Stella Dimoko Charlyboy Sends President Buhari A Personal Memo...


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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Charlyboy Sends President Buhari A Personal Memo...

This Memo concerns an issue that is currently very sensitive..Please brace your seat belts....

''My dear Presido,
I trust you are not letting the rot and the decay you met in the system overwhelm you.  I was filled with expectation when you emerged winner. I prayed that you would be a catalyst in redirecting our drifting country; because many things spoil no be small.
I can't say that I was too thrilled with some of your selections for the ministerial posts, but I suspected you had a good reason for most of the choice you made. Your campaign was about change, which I hoped was all-encompassing- change in our mindset, our attitude to work, and above all, not business as usual.

It is based on one of your outstanding ministerial selections that I write this personal letter to you.

My Presido, please tell all them brown nosed praise singers, called politrickcians to hands off meddling and interrupting the flow of our Honorable Minister of Petroleum. Dr Ibe Kachikwu. We are all aware of the plots, nonsensical, local and ethnic intrigues called politics being thrown up to  tamper with Ibe Kachikwu's position. I warn that a stop must be put to this. We all know that corruption is fighting back the war against corruption. With the changes I have seen in NNPC and my personal interaction with this outstanding Nigerian of great repute, a humble, brilliant, intelligent and an outstanding scholar;  one of the few patriots in your cabinet, it will be a disaster if we lose him. You know this is no lie.

While I don't want to tow the line of ethnic or tribal propaganda, those claiming that this call for Kachikwu's sack is entirely an ethnic proclivity may not be far from the truth, going by precedence we all know. At this stage and age of our democracy, such childish tendencies and immaturity ought to be dealt away with, if we all truly hold the interest of this nation dear. These useless yahoo yahoo leaders should desist from their frivolous, devisive, tribal, and ethnic politics and allow him do his job basically.

As a result of corruption, we have found round pegs in square holes; because of corruption, thieves and criminals took over leadership and because of corruption, our economy is in this mess.Even with your fight Sai Baba, you can see that winning the battle against corruption is not an easy one; it is worse than Boko Haram.

It is clear that most of the people responsible for our economic woes are fighting back, not knowing what you may do next. In my opinion, this is one of the ways they're putting up the fight: they want to rid your government of the few who can make visible impact in a system that has hitherto been jeopardized.

These unscrupulous elements must not be allowed to find you predictable, they must not be able to hold you hostage in your own administration, they must not turn you to a mere stooge as it was the case in Nigeria in not too distant past. You no be zoombie.
Let those who know the job be allowed to do it or else, I will be forced to mobilize 2,000,000 protesters to march against this useless agitation.

Enough is enough, you are the President, please take charge.
What you decide to do next will determine, to a great extent, how this Naija ship is steered.
We are all watching, and waiting.

Thank you Your Excellency, for reading.

Best Regards,

Charles 'CharlyBoy'  Oputa.


  1. Replies
    1. Will I ever get loved gosh its boring over here pls can some get me laid am huge down dir young sexy & fun to be wit add me if U re in Abj & wnt us to make ourselfs happy life is too short to hold it bck 7b60e9cf

    2. Oh my goodness. He nailed it for me. Straight to the point. Gbam!!!!

  2. Old papa youngie go and rest. You are now behaving like a spoilt school boy.

    You dey take style they shade jagaban. kachiukwu should seat up or get sacked. Clueless government

    1. End time Charlo with confused memo.
      Honorably keep quiet!
      Jagaban didn't ask for his removal, he only cautioned him to stop insulting Nigerians.
      Oga go sleep with your end time memo

  3. I concur.. Leave Ibe Alone!!

  4. Well said mr charly! I concur

  5. Beautiful Charlie man, beautiful. Well on point. No curse, no shading, bo big grammar. Just the truth in plain queens english

  6. Charlie is still a boy obviously.

    How gbagada sef?

  7. Tinubu is busy calling out Mr Ibe.
    Has he called out Fashola on lack of power for over 3 months and counting? ?? Mtchwwww

    1. U dey mind am?! Useless people, Charly boy well said jare.

  8. Nice one

    I don't know why some people are calling for Mr Ibe's sack. Obviously bad market for them that's why they wan't him out.

  9. Charlyman,the truth is, the hardship is much. Me I don't care who is there but what I care about is performance. If Ibe Kachikwu can say we will continue to suffer fuel scarcity for two months and he never reach two weeks,I know how much it costs to go to work each day! Not to talk of cost of fueling generator.What about cost of commodities? It has gone up due to transportation costs as a result of scarcity of fuel!!!
    Please, let Mr Kachikwu get it right.The hardship is much.

    1. Truth.....all we ask for is performance and servitude. Ibe or no Ibe doesnt matter, if the situation is still the same.

    2. Up ur resilience level my dear.

      Hold on, Do we begin to call for the sack of everyone whom we think isn't quick to please us? People must understand that a lot of intellectual planning must take place behind doors before they become practically effective.

      Why are Nigerians always in a hurry? We jump the queue everywhere and cannot wait our turn. You'd see grown people cussing themselves just because they've been asked to be orderly so that they can be served.

      Ex, at eatries,gas stations, airport, even church. Yet, when we travel abroad we are patient on the queue like nothing else. Check us out at the immigration boarders of other countries, we become meek and overly patient. I just wonder. But soon as they step naija soil, everyone becomes hyperactive and irritable.

      That is the same thing happening now. As much as Nigerians know that Ibe is overly qualified for this job, yet they want him out quickly because he is yet to please them. Forgetting that the man has a lot of loose ends to tie.

      Make una take am easy o. Na the same destination we go all end. Nobody go pass heaven or hell. So why hurry?

      OK bye

  10. Make sene, na real yahoo yahoo leaders ooo. They should leave oga presido alone and stop giving him stupid advice.

  11. *Thinking Charly is right here wit me,I Look around to blow him a Royal Kiss*

    Well said!
    I was just nodding along.couldn't have written it Better.d corrupt ones are fighting back.d Guilty are Afraid u know.

    @ The Queen,forget about reading this.It wil prolly mess up ur day.LMAO.
    Dress up.Let me take u somewhere.A place u and I wil likely forget that many things spoil no be small.
    They make d Bestest Grilled Fish and Salad. Their Chinese? Off the hook baby!And maybe u and u could talk about Patriotism and d "Civic Duty" of loving One's President.


  12. Thank you Oga Charly.President Bubu you no be zombie. Well meaning Nigerians are disappointed with the way things are being handled.

  13. U are welcome my boy, Charlie

  14. Area fada has spoken, let those who have ears hear!!!

  15. Oga Charly Boy.TANKIU ooo!!!It is all the all thieves and their beneficiaries that are crying wolf.We finally have a solid person at the helm of affairs and they have the temerity to talk?We are a mad bunch of people.

  16. Buhari does not read all these things and his house boys will never relay this message to him. He is a president with no bearing at all.....@@@@BiaBia 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  17. Spoken well charly man. The corrupt ones shld leave Kachikwu alone.

  18. Area fada no mind Tinubu, the people of SS/SE are their easy target when it comes to politics, the other day it was Fummi Iyanda that asked the CBN gov to resigned because the economy has collapsed and i wondered what happened to the finance minister who could not sum up 12 and 6, like they weren't handling the economy together, i was like if both were incompetent why call for the resignation of only the cbn governor, all nah their way. where was tinubu when the president called Nigerians criminals while abroad? where was this same tinubu when lai mohammed said the economy is beyond the president and later denied it? where was tinubu when femi adesina asked Nigerians to go and fight those vandalizing the installations that is ensures we are in darkness now, where was tinubu when pmb asked christaians to go and fight boko haram, because they questioned his dragging nigeria to arab coalition against terror? are all this instances not insulting to nigerians that employed them? but tinubu decided to be the hypocrite and dance naked on kachikwu matter, tinubu could have called the man to order privately, as Kachikwu is no seasoned politician like Tinubu who knows how to make politically correct statements and the tongue-lashing went too far into interpreting a callous joke as insults to Nigeria. Accepted kachikwu choice of words were wrong, does it now warrant the sponsored call for his resignation? Tinubu you pmb have compensated you enough you have the VP, FIRS boss is your stooge, you brought in Abike, by extension kemi the finance minister is also your stooge, you now want to add the petroleum ministry to your kitten, abeg go sit down, nigeria is not going to bend back wards to appease you, or is he pained that his brother wale of anado cannot steal the subsidy money that kachikwu has saved Nigeria several millions of naira, Abeg tinubu kachikwu is the only minister in this confused cabinet that is working for now.because they control the media they think they can intimidate people? thank God for blogs, peoples eyes are now opening.

  19. Charlie boy i am not your fan but you couldn't have said it better. I just pity Ibe, why are they trying to frustrate that man? Why won't they let him do his job? I don't get it!

  20. Tinubu did not call for his sack as some people are postulating !!!! Yes he called him out


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