Stella Dimoko Gov Akeredolu's Wife Betty Shares Touching Story On How She Survived Breast Cancer 20 Years Ago..


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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Gov Akeredolu's Wife Betty Shares Touching Story On How She Survived Breast Cancer 20 Years Ago..

Founder of Breast Cancer Symposium of the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria, BRECAN and First Lady of Ondo State, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu, in an interview with Vanguard, narrated how she survived breast cancer 20 years ago.

Here’s her story;

‘I survived breast cancer about 20 years ago. It all started in 1997 when I was diagnosed. Before then, I didn’t know anyone who had that experience and the little information I got was from the international media. On that fateful morning when I felt something in my breast, of course, my mind raced to breast cancer because it was where such a disease was located. 

I was scared and didn’t know what to do; it happened when I was resting at home during my annual leave. It got me thinking that if this happened to be breast cancer, what was I going to do at that age? I was 42 or 43 and I had little children. What would become of those children? I kept the discovery to myself for almost one week’.

She continued to say, ‘my baby was just four years’ old or thereabouts. So, I just tuned to television that morning and what I heard was that ‘this programme could save your life’.

Immediately I heard that, I raised my head from the pillow, sat and began to wonder, what could this be? And it happened to be about breast cancer survival journey. That coincidence saved my life. There was this woman and it was her journey through breast cancer diagnosis, and she happened to be the mother of a popular Hollywood actor.

She went through the treatment and, as a survivor, was sharing her experience. She used her journey to lift the spirit of those undergoing such experience and I benefitted from it.

That was how I summoned the courage to go to hospital, and said that ‘whatever this woman did, I am going to be like her’.

‘After the examination, the doctor confirmed there was a lump, but he didn’t know what it was.

When I told my husband, he was scared but he didn’t know I had been fortified by that television programme I had watched. He must have wondered where I got the strength because I was on my feet and prepared that whatever that woman did, I was going to do and overcome.

Then my treatment commenced. The first treatment was mastectomy. At the said time (1997), the level of breast health care was at the rudimentary level. Radical mastectomy meant ‘just remove everything (breasts)’ and I said ‘remove the damn thing if that is what will make me live’.

My experience was one of shattering loneliness, unavailability of information and group support, coupled with the tight- lip syndrome and indifference surrounding the disease’ she said.


  1. Tbis is touching. She is a survivor. Thank God for her.

  2. Cancer is one thing that scares the shit out of me!...
    Thank God for your life ma!..

  3. hmmmmm thank God for her. I pray for those with these diseases, may God protect and keep them alive Amen

  4. Cancer is not a small sickness o. God is your strength

  5. Damn!Strong woman.

    I wish my aunty had found such strength too.

  6. To God be the glory madam. You are a living testimony .

  7. She is a survivor.may your healing remain permanent Ma. Amen

  8. So touching, Thank God for your life ma, I am so so scared of that thing, I have lost three aunties to cancer, may God keep guiding us.amen

  9. Cancer is the most dangerous, deadlier than anything. I'm appalled at the ignorance of those insulting, castigating people with HIV.
    HIV does not kill like cancer! So far as you you accept it & enroll in a treatment program, you are fine.You'll outlive those with diagnosis of cancer.

    But cancer, or notoriously called the big 'C' is human being's worst nightmare.

    Africans are so not interested in educating themselves about it. That's why some made fun or downplay H. Abubakar's ill health after the fibroid removal. Just the treatment alone is the worst treatment ever! Chemo & radiation therapy is not a small matter. Just going through it warrants an award. It makes you sicker than b4, to the point of saying 'make die just come'. It finishes off your self esteem as it messes up your body image loss as in total baldness on the head & pubic areas, weight loss to some, messes up with skin colour, then the nausea and vomiting, it brings down your immune system, messes up with your blood cells & count..

    October is breast cancer awareness month. Ladies, let's check ourselves. 40 & above do a routine mammogram. Lets be each other's support. Early detection saves lives. Think about your kids, do your best to stay healthy to live long in order to see them grow up and settle in their respective nuclear families.

    Above all we pray for God's mercy.

  10. I am happy for her, she is a survivor.

  11. Thank God for your life, ma. Cancer is horrific but the chemo is much worse...


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