Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 181


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Monday, July 10, 2017

Labour Room Drama 181

Iya Ibeji of the In House News ''Iya Ibeji series' has her labour room to gist us and its scary....

Thanks for this platform. I waited for almost 2yrs before I got pregnant my story was published in chronicle of hope 2 years ago.
So to my labor drama, my first trimester no be here, I had this super ability to smell. I could smell soup being cooked from 3 streets away and it always smelt awful.

Second and third trimesters were OK. But people kept staring at my tummy, because one of my babies was breach,the shape of my tummy was funny they called me different names, wheelbarrow, truck pusher etc. I worked till I gave birth and those days in the office when I wasn't busy I will be watching movies on You Tube to avoid sleeping.

 One day the Lord told me that instead of wasting my time on movies why not on something better like messages.

And behold there were so many na so I begin dey watch, from Joyce Meyer to Pastor Chris, T.D Jake's etc I watched tire. But there was one pastor Chris' message I loved about how a woman should talk during labor I recorded that one and was listening to it always.

The D day: I was told not to eat. I didn't eat from morning till 6pm, me that used to eat for Africa but God made it possible .

 When it was time to shave me and one nurse did. Another one came to inspect and said the other nurse did a bad job, she reported her to a male doctor that one came to inspect for my mind na my VJ una dey take play so? make we dey watch. Main Doctor came and asked if I was scared or anything I said doctor one question will I ever get my flat tummy back, he said madam if that's what is bothering you, you no get problem.

We enter theatre they prayed, bind every monitoring spirit na Christian hospital, they gave me anaesthesia and started to tear me, first cut I screamed otio o CS no suppose pain now. Doctor what is this? he said to relax. Second cut he dey like butcher wey dey slice meat. I say doctor I no do again. Shey them say CS na after delivery I go feel pain why all this?

I didnt know when I fell asleep I woke to see everybody panicking my blood pressure was very high, they stopped the operation mid way trying to bring it down .

Then I noticed I could hear my voice, I was talking. I tried to listen to what I was saying, the blood pressure dropped and they had to bring out baby number 1, the pain ehn was indescribable I screamed and I thought I was going to die from the pain. 

Then to baby number two I was still talking the doctor begged me to be quiet I couldn't I wanted to but I couldn't I didn't even know I was the one talking only I could recognised my voice. So I listened to what I was saying I realised I was repeating everything from pastor Chris' message. That was the first time I heard my spirit man talking . 

Anyways baby number two came out and brethren I can't describe the pain,the anaesthesia didn't work on me maybe because of the blood pressure. After they brought out both babies I was asked to bless them.

After Delivery : the pain no be here, I couldn't laugh, God forbid that I sneezed. 

But I started feeling strange like I wasn't attached to my children, like I didn't love them. Where were all those feelings they talked about? That you look at your child and fall in love?

 there was no love. I wasn't kissing them I just kept staring at them and telling my mum that their faces just hasn't registered in my head that the nurses could swap them and I wouldn't even noticed. 

But one day I was alone with them and trying to walk, they were on the bed and I heard something drop and  I thought it was my daughter...

 The few seconds it took me to turn back I almost died from fear. It was something else that dropped. I went back carried her kiss her and started crying, carried her brother too that was the day I fell in love with my children.

I thank God for their lives and today is their birthday. Picture for your eyes only. BVs I for show una but then I won't be able to do my series again. Thanks Stella. 

The Iya beji 1

You heard your spirit man talking during Labour?scary description eeeeeh!!!


  1. Happy birthday umu ejima. I always have this connection to twins. Can't explain it.

  2. Hallelujah! Thats why its always good to feed your mind with Godly messages and positive thoughts,let them sink into you and become part of your subconscious. I give God glory for your life iya beji.

  3. Wow...thank God for seeing u thru.

  4. Congrats o, i can only imagine dt C's

    Mothers must understand d need to bless our kids once we birth them. Very important to decree on them immediately they step into ds world...

  5. Praiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise the Lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

  6. The Devil failed. Congratulations Poster and a very Happy Birthday to the Twins. They are Blessed.

  7. Wowwww... Happy birthday to them.

  8. Nice one Iya beji...i pray Insha Allah that twins come my way soon.

  9. God bless you and the twin in Jesus name Amen

  10. God bless the twins. God bless me with twins too. 🙏 Why were you feeling pain during the operation though?

  11. Congratulations mama Ejima, and happy birthday to those cutie even if I no see them, me love twins

  12. Wow she fell in post natal depression thank God you recovered from it without medical help.It can be so traumating maybe from the pains of delivery and the twins overwhelming you with their constant cries. I pray all those seeking the fruit of the womb shall conceive in Jesus name.

  13. WOW! Thank God for seeing you through.

  14. Iya beji Congrats. God bless your twins o. If you stay in Abuja, give us a shout out let us extend our promo to them

  15. Congrats dear,the joy of the Lord is indeed your strength.

  16. Congrats mama ejima ,thank God for your sweet story.

  17. Hmmm, Scary labour. Congrats iya ibeji.

  18. First cut while still awake? Chai! Thank God for His grace that availeth much, Happy Birthday to your twins, may His mighty hands ways be upon them in Jesus mighty name... Amen

  19. I love that idea of blessing the babies.

    My uncle is an expert in it. Dude will just put the highest denomination in his kids hand and start speaking in tongues.

    Iya beji, congrats



  21. Madam congratulations. May they continue to grow in favour with God and man, Amen

  22. congratulations oh. God bless you and your babies.

    please what is the title of the pst chris message you were listening to? pls help me

  23. Happy birthday twins, God bless your mum for bringing you into this beautiful world, i love ❤️ to have twins too

  24. Happy bday to ur twins..Just like in that movie where Cuba Goodings was the surgeon,the patient was anaesthetized but could feel every cut during the surgery and he kept trying to communicate to the surgeons but they couldn't hear him. Scary but interesting stuff..I think Awake is the name of the movie.


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