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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Docs In House Section

Where are you guys?


 Pls I'm in need of urgent advice and don't no where else to run 🏃 to other than our blog. Doctors, nurses and others who have ideas of this should pls come to my aid.

Last year october I had a surgery for the removal of ovarian cyst and since then I have not seen my period. January this year I started experiencing severe abdominal pains, I went to the hospital and I did scan and was told I have endometritis. I was treated but the pain is still there. 

I have tried everything to regain my period but it's not just working. Today I went to see my gynea and he booked me for a procedure he called ADHESIOLYSIS and Insertion of LIPPES LOOP. I noticed when I went to pay the cashier asked me who the procedure was for and when I answered me, she had a worried looked and I tried asking if anything was the matter she said no. And now I'm worried of the following

1. Will this procedure hinder me from conceiving.( I'm only 29 and have one child)
2. Will it enable me have my menstruation?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages
4. Should I do it or not.
 Thank you all and overlook all my errors. I'm just too confused and tired.


  1. Na wa. It is well. Still do what the doctor says and continue praying to God Almighty the perfect Healer

  2. It is well with you.but you can just Google it too for more information

  3. Maybe she was wondering why a young pretty lady like you would go through such..though that was not professional of her...But Its a procedure when some adhesion maybe tissues are removed or divided in order for your reproductive organs and tissues can function well so that you would stop having those pains..I will just advise you to have two gynecologists who will confirm what the other is doing..Also have an open mind, clear all doubts and Pray To God...You will carry your miracle IN JESUS NAME...

  4. Poster, goggle the name of the procedure then also goggle the treatment for it. If you have a family Doc, you can confirm from him what the procedure is and if it's necessary for you.
    BTW, if you're not seeing your menstrual cycle, you should try Bromergon 2.5mg and see if your period will start flowing again. That's what my Doc recommended for me when my menstruation stopped about 2 years ago and it worked for me. You can try it and delay the procedure till you finish a bottle and see if your period will flow again.....

  5. How many times have you aborted?
    That's the question in the mind of that cashier.
    Adhesion in your uterus means it's been curated before.

  6. Poster you can google it for more clarity. And also have a second opinion.

  7. It is possible she was worried because they've had issues with the procedure in the past.
    Don't go for the procedure yet, seek a second opinion from a different doctor and possibly hospital. Ask for alternative solutions to the procedure. Google Google Google. All the best

  8. Oluwa answer the question in her heart.

  9. Hope you did the surgery with a gynecologist, and not a quack who might have removed your ovaries instead of the cyst. It's well. Go to à specialist gynecologist and seek help

  10. That would work , my Sister has same issue after she had a blighted ovum and had a procedure done period didn’t return till they did same adhesiolysis and put an IUD in place it’s a minor procedure .


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