Stella Dimoko A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -5


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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Chronicle Of Polygamous Brouhaha -5

This is a story of another uneducated man that got entangled in the web of polygamy because the first wife could not give him sons. He got the sons but they didn’t enjoy their pleasant lives because of envy and jealousy from the first wife.

Edema got married to afule and they had two daughters. He was not an educated man but a farmer, rearing goats and cows, after so many years of waiting he decided to pick a second wife Osa.

Within a year, Osa delivered a baby boy. Edema’s joy knew no bounds as he celebrated the birth of his first son Umah in a grand way. As the years goes by, Osa delivered the second son Nuga. When Osa became pregnant with the third child. She was always sick and when the time for her to put to birth came she was not feeling anything. 

She overstayed the time for normal nine months, everybody were worried including the husband. He was forced to go and search for the cause of the delay in delivery and he was told the first wife, Afule was responsible because she was jealous. After some sacrifices were performed, Osa delivered another baby boy Ojea.

The children all grew up and Afule’s daughters got married but the first daughter Isi could not conceive, her sister Ebe gave birth to lots of children. Later on, Edema passed away and the family were not left with only the mothers.

One Sunday morning, Umah came back home and his own mother was not around. He was hungry and asked Afule to give him food. After eating the food, he went to sleep. By the time the mother came back and asked of him. She decided to check him in the room and discovered that he’s gone- dead. 

He was rushed to the hospital and the doctor certified him dead on arrival. Accusing fingers were on Afule but he denied ever poisoning the food she offered him.

Later, Ojea who was serving his master in the city was sent packing over trivial issue. He came back to the village without any prospect. But within two weeks he ran mad. Till today, he is still roaming the street as a mad man. 

Polygamy is a dicey game.

Nuga, had been bed ridden for almost two years after surviving fatal accident that almost took his life. Everywhere, Osa and some family relatives had gone to, to find out the cause of her children’s doom always point at the first wife, Afule. Even, Ona was not spared from her matrimonial home because she was turned to a punching bag by the husband, to the extent the man threw her down from a three storey building which impaired her hearing today.

The trauma that her children had gone through and are still going through affected Osa that most times she will be talking to her self and always absent minded.

Polygamy is not a ludo game. Most wives go diabolical and even collect witchcraft just to dominate in the family.


  1. Oh dear 😞, polygamy is disastrous

  2. Make I go read 4 first...I dey enjoy am.

    1. Poor children suffering from their Fathers disastrous act and decision.

    2. Our men are the causer, but our ladies/women won't hear. Some want to become 2nd wife as far there is money not knowing that the 1st wife can go extreme.

  3. Polygamous marriage can be disastrous at times. It is well with us

  4. Hmmm...
    I pray our men hear this.
    And our women too, cos they are still the same people that will accept marriage proposals to be 2nd/10th wives.

    This is a sad story.

    Wickedness in high and low placesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Replies
    1. U keep doubting these tales, maybe it should manifest in ur life so u know polygamous family is not a walk in the park.

    2. Eka, God has a way of shutting ur type up, no wonder ur boo refused to propose, he sees what we see.

  6. I will always be grateful to my Dad for not stressing my mum or his four daughters unnecessarily.
    I will always love him for instilling confidence in us. For making us believe we can attain any height if we want to. For not making us feel inferior to anybody/anything,thanks Dad.
    I am a Muslim from a monogamous home,not everyone believes in polygamy.
    Polygamy is evil Gbam!

    1. I come from a polygamous family and i am an only child of a 1st wife. My step mother has 3, a girl and 2 boys but my family is nothing like the picture potayed here.

      I think an induvidual's ability to do evil is excessivly exaggerated. I dont blv anyone can successfully dedicate themselves to just to destroy another. Who has that kind of time?

      My mum adopted our 2nd son and has been responsible for that boy since birth. No one reprimands that boy without answering to my mum.

      I am not saying it must always be a jolly ride but haba...God cannot give another humanbeing this much power over another biko.

    2. Ur dad should've been responsible for the boy since its a jolly good ride. You won't know what's up until reality sets in, my mom is a second wife, we ate together but te closeness was our undoing, we trusted te first not knowing she's d devil in sheep clothing.

  7. Polygamy is the worst kind of marriage

  8. Hmmmm, the things some men cause with their own hands.

    Polygamy is deadly.

  9. Hmmmm! This is just sad. She just destroyed the lives of those children.
    Some will read this and still not give themselves brain.

  10. This is so sad.. I wish they kind find peace and healing

  11. Wickedness of man. "...for what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?...

  12. This Story be like tales by moonlight ooo, see the names Arisha name self...

  13. Instead of people to learn the moral from the story. They are here talking gibberish. Is it the names that you will look out for or what the story is all about? People's mentality sha. Eka Joy, polygamy is real and I don't pray to encounter because it's a bitter pill to swallow


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