Stella Dimoko EX-Militant Leader Tom Ateke Crowned King Of Okochiri in Rivers State


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Sunday, November 26, 2017

EX-Militant Leader Tom Ateke Crowned King Of Okochiri in Rivers State

A former militant leader, Ateke Tom, has been crowned Amanyanabo of Okochiri town in Wakirike , Rivers state.
The coronation was marked by traditional dances, traditional rites and musical displays.

Thousands of Okrika people witnessed the event.

Governor Nyesom Wike was among personalities at the event held in Okochiri, Okrika Local government area on Saturday.

Other prominent Rivers citizens were were Chief Kenneth Kobani, Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Chief Chidi Wihioka, Elder statesman Chief Emma Anyanwu, Dr. Abiye Sekibo, former Minister of Transport, Rt. Hon. Evans Bipi and Rt. Hon. Adams Dabotorudima, Hon. Wellington Granville.



  1. A militant crowned a King???


    1. That’s Nigeria for you Bloglord. Shame!

    2. Very foolish people. And to think that's my mamas place.

    3. Proudly Anonymous26 November 2017 at 17:06


    4. And to think channels TV aired it live is shameful.
      It means channels TV can do anything for money.

  2. #You are confined only by the walls you build yourself*

  3. Celebrating a militant. #smh . What’s the difference between him and Asari? This man must have link with Nollywood because most of them were at the event. My opinion

  4. This is how Nigeria wants to progress

  5. i am not surprised. rivers government right from creation was and is still rooted in cultism.from their they graduate to militants all in the name of fighting for the people..this has gotten so bad that it starts from its own tertiary and federal institutions within the state and thats why you see political tussle during elections.
    cult clique or groups wants to be in charge..pdp got their own thugs,apc same too.
    pdp are in government there by using the executive power to destroy thugs of opposition party and granting amnesty to their own thugs.meanwhile,apc on the other hand is using the federal power under sars to fish out thugs of reasons you see the accusations between the two parties.if wike is serious he should do what fayose did in ekiti..

  6. If his chiefs misbehaves, they will all do frog jump. Hahahaha congratulations sir.

  7. Na wa oooo....

    This pirate of the water ways!

    Tamuno eeeeeeeeee

    1. Hmmm!!!
      I raise Beyonce hands for this Una Rivers state

  8. Just have money in Nigeria. If you like shed the blood of hundreds of ppl you will dine with kings.
    Don't be surprised one day if Evan's comes out of jail he won't go into politics or become high chief in his village. So far money still dey.
    Ayiri and co how did they make their first millions. Are they not receiving titles left right center.

  9. Congrats to him. I thought okrika was for second hand cloths alone didn't know it exists as a place wow😏. The events looks colourful.
    P.s Since the internet never forgets if any of y'all see an old comment of me supporting Buhari please disregard I'm truly sorry and this apology is from my heart. Thank you.

  10. I'm in love with him already.Abuse me at your own detriment.

  11. A militant?
    Notorious one at dat?
    Then kidnappers & Armed robbers too will soon be given titles

  12. Nyesom Wike needs to detox asap...that big,tight tummy isn't healthy!


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