Stella Dimoko EvansGATE: Police trace kidnap kingpin’s crimes to South Africa


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Sunday, August 13, 2017

EvansGATE: Police trace kidnap kingpin’s crimes to South Africa

Ongoing police investigation of suspected kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans, has revealed that he was also involved in crimes in South Africa, it was gathered yesterday.

That is besides his alleged illegal procurement of a Ghanaian passport that bears his passport photograph but a Ghanaian name.

Police spokesman, Mr. Moshood Jimoh, told The Nation that the investigation has also led to the arrest of more associates of Evans who were found to be probably wealthier and living bigger than him.

Evans is spending his second month in police custody and is expected to be formally charged within the next one month, Jimoh said.

He also said relations of former victims of Evans’ are among those being detained by the police.

They are suspected of giving information about the former kidnap victims to Evans.

He advised the public to be security conscious at all times to avoid falling prey to kidnappers.

Edited from The Nation

*The evidence they have is enough to convict him please,no need to go all the way to South Africa....


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Stella let them go all the way. So more lives can be saved and more criminals exposed. Wasn't it all the way from south Africa that bishop and his gang caused the death of over 15 people in Nigeria? It's good to do a thorough job.

    1. Well said. If abroad investigators can spend 3-10 years just to nail a person (drug baron), it's because they want a thorough job, especially when they meet in court.
      The little evidence they have on ground can give Evans just a few years in prison, when he presents a good counsel to handle his case.

  3. Mtcheewww
    They have nothing to say. Didn't he admit it himself that he has done drug business in South Africa but left because of how stressful it is.. So how's this news?

  4. Everything is a process Stella.
    Oscar pistorius committed his crime since Feb 14 2013. His case was just concluded last year or so.
    They probably need to arraign all his associates also in order to gather all the evidence to prosecute them all.
    Yes Nigerian legal system takes time but he's is even fast. You've not seen someone that stole phone still awaiting trial for 10 years in kirikiri.
    The most important thing is he is jailed or sentenced to death.
    Meanwhile I heard it was Folarin cokers child he kidnapped as a driver.
    Let's be very vigilant when hiring drivers and never allow them to pick your kids alone from school. Let a trusted person or family always accompany them.

    1. Bravo! bravo!! Bravo!!!
      For enlightening the educated dumb illiterates on blog.
      Gracias amiga

    2. Bed and Rose thank you for saving me the energy to type.

      How else will they bring in accomplices if they don't thoroughly investigate?
      When I hear people saying they want to let this man off the hook, I laugh.
      HE IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. You people need to get this!
      Yes the legal system has been unreliable in the past,but theybare WOKE now.

    3. @ beds and roses, should have omitted the part of calling Who was kidnapped. Is the child not traumatized enough, now u have brought itvup all over again. Exposing them to more criminal minded people. Not good

  5. They should go to whatever length to do a thorough job. Considering his experience in this trade, extra job needs to be done in properly nailing him.
    *Justice delayed isn't justice denied*.

  6. I won't be surprised if we do not hear anything bout dis Evans again...

  7. There's no way Evans will go scout free, he must be persecuted no matter how long it takes for them to conclude investigation on him

  8. What I understand from this post is that "they will soon export him to S/A as a gateway to freedom". And that "someone else is bigger than him in the criminal hierarchy and that one is the one to be prosecuted" Already the "police boss" told us that "interpol will be the one to arrest the Ozubulu massacre kingpin". Please if there is anything else to understand, may they or someone else explain to me.

  9. They should go on with the investigation,we need positive result. This guy stepped on many toes.

  10. Dear lord, Evan must not go Scot free. Dear lord, let those who plan to set him free be caught up in a situation they'll never recover from. Let their families suffer too as a result of it. Let them never know peace until Evans is prosecuted. Its sad to think he might go Scot free. Nigeria, I hail thee! Nauseous much... Jeeeeeez


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