Stella Dimoko Lagos State Government Places' Temporary Ban On Truck Drivers To Stay Away From Lagos


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Lagos State Government Places' Temporary Ban On Truck Drivers To Stay Away From Lagos

The Lagos State government has directed owners and operators of articulated vehicles/trailers and petroleum tankers, to stay away from the state “for now”.

Acting Commissioner for Transportation, Olanrewaju Elegushi, said the move was to curtail the gridlock that had taken over Apapa and its environs. Elegushi, at a briefing on Friday, said the incessant traffic bottleneck in the area had impacted negatively on commercial activities.

Steve Ayorinde, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, who was also present, said: “We keep having this issue of gridlock in Apapa because issues that the ports authorities and the concessionaires are dealing with are recurrent and the spillover effect of those issues are causing all these.

What we need to do is to keep on engaging with them, we keep on engaging with other states and so on. I mean, people who have trucks in other states and already know that there is a logjam in Lagos, why send other trucks to Lagos?

The idea is not to say don’t come into Lagos. It is part of what makes the economy of Lagos what it is but we are saying let us deal with the logjam that we have presently and there is no way we can deal with it, we can only deal with the effect because the causes essentially have to do with the operations at the Ports and that is why we are appealing to them.

The government, however, urged the operators to utilise the Ogere trailer park and other parks outside the state in the interim.

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  1. The government should go a step further by placing relevant authorities at entry points into the state to ward-off these trucks coming in from other states so that she does not have to deal with them when they've made their ways into Lagos already.

  2. These people are the cause of serious traffic in lagos lately,I was wondering , what gave them the guts to park anyhow on the major roads

  3. In as much as they cause terrible traffic, this is a selfish solution.

    What happens to those businesses that can only function that way? You can't just wake up, make a law and not make provision for those affected. MBA. It is not done that way.

    I hear some other states have time for truck movement (at night). Why can't Lagos state do the same instead of banning them totally?

    Oh well......what do I know?

    1. Yes you are right, Calabar cross River state has timing for the trucks...I think they are allowed to operate from 8pm to 6am over there. Not too sure.


  4. But how possible will that be considering the fact that goods must be transported. I think an alternative route should be made for them and strict rules should be placed on them

  5. Hmmmmm,is this possible?how will goods and petrol be transported?i think the best is to mandate them seriously to ply at nights only

  6. The solution is very simple. Tell your cabal to open / revive the ports in Calabar & Port-harcourt;only then will you get a drastic reduction in Apapa Traffic gridlock.
    But i doubt if your cabal would do so; cos their game plan is to cripple the Southern states economy & divert all ecomonic growth avenues to Lagos...
    Enjoy the traffic caused by your greed & covetousness....

  7. They caused mad traffic on ikorodu road yesterday.

  8. Exactly Anonymous 10:09..I couldnt have agreed with you less.. ..Let them revive other ports as well and secondly, there is a lot of work needed to be on the railway systems, let other governors think of other ways to develop their states than putting pressure on Lagos Only


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