Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 121


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Friday, December 02, 2016

Labour Room Drama 121

This one sat inside combing hair whilst mama was waiting to

Hello Stella,
    Greetings in the name of the lord.
My own labor story is like this:
I took in immediately l joined my husband here so started the antenatal and all. The first trimester, l was vomitting and my smell sense was very high. We had indian Neighbour so any small smell, l will start vomiting but in my second trimester, it stopped but l was now eating for the whole neighborhood lol. 

The third trimester, l could not stand for long, the under of the foot was paining even wakes me up in the night. I was coming down ooo,the doctor gave me my edd as 11th of march 2016 so l stopped work the previous week.

Na so l start to wait, no show even a week after the date. I was sent to go for another ultrasound and if no show, then l will be inducted. I did not want any inducting so I tried all the exercises and other stuff too but pikin dey belly dey comb hair ooo so no show still. 

The hospital finally called me to come by 5pm on the 28th of march for the inducting. I went with my hubby, after all the blood work and other things, l was induced with something that looked like a lamp wick and we were sent back home to come back by 8 in the morning. My hubby was just entering my room every five minutes asking if its time. I had to tell him to allow me sleep abeg.

So we went back in the morning. They did all the necessary stuff. Me l was hoping that l will go back home and wait for contractions to start but for where na so they give bed say pikin don over stay for belly. They removed the previous inducer and put another one. I was not feeling the slightest contraction yet. After that one, in the night, they use something that is called balloon to help open the passage. In the morning, they removed and checked the cervix, only two cm still no pain.

They then moved me to the delivery room and started administering oxyotin in drip. The pain started coming small small so they told me their pain reducing options, I went for laughing gas cos people have different stories about epidural. My sisters were calling every minute, l told them to sleep that l will call them once l deliver. 

After the normal dose of oxytocin, no show so they increased it until it finished. They came and inserted something down there to measure the rate of contraction, Stella, na so l tire. I asked them for cs, they refused and said that cs is a major surgery bla bla bla, that they will try their options before cs.

The specialist came and said that the baby's head is not coming down and said that cs might be it. So l was finally given epidural. By then, the laughing gas was making me sleepy and cold, the nurses covered me with a steamed blanket and I was hungry cos l have not eaten since two days, was only eating ice cubes.

Na so l enter the operating room and the doctor cut and so l shouted, epidural did not work ooo, had to be completely knocked out and my hubby was not allowed inside. When I woke up, l was hearing a sucking sound, asked for my son and they gave him to me, o boy was making that sucking sound ooo, he was sucking his two fingers. I saw him and fell in love deeply, he was worth everything. His skin was like it was peeling, the nurses said that bcos he was advanced 42 weeks old lol. He was born on the 31st of march weighing 8.8oz.

Though cs is painful when you wake, Stella,that will be my preferred option now ooo, l no fit shout. When it was time to leave the hospital, na so l begin cry o cos the nurses were taking really good care of me and na only me and my hubby dey as l was still new there.  I do my omugwo myself.
Attached is my baby's pic for your eyes only.

ha!!!...what a story! are strong though!


  1. Replies
    1. No be small "Oya congrats". Lol

    2. Mothers sending in labour rm drama please pity us now. WE read the story with such delight once in a while it will be great to ee the babies. Even though it's new born by now thier faces would have changed abi? Pls reconsider this for your eyes only ohhh. we love you too.

    3. Lolzzzzzz @ anny 00:18. Your comment cracked me up big time.
      Dont worry,when i'm sendi g my LRD i will attach pix for all eyes.

  2. wow sweetheart congrats to you.

  3. Congrats madam.

    Una dey hide baby pix too? Hian!!!

  4. Thank God for safe delivery

  5. Nawa ooooo, all the same, thank God for your life and congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy.

  6. Nawa ooooo, all the same, thank God for your life and congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy.

  7. Congrats... I have learnt a lot from this segment. Though I am a mom but I have never gone through majority of the things I having been reading. There is always a lesson to learn as all pregnancies aren't the same.

    1. Exactly!
      One of favourite, will surely miss it when mommies stop sending.

      God bless you and your family @ poster.
      Some babies can be 'stubborn', God bless our Children ooo!

  8. Congrats dear. Had my baby thru CS too cos of hbp and his heartbeat was reducing. It seems easier, but recovery is harder and the cost no be here. God help us all.

  9. Wow strong woman,congratulations.

  10. Epidural did not work?? Jesus!

  11. If ur EDD was 11th march.. that means your baby was almost 3 wks over due... woww.. i thought that was damgerous keeping the baby in more than 2 wks..anyways thank God for safe delivery

  12. Congrats. at 2 months I stop reading LRD cos of fear...most of the narrative ar scary seriously. .
    Nd am a mom of two lovely boys, I didn't go through much stress during delivery. 34 weeks gone..
    Am so tired of eating before I turn size 20 hehe.. wishing myself nd all the expectant mom a safe delivery. ....

  13. Enter your comment...Congrats and thank God.


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