Stella Dimoko Beautiful Elvina Ibru Says She Is Celibate


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Monday, September 25, 2017

Beautiful Elvina Ibru Says She Is Celibate

Actress, scriptwriter and entrepreneur, Elvina Ibru is the eleventh child of late business scion, Olorogun Michael Ibru who passed on late last year. In this chat with Entertainer, the graduate of Theatre Arts and mother of one opens up on growing up, her late dad and of course, movies.

Elvina you are a beautiful woman and ever since you trimmed down, you have been simply breathtaking. Tell us about the man in your life?

(Laughter) Thank you. There is no man in my life o; really.

Is it that you are not proud of the guy you are dating right now?

No, there is no man.

Are you celibate?

Yes, I have been for a while


Why not? Do you jump into bed with just anybody. I am not saying I am celibate for religious reasons. You don’t just jump into bed with just anybody but if I meet a nice person, why not?

What are those qualities you look out for in a guy?

Hmmm… The ones that they never have (laughter). People say it is not about the looks but the heart and I say that is nonsense (laughter). The first thing you see is the physical. I like tall dark men and I don’t like those with potbellies. As far as character is concerned, honesty is important no matter how much you have, if you made your money dis-honestly I no fit follow you.

For instance, if you are doing 419, it won’t happen. Honesty in your relationship is important. I always tell guys, maybe they think I am joking. Try and be open. If you have been messing around as a guy, tell me. If for instance you play away match and carry something, tell me; don’t hide it and don’t deprive me of sex because you know you have something because I will begin to worry you about myself. ‘Is it that this guy does not love me anymore?’ Just tell me ‘babe, I mess up-o, see wetin happen.’ I would say ‘oya come, make we go see doctor first, let us go and look at the case’ and after that we can talk about it because what I need from a man is a best friend.

You have to be my best friend and in order for that to happen you have to be open and honest with me so we understand each other. So if for instance I am dating you now and someone sees you with a girl and then she comes to me and says ‘I saw Tony the other day with a chick, I would say ‘yes, she was wearing a short red mini skirt, high heels, her hair was dread locked, any problem?’ I don’t like people being involved in my relationship but please, don’t make me look stupid so tell me first so I go know how to arrange myself when those wicked people that want to spoil the matter come around.

Generosity is very important. Honesty is also important and also he must be God fearing in which ever religion he is. I am a very liberal person. I can date a Muslim, a Buddhist probably but they have to understand my love for God. There is love in a lot of religions but as Christians we preach love but we don’t act it so yeah, he must have the fear of God, preferably a Christian.

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  1. Nowadays Everyone has gone celibate
    From Caroline Danjuma to Chika Ike et al
    It's all good tho

  2. I love listening to that her program with that man talking about life

  3. We have same taste for men...
    I hate men with pot bellies like hell!!...infact,they disgust me...
    But Elvina,what of that your lesbo girl friend?...are you guys still together?...
    You and that babe that year...*memories

    1. 😂😂😂😂 queen oh! That her babe though 😉
      Here's hoping we are talking about the same person. If not, then we should give her champions cup 🕎

  4. She likes younger dudes like madt!

    1. Which one are we to believe now, Q&B said girls.

      Now it's small boyz.

      Aunty El, clarify biko

  5. Same Pattern Of Interview..Read a similar interview of Her in the newspapers..Why not talk about other important projects she is engaged in...

  6. What's our business with her vagina?

  7. Everybody has gone celibate over night.....Issorait

  8. Who care about your celibacy now?
    How are we going to know you are not lying?


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