Stella Dimoko Injustice Meted Out To A Nigerian By Nigerian Policemen...


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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Injustice Meted Out To A Nigerian By Nigerian Policemen...

The Doctor Lying on the roadside was hit on the head with a hard object by a Policeman.....Their photos are attached to this post.please bring it to the attnetion of the appropriate Authorities if you can .......

''Good day Stella. I'm so angry right now. This inhumane act was meted out to my family friends last weekend. I copied this text from his facebook wall. Abel Akanbi is the younger brother of the main victim. Please help post till it gets to the right authority.........

Touts in Nigeria Police. We demand Justice!

I don't think there is any iota of dignity or sanity left in the system of these black uniformed rogues. We were returning to Ibadan from the RCCG Camp all night program, About 08:00am, we were stopped by some armed Nigeria police officers at the front of the DOMINION UNIVERSITY PERMANENT SITE near Ibadan. Without any offense this anonymous police officer hit my elder brother (a medical doctor) with a device known to the officer on his face, he cooked his gun ready to shoot as if he just apprehended armed bandits.

I saw my elder brother slummed immediately and we were all over him trying to revive him. For quite sometime, I saw my elder brother lying almost lifeless on the express way, without any offense committed by him.

I therefore demand from the police authority to fish out these hoodlums in police uniform with immediate effect.

They were all wearing reflective jackets so, we couldn't get their Numbers, (Names of Officers seen were ANTHONY who led the team and one FOLORUNSHO) they came in a black unbranded Toyota hilux van and a white bus with registration number EPE-823-DR. However I've attached photos and videos of the event here on the social media.

All the uniformed rogues ran away from the scene of the incident some went into the premises of the DOMINION UNIVERSITY and others went away in the vehicles when they discovered we were trying to make contact with higher authorities.

While our lawyer is putting the details together, I want to appeal to all well meaning Nigerians to help share and re-share this message until it gets to the Inspector General of police for action.

This must not be swept under carpet, it's someone's turn today, who knows who's next?

The officer behind the car is the culprit. The one with the name tag Anthony is the leader of the team. The distraught Doctor Shayo lying on the ground after the attack and the other pix was after he was revived.


  1. Replies
    1. We the Nigerian police officers hate you all too.

    2. I am from a force family but I don't like your comment, if you think you can hide and write anything then you don't understand anything about God and life, if God decides anybody can visit you, I know you will not understand, be kind

  2. See their ugly faces. Thank God you took photograph of them. Make them deny it is not them but their twins.

    Sorry about your bros collapse, hope he is ok now.

  3. thats why i dont pity them wen boko boys turn them to barbecue.
    most if not all police men are bloody touts. i will rather remain single and turn to gwegwegwe than marry a police officer. useless bigots

  4. This is so uncalled for....the appropriate authorities should see to it that the goat that did this is brought to book. All these Nigerian security men go dey protect oyinbo men here in Nigeria with their lives and treating their own pple anyhow....smh

  5. This is why i don't say RIP to any police man killed cos, they will never rest in peace,bunch of Idiots.

  6. These Armed Forces indiscretions are getting out of hand o. Which kind police Brutality is this?

    See him looking like mTolotolo!

    That's how I saw one video where they hurt a citizen and he was in pains. But they don't care. The wicked men were busy telling the poor man to stand up and stop pretending. That nothing happened to him.

  7. What I typed disappeared. No strength to type another one. But that was cruel of the policemen even though we don't know what truly transpired between the two parties. May they get the justice

  8. What is wrong with this country..Are we living in a zoo??..What if this guy dies..why cant a state of emergency be declared on the NPF..I tire for this country..

  9. He should be sacked like his colleague the bribe collector. If they don't do like that to them they won't change.

  10. The police just hit your brother?

    I know some of these men are quite abnormal and inhuman but to say they just hit your brother when he did nothing means the officer must be very mad.

    Are you sure they didnt exchange some words first? Even if it was in explanation of some things?

    What did your brother alight from the car for? To open the boot? Present his papers? Or were they trying to search him? What warranted his coming down from the vehicle? I hope he didnt come down to scream at the policeman or swing his fingers in his face?

    See, dear Nigerians, a good percentage of Nigerian policemen are not normal, so when you meet them on the highway, just be calm, some of them need reasons to fire their guns..let it not be you.

    1. You are quit intelligent. I was about asking same question before I found you here. it's pertinent to observe that nobody beside you could reason outside the box. My respect for you just doubled my dear.

      Nothing happened and the so-called police just smashed your brother on his head just like that? No altercation nothing?
      I doubt.

      Well am glad you've got source of evidence, cos what they did was absolutely wrong.

    2. So if there was a exchange of words smashing his head is the most appropriate thing to do in your myopic mind

  11. Bunch of cowards, i detest the police force. We are better off without them at this point.

    They inflict more harm than good to the same citizens they swore to protect.

    Awon Ole jati jati

  12. Na wao......don't know why some Nigerian police are so irresponsible

  13. Great work getting their pics, hope sure they'll be apprehended in a couple of days. One would think they'd have learnt by now.

  14. The police is your friend indeed. So much irony in that simple statement.

  15. Lucky u...they didn't seize & smash ya fone. Abi u jazz them? That's wlvery unusual!

    *Ghanaman signing out*

  16. Hmmm Nigerian Police. Friend indeed!

  17. Most uniform officers especially those in the NPF get intoxticated by the power that comes with the uniform.
    The annoying thing is, when they see men of the underworld, those they are meant to throw weight on, they become chickens.

  18. Nigerian police is not ur friend .I hate hate them .Any opportunity to kill dem ill gladly do it .i was goin to my farm this morning and one hungry one stooped d bus i was in at akoberu junction okoko asking for tip .Passengers started screaming una no fit change ole ...the idiot thatvsaid hes a pokiceman boldly said una go shout tire we no fit change .As in i hate thwm with all my strength .wen i hear one was knocked diwn or killed i dnt feel sorry at all.Bastards all of dem

  19. Thank God their pictures were taken... they should sue the Nigerian Police Force...what nonsense!

  20. There must have been some exchanges before that needless and unjustifiable beastly act from the police officer.
    We need institutional reforms in many government establishments including the police. The actions of these men leave you wonderi if they ever stand for anything good. The Nigeria Police is 100 years behind meeting the demands of 21st century policing.
    Mutanin banza.

  21. That is what you see when Nigeria police authority don't do background check on their intending member before they are recruited.

  22. Nigeria police will never change


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