Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 140


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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Labour Room Drama 140

Extra all bout it!

I got married on 9th February 2013, early March I was sick so my husband suggested we go for a pregnancy test. After the text, the doctor called us into his office and congratulated my husband telling him the test was positive.

The doctor told us to register for anti-natal and start immediately, infact he said I should be coming every two weeks and as a JJC that I was then I simply obeyed. And the bills high no be small, after three months after gisting with friends and hubby too consulted his friends, we decided that I will be going for anti-natal once a months because I was very strong, no complain, no complication.

I later changed hospital because of the high bills and the doctor was always making us do unnecessary expenses.

I was given 12th November, 2013 as my due date, on that day no sign of labour before then my doctor adviced me to come on that day so I went to see him.

On getting there he checked me and told me to go and bring my things but seriously no labour but as JJC that I was I called my husband and told him, he said no problems I should go.

At that moment I didn't even remember calling my mum and even forgot all the discussion I already had with friends on 2 weeks before and two weeks after.

I went to the hospital with my things, nothing happened that day, the next day being 13th same thing nothing happened. Then in the afternoon of 13th the doctor said the head of my baby is just up that he needs to induce me to open up my cervic, sometime after inducing still nothing happened infact I was just there browsing with my phone and refreshing SDK blog then in the evening again, he inserted another inducement tablets still nothing nothing. 

Hmmm at that moment my sister fear come enter me sha though I was praying and pretending as if I am not scared. That evening my mum came to join me in the Hospital, she told me that if I had called her, she would have advised me to stay at home until I start having contraction but I was already in the hospital.

The next day, the doctor came around 5.00am in the morning, he asked me to lay down he checked me and told me to give him my husband's number. Hmmmm, he didn't tell me anything o. After he finished speaking with my husband, I called my husband and asked him what the doctor said, he told me that I will be going for CS to save my life and that of my baby that they need to bring the baby out immediately so he is on his way.

Hmmmm I don't have to tell you how I felt that time but my husband came, signed and we all prayed. Off to the Threatre, they gave that wonderful gown. I saw two doctors, I was given spinal injection but for where my Odeshi body no carry when the doctor was cutting my stomach open I was feeling the pain, I told him he then gave me another injection. That was all I remembered, then the next time the Doctor was calling my name and I answered, he said how are you and I said fine. I was wheeled out of the Theatre, I was hearing my husband's voice but I wasn't seeing clearly at all.

I called my husband, he answered I told that I am seeing him double double what is happening, he said maybe its the injection, he said here is our baby, I said let me see him, he brought the baby but I wasn't seeing the baby well. 

Then I asked him if the baby is fine, he said yes very fine. The fact is that I was talking like somebody with a loose screw that day then I slept off and woke up the next day and starting seeing things clearly. I was able to see and hold my fine boy, he weighed 3.9kg.

I stayed in the hospital for 6 days, the boy was circumcised on the 7th day and we were discharged same day.

Meanwhile somebody came to steal my son on the 3rd day from the hospital but did not succeed (Story for another day) I thank God.

I forgot to tell you that my husband almost fight with the Doctor when he was given his bills to pay, no be small something o.

Early March, 2015 I took in again, since I already have experience, I didn't start antinatal until after 3 months but was taking my anti-natal drugs. The pregnancy journey was smooth but my belle long ehn. Most people were thinking I will have twins.

So I was given 6th January, 2016 as my due date but on 30th December, 2015 I prepared very sweet dry fish and chicken stew with white rice, very delicious meal for dinner. When I was about taking it, I just saw water pouring out from my body as if I was urinating. Ha, I changed my clothes, I sat down and eat my food very well. Except the water that comes down from time to time, I was fine until around 11.00pm contraction started gradually then around 12.00ammehn it became unbearable I told my hubby to bring my bag lets go to the hospital.

This time I registered with a General Hospital, when we got there I was just shouting, the nurse asked me to lay down after checking me they asked if I have delivered before I said yes, they asked normal delivery or cs I told them its cs, come and see questions. When did you deliver, I told them. Since you started coming for anti-natal have you seen the doctor, did he check you.

That was how they pushed me to one corner, I shouted from 1am to 7am in the morning, I was begging them to come and check me.

They asked me to remove my clothes and come into the labour, one of the nurse checked me and still repeated the questions the other nurse asked after answering her, she started attending to other women, I was laying there for this hamatthan for almost three hours. I didn't know they were just delaying me and waiting for Doctor.

Finally, doctors came around 10am, one of the doctors said see my baby head, then the other doctor one said yes but the scar of the first CS is still fresh and my baby is big that they don't want to take any risk so they booked me for CS.

Madam Stella, because of the pains I have gone through at that point I don't mind I just wanted the baby out.

I was taken to the Threatre, mehn my body was already frozen with cold. In the threatre about 7 or 8 people were present, I was injected. That was all I remembered until around 9.00pm a nurse and my mum were calling my name. As if it was in a dream then finally I woke up.

My mum told me that they were all scared, my body was cold as ice and I slept for long so they started panicking.

The pain I experienced after CS no be here o, the pain of the first cs was mild.

But all the pains are now forgotten and when I look at the two handsome boys, I just thank God.

My first son is three years plus and the second one will be a year on the 31st of December.

See Pictures for your eyes only.

WOW see drama oh...Congrats, your kids are so fine.


  1. Replies
    1. Refreshing SDK in 2013? The blog never dey hot for refreshing that time na.

    2. Anon 13:35, na those days the blog been dey hot oo. E be like say u be newbie. Enough yansh opening. In short 2012 hot pass self.

    3. Na dat time I dey addicted to the blog sef

    4. The blog don hot before that time sef. I started coming here those day that L blogger foolishly used to put up a link to Stella's blog and Yab her. She gave Stella traffic foolishly and me I got hooked to this gutsy blogger.

  2. Pics for your eyes only. Mmmmmm no wahala for at least show us one finger na. Of what use is it to cook rice (long story) without salt(picture)...... Haba!

    1. Madam well done,God will continue to keep u an UR babies

    2. madam God will continue to keep ur babies for u

    3. madam God will continue to keep ur babies for u

  3. Someone tried to steal your baby? Na WA ooo

  4. Private hospitals sha, who starts antenatal on the 1st month? And they even asked you to come every 2 weeks too, oloshi .

  5. hmmmmmmm, thats y they always advice mums to wait at least 2 abi 3 years after the 1st CS before taking in again. Thank God 4 ur life poster.

  6. Someone tried to steal your child? World people!!!!
    Nice LRD

    1. Please tell us your story so other mother's can take precaution on child theft after delivery. God bless you.

  7. Hmmmmmm, so you took in almost immediately,pls give your body time to heal, two boys is enough

  8. So we can read and not c... Yu aff tired.. As a jobless person that I is

  9. Na wa. Someone tried to steal ur baby? What did u do when u became strong? No beating for the person? No police arrest? Mtchewww!!!

    Congrats sha

  10. Lol, BluntChic.
    Madam Stella, thank you ma.

  11. Madam well done,God will continue to keep u an UR babies

  12. God will continue to keep u an ur babies

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  14. Pls o, Who added one B4B on SnM.,,he is just a total different being. I can't deal o.

  15. Lol
    Enough drama sha
    But I had goose bumps when you said you can still feel the pain when they were cutting your tummy.
    Doctors are really trying o

  16. Congratulations. What women go through in child bearing. It's not easy but thank God it ended well.

  17. That your doctor in the first pregnancy is a very big thief.


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