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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Wordless Post


  1. Replies
    1. So PDP that messed up Nigeria and put us in the bad condition we are has done well? So we should clap for them, support and vote them back in?
      Nonsense and stupid talk by a Foolish man called FFK, are you not one of the brainless chimpanzees that put us in this sad situation? 😎
      FFK, who is a thief, a disgrace to humanity shouldn't be coming out to talk about sanity because he hasn't been given an opportunity to embezzle in this present government.
      What did he do or achieve as an Aviation Minister?
      Shameless, disrespectful twat. Go and start with your children first.
      Absentee father.
      Alainironu, ojo ola e lo fin se re, ooo ba iya nibe.

  2. That's fierce but PDP is not worth going for talk less of looking nor hearing about them.

    1. The mistake we make as Nigerians is voting a party in instead of an individual. If pdp comes with more credible candidate in 2019,wont it be right to vote them in or let the potential candidate be thrown away because of their failures in the past??

      I don't do parties. If tomorrow another party comes up with a credible leader, I'm all for them

  3. Good he said all liars cos that's what they all are.

  4. Imagine all this agbaya we voted in as leaders
    Smh for this country

  5. Take us back to the military era

  6. This idiot only talks about what is in men’s bumbum. Did you go there to f*ck their bumbum? How do you know they wear diapers? Failed politician. Man who failed in three marriages. His children were all trained by different men. He was not even invited to his daughter’s wedding. Principles, he doesn’t have. Jumping from one party to another just for money and position. APC gives him money now the whole story will change. The same way the story changed about his views on Igbos after his girlfriend gave him a child.

  7. Mr ffk, this your 'diaper wearing' talk is becoming so stale and boring.

    I don't do Party, I vote for the best candidate for the job.

  8. Agbaya in the making. Just imagine.

  9. FFK mentions diaper wearing a lot.
    He is an expert at telling diapers under trousers.
    Okorocha, now Lai.
    Can he please pull his trouser down?
    You can't be an expert without practice.


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