Stella Dimoko Dino Melaye Roars Again Says ''Bring Back Our Economy''


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Monday, September 12, 2016

Dino Melaye Roars Again Says ''Bring Back Our Economy''

A Mr. Pen seems to like Mr Melaye so much that all his/her articles centres around the Senator...Interesting articles albeit that they are kinda ''ass licking if you ask me....
You need to read this,especially if you are not a Mr Melaye

''My man, Senator Dino Melaye was in the news again. Every journalist is desirous of writing about the enigmatic and dynamic Senator who is one of the most intellectually mobile leader of his generation. 

These are trying times for the nation. We have found ourselves in a deep recession. Cost of foodstuffs is running away in our very eyes. Basic needs are going beyond the purchasing capacity of the citizens. They groan under the uncertain economic clouds. 

And Dino Speaks 
Characteristic of the irrepressible social crusader, it is a sin for men of integrity to be quietened by the fear of powers, powers installed by the people, powers specially installed with the daring citizens who waved the broom in disapproval of the past administration. 

Not a man like Dino Melaye could keep quiet. Recession is eating up the hope of the nation and her people. Mute cannot be the mode. 
After some hypocrites condemned the Senator for speaking against the recession the Vice President of the nation, Prof. Yemi Osibajo tactically admitted there is a recession, saying it won’t last. 

Prof. I beg to disagree with you sir. With the same people, the same result is expected. Nigeria can only achieve a draw-out from the recession if we do away with the trial by error economists at the helms of economy. Senator Melaye didn’t say this as a political demagogue, but as a fearless advocate and a lover of the President. The President should be freed from his kindergarten Economic Team. 

Having established there is a recession, the Economic Team should stop insulting our sensibilities with the crude price lamentations. May crude price remain uninteresting so that we can start to think out of the box. Agriculture and other mineral resources are enough to make Nigeria great. 
When you check the dollar/naira rate, you will know that this economy is worse than the one handed over by the former President. 

What is Senator Dino’s position? 
Crystal clear: Rejig the Economic Team and bring in people who are experienced in dragging economies out of what we are currently facing. A country who has a Soludo cannot be stuck with an Adeosun. “Igi imu jina sori”. 

The agitation of the citizens is rising. Tempers are rising. People are losing hope in their own government. 

When any nation arrives at this kind of a hopeless junction, confusion, commotion, chaos and criminalities set in. Nigeria cannot afford this at this moment. America was caught in a historic recession. But the citizens pulled towards the same direction, trusted their government and survived. Here, no trust, no will and no courage to challenge the system. 

Why always Dino? 
Why not always Dino?  During the campaign, he anchored the electioneering. He went from Lagos to Calabar to Gombe to promise change. The change he promised was not from bad to worse. 
I was on Twitter sometimes ago and I saw a tweet by an Igbo guy mocking Dino Melaye for being a part of the political machinery that ousted Jonathan, who to him, managed the economy better than Buhari. This is the unpalatable scenario. 

Why not Dino?  If not Dino, then who?  Why are people quiet when a bag of rice is now 25,000 naira?  Where are the economic activists when a dollar has jumped the fence to 420 naira? 

If I got The Senator right, and I think I did, he was not criticizing the President, but merely advising him on the need to re-energize his economic team. It is no bad advice if the party must do well in the next election. APC must put its house together ahead of 2019 and stop the internal brouhaha and unnecessary crisis ruffling the feathers of the party. 

Our economy is bad. Party leaders are keeping quiet, or at best, fighting perceived enemies through the Code of Conduct Tribunal. To save the country and the ruling party, leaders must rise to the action and toe the line of Senator Dino Melaye. 

We must begin to amplify the call for the reshuffling of the Economic Team of the President. It must begin to trend. For our economy to bounce out of this recession, #AdeosunMustGo. 
Emefule should not keep quiet when our economy “dey mi fulefule” (economy gasping for life). 

We must applaud Senator Dino Melaye for standing by the people despite his privileged position as a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
The once largest economy in Africa is crawling leaders are brawling, naira is falling, a change is calling! 
Now is the time to act. 

Mr. Pen is a Public Commentator.


  1. Replies
    1. Enough of complain Dino should come up with a way out of the recession. If the President those mentioned who do they suggest he brings in to the cabinet,one of their own that want part of the national cake.

    2. Enough of complain Dino should come up with a way out of the recession. If the President those mentioned who do they suggest he brings in to the cabinet,one of their own that want part of the national cake.

    3. Does a rat roar?! Abegi!

  2. Dino! Dino!!! They should bring back our corruption too.

  3. Mr. Pen is now Reuben abati continue.
    Abeg bring back our rice. Na that one dey worry people

  4. Replies
    1. James,don't mind Stella's memo!..
      Be yourself nwanne...

      Stella,have you seen what you have caused?...

    2. Hahahahahaha! James talk o. U make this blog lively

  5. This must be Mr Melaye's image launderer. While almost everyone shares Mr Pen's views on our crumbling economy, it is not in doubt that many people have spoken about that already, and importantly, proffered well-thought out and pragmatic solutions that could offset the challenges if Mr President and his team will listen. The much of Dino's statement I have seen has not added anything significant, and certainly did not advance any CONCRETE solutions. One then wonders what the lavish praises in Mr Pen's write up is about, other than a transparent disgusting show of sycophancy.

    1. As much as I agree with I just have to say this... Who your grammar epp??

    2. Lol. As much as you agreed with it, it should teach you how to express yourself in good English. That's some help you obviously need.

    3. Hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahha@anon16:52.thought u wanted to say somfin serios after agreeing with him.roflmfao

  6. Intelligentsia Princess loves sdk12 September 2016 at 16:15

    Naija munchiga one chance. Allah ubangiji na

  7. When Dino and co were looting the national wealth, they didn't know they had to leave some for the rainy day. He's a fool for even advocating against bad economy. He's highly corrupt and part of the reason why Nigerians are suffering today .

  8. which economy? the economy wey you and your fellow PDP hyenas don chop finish. you go soon vomit our economy wey dey inside your belle and your bank accounts. a wicked generation of looters.

    1. Keep fooling ur sef u hear!


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