Stella Dimoko Arewa Youths List Reasons Buhari Should Not Seek Re-election


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Monday, November 27, 2017

Arewa Youths List Reasons Buhari Should Not Seek Re-election

The Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, has told President Muhammadu Buhari, not to seek re-election in 2019 presidential election.
The youth group said any arrangement for Buhari to run in the next poll would be resisted.

Speaking with the Sun, President of the AYCF, Yerima Shettima, who also hinted he may run for the presidential election, urged Buhari to abandon his right to contest the 2019 presidential election.

He said, “Honestly, the situation is nothing to write home about and we cannot continue hoping that anything will happen from now till the next one year.

“We cannot continue to imagine that. That would assume we are living in imagination and the truth of the matter is that from now until January what the government has been able to do is what they can do for this tenure and I do not think that Nigerians are prepared to be fooled for the second time.

“We cannot continue over and over. We have come of age. We cannot continue to fold our hands and be complaining. We must be in the mainstream. Most of them had the opportunity but they could not do it well and I do not see them doing it better now at their age.

“The truth is that our expectations of this government have not been met.

“Everything they promised during the campaign and in their manifesto. The reason why everybody sought for change was that we thought this government will fight corruption tooth and nail without considering whosoever is involved.

“But we have now realized that the fight against corruption has become selective. Then two, the issue of insurgency, leave it or take it, to us, as laymen this battle is not over. We cannot or the government cannot justify the fact that we told Nigerians that the fight against insurgency is over.

“Almost every day we have had casualties. These are the two core issues. The third one on the campaign was the issue of power. This is nothing to write home about even though the Minister of Power told us that a responsible government should be able to fix power within six months.

“That has not been achieved more than two and a half years after. Now it is nothing to write home about; the same thing with roads. Even the issue of petrol pump price is another one. We were told during the campaign that immediately they resume office, fuel price would go down to N40 per liter from N97 per litre.

“Now, a government that promised this rather than keep to their promise raised the price astronomically. Now, it is between 70 and 80 percent increase.

“That is giving us a lot of concern. Certainly, whether you like it or not the government must take responsibility and I have no doubt in my mind that between them and God who created them they know they have failed Nigerians.

“And when people take responsibility, then we will begin to forgive ourselves. If they beg for forgiveness we can decide to overlook it and also forge ahead. But certainly, never again will anybody make this mistake. Never.

“Honestly, the situation is nothing to write home about and we cannot continue hoping that anything will happen from now till the next one year. We cannot continue to imagine that.

“That would assume we are living in imagination and the truth of the matter is that from now until January what the government has been able to do is what they can do for this tenure and I do not think that Nigerians are prepared to be fooled for the second time.

“We will insist that those above 60 do not come on board again and that our generation should stand firm to take our destiny in our hands. We will jettison the issue of the difference in ethnicity, religion and other mundane, divisive sentiments to insist on good governance.

“We are enlightened and we know exactly what we want. We constitute about 70 to 80 percent of the population and if democracy is about numbers, we will achieve our aim.

“Even before Buhari, the North has other people who we can vouch for their integrity who are not up to 60 years. I have no doubt in my mind there are. In fact, I am one.

Asked if he is also going to contest, he added, “I may, I may not. But I am saying we have a lot of them. We have a lot of people of my generation who can do better and who also have integrity. Nobody can question the integrity of Muhammadu Buhari, but I am also saying that governance cannot be single-handedly run in a country like Nigeria.

“We cannot also assume that he alone can do the job. He does not have a team to go with, simply because they took advantage of his ill-health or his age.”

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  1. After making sense in the beginning, you come and spoil it with your last two paragraphs.

    Which buhari has integrity?
    Buhari is Bad news.

  2. haka za su fada, amma zuwa 2019, za su zaba buhari. banzan magana

    1. Onye nkea asi no gini?...
      Onye awusa aboki Ike nama!...
      Chukwu okike abiama ga abo Vuharia unu Ike na 2019!...

    2. Queen and boss 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. It's good the rejection is coming from his own lest they tagged the person a tribe bigot. Una never see anything.
    Fact is that the harshest import of Buhari's abismal leadership is mostly felt in the North and expectedly the scales are beginning to fall off everyone's eyes. In the last eighteen years(even in the very depths of corruption) our economy has never had it this bad. Forget all the doctored statistics and premature but unverifiable claims of growth. Pray tell what kind of growth translates into a deepening of income per capita save a negative one?
    It's very unfortunate that all their false promises achieved its intended purpose-swaying the choices of the gullible at the polls assuming we discount the rigging of same.
    Like Yerima rightly pointed out, what Buhari and the APC has given is the most they can afford even if given another four year window.
    We saw the handwriting on the wall, cried out but were called GEJ apologists and what not. I argued every other day with a colleague in the office about the danger that loomed ahead and happily after a while we met again and he admitted his disappointment with Buhari.Who won't be?
    First they complained they met an empty treasury. Then they requested for time to put things right insisting it was too early to assess the government. And then they followed up with a barrage of excuses and crying up and down like spoilt kids.
    Buhari is a failed messiah. That's what it is.

    1. I concur!...
      This government is a fraud!...
      I know it will turn out this way with the way they were promising Nigerians heaven and earth during the campaign!...
      They promised Nigerians what is not even possible!.....
      Vuharia must go!!...
      God that did it for Zimbabwe will do it for us!...
      Even if he rigs 2019 election,he will still fall woefully and defeated!...

    2. Give them another 4yrs and they would still do nothing but blame the previous party.

      Right now I wish another party will take power from apc. So that they can dig and see the amount of corruption that happened under the supposed no corrupt leader. The corruption going on is so much now. We are still borrowing billions of naira and yet we keep hearing billions and trillions of naira were found here and there. We know this people won't be taken to court, so what has the money been used for. Because if you ask they will say they kept it for proof. What proof? Spend the money on our dying economy. Stop telling people we are out of recession and the economy has grown when that isn't the case. I'm just happy that all those who were shouting buhari and change have started waking up. At least 80% of them have woken up. The rest are still basking in their ignorance due to sentimental, tribal or religious reasons

  4. They are starting to wake up?? Wawuuu..

  5. If they give una money now, story go change. Namsense!

  6. nigerians...buhari and his team are working the way..why talk much about 2019 election now...instead of talking about good governance..

    1. Working where?...
      Shut up biko!..
      You won't say the truth because of that nonsense N power rubbish you got!,..
      Come to the streets of Lagos and say this,and watch how they will stone you to death!..

    2. Anons chukwu kpo gi oku gi na Buhari na oru ojo Apc govt na aru.

  7. am so glad this is coming from one of them and he said the truth for once.APC indeed failed Nigerians in every ramification.

  8. If he liked he should go for third time, personally I am not voting for him or anybody in fact am not voting for any party... Mtchewee good radiance to bad rubbish, the same corrupt government, politician's all over again,nonsense.Buhari ko, Rihabu ni 😒


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