Stella Dimoko Rio 2016 - Chierika Ukogu DID NOT Sponsor Herself To The Olympics!


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Rio 2016 - Chierika Ukogu DID NOT Sponsor Herself To The Olympics!

This is to shut down all the rumour and clear the air concerning Nigeria's Representative at the Ongoing Olympic games...

 Chierika,a medical student who has since returned to America was entered into the rowing competition for Nigeria but as has been speculated in the press,she DID NOT sponsor herself to RIO 2016.

''Good Day Stella,

I am regular visitor of your blog and I must say you are very precise, genuine and professional in the way you run your blog please keep it up.

My name is..... (NAME WITH HELD) I am the PR /Brand Manager...... (WITH ALSO HELD BY ME)

I read your story today on Cherika the athlete who represented Nigeria at the ongoing Olympics and how she sponsored herself to Rio and I decided to reach out to you so as to correct the notion out there.

The Rowing federation met Cherika less than a year ago via an email she sent in and in August for the 1st time in France. She was introduced by another athlete.
The federation registered her for the World Cup immediately which held in August in France, got the world body FISA to pay for her feeding ,hotel accommodation and local transportation together with her coach.

The federation president Admiral Porbeni paid her allowance for this trip,afterwards the federation registered her for the Olympic Championship in Tunisia last October and all expenses where sponsored including her allowance which was also paid by the president.

Immediately she qualified the federation got her International Olympic committee scholarship which is valid for 10 months .

The Africa Olympic Commission also gave the scholarship for support towards the Olympic.

Cherika didn't pay a dime for her ticket to the Rio Olympics neither did she fly her boat there herself.
On the 12th of August in the presence of other athletes the Ministry paid her her Olympics allowance in full and also gave her coach the allowance that was accrued to him.
All she has gotten has been through the federation.

I took my time to explain so you would use your good office to spread the truth of this whole story and curtail the lies being spread out there''

Phone numbers were provided and This story has been verified by SDK from the relevant sources and Chierika or her press can react to this story if they want.
I think it is important that we put the true story out there.
The Relevant Bodies will issue a press report correcting this soon.


  1. Replies
    1. so we are to believe this unnamed, unsigned story? why can't this so called "rowing federation" issue an official letter. by the way, who paid for the years of training? The lady sponsored herself for years and might have paid the bulk (if not all) of her bills to and in Brazil. With the Nigeria we all know and judging from the way this olympics has been handled, what I stated above is what I wanna believe for now, until an official statement from the "rowing federation" and/orsport ministry and the wonderful athlete in question .

    2. πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    3. That's why Stella is unique. I hope all involved will settle themselve.

  2. All the lairs in Rio

  3. Why is the Chierika not debunking the news that she sponsored herself?

    Na dam sabi joor.

    1. Waiting for her response or her manager's response but look too genuine.

  4. Good to know. This seems genuine enough. But this is Nigeria govt Sha, they can lie through their teeth.

  5. Ok good one though, housewife no good oo so bored.

  6. Rio Olympics started when? 5th right? Allowance paid when? 12th? A week after the games started you were still owing her and her coach right? And you still have mind to send in this? gtfoh..

  7. Lwkd................. Drama every day.

  8. Was she trained in Nigeria or did Nigeria fund her training up to the Olympics standard? That's the question not given of allowance and buying tickets. Although Nigeria did well by registering her.

  9. Replies
    1. Lol.......I hope one day u won't call your girlfriend "end time bae".

  10. this is ridiculous, very silly we dont care, she has done well and we are just proud she decided to row for nigeria, probably the only medal nigeria has or will have

  11. What's the morale of this your story? .. She did so well in the games... She put her country in the medals table. That's all that matters.. This is a needless story...

  12. Politicizing everything. Even Olympic is now being politicized. Pdp must get back power by all means. They are just out to criticize everything and they are getting perfect by the day through ignorant youths.

  13. Hmmmnn bad people wants to spoil this girl name. Why Dalung never give us robust answer

  14. Ok then.

    Vote SDK for Best Blogger of the Year!

  15. Omo ibo, I no trust them

  16. Coming from SDK... I believe the story. Stella verifies all her stories

  17. If she is representing Nigeria by wearing Nigeria`s uniform then she must have received some support if not all from NIGERIA.

  18. you all should get your facts right,SHE DID NOT WIN SILVER..she came second in her group but the silver can only be awarded to one person and was awarded to the rower in group B...Get your facts correct.

  19. Did Nigeria sponsor her? Did she not actively seek international aid? What would the Nigerian Olympic Committee have done for her? Nigerians need to put things inperspective and not always try to bring other people down. Kilode?????


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