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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Just For You....Hmmmm!

This might mean nothing to you if you do not read it with your minds eye....



  1. Woah lovely the third to last

    1. Will I ever get loved gosh its boring over here pls can some get me laid am huge down dir young sexy & fun to be wit add me if U re in Abj & wnt us to make ourselfs happy life is too short to hold it bck 7b60e9cf

  2. Where is the money to invest?

  3. Honesty is very expensive gift, do not expect it from cheap people

  4. Of course, I don't expect honesty from cheap people.

  5. Sometimes I buy things dat I do not but later become important to me.

  6. Hmmmm nice words, thanks Stellastica

  7. So tru. I could remember when google adsense gave me red card and i lost a lot of money then it made me realise not to put all my eggs in one basket cos then i invested a lot in Facebook ads. I mean that was last year February. I felt so sad and depressed. Thank God i didnt allow it to weigh me down that much. And i also learnt a lot from it. Never to put all my eggs in one basket.

    Ego mbute na enye joy but very risky.

    In the honesty part, i like being honest to people but at the end of the day they will think am telling lies or something. Nowadays people believe lies so easily than the real truth. I dont know why.

    1. You run face book ads for people??

    2. Anon 15.39. Yes i use to but not any more cos facebook dey misbehave sometimes but i can set it up for you or teach u how to do that. I only run it for my self cos i dont want stories that touches the heart....

    3. Sexiest mother i am interested o

    4. Hmmm what does it entail? Pls share.

    5. Anon 22.45.Go and Die am sure u re refering to ur parents as the biggest fools. Anumpama. Try and use ur id so that i will deal with u personally.

      Pweety G and Sisi Eko. What's ur question cos i dnt understand. Is it about facebook ads?

      If yes. Facebook ads is a kind of online advertising platform where you can advertise and reach so many numbers of people on Facebook and make ur money.

      Lets assume u have an online store where you sell products for example. Shoes. All u need to do is to create a facebook page then use ur master card as a form of payment. U can use PayPal or neteler. Like since bank started limiting the amount one can spend in a day online, am only using neteler for my form of payment then get funds from people into binary that wishes to sell their dollar cos they can easily transfer from binary acct to neteler cos banks nowadays dey give us wahala.

      So once u start running the ads on facebook, many people will start seeing ur products and if ur product is nice, u will start recieving order immediately.

      Note. Its not a must to have an online store. If you are good in business, all u need to create a faceboom page and start running ads like advertising whatever u sell and when the order keeps coming in, u can give them a number to call and place order in which u will now deliver the goods to them or look for a delivery man to do it for u. Trust me with that, u dnt even need a shop. Cos u can do it at the comfort of ur home. U can be a house wife taking care of ur home and still make ur money within the comfort of ur home and even make more than people working their ass out. Tested and trusted.

      Then what i mean by ego mbute.

      There is what we call black hat in blogging as well as white hat. Black hat is a quickest way to make money online. Its a kind of using a deceptive landing page to run ads like the one i used last yr december when i needed quick money for christmas was a wrestling snake pics cos u know white people loves video of snakes and all that, in which people who will think that the advert is a kind of cool one will go to ur site only for them to be decieved into clicking ur google adsenss With this method u can actually spend 30dollar and make 500dollar daily or less which also depends on ur RPM and CPC. It is tested and trusted but also very risky cos u might make 10,000 dollars and before 22nd when google will pay. They will ban ur acct. I actually tried it with my UK adsense and wasn't banned so if u wanna do such dnt use naija adsense, just buy UK or US and later u can use ur payoneer card to withdraw. although the snake one, u know naija they can abuse things so right now facebook is flagging any acct that wants to run ads with snake picture. The latest they use now is kind of scandal pics relating to sex of a well known actress or actor cos people will want to watch the act only for them to be taking to a landing page where there is no video and so they will be forced to click ads.

      But if u want to follow a genue process, just create a blog relating to health, insurance and education, technology, cars, those niches are hot as in their rpm and cpc is always on point. U dnt even need to be popular like sdk and linda to make money. All u need is to run ur advert and people will be going to ur site and also will definitely click on ur adsense.

      To be continued.

    6. Then on how to create a facebook page and on how to run ads.

      Let me use olori who sells bata and the rest for an example

      All u need to do is to go to ur Facebook acct, look for pages, u will see create page, fill in the name of what u want ur page to be known for, then when creating the page u will select brand and products, after that u will see subcategory, then u select product and services or any one u like from the drop down menu since there is no shoes there, then click on get started. Then snap the product u wanna sell, use the picture as ur profile pics/cover page of ur page or use any pics u like relating to what u want to sell. U will also see contact info. Put the number u want people to contact u on in order to purchase ur goods and services. Then also write the About page info on ur page.

      Then on running ads, go to ads manager, select boost a post, select ur page as the page u wanna use, fill in the age limit like 20-40 or 18-50 depending on ur choice. Then choose how much u wanna spend perday, may be 5dollar or more. Then click on run ads continously if u want the ads to keep running. Then over to interest. Type in shoes, foot wears, jumia, konga, and select it so that people interested in shoes will be seeing ur advert and also people who are interested in dealdey, konga or jumia products will also be seeing ur advert u can also select clothes, accessories,who knows they might be interested in ur product. Then click on boost post from there it will take u to where u will fill in ur payment details because its from that Details that facebook will charge ur acct. After that ur ads will be in review cos facebook will need to go thru it to make sure its nt against their policy. After that they will approve it and it will start running. And after 30mins u will start getting orders on ur goods.

      Note. For effective sells online u have to make sure u optimise ur ads well when setting it. Always try and experiment, sometimes u might not fill in interest so do experiment in order to know the one that works for u and converts well.

      The same way of running ads is also applicable to blogs. But the only difference is interest and content of what u re running the ads on cos for me i dnt use interest if its black hat but white hat, u must choose interest relating to ur niche Like if u re running advert on a health blog. U have to choose health, doctors and other related discipline as ur interest so that people in that field will get to see ur advert and visit ur site.

      Dnt know wat to type againoo but any questions, am here to answer it.

      People there is money online all u need is to do ur research and meeting the right people without making them feel inferior and get along with them especially web masters/wapka kids. Lol.

    7. I forget to say u will need to choose a country where fb will show people ur advert when setting up the fb ads. As for bata or shoes for example u will need to choose only nigeria. But if its blog that u wanna run ads on, you can choose any country u like.

  8. All bad things that has happened to me has strengthened me.

    I'm bad at shopping talk more of buying things I don't need.

  9. Very informative.

    Don't test the depth of a river with both feet.

  10. Wonderful.. I Luv this..

  11. Nice quote, you made my day. Thank you Stella


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