Stella Dimoko Nigeria Law School Results Show 28 Percent Failure


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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nigeria Law School Results Show 28 Percent Failure

The Nigerian Law School has released summary of the final examination results conducted from April 22 to 28.

The Director-General, Nigerian Law School, Mr Olarewaju Onadeko, (SAN), made this known in a statement on Saturday in Bwari, FCT.

He said that 2,125 students participated at the examinations while 1,393 were successful.

The statement noted candidates with conditional Pass are 196 while 596 failed.

Further breakdown of the results showed that candidates with Pass accounted for 65.6 per cent, those with conditional Pass represented 6.4 per cent.

Those who failed were 28 per cent.

Onadeko said that the ‘Call to the Bar’ ceremony for the successful candidates will hold on July 13 in Abuja.

from dailypost.

*Ah this is Massive failure oh...How will they get good jobs with these results?na wah oooo


  1. Nigerian lawyers are one of the worst in Africa. Money first. No integrity. No activism. Highly monetised profession. With connection, some who failed, would be richer in a few years than the lot who passed.

    1. Pls come and write the bar exam and let's see if you would still tall like this.You don't know the pain we go through.Am tempted to curse you but I won't.

    2. Anon 08:20 please tell them o. They day I took the bar exams I started respecting lawyers. The standard is crazy. And before others come at me I came out with a 2,1.
      To the many people who failed I still have respect for you. We read like mad people.
      I feel humbled and lucky that I made it.

    3. Anonymous why don't you go study the law and make a difference. Ignorant people be talking from the outside. Don't speak on what you know nothing about

    4. How would they ones who failed be richer than they ones that passed the exams?

      I've attended couples of CTB, and I can tell you that one don't get to practice in Nigeria without passing the exam.

      Is there any career that is not monetized in Nigeria?

      We should be lucky for the numbers of failure recorded.

      Would you tell me that there weren't students that could make monetary offers to officials just to pass the exam?

      Just so you know, there are people of integrity in the NLS.

      I duff my hat for those that passed the exam.

    5. Anonymous 06:18,please don't talk out of your ass. If you know how stressful law school can be and how it is graded, you will even respect people that came out with a Pass. I came out with 2.2 and I am very proud of that.
      To the people that failed, I still have mad respect for you. You shall make it.

    6. Law school is a place you will not wish your enemy to go twice. Go to Law school n you will know that pass is not a small grade.

    7. Okamadam talk wetin u know ooooo
      In Medicine Pads na Pass.

      Law is even better. Coman go yo Law school now that d curriculum is fair n see weda u go even pass Professional ethics. Hehehe I laff at u cos u talk out of ignorance.

      Bar Exam for me, is likened to natural vaginal Childbirth. Make mouth finish, na when u enta labour born ur pikin na im u must begin respect mothers. Weda e die for labour room or pikin live, u must salute woman.
      Pass is not a small great. So far ur name dey Supreme court register, u be Lawyer. God punish who no respect u

  2. Replies
    1. Another ignorant one talking.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Sandy, you are one of the few I respect here but please don't talk about something you don't know. If you know the kind of stress some people go through for the bar finals, you won't talk like that. My set, there was an ambulance on standby for people that faint or 'run mad' because of stress and I tell you that the ambulance was used. Have a little respect. You can choose to insult me sha.

    4. Oya no vex😜 @Anon 15:04!

    5. Ambulance na steady thing na.
      I do law finish I say except my kids choose Law, I will not encourage anyone to do d Law. Law is not beans weda Pass or not.

  3. The fail figures are disheartening. 196 conditional passes and how many outright failures? God this news is depressing.

    Law School Exams and Exams for Upgrades in the Medical Field? Damn frustrating and uptight. Many dont recover from the fail. There's a reason for this embarrassing result, The Nigerian Bar Association ought to verify this. The families that had to borrow to send their wards to Law School are the ones my sympathy goes to. Lawyers jack and eat books na, or am i mistaken? Ain't easy mehn.

    1. Medicine even beta. U see who to sort to Pass.
      Na who u wan sort for Law schools?

  4. I think I might still read law in future. I have a lot of respect for lawyers at least the way they take their bar finals seriously. I hope my friends made it this time because I know they gave it their best shot and didn't make it the first time.

  5. Congrats to those who passed well. Una money and your folks money did not go in vain. As for others- wehdoneπŸ™‹

  6. Recession affect their score too....

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. See one of dem charge and bail lawyer ranting.
      You truly wish my father is poverty stricken or whatever.
      Go ask! Bye felicia.

    2. Her ex boyfriend who broke her heart na lawyer.

  8. Just 28 percent? Oya come med school na....50 percent na nornal

  9. Na dis people dem dey call charge and bail lawyers. Dem full CMS.

    Shame on them. I wonder how they will win court case. See failure everywhere

    1. @yori yori, you are a mumu beyond reasonable doubt

    2. U r just a fool. There's more to law than advocacy.
      Sofa dem see who to charge n who to bail.
      Wat good have u done since u acquired commonsense???
      Ezigbote mumu beyond reasonable doubt.
      Taaaaa gbafuo


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