Stella Dimoko Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Sings "I Am A Conqueror" At AGT 2017 Finale +Emotional Message From The Judges


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Sings "I Am A Conqueror" At AGT 2017 Finale +Emotional Message From The Judges

The season 12 winner of America’s Got Talent will be named on Wednesday (8 p.m. ET) on NBC.

America’s Got Talent finalist Kechi Okwuchi continues to blow viewers and judges away with her soulful voice this season, but she proved her strength is even more powerful on Tuesday night.

With a moving performance of Estelle’s “Conqueror,” the singer, who nearly died in a fatal plane crash, once again impressed Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Mel B during night one of the 12th season of the NBC reality competition show.

Okwuchi was one of two survivors on board a Nigerian flight — traveling between Abuja and Port Harcourt — that crash-landed at Port Harcourt International Airport in 2005. The fatal plane crash claimed the lives of 107 passengers.

Before she took the stage, a mother of two victims of the crash sent a special video message to Okwuchi.

“I’m a mother of two victims of the plane crash on the tenth of December in 2005. There’s just no way anyone could’ve come out of that, but out of the fire emerged the beautiful Kechi,” she said, adding, “I call you my living angel, a walking miracle.”

Okwuchi, who previously explained how she had over 100 surgeries due to injuries and burns, received high praise from the judging panel.

“Kechi, I just love you, everything about you. That wasn’t a song, that was an anthem,” Cowell said. “We are only as good as the people who come on the show, and you define us. You made a difference to us, the people at home, and hopefully for yourself.”

Klum also gave positive remarks, saying: “Let me tell you I’ve been sitting here for five years, I’ve seen people come and go. But you, I will never forget.”

Mandel echoed similar sentiments, telling Okwuchi: “This song was the perfect choice. … Ultimately you made the choice to survive.”

Lastly, Mel B complimented the singer with high praise: “I’m so happy that you walked onto that stage and entered this show, you are loved and adored.”


*Kechi is winning this...It is yours girl,You are a conqueror!!!


  1. Congrats girl. You are a winner because you will make us proud. You have even started it self. Congrats Kechi. God bless you

  2. She sure deserves that spot. I hope she wins.

    Jesus sure loves you

  3. She has given a lot of people hope.

    Lovely girl, I pray she wins

  4. She is a living miracle and more than a survivor. I wish her luck

  5. Wow! I think this is her best performance. Very touching.
    I hope Angelica Hale or Darci Lynne wins. I love those kids. Very talented!!!

    1. I beg na angelica hale or Darcy for the win!
      That angelica is......GOSH!!!!

    2. I love Kechi with all my heart. She is truly an inspiration, but sadly for her she signed up for AGT same year Darci did. Darcy already won it from the onset

  6. Kechi's voice isn't the best I have heard on AGT but that is not really what the show is about.
    The show gives people the opportunity to find themselves. When you listen to their stories, you just want to bawl.
    No matter how old you are,They give you a chance.
    Kechi is so modest, every voting week she says 'Follow your heart'
    I pray this competition gives her a much needed break♥️

  7. Me too Stella I just pray she wins

  8. There's a Reason for her Rising from the ashes of the plane crash...
    Once there's life, there's hope...

  9. Great performance, you are a conqueror Kechi. Love you to pieces!!! You have won already Thanks for inspiring the world. You are a blessing

  10. I am so happy for you already Kechi, go girl, good luck

  11. Am having goosebump watching dis. You r indeed a conqueror baby girl. Wishing you heaven's best on dis.

  12. I can't stop watching this!!!

  13. Life is full of up and down,sometimes God turns things up side down for u,it will look like ur world has stop functioning, confusion here and there u begin to ask " where is God"? in his own time he will colour ur world,making it look like a magic in ur own eyes.

  14. ❤❤❤๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™. I love this... I pray she wins.

  15. Oooooh girl u are really a conqueror,I pray u win and at d same time I pray angelica hale wins too,dat girl gives me vibes men.

  16. As she sang I kept imagining her through the crash and all the surgeries, traumas e.t.c. I can't help but echo that mother's words "...a walking miracle"
    The song is indeed an anthem, you go girl. Such an inspiration!

  17. Yeah Kechi is a conqueror and I admire her but her voice is just there! With this platform d sky is her stepping stone.Angelica Hale sings better than her.i pray she wins

  18. She is a living miracle.

    I pray she wins.

  19. Nne you are more than a conqueror. Thanks for making us all proud. God bless your strong spirit๐Ÿ‘

  20. Which dstv channel is showing this and what time?

  21. Kechi may not be the best vocally but her performance showcases hope, resilience and believe in oneself regardless of the odds.
    She has indeed inspired me. Her "Don't worry about me" performance remains my best. It brought out tears from me. I feel her songs and renditions tells her story.
    Whichever way the final goes, Kechi remains a winner.
    We are indeed proud of you darling.

  22. This can only happen in God's own country.

    God bless the United States of America and so proud to be one of your Citizens.



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