. Emeka Enyiocha and Steve Eboh joined Mr Asiegbu in asking us to leave the field. Tempers began to rise and parties started exchanging words. Finally we moved out of the field.

The National Secretary and the States chairmen went to stand under a tree while other members of the entourage dispersed into the crowd.

At that point, I went into the field to take photographs and assist in the funeral service.

Mr. Asiegbu came to register his disappointment in me and the National President, not to have deemed it fit to call him over Ashley’s death knowing too well that he is close to the Govt.

I informed him that the National President, Segun Arinze called him on two occasions and he never picked his call and that he even sent a text message which was not acknowledged. He said he never saw anything on his phone. I tendered an apology for that.

The funeral ceremony went on smoothly from that point till the Governor eventually came and left.

It was during the vote of thanks that some of us heard that the Governor provided transport fare, accommodation, welfare, internal transport and security for artistes. I asked Messrs Eboh and Enyiocha why they did not inform us that Govt, provided all of the above for artistes.

Mr. Eboh said he never knew that I was in Umuahia for the burial while Enyiocha just kept mute.

After the funeral service, representatives of AGN National were requested to escort the corpse to the grave side for the final burial rites. We followed and witnessed his final journey into the grave amidst tears. It was an emotional moment for all.

After the burial, we waited for the presentation of gifts ceremony as it is with Igbo burial tradition, meanwhile our colleagues including Emeka Enyiocha, a member of the burial commitee left before we returned from the grave side without informing us of their destination. I called Mr. Enyiocha severally to join in the presentation of gifts but did not pick the calls.

Having waited for over thirty minutes for the family to decide on where the presentation would take place, rain started to drizzle. We quickly arranged the gift items and took them to the family house where it was presented to the representative of the family, Late Ashley’s elder brother.

Meanwhile, the Chairman Lagos state Chapter kept $500 with me since Wednesday 8 June, 2011. He told me it was donated by Genevieve Nnaji to be given to Ashley’s widow.

The Chairman could not make the presentation to her as the room was over crowded and she was emotionally down cast and also crying.

The chairman Lagos state chapter informed her that the State has a package for her and that it would be delivered to her in Lagos when she returns. She agreed and we departed the village in a heavy down pour. Please find attached photographs personally taken both at the funeral service and burial ceremony.


While I was in my hotel room in Asaba later that night, I was informed that Abia State Governor gave all the Artistes that attended the burial ceremony N4 million for their transport fare. He also hosted them to a state banquet in Govt., House Umuahia.

I arrived in Lagos only to start receiving calls from people including friends that we embezzled 600,000 naira contributed for Ashley’s burial and that we did not even participate in all the burial activities.

I wish to state categorically, that I did not follow them to the mortuary and attend the lying in state because of my religious belief as a Muslim.

I also want to state again that as chairman of the burial Committee, I was not empowered to receive and or disburse funds for the late Ashley Nwosu’s burial and until I receive the account details from the Chairman, Lagos Chapter, I cannot disclose how much was received and spent.


First and foremost, I would like to thank the President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Mr. Segun Arinze for the opportunity given me to serve my Guild in this capacity against all odds.

There were abnormalities though, but he encouraged me greatly.

I will strongly advise that only committed members who are willing to serve the Guild should be given responsibilities in future.

Administrative procedures must be followed religiously to prevent loopholes or abnormalities in a constituted authority.

Finally, The Chairman Lagos state chapter, custodian of all the funds collected has assured me that all the monies received are intact and proper account would be given.

Long Live AGN!

God Bless.


Abubakar Sanusi Yakubu

Cc: Ag, Chairman & Secretary, Board of Trustees, AGN

Rapper Ikechukwu/Sarah Ofili Spotted.

The rapper and his girlfriend sarah ofili were spotted by travellers yesterday night (tuesday june 28,2011)at heathrow airport in the Uk.
They seemed to be in a crowd and were holding and kissing,with most eyes on them.
An excited traveller sent in these pictures.

If you see 'em celebs,snap 'em and take to ya heels !

hhmmmmm whos baby is this ooooo.???

Domestic Voilence:Kolade Butchers Wife Titilayo in a fit of Anger!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Introducing Crooner Bright 'YUNG CHIEF' Eliogu.

Bright Eliogu is the older brother of Celebrated actress Jennifer eliogu

The Eliogus are indeed blessed with a singing voice;actress jennifer eliogu sang a duet 'kilie dike' with yungchief and its a delight to th ears.'kilie dike' will be uploaded as soon as i get it.
Meanwhile listen to yungchiefs other songs and enjoy the relaxing rythm.

Bright Eliogu is on facebook.

Biri ka mbiri ft. Maroqs by BRIGHTYUNGCHIEF

Lookbright Anthem by BRIGHTYUNGCHIEF


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ex Beauty Queen Helen Prest-Ajayi......51years Old And Fabulous!!!

Who looks this fabulous and gorgeous at 51?(shes 52 on october 17th)
Check out ex  Miss Nigeria. Helen Prest Ajayi who won the crown in 1979!

I bet if she competes again for the crown,she would win again hands down.

Check out Beauty queen helen!!!

You have just got to love this Mother of three!....You do?

New MBGN 2011 Sylvia Nduka Murders English!

Did she say ''chimdren'' on the streets?
did she say ''i plamt to use my crown...''

So Naija has a new MBGN....Sylvia Nduka representing Taraba state won.
No hating here but Sylvia represents a bunch of beautiful girls assembled by the organisers to compete for one crown and they all did one thing as a chorus----Murdered English!

Okay,so maybe she was the best from the lot of them...who knows*rolling eyes*

Sylvia won and though the audience were disappointed because everyone had their candidate and many felt taraba should not win becuase of.........

Okay,so she won on saturday june 25,2011 and after she was crowned guy murray-bruce put the mic to her lovely lips and asked

Guy:So how does it feel now that you are MBGN?
Sylvia(Representing taraba state):''I feel exciting and happiness''!
Guy quickly took the mic away!

Watch her Pre-contest ad......and you decide if silverbird the organisers of the peageant chose rightly(surely there must be something they saw in her and please dont give me that bullsh**t that Nigerians voted!)

Anyway whatdaheck,she won....Congrats sylvia!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Breaking News:Actress Uche Jombo Survives Autocrash!

This is another miracle in less than two days!

We are still thanking God for sparing the lives of comedian okey bakkassi and veteran movie maker kingsley ogoro who had a near fatal crash along asaba road when the news filtered in this morning that actress uche jombo just survived a fatal car crash which saw the car spining round and round like a carousel out of control and then hitting another  fast coming car headlong.

On lookers who were at the scene of the accident where a lot of people converged as early as 1am this morning (saturday 25,2011)swear the other car cut open into two while the fj cruiser driven by the actress is an almost write off.

Accident happened along lekki/chevron area around 12midnight.

We contacted the actress this morning as soon as we heard the news and her sister picked up the phone telling me ''she is sleeping now,she just came back from the hospital and was given some injections to calm her.please call back''.....we called her back an hour later ,she picked the call but could not say anything other than ''thank God,thank God,thank God.....''

Thank God indeed for the lives of uche jombo,okey bakassi and kingsley ogoro.baba God we give you praise!

Exclusive pics from Actor Ashley Nwosu's burial.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Black Arrow Is Back!

Rmemeber the actor who shot to fame via the role he interpreted as 'black arrow'?.

Yes actor segun arrow is playing another off the hook role in a movie titled cobra!

Yes,the black arrow is back but this time he is a cobra!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Actress Genevieve Nnaji Spotted.

The Celebrated actress was recently spotted on Regent Street in the UK taking a long walk.
This is not gist?I know!

BREAKING NEWS:Comedian Okey Bakassi/Kingsley Ogoro Survive Auto Crash!

Okey Mac-Anthony Bakassi.

Kingsley Eloho Ogoro

The celebrated comedian and Producer kingsley are thanking God for their lives as you read this!

''Okey bakassi and movie producer Kingsley ogoro were on their way to owerri when the car  okey was driving summersaulted three times around asaba area and was badly damaged but thank God for his mercies both walked out without a scratch!
The car has since been towed to owerri''.

Contact was made with the comedian and the only words he could mutter was ''God is great''!

.......indeed he is!

Please thank God with okey bakassi as this is another entertainment tragedy averted.
The devil is a liar and we bind untimely passage in the entertainment industry in Jesus name!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

27yr Old Lady Shot By Armed Robbers Needs Your help!

Oh God in heaven please let those who did this to this lady never know peace of mind!!!...Amen!

27yr old Lara was shot in the face by armed robbers recently. she is a second class upper graduate in Computer Science/Economics from OAU.

Drummer girl Ara is helping her raise some money and in her own words after meeting Lara yesterday june 21,2011...''shes beautiful,highly intelligent. She needs your help..She needs re- constructive surgery,still has particles all around her face,2 pieces of bones dropped from thru her nose 2 days ago. We need N4.5M for the surgery in India but if you have contacts in the US,we would appreciate it''

Please have a heart and send any amount you can afford to this account number.please please please!!!

account number: 0720001369
Bank: ETB.
Thank you and God bless you,please indicate your contact number in your teller.

You can also contact Ara via her email

Picture of Lara ...

Youtube Star Jemma Pixie Hixon Has Agoraphobia.

This lady has not left inside her parents home for two years!!

I am sure when you listen to her song her lyrics wont be new to you''love the way you lie'' is one of my favourite songs but unfortunately the singer has an illness that doctors dont know how to cure.

''Blessed with a beautiful singing voice and a talent for song-writing, Jemma Pixie Hixon had always dreamed of becoming a star.

But her fledgling career came to a halt when she developed agoraphobia, a condition which left her so frightened of the outside world she has been unable to leave her house for two years.

So she decided to film herself singing in a makeshift recording studio in her bedroom in Malvern, Worcestershire, using a webcam then post the footage on the internet.
Thanks to those recordings Miss Hixon, 20, is now a big name in China and Japan, and more than two million have watched her performances on the video-sharing website YouTube.

She performs a mixture of covers of chart hits and her own songs, and last month, one video achieved ‘most viewed’ status in China.

She said: ‘For the last two years I’ve been struggling with agoraphobia. I used to perform all the time and I really wanted a way I could continue.
‘I decided to put my songs up on YouTube so I could share them with lots of people, even though I’m still housebound.’

You are watching the next thing after Beyounce....if only she can leave that house!..babe rocks!...what a voice!

Thanks to

MBGN 2011...The good;The bad and The Funny!..check this out!!

MBGN 2011.....You Decide!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ex Beauty Queen Stephanie Oforka Marries Footballer Kalu Uche.

Sometimes these celebrities tire me with their lies because they make the reporters look bad...just like kalu did to me.
I wrote that kalu uche and stephanie oforka were in love and about to wed.Kalu Uche called me up angry and used every word in the book to deny the affair and i even apologised to him.
He told me pointblank to stop writing lies and confirm from him next time...again i apologised.

Stephanies Publicist called me and blah blah blah.....

The pictures below prove that i didnt lie and i wonder what point kalu tried to prove by lying when as at the time he lied stephanie was (still is)pregnant with his child.

The footballer wed stephanie who is almost 6months pregnant on friday/saturday june 17-18 2011 in the east and here are the beautiful pictures from the event.
Stephanie looks so lovely and its almost unbeleiveable that shes in her second trimester...some ladies rock pregnancy,shes one of them.
Kalu!!...Kalu!!.....Kalu!!! many times i call your name?bite your tongue next time before you lie.

Awwwww.see the baby bump?Meanwhile ikechukwu looks hot!

love wantintin.

Yeah thumbs up to your union..stay together!!!

story is also out in ENCOMIUM MAGAZINE this week.
Please feel free to lift story and picture but lift with finesse and gimme credit.*tongue in cheek*

Monday, June 20, 2011

Excited Mercy Johnson Shops For Wedding Dress In Newyork.

Is she Preggers?check out the face and the bump.

The celebrated actress will walk down the aisle in august fulfil her dreams of getting married.

As the above picture suggests,mercy is already excitedly shopping for a dress to wear but i am wondering if there is no designer in naija to make her a dress befitting enough for her status.....dont we have wedding shops in naija???
This is all colonial mentality......not hating but please let charity begin at home.
.....All a waste of money if you ask me but whats my own..isnt my money.

...So the countdown begins to the big day!

Mercy and her Prince charming.

pic thanks:Jimmy Sonde.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Check out Actress ''Rapunzel''Empress Njamah!!

....Rapunzel,Rapunzel biko let down ya hia!
......Willy-willy dey come make una run eeeeh!

I dont know what to call this but please if you know this actress direct her to come here and decide if she deserves to be nicknamed ''rapunzel'' or ''willy-willy of nollywood''
No hating here but this aint 'werking' for me at all at all at all at all!...mbanu!!


picture credit goes to that1960chick.

Check Out Actress Oby Edozieh.

The actress (as is the norm now in nollywood) recently did a photoshoot and these are the pictures she is like?

Fact:Nice legs!!!

Know This Actress?

This shouldnt be too hard...
Shes petite and very pretty and recently became baby mama to a london based Naija man.
Her son is a carbon copy of baby daddy.
ok let me give you a cheap clue... .''ama wish you the Grace of God as you read this''.

So,did you decode?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Actress Halima Abubarkar Lied!

The actress was recently asked  in an interview concerning her relationship with footballer ifeanyi udeze and her response shocked me.

The interviewer who was probably trying to launder her image asked her the normal image laundering question

Interviewer::::Is it true you dated former Super Eagles player, Ifeanyi Udeze, as reported in the media?

Halima:::No, I did not date him.....(CHINEKE !!!!HALIMA ISI GINI???)

Interviewer:::Have you ever dated a footballer?

Halima:::My boyfriend is not a footballer. (clever diversion)

Halima dated footballer ifeanyi udeze about two years ago and he spoilt her silly with perfumes and expensive wristwatches...he even supposedly moved her into a three bedroom flat but that was a lie,it didnt happen.they dated for close to a year before it packed up,just as the actress was nursing dreams of becoming mrs udeze...a footballers wife.(big deal in naija)
I dont know why Naija celebs like to lie so openly,if something has happened,if you dont want to talk about it say no comment, lying so openly is soooooooooo wrong.
I broke the story of that relationship and i am miffed that she is saying blah blah blah didnt happen...

Please next time you are interviewed halima say ''no comment'' instead of rubbishing and lying about a relationship that meant everything to you at that time!

Happy belated birthday !!!!..hope you had fun?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Check Out Governor BRF's 6Pack!

                              BRF is 4th from left.....abi no be six pack be that?lol!

.....So Babatunde Raji Fashola,the governor of lagos state  captained the Super Eagles All Stars during the Kanu Testimonial Match held at Teslim Balogun Stadium on sunday june 12,2011.

six pack,six pack...abi nah 7?lol

Nice one fash!


Na Wa:Say No To Human Trafficking!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guess The Actress...

She is a very controversial one ....likes to blah blah blah in all her interviews and is supposedly planning a four day carnival wedding come august 2011.
This is an easy one!

Thursday, June 09, 2011


This has got to be one of the hottest cover that WOW magazine has produced in recent times.Damilola looks amazing!
However i must also commend Nike Oshinowo who is 45yrs old but looks 16yrs old.
(pulizz dont gimme the crap that shes doing fitness blah blah blah,going under the knife pays!).

Nice picture.....''Stella stop hating,nah person tell you to worwor''

From Monalisa with love....

You have just got to love this actress for how nice she turns out in her photoshoot,heck she doesnt even need talk of the town photographer Ty bello to look this good.

The celebrated actress who recently became a UN Habitat ambassador is blowing out love and thanks to all those who have supported her over the years!
This one na real oyibo-pepper!

Check out Sharon Ojong From Kokomansion.

She was one of the lucky ones who had their five minutes of fame extended via reality programme kokomansion.
This is what part of her biography filed in for the show say

''Rekana’s childhood was not exactly a Cinderella story, “growing up was very difficult – I was raised by my dad alone because my mum left us when I was eight”. She grew up with four older brothers, and one sister, and as the case would be, she became a Tomboy, until she was rescued by a professional model who was involved with her dad, igniting her passion for fashion, and gradually grooming her into becoming a delectable young fashionista who’s left no trace of her tom-boy days.


The tom-boy is back.
This is Sharons recent pic from her twitter page.

....So which picture do you like better?I kinda prefer the first pic with the hair and the dress!

Actress Tonto Dikeh Turns 26yrs..

The controversial actress who has taken front seat in her acting career with her 'i-dont-care-what-anyone-thinks-attitude'' was 26yrs old today thursday June 9,2011.

The actress is rumoured to have spent the day with less previleged children.

Happy birthday tonto!

Tonto(right) and a friend.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This Movie Is About to shake you!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Actor Jim Iyke is not DEAD!

The actor is shocked with the news making the rounds that he was killed via an accident along benin expressway recently.there have also been whisperings of an assasination but hell hath no fury like a man who reads of his obituary whilst alive(dead body dey read?)

He cries out ''Stella this is so freaking annoying,do you know the trauma my mum and family went through?my whole family almost went crazy with the false news,and this is not the first time,i ignored the other ones but this time i have to say something''.

This is the press release he sent out on his 32nd birthday on June 6,2011.

''If hatred and prejudice is the narcotic of choice by certain members of the press, blog and site runners, then the Cocaine is JIM IYKE.
I have been singled out as a target of this conspiracy thereby deeply disrupting the emotional and psychological well being of my family and loved ones.
They apparently plot my down fall and even demise, but they fail to understand that I am not a star.
I cannot fall by the mere wishes of men; I am a product of Jehovah's engineering.
I shine like the Sun.
I was made by Jehovah to give light to many.
I am an epitome of God's promise, indestructible by haters, they plot and Connive in vain, those that lust my failure and demise.
For I am chosen.
I shall never be a conduit of hate.
I was born Ikechukwu
God is my strength.

I shall walk through a valley full of death merchants and nay sayers and fear no recourse.
For he who He has blessed, no man or woman living or dead can curse!

My names are: -

Jim Iyke Esomugha
I am alive!!!.....''

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Dame Patience Jonathan's Total Makeover!

I dont know what to say but whoever worked on transforming Nigerias first lady into this glamourous lady that she has become has got to be a magician...a real magician!

 What do you know people,money talks ooooo.....this is enough proof!

This is her before shots...

Check out the New transformed Patience....First lady of the Federal Republic Of Naija!

HAIR:----CHECK!(is that her real hair in the makeover pics?)
..what else did she check?lol

abeg see correct jewelry!

                           shege jagwa!


pic thanks to ono bello.