Stella Dimoko Kogi Govt Blasts Ekweremadu Over Comments On Dino Versus Governor Brouhaha


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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kogi Govt Blasts Ekweremadu Over Comments On Dino Versus Governor Brouhaha

The Kogi State government, yesterday, described as mischievous a statement credited to the deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, suggesting that it is behind Senator Dino Melaye’s recall process.

The State noted that Ekweremadu’s remark that Melaye’s recall process by the people of Kogi West senatorial district was an exercise in futility was an indication that the deputy Senate president was ignorant of the constitution.

In a statement issued by the state’s Attorney-General and commissioner for Justice, Ibrahim Sanni Muhammed, Kogi government stated that a situation where Ekweremadu would, on the floor of the upper chamber, “describe a lawful exercise of recall initiated by the good people of Kogi West Senatorial District as ‘an exercise in futility’ or posit that the constituents were wasting precious time, was highly regrettable and condemnable

“The Senator’s remarks in this regard and to the effect that proper advice was not given by the Attorney-General on a recall exercise can therefore only be regarded and should be seen as one laden with mischief, malice, and bad faith”, he said.

Muhammad added that, while he holds Ekweremadu in very high esteem, being a lawyer and a principal officer of the Senate, the same did not extend to his (Ekweremadu’s) remarks regarding Melaye’s recall exercise.

He continued, “While we all as Nigerians and more particularly myself respect and support the Senate as a very vital institution of our democracy, the Senate as an institution must continue to conduct itself in a manner compatible with the status conferred on it by the 1999 Constitution(as amended) so as to sustain the respect and support of Nigerians which it currently enjoys.

“For a start, it must be clear to all that, the recall process of Senator Dino is not a State function but that which was initiated by the good people of Kogi West Senatorial District in the exercise of their constitutionally granted right to recall a Senator representing them where they have lost confidence in the Senator.

“Neither Senator Ekweremadu nor other commentators on their train have provided any iota of evidence to support this allegation. This therefore remains an unfounded allegation.

“Following from the above position that the exercise is not that of the State, it means that the Attorney-General of Kogi State has no role whatsoever in the exercise by private citizens of their constitutional right to seek the recall of a senator.

“Senator Ekweremadu being a Lawyer and Lawmaker with considerable experience knows the role of the Attorney-General of a State as provided by the 1999 Constitution. The statement is in the least prejudicial and capable of interfering with the lawful functions of a constitutionally created body (INEC)’.

“I therefore call on well meaning Nigerians to resist any attempt by the Senate to make a mockery and in essence stifle the lawful functions of INEC.”
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*I wonder how this power tussle between the senator and the governor will end...Dino is not my favourite person or senator but what is wrong is wrong...Let us see how this will end.


  1. There is nothing wrong in what d ppl of Kogi west and inec are trying to do. I felt very angry wen I watch Ekweremadu said that they are just wasting their time.

    I blive recalling Dino will b d best tin to happen in Nigeria democracy if at all they succeed. ppl like Ekweremadu will understand that he can also be recall by his ppl.

    That will make ds our senators behave more responsible and stop stealing our money as it is now.

  2. This madu guy should just mind his business!

  3. Even when wearing a suit, deputy senate president resembles alaba market man, or aria ria merchant. Accent is whack, personae is backward, zero charisma. Oh well.

    1. Anon 7.48 I concur with you. Ekeremadu looks like a monkey always.

    2. What do you expect of him ? Carry goat to America, he will still remain a goat.. Lol

    3. On point

    4. Anonymous continue discussing with yourself inugo.

  4. Stella wat do u know dat is wrong? Abeg try and keep ur biased opinion to urself! Dino has bn notin but a public and society nuisance to his state and party! Na who dino never fight with? Should I start frm d senate? Is it Mrs tinubu?abi it is senator ndume? Outside d party nko?is it ibrahim magu abi na his govnor and evn d pmb and osibajo? Abeg stella don't just stay in Germany and be saying tins u know notin about in naija! Na we de naija,na we de feel d heat! Dino must be recalled! He shd go outside d chambers and go continue singing and waxing his song ajeku Iya nio je! Oloshi omo oloriburuku oshi! He must go!

  5. All you commenters on this issue are so naive about the recall process...its an effort in futility. If Dino should be recalled then all the Senators should be recalled as well.. I advise all of you here to pick Nigerian constitution and study it very well and spot commenting on politics cluelessly

  6. Madu should be careful ooooo or else they might recall him join oooo! Wash your own plate, leave dino to wash his! Gboro miro!

  7. Stellz, there's nothing wrong in what the Kogi government is doing. A recall acts as a check and balance, it reminds the legislators that they can be recalled if they fail to represent their constituents effectively and efficiently. If such checks and balances are not in place, anarchy is imminent.

    In spite of this particular check and balance, most legislators already feel untouchable and above the law. They do whatever they like with reckless abandon because they feel they aren't accountable to anyone and nobody or group of bodies can sanction them. The deputy Senate president is trying to show solidarity but he is doing it the wrong way and in an unprofessional manner, being that he is a lawyer as well. He ought to know better and be wary of his utterances. By virtue of his position, he should appear neutral.

    There are guidelines and procedures in a recall process. If Dino Melaye feels there was a breach in the due process after he has been recalled, he can seek redress in court and if his petition has merit, he will be reinstated. Trying to "block" a process which has the constitutional stamp of approval or saying that a legal process which allows the people of a particular state recall a legislator misrepresenting their interests is an effort in futility, goes to show how entitled and invincible most legislators think they are, so they act with impunity. The people elected Dino, the people also have the power to recall him. He wasn't appointed, he was elected.‎ It's like a brother to an abusive husband telling people that his sister-in-law's attempt to get the court involved in her case of domestic violence, is an effort in futility. A witch hunt is only effective if the "victim" has some "witchy" attributes. After all, a clear conscience, they say, fears no accusation.

  8. Sincerely to me,the issue is not abt d state governor sponsoring Dino's recall. Its actually a good way of reminding d senators that they are accountable to the electorate.
    Dino is a disgrace to d Senate, his state and entire nation.

    1. Am not here to support any Dino but in your very church mind like this you believe Nigerians who sell their voting rights for umbrella would gather and say we want to recall Dino?

      As far Nigeria is concerned, 50 people signed all those recall signatures or whatever e no fit pass 50 people.


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