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Monday, February 29, 2016

In House News - MONDAY

I love Popcorn!
How una dey?Monday rocks right?Na wah!


Obedience: Simple, But Not Easy

[Jesus] said to Simon, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because You say so, I will let down the nets.” — Luke 5:4–5

Sometimes following Jesus is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Humble obedience to what God has called us to may be as simple as making a phone call, extending an invitation, or walking across the street. Maybe it carries a greater challenge, like extending forgiveness to someone who has hurt you, or moving to a foreign mission field, or trusting Him by tithing. But when God asks us to do something that seems impractical or inconvenient — maybe especially when it does — it brings abundant reward.
Just remember that the One telling you where to fish is the one who created the fish.
Take a few minutes to read the rest of this story from Luke 5. Prayerfully consider something simple, but not necessarily easy, that Jesus is asking of you today as you follow Him. Complete this sentence: “Lord, because You say so, I will...”


Good Day Stella. i am a regular BV and i comment occasionally as *******
Please hide my blog id. lol and please help me post this on in house news.
I am a caregiver for special needs children, i look after children who have down syndrome, autism and children with learning disabilities. i am in Abuja and can be reached on 08162469977 or 09084023003, or send me a mail on i will send shoki soon. thank you and God bless you and yours, amen


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Frequest blog visitor (BV)
my name is Augustine Imaobong Loveth. A model and a makeup artist. A regular bv of your blog and an aspiring winner of face of candy city lol #smiles# 
I am contesting presently for Queen Models On The Island season 2. I just want to request for your assistance in acquiring more likes. And am very sure posting my pic link on your blog will fetch me more likes to get more points in the competition. So ma please and please...if you don't mind, i would be so greatful. Here is the direct link to my pix for vote  CLICK HERE ... you can also read more about MODELS ON THE ISLAND through that link. Thanks a lot, i hope you can do this for me ma'am. I would really appreciate it. THANKS!!!



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Thanks Stella you ate doing a good job here.


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Well done Mrs Korks!
I applied for a dress giveaway this week and won it. This very pretty BV (she said she wants to remain anonymous. See humility!) brought the dress HERSELF to my house amidst her busy schedule and even got my baby some very nice clothes. 
I really want to appreciate her‎. She was so nyc and warm towards us.
God bless you richly and may you never lack any good thing. God will constantly supply all your needs.
Thank you so much!
Note: my camera didn't do justice to the clothes.

there was no pic attached to your mail


Dear Stella,

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for using your blog as a platform to reach out, entertain and help ‎a lot of people. I got introduced to your blog in July 2013 and I have not missed visiting it any day since then.

I would appreciate if you could help me in sharing my testimony with your blog visitors. I work in a bank in Nigeria, Sometime in the year 2015 ‎in trying to help some colleagues I breached a process of the bank (which is a sackable offence). I was really scared I was going to be fired from work, I started thinking of the loans I had running and wondering how/when I will get another job (with all the unemployed people already in the country). I could not sleep for days thinking of when I will be facing the disciplinary panel,it was tough praying and believing God during those times but I kept pushing and trusting HIM. Through God's favor with some of the management team, I did not face the disciplinary panel though I was issued a warning letter. 

I am really Thankful that I still have a Job today‎, while praying to God to reveal a great idea/ his purpose for my life. 

Please please please Stella, help post this on your blog as I promised God I would testify to him (your blog is a great avenue to doing so)

God bless you Madam

Bless you more Madam


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Hello Stella, This is  a passionate plea to my fellow blog visitors to please assist me with work cloths as I just got a new job but my only challenge now is I don't have office cloths, as it is I just started so I won't be paid till march and my transport fare already takes a bulk of the  little salary to be paid, my number is 07056198188. Thank you.


Ankara And Fancy Watches At Giveaway Prices
 sell beautiful and quality ankara fabrics (100% wax of full 6 yards)at wholesale price directly from the suppliers at a price of just #1,500 only either for the ankara or the fancy designed watches and I can deliver it anywhere.

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Thank you Stella 

Shoki (mtn) 1388791786913306


Faith Martins AKA Just Amazing, AKA Blogbrity, I can see that you tried to insult Stells on that City People Interview post.

Yes we know it's you coz you always give yourself away. Just as your Just Amazing moniker disappeared, Blogbrity resurfaced from nowhere. Isn't that 'just amazing'?

Gosh! I can't believe that Faith Martins of all people will have the temerity to tryna insult Stella. You remember your claim to "flame"? a birthday post this same woman put up for you, and you have the audacity to come and insult her in her own space?

Seriously lass, u need to go check yourself coz you've got deep seeded psychological issues and inferiority complex which is apparent from the way you seek attention here.

Who you? A front desk Honda office attendant with narcissistic conducts? Spitting vile things for the love of attention? A repugnant disorderly 5hit stirrer? Changing monikers upandan and going anonymous to cuss pple that you can never measure up to in your next life? I have never seen such a two-faced human being like you. There is hardly any regular BV you've not gone anonymous to insult or via another ID.

Whoever deals with this lass in real life should watch herself or her back cos it's dangerous to have such a great pretender and fake pple around you.

But wait a min, you call Stells ugly? Wasn't that your pic you sent in the other day? Hian! Unbelievable!

We loyal SDKers know how "ugly" stella is and we love her that way!!

Yo! I won't insult you o, but I'm asking you to come and tender an apology to Stells sharp sharp or else!!!!!!!

Hmm Eesah LMAO,i see your shade oh.Its a free world oh,anybody can cuss me out all they want,just make sure that your beauty puts food on your table and you can carry it along when Baba God calls youI am out!



Good evening ma,please hide my email.I have an issue at hand I mistakenly paid 9k into a wrong account number instead of my own.The cashier at the bank credited the account since on the 1st of February, I noticed the error since I did not get alert that day.All effort to reach the fraudulent guy has proved abortive ever since I got his phone no from the cashier and spoke to him he has switched off his phone.I am so pained because people no longer have integrity,I am just an hustler.although the cashier has promise to pay me back by month end because she felt she ought to dictect the error her self. Here is the guys details his name is Precious ebhohon asaghae he lives at 11 osian street okubi junction Agbor.his phone no is 08036357574 .

Please anyone that knows him should please tell him to return back my money to the bank.Here is my own phone no 09094830402.Thank you ma kindly post it on ihn attached here is his picture has gotten from Watsapp



Please I need advice and help at same time because am loosing it as am here. I don't know if I have done something wrong by marrying my wife because of her family. Am just a painter and my wife a teacher. When we were planning our marriage I was having no single penny on me not to do a big marriage but just for the pride price paying on things that will be presented to the girls family. So I wasn't having 20k to my name but I really wants to get married then because have come of age, and same with my wife but we were just believing God for a miracle then. Even wrote to Stella to post so we can get an assistant for the marriage but our request wasn't granted. So we patched things to get married but wen we got to my wife's place for the pride price paying, her people were angry with me because we got there by 4pm due to I was rallying round the morning of my traditional marriage to get who will support me in getting money to get yams and some other items that were needed for the pride price paying. My dear bvs life is so crude, I have suffered. Not that am lazy but I don't get enough work to save and I do all kinds of job even laborer work but the pay is not just enough for the kind of problems am having and love to do other things but no money to push further my plans. So like as I was saying, we were rejected in my wife's people's place that we came late and some other expensive that we couldn't provide it so we were asked to go back. So we started pleading for them to accept what we brought but all fell on deft ears so to cut my long story short after much pleading we were finally listen to and by 8:12pm that was when they accepted the bride price from us and rejected the 40k some friends borrowed me before to use in settling the women for food and some other things I didn't bring that they claim all should be100k and for coming late as well which I must produce before the pride paying. Which was what delayed us to that after 8pm before some things were collected from me. And was asked to bring the 100k when I have the money but it's going to a year now and was thinking they will just let me be till any year I have I will go at my will to pay it but was surprise when my mother in law sent for me and said they sent message from the village that I should come pay the 100k am holding them or else.....

 And that I should give them a call as well which I did but was surprise they were damn serious and was threating me with all kinds of things. And I pleaded with them to exercise patient with me now till two months time but they said they will wait for the 100k now till march which as I am here heaven and earth GOD IS MY WITHNESS I don't have up to 5k to call my own.

 I and my wife had been patching to feed and cater for ourselves ever since we got married. I don't know as am here how or where I will get such money to settle my in laws. This is why I decide to write to you all my other family to see in anyway if any of you can assist us in anyway u can so this burden can be lifted off me, they say stone one sees on time does blind his eyes.

 At lease since we are finding it difficult to feed no two ear hears about it but this burdens of different of them calling me from the village is too much for me to bear. And I know even if am given now till the march ending I wouldn't have to give to them because I partially don't have what am doing, those are not work am doing just work and eat, work and eat the money.

 Was even looking for this cab business stuff so I can be doing to help my family but up till now just promises and failing, don't know what to do anymore. Please so sorry for my long write up, I feel I should explain in details the way it is. Please my fellow bvn I seriously need u people's help financially on this. Your brother is dyeing of thinking.

I will not even encourage anyone giving you anything,since they want to make it so difficult for their daughter,then play their game.they know you dont have and they want you to steal?Didnt you tell them you borrowed monies to meet up?
Borrowing to marry is bad Omen...a BAD START.



I make beautiful and gorgeous beads. I also sell beautiful handmade aso oke
for wedding and other occasions. Pictures of the aso oke will be sent you
on request. Please fellow bvs, I need your  patronage.
I will give out a gorgeous bead of not less than 10k in worth to
any bride who buys a complete set of aso oke attire
from me. Just choose any design of  your choice and I will make it to match with your aso oke for your traditional wedding. Those who won it last year can testify to that.
You can reach me on: 08054153798 BB pin: 5C22FFDF


1.      LOCATION: Mabushi
DESCRIPTION : Residential/ 1583.91 m2/ Close to NEXT cash and Carry.
PRICE: 45million

2.      LOCATION: Dawaki
DESCRIPTION: 3plots/ Residential/ Fenced /Behind News Engineering, Kubwa express  way.
SIZE: 500 m2, 600 m2, and 500 m2.
PRICE: 35 million

3.      LOCATION: Dutse Alhaji
DESCRIPTION: Commercial/ on Kubwa express road/ 2500m2/ by the road side.
PRICE: 110 million

4.      LOCATION: Dakibiyu
DESCRIPTION: Residential (Housing estate) / 6,592.47m2/ After City Gate.
PRICE: 100million.
Interested buyers or Agents should call: 08074791962……..I promise to come back and “shokirize” the house and alongside a giveaway (Cash). Thank you so much Mrs. Dimokokorkus


Please I urgently need a female trust worthy sales person.
Preferably anyone that stays around Convenant University, Sango or its environs.
Please serious and trust worthy person should kindly text or whatsapp 07032378915‎ today.



Hello Stella,

Hope you and yours are good? please i'd like to appreciate Mr Joseph who sent in vacancies for writers and also promised to bless two people with 20,000.Despite the fact that he has chosen those he wanted he still deemed it fit to send me a whooping 5,000 which i used in buying few foodstuff and my baby's cerealac. God bless you for me and a change that would cause you a setback will never occur in your life!
Thank you stella for this platform,God bless you,you a a rare gem and i lo'you

bv Mummy Ella

I love you more

HTC desire for sale,I've used it  for just 2months..reason for selling is to complete my school fee as exams begins next week,and its going down for 17k..I'm willing to sell with the original charger and earpiece. Location: Abuja, but it can be waybilled to any part of the country thanks.. 07061855332


Good evening beautiful person. I'm hoping that the family is in good health. I know it has become a cliche already, but I can't help thanking you still for this platform. God bless you. Adding this part after I had typed all, the Angel Z giveaway was received by my coursemate who happens to be a BV too. The post came up in a way that most people were able to tell its me and hence whatsapped me (I should have sent the mails differently with distinct titles). She hadn't paid her fees and the Monday of the next week was the last day. 

She pleaded and I had to give her the whole 10k cos if you don't pay fees and portal closes, you are suspending lectures for one year. But I've been hoping she'd send a mail to inform that she got the giveaway but nothing till Friday and since we aren't close, I kind of have reservations on telling her to send a mail so she wouldn't misinterpret it and I really don't mind if she does, I'm just only concerned about people thinking the Angel Z giveaway is fake so I thought to let you know privately that someone had received it already. Thanks
Top of Monday's goodness to you all. I'm so glad we are almost in the month of March... Bless be the Lord who's sustained us so far irrespective the state of the economy. 

The month of March is the month of rains and cold (look at you jittering your teeth already. You never chi-chun-tin Hehe).
Trust me, the cold will be out of the world... Now while still at it, you don't wanna look soggy and entitled in grumpy sweaters that hides all of your style and class.... 

That's why you need these sweatshirts to not only protect you from the cold but also keep you classy and chic... And its absolutely unisex in case you have hubby in mind too and they all come in the boxes you see.
The single sweater box which contains one is #2,200 while the double which contains two sweaters of different colors is #4,000 (Guess I'm the only one that the dollar thing hasn't affected price of his stuffs Hehe).
Please WhatsApp or call 08133624854 to order. I'm the big head in brown by the way *smiles*



Bv plead for makeup tools
I have makeup as my heart chosen handwork but even money to register is nowhere to be found for now.please Bv in the house,help me with makeup tools 
so that my hope will not be shattered.
I will surely find some menial job to register.
my no is 09034962262
thank you.


Re: Abdominal Tuberculosis or Endometriosis
Hi Stella.

Let me use this opportunity to appreciate what you are doing. I especially thank you for the doctor's section.

I sent a mail about a month ago on behalf of my colleague's health condition (Doctors diagnosed Abdominal Tuberculosis and endometriosis and we were confused). We got a good reference to a Doctor in Lagos Maternity Hospital who allayed our fears and pointed us in the right direction. 

Long story short, she had a successful operation two weeks ago and is recovering fast. Thankfully, it was fibroid. Thanks to everyone who contributed positively.
For all those in one medical condition or the other, it will end in praise ijn.



RE- BIRTHDAY POSTER Emenike Christopher Uchenna

Thanks dear, u made my day.
lol @ blackie Emenike.... SDK BV can stroll someone eh.God ,someone
said my ear looks like her Startimes Antenna.You,know all those
comments made my days. I Appreciate you mah.



Dear Stella,

Thank you for posting my chronicles. Your blog is indeed a voice to the
voiceless. I really appreciate the BVs advise both the positive and the
negative ones. God bless you and the BVs.

Stella, Friday night, DH took the children and I out to see a movie. It was
fun as usual. When we got home that night during our private moment, I
made use of the opportunity to open up to DH about my feelings and all
that I know for the past 4 years. It wasn’t an easy task for me but I
opened up just as I did on the blog. DH was shocked with his mouth opened. He listened to all I had to say. 

When I was done talking, DH was surprised that I had been snooping for
close to 5 years and pretended all along. DH didn’t deny all I said instead
he said he believed I knew who he chats with as he didn’t hide anything
from me but he never knew I was snooping and hurting.

DH was disappointed at me for blaming myself for not letting his
marriage with A worked. Right there, DH knelt before me saying he was sorry for hurting me for years. He claimed to have done it unintentionally. He said he had been honest and opened to me right from day one but he never knew I was being hurt by his actions. DH asked of my forgiveness. He said for the sake of
our children and love I should forgive him. Which I did.

I asked DH what was going to happen between DH, myself and A. DH said
we should talk about it the following day. The following day, I woke up to see DH kneeling beside me. I was afraid. I thought the worst had happened . He held my hands and appreciated me for allowing peace to reign in our lives and home. He then started begging that I should please not feel jealous towards A or anything at all. He said he detest jealousy. He begged me to take it away from my mind. He said he cant stand women who are jealous and that was what he appreciated in me all these years.

Stella, DH said ever since I mentioned  the word jealous, he got scared and
he is becoming afraid because jealousy kills. DH said for 5 years he has
never had any reasons to regret our marriage. DH said I am still his wife
and will forever be his wife. He begged me to take away all sort of fears
and resentment. DH said I should please never think of harming myself, him or

So I summoned courage to ask DH of his decisions with A because I can no
longer pretend to be happy with their relationship. I told him to
choose between myself and A.  I told him it's not possible for him to love the two of us at the same time. DH said he is not in a competition where he is being asked to pick one or leave one. He said if he is to choose, he will pick me and A. DH said A will forever be his baby whether she marries another man or not. DH said he loves A and he will forever love A. He said he is not with A because
of her money but they had come a long way even when she was a nobody.
Stella, I was shaking at the same time crying . DH have never seen me cry the way I did. 

He consoled me, I just couldn’t stop crying and still crying as I type. DH begged me, he said he does not want me to fall sick because I barely do fall sick. DH said he cant break up with A. He said I should start learning to love A and
accept her in his life. He was begging that I just have to welcome her
in his life. He kept on saying he can't leave her alone even in his
grave. I continously asked why it isnt possible to break up with A if
there was more to it, he should please tell me. DH said it is not
jazz and there is no covenant between them.

DH confessed to me that when A moved on with another man, it was difficult
for him. To make it worst, the man became violent and he would hit A
at any slightest mistake. DH said he couldn't stand the pains and the
scars from the beatings A received from the man and that was why he
rushed down to Nigeria to rescue A from the man. Till today DH sees the 
man as a devil. DH said he promised to always protect A. DH said he is destined
to look after A. DH was crying and he kept on saying he cant leave A alone that I just have to accept her if we must be together.

Stella, DH begged me to take away every evil thought I have towards A. He swear that A has no evil thought towards me and my children. DH said
the moment I start nursing such thoughts of jealousy he is afraid things
will fall apart for us and he doesn’t want that to happen to our
marriage or the children.

DH never mentioned if he has plans of marrying A, I tried to get an answer
from him as regards to if he wants to marry A but he didn’t answer.
All he said was that I should stop snooping if I know I don't want to
have Hbp. He even said he will do me a favor by putting a lock on his
phone which he did.

Since Saturday till today, I have been moody. We are not keeping
malice but I manage to talk and smile. DH has been trying to cheer me
up by buying things for me and assisting in house chores which he does

Stella I am beginning to feel its already too late because the foundation is faulty and it will only take the grace of God for it to be amended. Only a miracle from God can fix my marriage.

Now I wish true love finds A. A man that will love her more than DH. I
doubt that will ever happen, not even in my dream. DH and A are glued
together. I really blame myself for coming in between them. I blame myself for believing things will work out in my favor in our lives together as husband and wife. I blame myself for not finding my own rib. I blame myself for being in a hurry to settle down. Now I feel I'm the obstacle between two love birds.

spoke to my sister on the phone. I opened up to her for the first time. She was so shocked. To my surprise she knows A. She said A and DH visited their home during one of his trip to Nigeria. I sent my sister and her family clothing through DH. So DH and A both went together but my sister and her husband never suspected anything. My sister is insisting on calling A. She said A was really nice to  her when she came so she thinks talking to A will help. 

My sister believes it is all in the hands of A. If A is willing to move on, DH
with time will adjust to his new life without A just like a baby learning
to walk.

Stella I have decided to hang on there if not for anything but for the sake of my children. My parents won't buy the idea of moving out of my matrimonial home. Where will I take 3 children to?
Where will I start from? There is no case of domestic violence in my marriage. DH doesn’t like or use abusive words. DH hates men that beat women. He has
assured me times without number even before we got married that he will
never in his life beat a woman instead he will just walk away from
home for days if provoked and now he said he will never beat me because of another woman.

I have a petty business I run from home and DH has promised to give memoney to expand it. I have decided not to hurt myself anymore and accept mydestiny as it is. Stella please help me tell the anonymous writer who claimed to know me that it’s a mistaken identity. I live in Cairo not Dubai. By the grace of God, my marriage is blessed with 3 children not 2.I don't lie about my children.

Everything as claimed by the anonymous writer in the IHN is not my family.
Thanks for your concern anonymous.

Stella great job you are doing once again. I believe you pray for your
BVs or let me say community,when you do, please pray for my family.
Thank you.

I must tell you that this is all so confusing...Really confusing!...I am short of words.seems you have a choice to stay or leave.Please stay since you are in an atmosphere of love.i dont know how you intend to handle this A BUT PLEASE TALK TO GOD to rescue your man since the matter don pass be careful.
This story really really baffles me...what joins them together that he will not leave her even in death?
Nawah oh...Dear BV,I can feel that you come drama free and my heart melts towards you.....Please stay safe....*still confused*



Thanks Stella, I sold my car using your platform. I would like to give out a wedding gown/ cathedral veil to a bride that can't afford to get 1 for her wedding day. Please she should reside in lagos for easy fitting and delivery. Email:





  1. It’s a dramatic Monday… *dancing*

    Bring it on…



    1. WHAT IS THIS?????OH MY GOD!!!!!: oh Stella don't say that I really feel for him. They say give to sizer what belongs to him. Oh boy take heart.

    2. I believe that guy still owing his inlaws are from the east. Na them they behave like that. Who wants to help should help they don't throw arrows to kill him because of main 100k. Guy check ur mail just sent u a message.

    3. 2nd fiddle wife. ..I really feel sorry for you.
      Enter serions prayer with proverbs 5 towards d ending prat where it says something about your husband being only satisfied with your breast.
      If you are filled with the Spirit, pray in tongues about it for a protracted peroid of time and trust the person of the Holy Spirit to reveal this mystery to you.
      God gives you wisdom my sister

    4. So u didnt see his wife name he wrote as 'ope' a yoruba name. Stupid anonymous

    5. Stella, why did u use red pen to point out the grammatical errors? What if portable viv had sent in a post for the IHN? Your red pen for just finish for nothing.

    6. Biko white berry Isi n'owu SIZER???

      chukwu zoputam dis afternoon o.

    7. Ehe what is it with people always calling faith out with where she works?
      Is not like she's a stripper or Allen prostitute so why the shaming?
      Oga call out, no need saying you don't want to insult her cos you already did.
      Faith make yourself scarce small na, what's all this?
      Even jobless people are also job shaming the poor girl mschteeeew

    8. @anon 14:14 its not only easterners that do it oh. When I saw a Yoruba family do this same thing I was shocked. Its not limited to only one tribe.

    9. BTW am not faith,
      Not like I care what you think tho

    10. Did u say SIZER, madam white berry it's ceaser #thankmenownow

    11. Today's ihn ..puts me in a rollercoaster of different emotions

      First am pissed that that guy would decide to marry knowing he was broke, and thr parents of the girl knowing that there daughter is slowly approaching gwegsdom(well..he said they were both matured) is making it difficult for them..I wish u cld return dia daughter bk to them since they are so unreasonable. Hungry people looking for easy money. pissed at that silly beak face faith..I saw her insults to stella dat day, I was so can something(faith) so flawed speak ill towards another.. bitch(no offence, you always barking like a dog) u need to amend ur ways.

      Lastly..the cairo heart goes out to you...if I was a genie, I would grant you this your one wish.. you are a great woman and any man would be lucky to have you..I pray you find love like your heart desires...if its with your husband or not..God would perfect everything in his time. Please focus on ur kids..let their unadulterated love keep you strong...if A has your husband's love..dont form mrs nice lady and let her have ur children's love need to be strong.. it might not get easier, especially now ur husband knws how u feel..he might tell A...and she might not be so nice...sending you e-hugs...jesus is your muscle

    12. The madam whose husband is in love with A... I don't know how to describe the anger in me right now. your ' husband' told you that A will be his baby even in death... gosh! who does that??? ...and you are talking of children? Chai... Nigerian 'wooooomen' ehhhhhh!!! Your husband doesn't like jealousy abi? Biko try and be close to a guy, you 2 just get a little romantic on the phone and see his reaction... then you will know he's been lying about him hating jealousy and bla, bla, bla.
      Infact, you for just keep this story to yourself!

    13. Iyawo second fiddle,i bwg you in the name of God,dont bring your story here again cuz i feel like strangling you. dh is selfish and you are indulging him

    14. Madam married woman, title is nothing, u can be married and still be the side chick to your husband. Case of olivia pope and the u.s president in the fixer series.
      Well, since you have been keeping it i think u shld continue aince u r d 1 thats legally married to him but be rest assured that he will marry A in the future.

      You that married without money, just carry ur wife back to her people cos in laws are meant to be understanding. If her parents cant even stand their feet and accept what u brought then u on a long thing. What is this word turning to sef? So u went to marry 4 d sole reason that u are of age? Who age don help?
      Having a gf now sef is super expensive talk more of wife and then soon kids will join. You brought this upon urself with eyes wide open.

    15. Madam, d only solution is prayer. Go on a 14days fastin and prayer. Tell God to scatter every relatnship btw ur husband and A. Tell God to remove her love frm ur husband heart. Stop feelin guilty. U didn't snatch him from her and he married u legally. God is on side. Go to him

    16. The man whose in laws are disturbing him must be igbo. Those people don't play with bride price. Bv from dubai, pray for your husband. Prayer is the key, there is nothing God cannot do. Pray without season

  2. Ihn
    Good its here again
    What's good bvs?

    1. Hmmmmm
      Side chick wife, a friend once told me she was afraid to ask a question because she already knew the answer.
      You knew that your husband would choose A over you hence your silence all these years but BVs gave you advice with clear mind,forgetting your mind isn't clear
      Before asking a question, you should be prepared for the outcome
      If you knew you ll still remain there why then did you ask him to choose,
      You just made everything worse, I told you earlier to manage your polygamous home well and accept it, no be accept you done accept now?
      My parents,my kids bla bla bla keep deceiving yourself.
      He ll communicate everything to A so start packing your bags cos you just drew the battle line.

    2. That man owing 100k should gerrarahere mehn.
      You married your wife on credit lol,
      Tell your wife to settle her people
      Isnt she pregnant yet?
      I don't believe your story sha
      Stella I wonder why you bothered posting,

    3. RE- CHRONICLES OF A MARRIED WOMAN PLAYING SECOND FIDDLE TO HUSBAND's SIDE CHIC: only God can heal ur wounds cause as it is its obvious A has cooked ur husband. If God should open our eyes to see what we can't see with our physical eyes we would be shocked. Madam I feel u, don't get tired keep praying for ur home and total restructuring of ur husband.

  3. Monday in-house news, first in-house for the week has landed. we bless God for a new week, hoping to have a stress less week.

    1. I just feel bad for this woman,like so so bad.can't imagine been the other woman in my life,God please help me,i just can't imagine it. As it is it seems prayer is the only way out.the man in question is so selfish gosh..........mtchewww. anyway please you guys take it easy on blogbrity o she's only human,non of us can attain perfection.

    2. Madam sidechicker wife, is ur husband related to dis black guy in if loving u is wrong, don forget his name now. Wil advise u stay, get more money to invest. D foundation is faulty, d righteous go try very hard to fix it, keep praying, God answers prayer but make urself happy
      Oga debtor marrier, return that girl $ collect ur money, so many babes wt cheaper dowry that wil give u peace, u dont need all dis self imposed burden @ dis early stage of life when some family allow take wife & pay later

  4. IHN don finally land, Oya make we read and enjoy.

    1. Side-wife, I'm heartbroken on your behalf.
      Nice sweatshirts, David Baller.

  5. Resist evil this season the devil is everywhere

    1. Eesah woman wrapper! Defender of the universe..why u carry sdk mata for head like former olajumoke bread??? Who send u??? Comment section no do u to rant,u still sent memo.Sdk is mouthed enuff to defend herself.who exactly blog fame don help like u claim sdk brought her "flame"??? Like being famous here puts food on anyone's table. Pls fuck off!!! I hate petty men.. Irritant!!!

    2. Faith Martin,Faith martins, faith martins!!! I said it when you went through lot of bashing from bvs that you should try and talk with sense. Stella is "ugly " you said on that post, I did know What to say to you that day other than to pray that one day the Lord deliver and purify your might come out to say you are not just amazing,who cares... do you know What define a beautiful person? I don't think you know let me tell you some, intelligence, humility, a kind heart,achievements and a loving family,these are few and she has all this so she is beautiful. Try to close your uncouth mouth before someone disgraces you in public, your picture is everywhere be careful before you make yourself a laughing stock.your low reasoning didn't allow you read and enjoy that interview I guess, that's to bad lady,please adjust.
      Cairo Madam it is well with you,Forgive yourself and let it it go, but allow your sister speak with her and also throw yourself into fasting and prayer using a mountain of fire prayer book.improving your sexual performance won't help now concentrate on your first love God, tell God you sorry from deviating from the plan he had for you and ask God to fix it for you. Shalom
      David baller bobo you are fine o,can you write something on a card inside the box. May Bless your hustle
      The marriage problem guy,What is your wife doing about it? Ehn? Will she just sit there and allow her family frustrate your life,you better ask her to tell her to speak sense into their head before they start manipulating your family, I no just understand all this evil family. I love Yoruba Traditional weddings Biko
      Ehmmm What did I read again.
      It is well with Nigeria in Jesus name.

  6. for the anon that wanted info on deliverance at MFM (from friday IHN), the programme you were talking about is called Power Must Change Hands.It comes up every first saturday of each month. Where do you stay? you can visit any mfm branch near you. they have a bus that takes members to the camp. The programme is from 7-11am. Its very interesting you and will be blessed so do take part. if you want more info, drop a comment under my comment

  7. Replies
    1. Why are you shining your teeth @ Lafresh?
      Are you a close up ambassador?

  8. First IHN of the Week and Last IHN for the Month of Frbruary.

    I don't pray for this type of a Month again, February doesn't favor me @all, but all the same, I thank God for the gift of life.

    May the coming Month of March hear the word of God and cooperate, March must favor me.

    *Larry was here*

    1. @Eesah, I love that call out, chop kisses.

      @Madam Chronicle, I will tell you that your DH destiny with A is like that of Merlin and Arthur, if you've not watched Merlin Season 1-5, you can't understand.
      What you need now is prayer, God can still make your DH to be only yours, but please don't leave that marriage, my 2cent

      *Larry was here*

  9. Replies
    1. Happy new week folks.
      Interesting IHN as always.
      God bless givers and recievers and also provide for the needy.

  10. So people like Faith Martins a.k.a Blogrity a.k.a Just Amazing can afford to call Stella "Wougly"?


    Isn't this the same Faith from IMSU, the receptionist / lady that shares flyers @ that Motor shop in V.I?
    I mean the Faith with the mouth of a woodpecker and the face of a Unicorn?
    Wait o! Shey na the same Faith Martins?
    * still in shock*
    Darling, people like you do not call others names. It is against the creation-code. It is wrong. Very wrong.
    Respect yourself on this blog and no try that rough play again o!
    Oya! Apologize to Stella osi so

    1. Just amazing insulted sdk not faith martins
      What makes you think they are the same person?

      Hard to believe

    2. You forgot to add this,
      'the hips of a hippo'

    3. Those car shops girls are coded thieves o, they make more money than some salary earners a month, blogbrity please let me lick your ass, come and give my sister a spot in your company.

  11. In house newss.
    Haaa Shoki, na me and u today walahi.

    ******LONG LIVE SDK & SDKERS******

    1. Madam DH this DH that, you don come again today...hahahahahaha

      He did you a favor by putting a lock on his phone? Just how much can you take from a total brokeass?

      Your DH is destined to take care of his main chic while married to you okwaya? Bwahahahahahaa
      What being MRS will do to some women in this life sha

      Oga you don't have money to pay bride price and you are calling your live in lover your wife? Who dash you wife? Must you get married now? You want to marry on credit? If you eventually pay the bride price now, what of house rent? Children's school fees? For how long will you continue begging for funds? Tie your blokos and pretend to be a mermaid pls!

      I'm sure you will soon start hitting your "wife" out of frustration soon! Na so DV dey start!

      End time desperadoes everywhere!

      Eesah, you have the guts to call someone ugly? Oh Chimo! Ije uwa

  12. Yesoooo,in house news is here again. God bless everyone.

    1. Welcome IHN
      Blogbrity the ekuke look alike,
      I wouldnt want to join issues with you on this blog after all you've been through in the hands of bvs.
      Pls stop gyrating under my comment.
      It seems you these career people have begging in common.
      The other one that started an executive job at 22 is here hustling schorlarship for her kids and you that began your career under 20 is still begging for cake.
      May God not give me a career that will turn me to a begger in Jesus mighty name.

    2. eeeeeeyyyaaa. And miss Aboki speaks, u don't know oshofree de sweet ask emjay

  13. Gooday bv's, i'm a 23 years old accounting graduate from University of Nigeria, Enugu. I made a 3rd class but I know that doesn't define me. I have applied for a pgd and ICAN . I'm looking to build a career as an accountant. Please someone help me with a job, i'm willing to work for free to gain experience. Thanks

  14. Replies
    1. Na wah for people here oh,
      How do you know just amazing is the same as blogbrity? Sexiest mother... Is the same as queen and boos.. I fear who know fear una oh

  15. IHN don land o, as e dey hot.

    Jesus is Lord.

  16. Please I need an outing clothes and church wears as well. i can't stand among my mates in school. they all mock at me says am always looking like rag repeating same trouser with slack tops, I cried the day I heard, not that I don't know what to do but I don't have the money to shop for some few clothes to make changes, And can't cater for myself as well. Plz I need outing and church wears. Plz I will so much appreciate.

    1. Your size of clothe & contact

    2. Ask God to show you a business that you can start and make money .
      Don't beg for fish. ..
      Beg to learn how to fish too

    3. My dear,dont mind those ur mates, if u have 500 or 2k,go to where the sell okirika @ nyt, popularly known as night market, there r nice ok wear that lots of pple won't know that it is wash and wear, some sell for 100 naira sometime 200 naira and I mix it with those clothes that I sometimes buy from boutiques.

    4. My dear,dont mind those ur mates, if u have 500 or 2k,go to where the sell okirika @ nyt, popularly known as night market, there r nice ok wear that lots of pple won't know that it is wash and wear, some sell for 100 naira sometime 200 naira and I mix it with those clothes that I sometimes buy from boutiques.

    5. Please don't allow anyone intimidate u.u don't have to show off to people that don't mean well for u.if they care y can't they give u some clothes. Stop hanging around people that only want to see u fall.if it's one dress u have make sure it's clean and wear it pride,whoever would like u would like u just the way u are and when the money comes u can step u.

    6. Have you been a good girl on this blog?
      If yes contact xhirted p,
      She settles good girls

    7. They laughed at me too when i was in school. I was called shabby. Look at me now.endurance will take you further not begging. You are looking for cloth while the other young guy stella posted about earlier is fighting for his life. Don't let me curse you. Foolish wanna be.sorry stella but she deserves it.

    8. @yemisi please ma hit on my id my email is there, will drop my contact there. It would nt be enable if I place it here. Am size 14, my trouser waist 38

  17. Happy New week
    Happy Birthday to bv Gift.

  18. receivers never lack
    God bless the givers n receivers

  19. Happy new week.

    Happy new month in advance.

    Jehovah reigns!

  20. I loaded d only shokie sent today. God helped me .


    To those who feels I'm every other new troll on this blog, thumbs up, kudos for decoding. Your recharge card awaits u.

    Meanwhile where is just amazing, pastors wife n the rest of them?

    Can't help but wonder why one will have multiple IDs when ppl here don't pay their bills.

    M out to comment as the spirit leads

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Madam career,
      I am sure the career you started under 20 is your begging career.
      Pls stay ot of my face

    2. Really? They are chilling where you kept them.

    3. Wood pecker mouth, am sure saliva will always spill whenever you are having a deep kiss, why not desist from your evil ways, ugly mofo we know your type. Apologize to Stella now now! Inugo

    4. You see Blogbrity this is what you get when you have no integrity. Your previous trolling habits landed you in this mess even after bvs politely asked you to stop-it fell on deaf ears. Let me ask you this-can you say all the things you write boldly to strangers? Then why here? This is just a place to relax and its possible real friendships have developed here. Now all fingers are pointing at you. Be guided.

  22. What on earth is face of candy city a Queen of models? It's obvious that girls want to be known for everything, because I see no reason my fellow woman should subject herself to such crap. The more they talk, the more beauty pageants arise from no angle, then people call them runs girls and we wonder why.Nne biko just stick to ur makeup and don't subject yourself to becoming a play thing before these ugly men with smelly mouths who call themselves agents biko.

  23. This is a call out to mobil filling station at maryland, bloody thieves, you buy fuel worth filling your tank and after getting the fuel you see your fuel tank half way once you start your car, I dont know how they do it, maybe they just put air while pretending to sell fuel, people should avoid mobil at maryland junction, by the traffic light they are thieves and their ogas should know, spread this and save people from the bloody thieves

    1. I've had the same experience with their station at Wilmer bus stop olodi apapa. God help us in this country

    2. Haha! This happened to me, omo as I moved I noticed my tank didn't go up my heart jus kept on weeping, I hate cheating, I turned back sharply! As I started shouting that's how they cornered me and started begging o and topped me up! Smh.. word of advice? Know ur fuel gauge!

      Kelvin dat Edo Boi

  24. No time to lick ass.29 February 2016 at 14:06

    David baller's beautiful models. Bling bling wristwatch. I love roman reign, daniel bryians and john cena.

  25. How much is mary kay foundation sef? Coz this woman is selling hers 500 naira and I know that it is more than that.

    1. It's outrightly fake. The last time I went to buy Mary kay, it had climbed up to 3k. Ran for my dear life to buy classic ppl had been praising (very terrible mistake). Used it once and dumped it. Finally got d Mary kay for 2700. So I guess it should be between 2500 and 3k.dont buy a Mary kay foundation of 500 naira oh.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. 1500
      The time wise is 2500
      I stopped using Marykay when i noticed the product was getting messed up.
      The one i bougth was sooo oily that my face begins to shine like I bathed in ororo when ever I sweat.
      Then I switched to time wise and noticed it was a shade lighter, it had beige 2 writtenon the cartoon while the main thinginsdeas beige 1.
      I don port to Iman o

    4. Mary K foundation is 2500,3k

    5. It's now 3200. Eka, where did you buy for 2700?

    6. I got my matykay for 3k time wise is 3k5

  26. How much is mary kay foundation sef? Coz this woman is selling hers 500 naira and I know that it is more than that.

    1. Normal one is 2k while timewise is 2500. Run

  27. Mobil at maryland junction by traffic light are thieves, people take note alot of people are also complaining

  28. madam who's hubby is in love with A, i dont know y you would want to remain in such a marriage. your husband is telling you the other lady will always be his "baby" and you are crying??? better find your way out of there

    1. Thank u, all i read is he was kneelin and begging. And so what? Man never kneel for u before? Mtcheewww low self esteem everywhere. My husband cried for me wella wen we were still dating. I dealt wit him then and made him appreciate me more. Ur hubby is mad, wants to eat his cake and have it, see his mouth like i hate jealousy. Rubbish!!

    2. Just leave that woman can't you see the way she is talking?
      DH said this
      DH said that

    3. As in ehn!
      This woman needs to find her self esteem.
      See how she went on and on calling DH,na this kind selfish man dem dey call DH?
      The kneeling and crying seem to dey sweet you.

  29. Ihn ti de o
    Essah! Leave blogbrity alone, enough already!. How sure are u she insulted stella? Did you see her pics or?
    Leave the girl alone.....
    Let stella do the memo, why are you drinking panadol for another's headache? Woman wrapper.

    1. I tire she is now the mouth piece of stella. Rubbish

    2. I also don't believe blogbrity is just amazing

  30. Bla bla bla @that sidechick, DH, A, Cairo rejoinder.
    Didn't read to the end though.

  31. Sdk blog rocks
    So mux to read and digest!!
    Stella ala carte,I stand on top buhari cap dey trowey u salute!!
    Love me jeje sisterly,kisses to u
    Any vac??...holla at me
    Any baking tools to sow into my life?,holla at me!!
    *faithful bv enemuwe thelma*

    1. Contact xhirted p
      She will 'settle' you since you are a good girl

  32. ............ DH said he cant break up with A. He said I should start learning to love A and accept her in his life..............

    I really need to know A's jazz man. The man must be from Enugu-Ezike

  33. Please count Blogbrity out. I was the one using just Amazing no faith Martins. Why wasn't Rolex chicks commenting weekend when Blogbrity resurfaced.
    I am just Amazing. Stella annoyed me and she knows it.

    1. You should have posted this comment with ur known id na. You guys should stop creating unnecessary friction.

    2. Use your ID to sort the misconception and save tje poor girl from being bashed.

    3. Hello pastors wife aka faith martins aka Blogbrity.

  34. Xp people have been hinting that you have beef with TGW. And if its not true why haven't you come out to debunk the rumour?

    Xoxo mystery you are one of the saddest person alive. You ask for giveaways here and beg, but always deny it with your moniker.
    You were jelous that sunshine got 20k from jaymore, and because you have made jay your enemy, you were filled wit regrets and envy. Rather than go out and make money you rely on giveaways. Shame!

    1. Did u really type dis? Hahahahaha, joke of the of a leap year.

    2. Nothin to deny. She clearly shades her wit wat she says on d blog like thr shade about using vibrator which tgw hv talked about here before and the shade about cathedral bell on chest which tgw hv announced before that she is busty. Leave those ppl. Xp can claim itk always talkin about trackin ip address when she is clueless. Oya track me na. Lol pity ppl that lick ur ass. U r jst an average nigeria famzing everytin

    3. Xp has beef with TGW na.
      Dem don gossip themselves for back.
      you no see say their 'nne kedu' don reduce?
      Read IHN of thursday and friday, xp has been making snide remarks about her tgw jumped into marriage after schoo.

  35. So, something has been baffling me since yesterday.

    I went down the street to get something, and on coming back, a guy stopped his car,and asked for a minute.
    I stopped. After exchanging pleasantries, he said that he saw me few minutes ago, as he was going to drop his family at home. Asked for my number.
    I was like, what for?

    He was like, what else? Don't you sit out?

    Me: But you just mentioned your family now.

    Him: So?

    Me:*gasps* *hisses* May God have mercy on you. * walks away*

    So my question is, are women now so desperate or shameless, that married men don't mind disclosing their status, while going after ago woman?

    Or did he tell me, incase I agree, and along the line, ask to take it to the next level, then he'll remind me of saying that he has a family?

    Whichever way, people have no morals any longer, and it's scary and sickening.


    1. Married men now na dem womanise pass, they have no conscience

    2. Thats the society we live in. its now left for parents of this our generation to give their children sound and quality training cos if not in 5yrs to come. The world will be in a mess. Most of them got no shame at all. Disrespect of the highest order.

    3. Imagine.he already assumed all ladies are d same.SMH

    4. Another woman *, typo.

      Meanwhile, woman playing second fiddle, my heart really goes out to you.

      I can't imagine the heart wrenching feeling you live with each day, as a result of your decision to agree to marry this man.

      Before approaching A, pray, dear, pray.
      Fast and pray o. Enter into a covenant with God. Your husband needs to be unshackled from A's grip.

      Walahi, you are a very strong woman, not to have had a heart attack from all these.

      Your husband's phone being locked, won't even better the situation, because you'll keep wondering what is going on in there.

      May God forgive you and have mercy on you, if not for anything else, for the sake of your children.


  36. Bv if u have chosen to accept ur fate, fine. A might just be in ur lives till one person visits his or her creator. Ur husband sef: selfish man, eating his cake n having it.

  37. In reference to d Orgasm post. Are thr rily people who can neva experience Orgasm in lyf? Seems I fall in dat category, neva had an Orgasm b4, married & hav 2girls. I've tried usin a dildo bt all I feel in tickling then numbness evn when i'm sucked. Dunno wat else to do oo bt I knw I need help coz I rily wanna knw hw it feels. I'm nt evn circumsized. Pls any medication, exercise, therapy dat can help?

  38. God bless all the givers

  39. Hehehahahihihohi .i laf in vowels @Isa's memo to just amazing a.k.a blogbrity. Happy new week and end of february every1

    1. In as much as I am not in good terms with blogbrity, Eesah's memo smirks of ass licking.
      How are you sure she was the one?
      I dont link people with multiple ids except inproven cases like Lafresh/xoxonotmystery.
      Lets not give a dog a bad name bcos we want to kill it biko

  40. I believe that guy still owing his inlaws are from the east. Na them they behave like that. Who wants to help should help they don't throw arrows to kill him because of main 100k. Guy check ur mail just sent u a message.

    1. Shut up, u r the guu and u r scam. No inlaw is threatening u. Oya go and send urself message. U ppl think we r stupid. So u checked ur watch when the accepted the bride price to knw the exact time we 8:12pm. U spoiled ur story wit too many maggi. Silly low iq fools thinkin everybody is a fool like them

  41. David baller,I love you but your shit ain't this season,hell,it's hot! I was tempted to jump into our fish pond yesterday, so come back wen it's cold,we can't buy and keep down cos dollar ti shele... Lol

    Tht blogrity girl,how many times do you need to be warned sef? Wit your "ponmo lips"..Lol no be me talk am ooo

    Mrs side wife... We have hear

    Miss candy... Go girl! Voting right away

    Bipolar Me... Whr art thou?

    Freda love... Howdy?

    Opeoluwa.... Wink wink

    Memphis darling... Such a long time, whr are you? Missing you

    1. Loool. Definitely no one would dare wear that right now but mid-march or even earlier the rains will be here and the accompanying cold.... Is just something else.

      Grab your copy now haha

    2. Remember to tie your legs and pretend to be a mermaid before jumping into the fish pond.
      You will like it

    3. I am here dear. How are you? Hope all is going well?

  42. Madam,pls go down on your knees and pray ceaselessly.Pray,fast and cry to God.

  43. Bv who's in-laws r threatening him, my granny use to say ' paying of bride price doesn't end'...ur inlaws r threatening you cos of what? Na d balance dey wan use feed? If u don't have money to pay d balance, let dem come n take their commodity naa...yeye pple. N y u come rush marry when u claim to be so broke? Na wa o!

    1. Na scam. Useless ppl on this bloh tryin to scam stella.

  44. Hmmmm the fancy watches. I have seen those pictures on Facebook under Goodsarena shopping website. I hope u are not fraudulent

  45. Before I read IHN, lemme say this.

    I got a delivery from jumia today when I didn't order from them. The dispatch rider just brought it and said sign so I tot one of my secret crush sent me a gift.
    When I opened it, I discovered it was a diff name and address and the dispatch rider had already left.
    What do I do?

    1. Find the jumia office around you. Or call their customer care.

    2. Fear God na which kind lie be dis for this hot them take locate you, them no ask you your name them no call your line before them bring the item. So dem get your phone number home address and name abi.aunty liar dem no fit make mistake for all of this details.wake up

    3. Call jumia and tell them about it, they should come pick it back and send to the rightful owner, or maybe you can do so yourself if the location aint far away from you.

  46. Wait o! How do u guys know faith is same person as blogbrity n just amazing? Abi na guess work?lol

  47. Bv chronicles!
    Omg! I weep for you...
    You just have to move on, forget about A and concentrate on your kids, Dh loves u but can never leave A.
    D only thing dat can seperate A from DH is death and I wouldn't want u to be behind man is worth taking a life for.
    I love love u, you are indeed a strong woman.

  48. IHN... Still surprised on that chronicle o. Madam, i am glad u knw the foundation was/is faulty, its not too late for God to work on it. Just seek him with all your heart, you will find peace. Have a great week y ' all.

  49. IHN... Still surprised on that chronicle o. Madam, i am glad u knw the foundation was/is faulty, its not too late for God to work on it. Just seek him with all your heart, you will find peace. Have a great week y ' all.

  50. the Lady that made wrong deposit, I guess the mistake was from you and d cashier that consummated your transaction. at the point of posting, d person was not ontop of their job else the person would have notice that d name differs. what stop d cashier from reversing d transaction immediately? is d cashier that should bear d lost, so that next time d cashier will be more careful. d only case that d cashier should not pay is if and only you filled d bank teller with d acct number n name of d customer that d deposit was made into d acct, next time always check d bank printout before leaving d bank.

  51. ESSIEY the tailor, you claim to sew different items, church, work, party etc. Instead of you to attach samples of your work it is children's clothes giveaway you attached abi? Na my material you wan come practice with abi? #commonsenseisnotcommon

    EESAH, this fight you are fighting. You are just wasting your time. Did Stella tell you she did not see the comment before she enabled it? Biko, take a seat, sip some lemonade and observe like I observe.

    CAREGIVER why were you begging Stella to hide your ID??
    If you are a good and honest person here, you would be bold to use it, it will even bring additional favour to you. Can't you see how Olori Isis proudly uses her ID to sell her stuff? I'm sure you are one of those who has insulted people's fathers and mothers and even the special care children sef. Una go shit for church, still come church to test ya soprano. Mtsheww.

  52. Essah ur own sef too much..u talk too much for a guy

    It is well @chronicle woman

    NB..olori isis is different from olori pls address us differently..thanks

    Stella keep up the good works...I luh you

  53. Ur man is just greedy...dats all...I am sorry to say it...he knows u are a gud woman....b4 marriage my boo is in same fucking mess as urs...ex refuse to accept him giving excuses lik her family said she needs to establish herself...not mowing babe was looking for her was busy telling me dat nothing can come between dem..he gets hurt wen she keeps giving excuses of not marrying...wen I have stayed for a year,gurl I did my manipulation therapy on him o..leting him know hw ex dnt want him cos he ain't on his level and I am here loving him he is killing himself oval one sharp girl..i finally got my way.. after we engaged lil ex came back after hurting frm previous relationship lol...I had to block her right there, I used his friends to kick her out of d pics..u could hv made his friends love u and see u ass d best and only woman of Ur man. dats how I got my man and boo after his friends blasted him he come get sense..wat if he destroy our relationship and den she sees someone else..she will leave him n run away..i made myself d piller of my now husband..dude depends on me for advice, happiness, love, minus finance he is working well

  54. This your red biro on corrections has been making me laugh out.. hope you will not put red biro on my comment.

    Easah stop behaving like a woman... Stella did not get angry, why carry matter for head like gala seller on Eko bridge.

    The man with no money on wifey, God is your helper. Put your trust in Him. He will supply. I know it is difficult out there but just put your trust in HIM. Go to your church for help. Or am sure you are not a financially capable member. God will help you.

    The lady with Co-wife. May God give you strength to stay strong in your marraige. DH should make you happy with your co-wife.

    The lady that is into down syndrone children, you want stella to hide your popular id but you brought out another email for people to send. better stop deceiving your self. Let your hustle pay.

    I hate that word "hide my ID" who una ID help self.

    anyway happy leap month to February pikins. How una dey oooo

  55. Wow....... Put it to God dear, talk to him. He honours marriage and he will listen to u.

    May God bless our hustle.

  56. Lmao @Esah d defender of d universe.when did u become stellas mouth piece?
    Obviously Both u and just amazing got nothing better 2do with ur time.

    @Dh and side chic brouhahaha...Madam ur husband is just using u.
    He wants to have his cake and eat it. He claims to love u both when obviously he loves A d more.
    Madam if u have sense ud leave dt marriage. What is d point of staying married when u ain't happy. A will always be his one and only love better get that in2 ur skull.
    U wana stay cos of d kids...abeg borrow sense,u think ur kids will matter when A ends up having his.

    What else did read sef....

  57. May God help you madam. I've never seen/read/heard something like this before.

    Jesus is Lord.

  58. I comment dat n night when I troll, but this just amazing who uses someone's Wifi comments by 11am n closes by 5pm

    Please be sure of whatever u want to type

  59. Na wa for this A and your husband matter. I won't stay o, what the ****. God bless all the givers

  60. This is serious @chronicle poster.

    I'd advise you watch the movie 'war room', believe me, you'll learn a lot from it and I trust God with you to heal your marriage. All you can do now is pray, pray and pray. Remember Prov 21:1, 'The king's heart is in the hands of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

    There's absolutely nothing God can't do. The deed has been done(you've married him), stop blaming yourself. The lord be with you.

    Make up everywhere @IHN

    @the man with the bride price ish, nawa o. It's not a must to get married could have waited till you had the means, you are in a self acquired mess...God help you.

  61. May God save ur marriage. What God has joined together let no man put asunder. Pls if possible fast and pray for ur husband that love for A has to go away. Pray for A to find her own husband and I think you should have a heart to heart talk with her tell her everything. If she was the one in ur shoes ask her how she would have felt

  62. Ihn news**����pls yhu is dis blogbrity causing havoc evrywhr, since I joined dis blog it's her/his name evrywhr either insulting sm1 or using abusive words on sm1*pls count ur teeth wif ur tongue *just saying*

    DH,Mrs A and co,ma m ur story is really bitter , I feel ur pains ,cld it be that ur husband is in a Covenanat oath wit this Mrs A that he s bent on not leaving him?that's really bad I must say.please *you have jesus number* call him ,he ll give u the best reply and come to ur rescue too.buh pls don't leave ur matrimonial home fr the sake of ur children .may God resucue you from this predicament.

  63. This lady almost have same story with my elder sis
    But my sis is so prayerful
    The lady disturbing her marriage later died

    My advice for is to b prayerful n pray she find a man that will love her n also marry her

  64. Folly Realwoman says
    Pls help me my brothers and sisters
    I need #2800 to balance my daughter's school fees
    She will not be allowed to write exams if she does not pay it. Pls help me. Zero eight one zero one zero five zero eight four eight. Thanks

  65. To the chronicles madam,d Lord is ur strength.

  66. Gosh,lowest self esteem ever! Ur DH is really eating his cake and having it! I don't even have words for . God help u.

  67. Madam chronicles. Please watch the movie titled 'war room'. Start it from there.

    I believe it's onky God that can intervene here.

    But for the main time, focus on urself and your kids, pretend A doesn't exist, dont worry yourself that you can't snoop again, its all better I must tell you.

    Get very very busy.

    Your husband is selfish truth be told.

    All the best.

  68. I know of a similar story about wife playing second fiddle. This couple met when the girl was 17, 18 and the guy was in his early 20s, he was her first and only boyfriend for over eight year till family pressure broke them up over twenty years ago, guy has not been able to put the girl out of his life. The girl never married but has a grown son now. The guy went as far as marrying someone who shares the same name and birthday with the lady! Till today he's still begging her to come back into his life. Love, real love can be burden sometimes.

  69. So Xhirted P's blog friends betrayed her by revealing that she is very single. Why come here to live a fake life forming hapily married woman when you are still single? Then you went ahead to have friends from the blog where you live a fake life and you expect your secret to remain hidden.
    Nwa Amaka too is using different identities and also decieving herself that she is married.
    I visited that Claris David birthday post of july last year and clicked on Claris David profile, Chiamaka Davids popped up! She changed it to Chiamaka Davids.
    That means that anonymous on Friday IHN was right that Nwa Amaka 's real names are Claris Chiamaka Chukwu. So she was the celebrant on that birthday post. She is not bad looking only that she is fat with pomo lips. No wonder she is friends with Blogbrity.

  70. Please I really need a job in PH. Am a graduate of Business Administration and have an Msc in HRM. I will appreciate any help orr information on vacancies. Pls I need to support my home financially. Things are kinda tough right now and I don't want to beg.

  71. Dear woman in love triangle, u better dont be lazy and go on ur knees and pray for ur hubby to be delivered from whatever covenant he has with A. All these conferences wey u dey hold up and down will not pay u o. U hear covenant and u still wanna let ur sis talk to A? U no sabi pray? Pray until God intervenes in ue situation jor. Just pray nothing happens to A, this one that u have go and tell hubby u r jealous. May they not blame u. Pray and dont resign to fate. At least u would know u tried somethibg as against letting things be. Its just an advice o.

  72. Happy new week peeps
    @ trinity there's a special deliverance for candidate interested ,it's a three day dry fasting which starts on Thursday and ends Saturday.its usually held at the regional headquarters
    PMCH is a deliverance programme the person that posted that should visit any MFM branch and make enquires
    May God grant all we desire

  73. Yes XP have beef with TGW and others becos they blew her whistle that she was single but living her fantasy married life on this blog lols. They did it in anon mode but she knew they were the ones cos they know her secret lols.

  74. I am calling out YOP RAMPAM of Cool fm ph. This lady worked at Rhythm before she left the city. Now she's back to cool fm on the morning belt. Whenever she is interviewing someone,she wud ask the questions n will not even allow the person talk. Even her co anchor suffers the same fate. She doesn't allow him talk.

  75. So we hold back from banking tomorrow then resume the next day..... The banks still get their commissions which ever way! I don't have any banking plans for tomorrow, so I guess I will be passively supporting the cause LOL.... But all my debtors better not tell me no funny stories o...

  76. Happy new weeks peeps
    David baller ,God bless your hustle but this heat is terrible,hope u would still have it in stock when the weather is a bit friendly
    Bv Inlaws are threatening ,do they want you to steal and what's their daughter saying about it.
    God bless all the givers and recievers .
    Enough of blogbrity ish na....she don hear.
    Sdk blog rock

  77. Where do men find good women like d poster whose husband is in love with another woman? A man can Neva love 2 women equally lailai quote me anywhere.back to d matter simply get urself a guy to balance it since u cannot leave cos of ur children. But remember wen ur children grow up dey will resent their father and blame u Fr Dis weakness u have.

  78. Its a leap day...Thank you Lord for all thy mercies. Seeing us thru the end of yet another month....Oshe!!

    Last IHN for February. God bless all the givers. @wife playing second fiddle, am sure you'l feel lighter opening up to DH even though knowing he won't let go of A is another pain in the ass. I can't but feel for you. This matter pass jazz or blood oath, just can't say what this means but I think you should let it be, you'v talked to hubby already, stretching the matter farther might bring troubl for the time been content yourself with the love he shows you and the kids and keep praying.

    God bless SDk

  79. Mrs Cairo you are in a polygamous relationship,since you love your husband and A isn't close by,just manage and get use to the situation,since you were aware of her presence,keep praying there's nothing God cannot do. Your husband is a very selfish man,unfortunately there's nothing to be done since he is very considerate and treats you nicely. Now that your husband knows your feelings am afriad things might never be the same again especially for you as the pretense is no longer their. Stop aiding this relationship I beg you,by buying stuff for her n her kid,blah blah. Ask DH to respect you by seperating things,let him run his relationship privately without your knowledge ans he shld keep your kids out of it,as they will be confused about the dynamics of family life and it might affect them as adults in their own relationships. Before you gather the strenght to move on(if you will),dnt confront A or allow anybody do so on your behalf,keep calm and plan your moves. God bless you.(Forgive any typos)

  80. Hnmmm. @ the chronicle. Keep praying for your home. God will return your husband to you some day. Sorry for all you're going through, It will end in praise. Amen.

  81. I tried looking out for Faith's comment to Stella on the City people Post, cldnt find it,maybe she used an ID I wasn't familiar with.
    Wonders shall never end, dat razz somebody too can call someone ugly. I though she even apologised one time for her previous rude comments.
    Faith Stella is not ur mate, hope you know that. People r allowed to call ppl out, but calling someone ugly. Haba,you really lack manners and home training.

  82. Numbers 23:19-20

    19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

    20 Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it.

  83. No time to lick ass.29 February 2016 at 15:05

    David baller's beautiful models. Bling bling wristwatch. I love roman reign, daniel bryians and john cena.

  84. the bvn @Cairo. I just pity you cause living a life as yours must be very hard nut to crack.but since your hubby informed you before now,just keep faith that all shall end well for your favour.

  85. Madam Side-Wife, this your story is like the love triangle between Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camilla. I hope you don't end up like Diana so A and DH can finally tie the knots officially. #JustSaying...

  86. Thank you lord for your grace and strength witness the last day of Rccg fasting and prayers and also the last day of Feb 2016.

  87. I have told this Cairo woman what to do...
    Go spiritual on these people...
    Go to any good cele church or a correct jazz man and they will help you do the needful!...
    Sorry to say but you husband is very foolish!...


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