Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 108


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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Labour Room Drama 108

Got drama?take it to the Labour room!

Hailings Madam Stells, 

 Here's my own story. This blog has been saving lives since God knows. Got married February 2014 didnt conceive until August same year and lost the pregnancy through the most unfortunate means, had to go for evacuation at 16 weeks. Getting pregnant again took time, then I read that post about using clomid and glucophage. 


I jumped at it cos i was already getting desperate and took in the second month. Pregnancy was smooth until when my legs became swollen and heavy, made it uncomfortable to walk and the tummy sef long anyhow so driving became a task. Fast forward to week 37 during night devotion I heard hubby saying the baby can come now that we are ready.

 Lol, what a prayer, I smiled where I was. Hubby then travelled at week 38 but committed me to a doctor whom I could call whenever there's anything. Came back week 39 ending no show, so we went to the Hospital following day marking the beginning of week 40. Was checked and booked for Thursday for Induction. 

Thursday was central market so I pushed myself to the market to buy things for the house. 

Meanwhile i had already put a call across to my sisters and they arrived that morning so we went to the market together, couldn't move, I just sat down somewhere and gave them my list. I became hungry in the market, serious hunger oo, they had to buy me rice from a food vendor in the market. Pregnancy na wah!. I got home, took the tomatoes for blending, came back, sliced the veggies, called our security guard to help sweep and mop the floor. 

Time check 6:00 pm, hubby called that he's already on his way to pick me so I had to quickly Cook and eat indomie and tea. We checked my box once more then he asked me to get more wrappers, I carried only two. Got to the hospital the doctor checked me, did vagina swap then gave me 2hours, no show so they asked the nurses to give me a bed. Was there till early hours of the next day., 4:00 am they came and inserted misoprostol. Came back 7:00 am to check, no show, came back 1:00pm, no show, so they increased the dosage with a promise to come back by 6:00pm.

 Meanwhile hubby will be like are you not feeling anything, I'll answer no. Couldn't eat until around 5:00pm, I managed to eat little rice, after which my sisters took me and we started walking round the building, then I started climbing the stairs up and down then I noticed something dropped inside my pant I went to check and it was a thick mucor. 

With that I continued again until I felt another warmt and I checked, this time it was lighter than the first one and quite much, I collected it in a tissue to show the doc.I was thereafter taken to the labour ward, checked 2cm, so they set the drip I call it pepper drip. I started vomiting, then pooing. 

Then came the pain with full force. The nurses tried for me. Checked by 10pm still 2cm so they now ruptured the membrane (broke the water). Was in pains  o till 1:00 am when i was taken to the theatre for CS. Cs was successful until I started bleeding and had to be attended to. Hospital scatter. 

Woke up the evening of the following day amidst hearty cheers from my team of doctors and other patients. I now started feeding my oversized 4.8kg baby. Praise be to God, today makes it exactly 9 months and i Have been minding my business where hubby is, i nor fit shout abeg. Sorry for the long epistle.

*minding your business as per business in the ''oza room''?


  1. Replies
    1. Enter your reply...pls and Pls,am not begging oooo but imagine in my house with a baby to care for,no washing machine,no cooker(na only one stove),no ordinary fridge.I told my husband to try&get me a cooker,he said no.Fridge,mba. He said will the fridge b bringing him money? I was so so shocked. Na wash I dey wash everyday to the point of having withlow on my leg. Sometimes in the kitchen,I spend about four hours to make simple food.Y are some men so negative? Truly,its isn't good to marry a poor man bcos of dier mentality. Am just so annoyed with him dis morning&I am sad.I pray God gives me a job cos am just a year old in this marriage.This my husband is 42yrs old oooo.This same man will b saying that microwave isn't good,AC isn't good,chai! Wat a bushman I to dey boil pepper for almost a week morning and nite cos of no fridge&put the root of vegetable in water for like 2days.its not his fault @all. Am annoyed and can't even eat! He's the one taking care of his parents&yet wen his people beg him for money,he won't tell dem he doesn't have bt wil say OK but na me the wife he godey say him no get money,money wey no reach 100k,na sitdown I dey look! Am depressed&not happy.Once again,am not begging and I shall be a giver in Jesus name. Pls,BV's,wat do you see to this?????????

    2. Anon,go,and look for a job,at least a teaching job

    3. A man at this is age??very soon he will say house with zinc causes heat and prefer Bacha house.y didn't you complain when courting? Did u expect miracle?withlow live hand do ur leg? U were comfortable with it b4, as u lay your bed so u ..........

    4. Hrrt FBI,some go deceive u enter!

  2. Hahaha@ "minding ur biz where husby is"..Thank God 4 u and ur baby. .

  3. Replies
    1. Vagina swap ke? So whose vagina did they give you?

  4. #Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing*

  5. Minding business ke?
    Lol, after 9months???

    I tell people,until you've carried a big baby in your belly,you won't come and say "aaaww I love big babies,your baby is so chubbyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    It can be tasking.

    1. Very tasking.

    2. I tell you,especially first pregnancy. Abeg my next baby should weigh 3.0kg.

  6. Don't mindeding ur biz please...

    These boys aren't loyal

  7. Coolio (Mama Patience Sister)19 November 2016 at 13:35

    9 months and your husband is not complaining?? Hmm! Where is that bic sef, let me keep loosing my hair small small

    1. Read again, for understanding this time

    2. Read again, for understanding this time

  8. Induction with a 4.8kg baby?Wasn't there a scan to alert the doctors?That hospital didn't try abeg.You should have been booked for an elective CS during ANC

    1. Most times especially when you are approaching your due date, the scans are not πŸ’―accurate.

      And then women have been known to give birth to that size virginally.
      Some doctors try to birth them if there are no additional risks.

  9. Induction with a 4.8kg baby?Wasn't there a scan to alert the doctors?That hospital didn't try abeg.You should have been booked for an elective CS during ANC

  10. Funny you @minding your business , 4.8kg wow the baby is big, thank God for safe delivery

  11. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love ur story

  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love ur story

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  14. What do you mean by the last sentence poster?

  15. Congratulations dearie. Thank God for safe delivery.
    But still minding your business after nine months?
    Hmmmm my dear na blood dey flow for your hubby body ooo.

  16. Congrats Poster. Pls allow oga o.lolz

  17. This poster you are funny o...mind ya business seriously


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