Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 188


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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Labour Room Drama 188

Drama indeed Ooooo!

Dear SDK,

It all started when I took in,I thought pregnancy was a joke but believe me I respect every woman out there who has gone through this process.

My husband and I live in Nigeria ,so I go for my antenatal every Thursday.
I hated brushing because every time I try to brush I felt like throwing up.

A friend of mine told me to try and hold back the vomiting and spitting,that once am able to fight it I won't do any of them.
I don't know how true it is but I believed her and it worked for me.

I didn't vomit or spit till EDD.

My husband na waffy man so as him get the tools ,him sabi use am wellawe nack from day one till a week to delivery,the thing dey sweet me so I just dey do dey go.

Fast forward to EDD,I did pelvic scan and all was OK but my EDD past ,I got so worried but I believed that God has his own way of doing things.

The doctor told me my baby is still up and that there are two options,either CS or I will be induced.
Told him I have to discuss with my husband because I can't take decision alone,my husband a
nd I decided to go for inducement and a date was picked.

On that day the devil came to battle but thank God for victory,i was induced and i endured all the pain from 8pm but when my baby finally came down the doctor and nurses where on vacation.My husband ran out to look for them and got one only for the lady to say my baby has pooed ,she ran off to get the doctor,when the doctor came he said madam you are a strong woman but if I tell you to push your baby might not make it out alive so we have to do CS,I told him to talk to my husband and not me.

My husband signed the papers immediately na so my mama increase her prayer o ,lie down for ground.

I kept telling the doctor that I am cold,I will not die here neither will my son .Doctor where did you go to all this while?This is a private hospital,why are you guys like this?
I was injected with Anesthesia,our son arrived 8:30am the next day.

The body pain no be here o but when I look at my son's face am like what is pain again-
I love my boys them with everything in me.I love my waffy people

'Congrats...your face just full of gbenshing gbenshing!..LOL


  1. Congrats

    @Sharon.. You are in God's waiting room already

    I rejoice with you in advance

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  2. God bless and keep your home and bless the boys

  3. Stella and her comments. Her face full of gbenshing gbenshing. Lolz

    1. It cracked me up. God bless your home, poster.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Thank God for your life and that of the baby's.

    I don't think I would ever put my baby's life in danger, If e no gree comot, CS straight.

    Easy for me to say bah? Wettin I know.

  5. Congratulations to you,with all this stories here and there,God when my time comes it wi be simple for me too. Though still single.

  6. Stella who no like gbenshing?lol.Congrats madam for your bundles of joy.
    But make I ask oo why is it that some women's sexuality increases during pregnancy?

  7. Congrats dear
    I most experience this ijn amen

  8. Congratulations and may God be praised.
    To all the expecting mum's, it will end in praise and testimonies.

  9. Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Stella comments though,lol

  10. Thank God for save delivery,warri no dey carry last

    1. Na so jare.
      Lmao @ my face is full of gbenshing gbenshing.
      Thanks my people.

  11. Congratulations madam. God keep your boys in goodhealth

  12. Madam gbenser, thank God for you.

  13. nice story. It ended with praise

  14. Thank God for safe delivery...
    Please is there anyone here that went through the normal birthing process and also had cs for another....please which is better

    1. Vaginal birth pain is mostly be fee the delivery, while CS is after.
      No easy way out, both are difficult in their own way. Do what's best for you and your child.

  15. Stella your brothers sabi try waffy man o.

  16. For me o,i prefer cs cus i had my two boys thru d process. Vigina delivery is ok too. No matter the means,its for the mother and child to be alive.

    U can discuss with you doc/midwife.

  17. Congratulations,

  18. Congratulations madam, thank God for safe delivery. I am currently pregnant, even shared my ttc testimony here. The once I and hubby tried Glens hinges, it was awesome but after the the sex I bleed. We were so scared and entered cabashing mood immediately, we even had to call my pastor to pray with us. The bleeding stopped after I rested on the bed for a while, since then no more sex Jare..... I miss bae's machine gun sha but how I go do. Me and my twins dey our lane jeje since them say them no want.

    1. Doh it is well with you.
      Lolz @you miss bae's machine gun.
      Congrats and I wish you safe delivery.

  19. Stella which one is gbenshing gbemshing please don't kill me with laughter 😂


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