Stella Dimoko Governor Yahaya Bello urges Nigerians to keep faith in Buhari


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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Governor Yahaya Bello urges Nigerians to keep faith in Buhari

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has urged Nigerians to keep faith with the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as the Nigerian leader has the capacity to navigate the ship of the nation out of the current recession occasioned by the years of locust and financial recklessness and malfeasance of past administrations.

Bello made this known through a press statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Petra Akinti Onyegbule. He said the nation must bond together and take tough decisions to ensure economic rediscovery.

The Governor said it is imperative for Nigerians “to seize the current economic situation to reinvent the glory of the nation and work with their leaders to fix the economic challenges”.

He said, “The benefit of having a credible leader at this critical moment is key to taking the nation off the tray of recession. President Muhammadu Buhari’s integrity is paramount to the drive to make the nation more dependent on agriculture. We must strengthen the capacity of agriculture to take centre-stage in our economy. 

“Kogi State has shown a New Direction in economic development. Agriculture is our key to unlocking the limitless edaphic potentials of our state. More youth and women are now embracing agriculture, and in the next few years, Kogi State has the potential of becoming the food centre of the nation. 

“Let me use this opportunity to urge the international business community to invest heavily in the agricultural sector of Nigeria. What the nation was spending on food importation is unacceptable, and today, we are paying the price for our inability to think outside the box that is oil. 

“In all of these, Buhari remains the good news. His Economic Team possess the capacity to breathe life back into our economy. His fight against corruption and renewed efforts that have brought peace to North Eastern Nigeria have combined to rekindle the hope of the global community in what the nation is doing to be great again."

Governor Bello said the economic recession would soon become a thing of the past, urging Nigerians to become change agents by ensuring the change we seek involves and begins with each and every one of us. 

“More than ever, we need to be united and supportive of government. We need fiscal discipline and proper prioritizing of projects and programs of government. We must move forward with unity and a renewed determination to reclaim our nation from over-dependence on crude oil," he said. 


  1. Your mates are paying salaries,you are speaking English up and down oga fair plus....

    1. He's been always in the news lately

  2. Replies
    1. I just did. I dey provoke.

      Nyene Ene'beni.

    2. I just did. I dey provoke.

      Nyene Ene'beni

  3. Me I no know about that one oh, I would rather put my faith in God the author, & finisher of my faith! Bvs pls when Stella says 5 pm, what time is that in Nigeria? Heheeheee b'cos that SNM post tomorrow is for me & I'm not missing it for anything in the world! Oluwa provide a boo oh!

    1. 5pm Nigerian time meaning 5 Nke ngbede in igbo, 5 in the evening in English i.e. when the sun starts to set in the west. Do u need more explanation?

  4. Abeg who is talking???????

    Dear God,i need your hug.

  5. Stella, wetin this man give you chop na? Abeg drop his story. Salary he no gree pay, but he fit spend money on media propaganda. Mtcheeeew. I dey vex with him big time, and yes he is my Ebira brother.

  6. Mtcheew even d faith wey him say make we keep no wan gree stay for dis buhari regime

  7. I will put faith in God not buhari . pls I am in dire need of a juicer. Someone please help me

  8. Y wnt ds yeye gov nt talk like ds,he neva worked to get there so he prolly tinks life is very easy.
    Wit d barrage of unpopular policies buhari's govt is unleashing on d d people of ds country n d attendant sufferin dt d nigerian populace is bein exposed is very sad dt such an utterance is cumin frm ds gov.

  9. Stella pls stop posting anything from this man. His state is in a mess. We batch A n B corpers risked our lives for d election dat made him governor. Guess how much he gave us for state allowance at d end of our service year? 8k. For a whole service year. Well ours was better. Because the batch B corpers that finished on Thursday were paid 2,500 naira only for all d sweat of one year. Kogi state is one of d worst states in Nigeria. You need to be there to understand what i'm saying. Their governments have been really terrible. All they do is embezzle money n owe salaries. Mtcheew

  10. We should have faith in him until he sends us to early grave with inflation and baseless policies that are causing more recession to the economy.
    Pls go get yourself a seat. If you have nothing to say kindly shut your mouth.

  11. To understand English is a problem for some of you ehn? He said "keep faith with" not have faith in.These are two different things.Na wa oh!


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